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Long story short. Building, running clubs, making some sweet Linden-bucks, making friends, having fun.

Long story long.
* Juliett Thielt | 2006-2010. Owner of UltraFemme. Fdom. Foot fetish and body worship events.
* Sadeeka | 2013-2017. Owner of Asian Sensations. Face-Sitting Fridays, Shibari Saturdays and weekly Naked Yoga events were wildly popular.

2010-present. I spend my time building, building and also building. I shop a lot, assemble outfits, and try to be a source of much mirth and merriment. (Some people say I'm the most trying person they know! Success!) But most importantly, I've made good friends over the years and am having hell-a fun.

My Regions

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TEMPORARILY CLOSED DUE TO SERVER MIGRATION. A floating world of black, white, shadows and wild sky. Dance. Shop. Dream.
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Eros Island
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TEMPORARILY CLOSED DUE TO SERVER MIGRATION. Eros Islands is a place for you if you are looking for: .: The Dead-End Drive-In | This drive-in theater has become a prison for outcasts. Is a life sentence in B-movie hell cruel and unusual punishment? Well, sure, but even so, there is sex galore ...
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Eros Yoga Center
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TEMPORARILY CLOSED DUE TO SERVER MIGRATION. The Eros Yoga Center is a clothing optional sex positive place. Come anytime to enjoy Yoga, Tai Chi, Meditation & Exercise for singles & Massage & Sex for couples.
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The Xinashi Estate is home to... .:oh HELLO | Outfits With Options:. Curated outfits for the Athena body. Each vendor has all of the items pictured. PLUS, if the item is part of a fat-pack, you get the entire pack! Other regions reopening soon.
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*oh HELLO reopening*
Adachi will be open soon to shoppers, visitors and, as always, odd characters [like me?]. So, can you stand even more good news? Can you? Well, here is is. A CopyKat Collective affiliated oh HELLO region will be opening soon.

Now, that's a plethora of good news! I say that because I love the word "plethora". Keep on the watch for more lovable words announcing the place and date of the multitudinous reopenings.

[multitudinous -- another great word!].

Verna Avril: nice to know someone else can express themselves in words longer that 5 letters 7 days ago
*The Past And Future of Adachi*
~2012 to 2023...and beyond!~

Adachi is an area of Tokyo, Japan - a place Oni has a deep connection to. Oni opened the first Adachi in OS eleven years ago. In 2020, Oni opened the CopyKat Grid, with the Adachi regions at it's core. CopyKat quickly became the #2 destination in OS. Why? Well, just look at the glowing comments people made about Oni when I posted about his retirement.

After Oni's retirement, he gave ownership of the Adachi OARs to Maurice, a member of the CopyKat Collective. We are reopening Adachi again to shoppers within a week. See you at there soon!

Photo: Adachi Fireworks Festival. 2023.
1. You Are Kind.
2. You Are Generous.
3. You Like People Coming to Your Grid
Read on.

Do you want a region on your grid that is part of the CopyKat Collective? Of course you do! There are many places we could rent a region. But we are looking for someone to subsidize the effort to preserve the legacy and grow the future of what was the #2 traffic grid in OS.

This region will serve as home base for the CopyKat Collective. A single full use region is all we ask. Fast server a plus. Full powers needed.

If you remember Adachi, you will be familiar with what we plan for this Collective home base region. We will have a landing zone adjacent dance and hang out area. We will offer a wall of new items to be found on our Collective member regions. And we will have a wall with a HG TP boards to those regions. Sound good?

And if you could provide a home at no cost to other Collective member regions, all the better. For example, my oh HELLO shop was #2 in CopyKat grid traffic. Oni said it brought more people to the grid. Tempt me with an offer of a free region for the shop. But my first priority is establishing a home region for the CopyKat Collective. Message me if you can help.

The CopyKat Collective: Think Outside The Grid

Pagane: my server is very small and obviously underpowered, but if there is no better offer, I'm here… 11 days ago
The CopyKat Collective.
It will be Hyper. It will be Hip. It will be Happening.

