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Hi there! I was the owner of the PETITE region in Copykat grid (home of Adachi), but the grid is no more as of 5/23/23. Have now moved to Darkhearts at the Cutey's, LM coming soon. NOTE: If you are a store/mall etc owner distributing my stuff & changing the creator name, stop that it's rude! Also, beware that some of my original boxes are now breaking, so plz just put in a TP sign to my store and don't be an asshat!!!!

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Being a pirate.

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nothing, I get it myself :P


A Beast, Windows 11

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Freebie Store 2021

Too bad they completely erased those of us who were members in Glimmerwind. You are 2 sided/faced and should be ashamed...


Will be back! TY TY

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Hi Zoey, looking forward to the revival of your sim, so nice and well maintained with great clothes. ^^ Aya
TY! Great to hear that, noone else has said anything :)