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Infinity 11
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Adult only of coarse but The regions are a mixture of residential free rentals as well as explorable lands. A bit of Arizona and a bit of jungle tossed is some castles, on a hill as well as a segway riding zone. More is coming.
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Infinity 21
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Exciting fresh New Original Clubs with other areas to explore and enjoy or just relax. This Adult Only Region - has discretely hidden adult animations in various areas and for this reason is rated adult only, age/ forms / avatars at all times, no exceptions!
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Manifest Destiny
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Adult only : Empire Estates of Manifest Destiny is the New Var for Party Destination Grid and soon to be the next welcome area. Can sail and explore , shop and mingle. Since there are Residence on this land, if there is a sign of Private do not enter, ty.
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Jungle Escape - The adult only adventure, both below and above.. Find the hidden portals and all the nooks and special added fun spots.
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Dominari 2.0 is an Adult Only, Medieval Castle and BDSM area. Only verified members are allowed past the Landing Point. For membership,fill out an application,height check and then, Please contact Wicked Way. Please Include the title you wish to have. Please respect the other members, and espec...
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Though events have had to be postponed or rescheduled other new things are happening at infinity 21. Just added 3 new rooms - in the hidden skyboxes .. must explore to find. A male and female birthday rooms and the new risky romance dark room. :) Have a lovely day!

GeoPerez: Thank you, a beautiful place where your most intimate dreams never come true will awaken. Here is the frontier of forbidden love, many scenarios. I have seen them very beautiful, thank you wicked don... 13 days ago
A change of schedule is going into effect for this week's event at the Players Club. Dj Tom will be moving his next event to May 31st, Friday. Thank you, for understanding in advance.

Infinity 21 Owner,
Wicked Way

Missing the great Jams of Dj Tom! The beacon went rogue but party did not.

wicked: Come as you are to Wolf Grid's Infinity 21... DJ Tom playing at the Players club , today. Shooting for 6pm - end time not determined. Location - tp on the flyer. 1 month ago
Here we go lovely people! Party Reminder for today's event. The launching of Dj Tom into Infinity 21. Spin hot tunes at the Players Club. Located on the Hill. TP and limo available via Wicked Way of Wolf Grid.
Hello, Lovely Opensimworlder's.. Infinity 21 just launched the new " BLISS " roller skating rink and potential club. Just a few little touches will be added to it but it is open and in Kong City section of the region. Look Under King Kong! :) Any questions just message me on or see me in Wolf Territories Grid. *** set to midnight for best view ***

Wolf Territories Grid: Wow looks amazing will be over to have a look later!!! 2 months ago

Due to former errors.. Event date has been moved. Updates will appear here.
Friday 10th is the next time.

Error on my part on poster, appears i thought last month was this month's dates. Will reschedule w new poster.

wicked: giggles is may 5th sunday. i hope.. lol, hugs you lilly 2 months ago

Error on my part on poster, appears i thought last month was this month's dates. Will reschedule w new poster.

Party changed last minute to may 3rd same time and info. if all goes well. My appologies.

Coming up : Players club will present NEW from SL , DJ TOM at so this week please stop by, LIMO : hop://

Welcome, all adult forms to Infinty21.. If you have not been... I created a nice romantic Glamping area for your group hangouts here on Wolf Grid.

Hello, all... The Game Room is open. It's twin is available in both Wolf Grid ( Infinity 21 ) Skybox and Fire and Ice grid ( Events Skybox ).

Jared Seda: What an awesome game room! 2 months ago
Hi, lovely Opensim'ers. Tuesday, should be a event at the Infinity 21 regions. Club yet to be determined. If at anytime you have issues accessing the land, please alert me asap, so that I can resolve issue. TY

The New Calypso Outdoor Lounge is now open for visitors.
Please, come anytime .. no events currently set in stone for schedule but there is a dance floor as well. ( wicked way )

GlennXpletive: Absolutely beautiful job on that! 2 months ago
Added new fun areas to explore to bring your adult friends or partner. Events have not been arranged yet so.. just come when you like. One last reminder, adult forms only at all times and please respect others on the land at all times. Thank you, Wicked Way
Infinity 21, Has been returned with a few little changes. ** Feel free to come and explore ! **** Events Have not been arranged at this time, Ty. Also Please, be Aware that for
now Infinity 22, Infinity Alpha and Infinity 11 are not at this time open for the public, due to move.

All regions I own will be relocated to a new area. So, please bare with me as the landmarks are created. Update will be coming soon.. if all works as intended.

Coming soon is the add on of Infinity 11 - next to Infinity 21 and 22.
Infinity 21 and 22 are now open for exploring and hangouts. No current events this week. ( yet ) 1-24-2024

Lone Wolf: Great regions well worth visiting (but I'm biased!) 5 months ago

A teen is not an Adult Form.