Yes friends. It's looking more and more like CopyKat will go on - but beyond the bounds of any one grid. There will likely be select legacy CopyKat regions with a shared grid-based home. (Discussions are ongoing). Elsewhere in Open Sim, there might be old and new friends with affiliated regions. We call it the CopyKat Collective. Think Beyond The Grid.

Join the discussion and share your ideas:
Friends of CopyKat
After decades of managing clubs, regions, and grids, Oni is retiring. There has been discussion about keeping CopyKat going without Oni, but it appears now that won't be happening.

Star Ravenhurst: Oni I am sorry to hear this. You have a home in my region any time you want. I don't usually have people stay on my land, but you are forever welcome. You can even live in a castle if you want. Or a s... 13 days ago
LATE EDIT: I'm changing the headline to "Hair From iPleasure Available At iPleasure". I'm there now and it is as great as ever. The rest of the post has also been updated.

With permission, R. Lion hair has been included in my oh HELLO outfits for quite a while. Richard allows me to include R. Lion hair in oh HELLO outfits as long as I set it to next owner copy/mod only. I will continue to include R. Lion hair in my oh HELLO outfits. You will continue to get full fat-packs of the style of R. Lion hair used for the outfit. (Please respect the no transfer restrictions).

But if you want stand alone packs of R. Lion hair, and a more complete collection, visit iPleasure. Other sets of high quality hair are found at the easily accessible Doux hair shop in Adachi. Is there such a thing as too much hair? Of course not. But the Doux hair collection in Adachi comes close.

It's important to say that I don't create the items included in oh HELLO outfits. I create a look. Come visit oh HELLO for carefully curated "Outfits With Options." If any item in the outfit is part of a fat-pack, you get all of them. That way you can customize your look. Pretty cool huh?

Jerralyn Franzic: I am a huge fan of your outfits! I have a bunch, and often mix and match different pieces together based on your outfits. My female alts love them, too. :) 1 month ago
This Post Sponsored by the Letter D & the Number 171.

How many Adachi's are there? Well, right now I'm in the Adachi Tertius region. Adachi Tertius is a fancy-pants way of saying "Adachi 3." But this post is not sponsored by the letter A or the number 3.

No, this post is sponsored by the letter "D," as in the Doux Hair Shop, and the number 171. If you count all of the vendors from the DOUX - Adrienne Hairstyle to the DOUX - Zoe Hairstyle, you will get the number 171.

171 Doux hairstyles! Many with style change HUDs. All with color change HUDs. The Adachi Tertius Doux Hair Shop: where the hair is High Quality and Easily Accessible. Magnifico!

Susanna_Heller: So don't get any stupid ideas ... because if you see me throwing letters and numbers around here ... the suspicion could arise that I went to school LoL 1 month ago
Coming to the event? No? GramDomme Nico will be mad. Gramps Biker Billy will be sad. And you will be bad, bad, bad! Do come! Celebrate April Fools Day at our Fool Moon Festival. DJ Emmy Lou provides the tunes. We provide the insane NPC Dance Partners. Come dressed in your most out-of-this-world and/or out-of-your-mind costume and be prepared to have wild time.

Click the event poster at the landing zone to get to the event.

Mistressdalgato: o.0 2 months ago

CopyKat Grid Back On-Line
We had a problem with the server restarting as it should. That's been taken care of. Adachi is now back. The other regions are getting back on-line one by one.

Ellen: What happened? 3 months ago

The Inflatable Traffic Inflating Bot! Powered by patented AFK technology! Big enough to crush your competition. The Inflatable Traffic Inflating Bot is legit decor!

Oni Kiri: well is nice but can it dance? 3 months ago
You may want to delete the NPC notecards that come with dance machines and PMAC furniture and replace them with your own. There are several reasons to do this. One is originality. Another is having NPCs that fit the theme of your build. Thanks to Spax Orion for this script.

Mistressdalgato: without a script you can manually delete them as well 3 months ago

oni kiri: Say it's not true. Is this true? No total fake news. Can't be true. Damn, your right .. it is true. Shameful, and quite irresponsible. Next men will be using female avatars wearing grand-ma;s ... 3 months ago
Fooling Around Under The Full Moon? Yup. It's the Fool Moon Event!

The words “lunacy” and “lunatic” come from the Roman goddess of the moon, Luna. For thousands of years, the full moon has been associated with odd or insane behavior, including fits of violence, being wildly illegal, sleepwalking, jaywalking, tightrope-walking, suicide (it's all kinda the same thing), and, of course, transforming into various alts in Open Sim.

In honor of that history, I call this Saturday's celebration of the full moon "Fool Moon." It's at 1pm grid time. It's at the Rocket Club. It's a time to dress silly and act like fools. As grandma always said, "it's the tits". Fool Moon!
At the landing zone, click on the Rocket Club Event board to be auto-magically teleported to the event.
I'd Like a Shooting Gallery Game for Rocket Club Events.
It would be so much fun to have a circus side-show style arcade shooting gallery at Rocket Club events. The targets would be evil aliens, UFOs, and such.

(A dance event - with guns. What could go wrong?)

The game should be casual, simple, and, if possible, funny as heck. And hopefully, easy to make. If it (or something like it) exists, let me know. If it needs to be made, I need, at minimum, someone to script the game. If you can offer other help, like art design, sound effects, and making or finding laser-guns, let me know. Make a comment and/or shoot me a message. I'm open to ideas and suggestions.

Jupiter Rowland: The wheelchair gives me dumb ideas again. Someone please make a scripted combination of wheelchair and working gun that makes you careen backwards from the recoil, Lucky Luke-style. 4 months ago

The grid is up and running now and the event is on.

Click the Rocket Club sign at the landing zone.

Nico Kaliani: 22 people here now. Join us! 4 months ago
Bad Event Idea #37: Best In Worst Sounds
Contestants must wear an attachment that continuously plays sounds of animals, insects, instruments, and people, like heavy breathing, snoring, sneezing, and screaming in agony because of too many sounds...

The winner is the person with sounds that most irritate people -- if there are any left at the end of the event.
My Regions Are Mime and Puppet Free!
Pantomime and puppetry are part of the Dramatic Arts, and my regions are No Drama zones. Show up as a mime, a puppet, or a puppet mime and you are banned I tell you. Banned!

HanHeld: I guess Raggedy Ann and Andy are gonna have to go somewhere else for date night... 4 months ago
Bad Event Idea #351 "Best in Standing Around the Landing Zone".

The closest and creepiest AV wins an attachment that makes them the landing zone in any region they are in

Jupiter Rowland: Bonus: Switch avatar collision on and watch the tower of stacked avatars grow. 4 months ago

The first rule of the Anti-Flirt Club is: you do not talk about the Anti-Flirt Club.

Hippie Nude Year!
I mean, can you dig it?

Happy Happy!
I'll be brief. Cranberry-Eggnog Cheesecake awaits me (don't be a hater). I like this outfit so much I'd wear it any season. I'll just swap out the festive dress for something without the snowflakes. That's it. Time for cheesecake! Merry Merry!

oh HELLO: Outfits With Options

Thirza Ember: short but sweet! Love it! 6 months ago
The Answer Is Yes
The question? Has this outfit simply been updated, or is it new? The answer is yes. The dress and panties are the same. New: hair and boots. It's like those products advertised as "new and improved." Can it be both new and improved? The answer is yes.

oh HELLO: Outfit with Options

thedeeferry: Nico you are a very funny and clever girl. A ray of sunshine in a sometimes gloomy place. Well done! 6 months ago
What Secrets Would Hello Kitty Tell If She Had A Mouth?
Anthropomorphized white cat. Red bow. No mouth. Full name: Kitty White. But, why no mouth? Think about this. Hello Kitty was first known only as "the white kitten with no name." No name? No mouth? Suspicious. What secrets might Hello Kitty tell if she could?