WARNING: This is a Heads up : I have not been able to get on for some time so: To let you know.. a thief and habitual liar - who was never give authority by me or anyone that I know of. has gotten his hands on some/ if not at least one of my lands on pdg. Seems somehow this Thief/Habitual Liar : known as Sebastian/ Wesley and Dawnna( pdg avatar- who has other avatars in various grids) was banned from my lands for defamation of character and habitual lying and bi passing secured areas using not legal means. Seems to be the name that was not legal to be on my lands, was placed by not me placed on my estate or estates. I don't know why the one person I banned and specifically /was explicit about not being anywhere on pdg ect. is now given access to all of my personal items. So, in the event you or anyone you know has tried to get to pdg... I am personally letting you know.. that something shady is goin on over there. So, while I been stuck offline.. they been up to some ..................The items that I put my hard work into on pdg ( party destination grid) are / were : Dominari, Wonders of the Jungle, Atlantis/ Combo and black Gryphon / azteca and fallen enigma/black land and manifest destiny , and a good bit of items in glamour welcome area and club 360 .. lands that were under my name - as co owner of the grid have been compromised.... So heads up people!

Delicate Drop Choker Set _ duo and single choker - Lovely White , Silver and a bit of blue.

The Black Dragon Jade set..

The Black Dragon Jade set..

I am starting a new line of jewlery some with a little assistance but mostly my creations. Extra large for those special hair do's. New Styles . Some are not yet in boxes so you may have to inquire. :) Here at Manifest Destiny - ( wicked way ).. A few of my loved friends and family have recieved the - Aloha Earrings. but not the rest of the set.. :) Heads up

NOW PLAYING : at the Manifest Destiny Cinema ( via mark york) The current viewing is for drama patrol members only : john3wick - parabellum..

Some helpful Links and more.. for the BOM - Baked on Mesh

Thank you, for the likes :) I hope you enjoyed your stay. Hugs .. Any questions feel free to message me here. ty


Screened Members Only - from the Party Destination Grid's - Drama Patrol. I am happy to announce the new cinema - on loan via Eventualgrids owner .. At the Manifest Destiny Location.

Best at night..

Almost finished - The Medusa : Bumper Car Course - pdg's Manifest Destiny :) Upon the Hills .. Hidden beyond the Castle :) ( adults only )

Voodoo Tunnels are still waiting for you - at Wonders of the Jungle - pdg..

New swimming area with lounge spots with beach feel and open water view..

New swim area pic. 2

The Always open Never Closing Manifest Destiny has put out a few more signs as pdg (party destination grid ) has launched 5 new var regions and new stores. Posters for landmarks of new stores and var's are up and ready. The new multi groups are now about to launch openings only one that I know of is group members only for the security of that land. That's right folks, also more things added to the manifest destiny as well.. So, see you all here when you come on by. ( still - adults only on all sims and vars on the grid , ty )hugs

New courtyard garden ... at Dominari 2.0



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Extreme Surfing

Well designed, and very tranquil. Lots of good waves and sim and surf here. Some nice relax areas and a boat.. Large area. Very nice!!! Always, seem to come when the owner is there and super kind person. I enjoy the visits it here. The design of the area is just amazing. I landed on a few people by accident as we all trying to visit at the same time , so, i see some familiar faces at this locatio...

Animal Kingdom

Found no animals. Found a Clutterfly Mall, not complete yet.


Nice little spots. However, upon taking the landmark coordinates it sent me under the water in the middle of a water region. Said not found. I camera'd out and it was near by within fly distance to the left. hmm Looks nice though.

Infinity 21

TODAY- Adult only sim - infinity 21 and 22 present ( wolf grid ) Dj Gio at Club Pleasure.. ( NOON _ 12:00) pdt time - NOW Come as you are.. to our naughty room

Big City

Ich Lieber you guys.. :) :P Day 1 when you arrived in Pdg I knew you were awesome! Always, kind and creative as well. The land you had even before open to all was beyond flawless. It is nice to see that you are still online and have made more amazing places to see and visit.

GOR Sardar Fair

I went to Sardar fair again.. recently . Had a good time. People were very nice and love the decor as always and shopping area. I come by about once a year or more.. Still great place to go. Yes, it is role play but they don't treat me like an outsider and that is awesome!.

Garden Island

This land is neatly done and nice but it is mainly for standard/ classic avi's prim and flexi type stores. I went there in my mesh avi as i go everywhere and Two of us went to this land and both of us after landing there ended up with avatar issues that we are having issues trying to fix. I relogged and went home and it is still a issue. It did not happen until we went to this land. Just odd. I ho...

NHG Welcome Center

Nice open venue. Great Singers! Nice staff, no drama. Top Notch singer Marqs was playing as well and definitely a worth hearing him sing. Impressive even. I had a good time and it was my first visit to New Hope, and got to tell was a good impression.

Fashion Boulevard

Advisory: 6am pdt time 5-21-2022 _ same issues as yesterday. Unable to identify or not found.


Amazing design of sim, with great details. Nice group of friendly people that greet you. Even if you speak mostly another language. Beautiful people and great time. :)

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