Maybe the life of Hello Kitty is not really all that cute. For example, among the over 50,000 different types of official merchandise is the Hello Kitty custom printed toilet paper. [1] Hey kids! Wipe your butt with Hello Kitty's face! Ya, cute as hell. Also, Hello Kitty braces. Ironic, but also a particularly cruel thing to do to a cartoon creature with no mouth.

But I digress. The oh HELLO shop now has an outfit featuring Hello Kitty themed tights. The matching top is included even though its not used in this outfit.

Hey! No need to keep it a secret! You can find the oh HELLO Kitty outfit here:


Nico Kaliani: No comments about a kitten with no mouth. Suspicious. 6 months ago
Bad Event Idea #35: Best In Babel
Phem kev tshwm sim lub tswv yim #35: zoo nyob rau hauv Babel

Siv Google Translate hloov koj cov lus rau hauv ib hom lus obscure thiab sib txuas lus siv cov nqe lus thaum cov kev tshwm sim.

Bad Event Idea #35: Best In Babel
Use Google Translate to change your words into an obscure language and communicate using only those phrases during the event.

Nico "CoolKat" Kailani: We need to look away when grid owners are scammers and not comment about it. It's their grid and they can do what they want. Greed is good. 6 months ago
Bad Event Idea #210

"Best in Complexity."

Jupiter Rowland: Come back next week when we play the Avatar Salad game: Everyone on whose avatar everything rigs into place is kicked and banned for the duration of the event. Last avatar standing wins a Clutterfly R... 6 months ago
This here outfit has been updated. Same: boots and skirt. New: everything else. Hair, top, jacket, jewelry.

oh HELLO: New or Newfangled -- Always Outfits with Options.

Nico Kaliani: I have deleted the comments about the use of R. Lion hair in this outfit after first saving a copy of them. I will be sending that to Richard and we will be discussing the matter privately. Please res... 6 months ago
Me? In Second Life? Help!
Well, after a 10 year vacation from SL, I thought I'd go visit. But I've heard that using Firestorm for SL and Firestorm for OS will mess up my preferences. Is that true? And if so, how do I avoid it?

Also, the picture has nothing to do with me or the question. I just think it's cute :)

HanHeld: My first/best suggestion would be to use a different viewer but the problem there is that the UI is different. The default viewer and black dragon are two I'd suggest -cool vl viewer if you can deal w... 6 months ago
Hey, That's Not My Profile Picture!
Well, it is now! At least for use on my regions' visitor boards. The boards ordinarily show the profile pictures of the last two visitors. But if someone doesn't have a profile picture, an extra special one shows up on the boards. Now, if you would like help getting an authentic profile picture, let me know. In the mean time, your profile picture on Xinashi is going to be pretty darn goofy.

Xinashi: Where everyone gets a profile picture, whether they want one or not. :)

Thirza Ember: I think you should just put goofy photos for everyone. A lot of profile pictures are awful. 7 months ago
With A Lot Of Help From My Friends
This update was made possible because of the kindness of Susannah.Avonside. She, and others, shared outfits they had from oh HELLO that I had lost after a grid crash. I was surprised and flattered that at least a couple of folks had the complete collection of oh HELLO outfits. That not only helped me restore outfits to the shop, but also to restore my inventory.

As I've said, oh HELLO is a great place for people with new accounts to shop. Not only do you get carefully curated outfits, you also get fat-packs, which can quickly build up your inventory. I know this to be true because that is what I did after I lost all of my inventory. Since that time, thanks to oh HELLO, and thanks to friends like Susannah, I now have about 80 outfits in my inventory.

Even if you have all of the outfits from before the crash, come visit the shop to have a look at updated outfits like this.

oh HELLO: Clothing Club for Women
"I'm not only the President, I'm a customer".

Carmen Jewel: I was there yesterday, and found a lot of outfits i really love :)) Well done ! 7 months ago
No Certificate of Sportiness Required
I'm all atwitter (verified!) about the HG Safari Tour of Aether tomorrow (check event notices) I've even assembled a new out for for it.

My beloved Pop was in the habit of calling guys "sport" (unless he was calling a bald person "curly" -- but that's another story). Which is relevant, I suppose, as this outfit includes a fat-pack of "sport sneakers." And its all yours, sneakers and all, no certificate of sportiness required. And if you are bald? Well, the outfit includes hair, sport.

oh HELLO sport. We got outfits with options -- and hair!

Thirza Ember: sneaky! 7 months ago
“A crown is merely a hat that lets the rain in.”
So there all you crown wearing people. You're all wet! Ha!

oh HELLO: Outfits With Hats (or at least, some of them)
Not My Boyfriend's Jeans
These are not my boyfriend's jeans. They used to be. Got rid of him, but kept the jeans. And now I'm giving a copy of the jeans to everyone who has ever had a rotten boyfriend or one who doesn't let you wear his jeans. Which is pretty much the same thing...

oh HELLO: Outfits With Options

Susannah: This is a great way to get the jeans without having to bother with a boyfriend! 7 months ago
Bad Girls?
When I assembled this outfit three years ago, I thought the bra said "Bad Girl". While updating it, I discovered, to my surprise, that the bra read "Bad Girls". My bad. But, I don't know. I think my girls are pretty good.

oh HELLO: Outfits With Options.
Pretty, Pink, Punched and Pierced
Well, well,well. What do we have here? The Iris pink Plastic mini skirt and top. Booties (tinted pink by moi) from the R2 KOHARU Dress silver outfit. The R. Lion-Bebe Hair fat pack, part of a huge collection available soon on the CopyKat Grid. Also, jewelry.

But the coolest of that is the PUNCH _ Starry Night _ Collarbone piercing. I found it about three years ago at some shop I've now forgotten. I haven't seen this piercing in any shop since. Dare I say it? This is a rare object and, as far as I can tell, now only available at oh HELLO.

oh HELLO: Outfits with Options

Luna Lunaria: Love the pink outfit. Might have to check this one out :-) 7 months ago
More Than Just A Band
A friend of the band that became the Talking Heads found a glossary of terms used by television cameramen. One of these was ‘talking head’, for a shot of the head and shoulders of a television commentator. These are the people on news shows that the anchor brings in to discuss a specific subject on which they are considered experts. It is said to be the most boring but also the most informative format in TV. (Kind of like this post. Boring but informative!) Well, I have a confession to make. I've always wanted to be a talking head on TV...and now I am! Happy Halloween!

Nico Kaliani: Told someone my TV wasn't working. Said "kick it." Nah, that's not happening. 7 months ago
oh! HELLO!
The story so far: Grid offline for far too long. Now, back online. Shop closed, and, now completely remodeled, reopened. New and renewed outfits coming soon.

Sorry. We are open. oh HELLO!

If you don't know about oh HELLO, here's the skinny. The shop offers carefully curated outfits -- with options. If one item in the outfit is part of a fat pack, you get them all. The outfit is a complete look that you can customize. Cool, huh? You also get a preset body alpha HUD, because, why not? I set one up for my own use, so it's easy enough to toss a copy into the box.

Jerralyn Franzic: Yaaaaayyyyy!!!!!!!! *muah* 8 months ago
Are You Actually A Dragon In Real Life?
When I meet an AV that looks like a dragon, I always ask them to voice verify. They have to literally melt my speakers for me to believe they are as they present themselves to be. I've never had that happen - which, truthfully, is disappointing. I mean, who would not want to meet an actual dragon?

Even if it doesn't melt your speakers, in-world voice can present a problem. Some people don't seem to understand that Open Sim is not a dating site. It is not a hook-up site. And it can be more than a costume party chat site. At it's best, OS is an immersive world for role-play. And most people don't have the voice and/or the acting ability for the role they are playing. At best, in-world voice is a distraction. At worse, it can make it impossible to deeply and actively engage.

In truth, our avatar is but a pixel puppet. For some reason there can be an extraordinary interest, by some, in who exactly is pulling the strings. I just treat people as they present themselves in-world. Anything else ruins the show many of us take a part in creating.

Jupiter Rowland: "It is an immersive world for role-play." It's that for you, it's that for me, it's that for a precious few other users, those whom I like to refer to as "character-centric" users. Sadly, for most o... 9 months ago
Someone is hard at work on CK Alt Island!

And all the hard work is paying off! We had 8 people here all at once on day two. That's like what? 5% of all the AVs in OS?

It's all because of the the aura of Adachi. Drawing people here like bears to honey. Like moths to a flame. Like serial killers to college sororities. (OK, maybe not the last one. That's from some movie or something).

Although we don't have Adachi here, we have many of the great people from the CK grid, with more showing up every day. Pop in and pay us a visit. Alt Island

About the Region
We have built a temporary home for CopyKat exiles. While the CopyKat Grid is down, your AV there can't sign in. You will need to sign into OS using an alt account on another grid. (That's why we call this "CK Alt Island.")

If you are a member of the CopyKat Realm group, find a member of the Friends of CK group and ask for an invite. You can then set CK Alt Island as your home location if you like. We also have shop space for you. (oh HELLO is reopening soon).

CK Alt Island is open to the public. The dance venue and more have been built, and more to come. Old friends, new friends and alts of every variety are welcome. Come visit! Alt Island

Sabrinastav: @Nico, Could you explain to me how to get in there?...I can't access my CopyKat account 9 months ago
CopyKat Life Boat: Alt Island
CK Alt Island is a 2x2 region made available by Apollo Star. I'm still setting up the estate as a short-term hang-out/dance venue. Other uses, such as having shops, are possible if it looks like we need to use this region longer.

CK Alt Island is open to the public. CK residents can sign in with an alt account on another grid. Then come to the Island and set it as your home location if you like. We can use the region until November if we need to.

Thanks to everyone for your help and offers of land.

Antonia Ling: Much luck for the CopyKats and Nico! BTW: The surrealistic image is so cool - love it. 9 months ago

CopyKat Grid, the home of my regions (and oh HELLO!), is off-line for database maintenance. I've been told that the expected return is 2+ days.

Destiny257Seranade: Hope you have it up and running in no time! 9 months ago

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No transport system? ght 500m perhaps. Those NPCs must be lonely! Also -- everyone can rez stuff here? Expect a visit from Priscilla Snot-Rag soon. The place won't be empty then!


So much consternation and questioning about what viewers are allowed at GothicShop. Scheesh. It's so simple. Look at the name people. Gothic! If your viewer is not German and was not created in the middle ages, then you are BANNED. BANNED I tell you. You are BANNED!


This will be one of the few places I'll return to when looking for ideas and inspiration for my own terraforming and landscaping. Great work. Come by my place and give me tips!


In OS, there is the absurd Zen Greedy table. The person who created this has no concept of Zen. Too often people with no understanding of an Eastern religion misuse it's terminology like this. (Sorry, Mr. Lennon. There is no such thing as "Instant Karma.)" Shanti, (a Sanskrit term meaning "peace.") is a place that seems to be in alignment with the meaning and significance of it's name. (But do not...


I just got here and can't review Luxurya in it's entirety. But I can comment about one thing I found right away -- the T-girl clothing. I have a femboi friend who is going to love the bulge bottoms. I haven't seen much of that, so thx on his behalf for making it available.

Party Insel

Region owner TomiBalboa is very friendly and welcoming.

Profile Comments

Here is another person who hates Avitron and is part of the scam they invented about selling objects for real money. She is part of the group of Russians who hack computers and bring the copybot here. You have to be careful with these people, they are very well organized and they are between us in jungle friends in copykat and in matrix
"I put all this together out of anger that I left matrix but I took the wrong path making alliances to attack avitron with the hope that they will ban me."

Everyone supports you Troy Jr. They also want AviTron to ban you!
Welcome to Opensimworld.