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The Xinashi region features: the SUNCLAD ISLAND YOGA CENTER, site of our weekly NAKED YOGA events (day and time TBD). Set on the water with a great view of the sunset, this area features atmospheric music to help you relax. Come anytime to enjoy Yoga, Tai Chi, Meditation & Exercise for singles & Mas...
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Celebrating Jails Everywhere?
I joke around a lot, but, as unbelievable as it may seem, this not a joke. According a business blog, the "National Play Monopoly Day" is a time for families to gather together to play the game that celebrates "Park Place, Boardwalk, and the jails located anywhere in the world". WTF? Celebrating jails?

This new outfit at oh HELLO only celebrates fun, fashion, and, ironically, anti-capitalism. (It's free). Smash the State and Storm the Bastille in style with this Monopoly themed skirt, graffiti top and "wild heart" platform boots.

Oh HELLO: Outfits With Options

rayne: love your outfits and your sense of humor :) 2 days ago
In 2009, a team of archaeologists found a grave holding not a single skeleton but two. They were holding hands. The presumption was that the couple, in a cemetery dating back 1500 years, were a man and a woman. They became know as the Lovers. Then, in 2019, the archaeologists used a new technique for determining the sex of human remains. To their surprise, the Lovers were both male. The pair could be evidence of a fifth-century same-sex relationship. This was a hell of a gender reveal!

What does that mean about our digital existence in OS? Many places, regions and even whole grids say they are LBGT+ friendly. But I rarely see any events promoted as such. Am I missing something? Would it matter if they were? Does it matter that they aren't? Something to consider.

Pagane: Now do you understand why I deleted all the posts? Because the aggression against non-LGBT people is so furious and disgusting that many times I had to justify myself even in my own region. I don't mi... 5 days ago
The Outfit Officially Banned From Bouncy Houses
The American Association For Bouncy Houses makes every effort to make sure bouncy houses are durable, safe, and fun. They took one look at this outfit and said "Hell no." Wear this outfit to the fair? To a festival? The occasional birthday party? The outfit has spiked pants and spiked heels. No way and no how. No bouncy houses for you Missy.

oh HELLO. Outfits With Options and, occasionally, danger pants.

Hugabug: great outfit thank you ! 5 days ago
A famous but humble man once said, "“When I get dressed, I put my pants on one leg at a time." While that's likely true of everyone in RL, here at oh HELLO we put our pants on both legs and butt all at once! Amazing but true. Here is a new outfit at oh HELLO with a pair of all-at-once putter-onner pants and a matching top. The detaling on these is perfectly matched by an exquisite white-silver scarf/necklace and the pair of flats. I always add the hair last when assembling an outfit, and this hair just thrilled me with how right it looks. You will be thrilled that you can personalize your look with the fat-packs in the vendor.

oh HELLO. Outfits with Options and our patented all-at-once putter-onner pants.

rayne: love this, thank you so much for sharing 8 days ago
Hair History Is Being Made Today at oh HELLO
According to the Oxford English Dictionary, the word "redhead" has been in use since at least 1510. According to me, my AV has been a redhead not once since at least 1510 -- until today. You can get an outfit at oh HELLO that commemorates this historic day, and if you like, you can use the hair HUD to make your hair a historic color for yourself.

Oh HELLO - Outfits with Options &, every 500 years, historic hair.

Nico Kailani: Thank you all for your post likes. I should note that MinkeTinke and Antonia Ling are rocking red hair in their profile pix. Well done ladies! 10 days ago
This Outfit Can Help Keep You Safe From Bears.
The Urban Dictionary says that fat-packers are fat backpackers. In other words, bear bait. Well, you won't look fat in this running outfit. But you will get fat-packs for the sneakers, the sweatpants, the hair, and the top. And bears? The best protection is to go backpacking wearing these sneakers and with someone who runs slower than you do. You are welcome.

Mistressdalgato: almost sounds like a bears versus packers football joke lol 12 days ago
Those sinfully red vinyl pants. Oh my! Those dangerously spiked heels. Oh my! That provocatively lifted top. Oh my! That barely there bra... OH MY!

oh HELLO. Oh my. hop://fireandicegrid.net:8002/Xinashi/1080/1050/95

Andromeda: Congratulations, sensational, the size of the good taste! island without lag this is very good. 17 days ago
NEW and IMPROVED: While updating older outfits I discovered the hair fatpack was missing from this one. (There are bad hair days, but even worse are no hair days!) I did add an extra necklace. However, "Those are wonderful necklaces you are wearing and I'm totally not noticing you do not have hair" said no one ever. So, this outfit now includes hair. If you see any bald person wearing this dress, please send them straight away to the oh HELLO shop to get that fixed.

HIPPIE NEW YEAR! I was cursed by an evil witch and have to say that every year. Just don't ask me what I have to say on Valentines Day... The outfit is available now at oh HELLO.
HERE TO ANNOY ONCE MORE. Some guy was annoyed by my posts about outfits I assemble. Sorry darling, these clothes aren't for you. Anyways, the grid was down for a bit and is now back. Assembling outfits to annoy easily annoyed guys is happening again!

oh HELLO: Inspired by Fashionista. Accessible to all.
MY BUTT CHEEKS ARE SHOWING. I'm typically very modest in my dress, but I thought I owed it to the large "my butt cheeks are showing" crowd to make an outfit for them. It has to be a large number of people judging from the multitude of "my butt cheeks are showing" clothes I see everywhere. So, is this post just an excuse to say "my butt cheeks are showing?" Mmmmm...maybe. I should mention that modesty is preserved by "FINA'S 'CutebutPsyco' thong which is color-able. How in the hell they came up with that name, I don't know.

Oh HELLO. The shop that can boast of having at least one "my butt cheeks are showing" outfit with a cray-cray thong.
NEW OUTFITS FOR OLD. This is not a new outfit, exactly. When I first assembled it a couple of years ago, it seems I left out one of the dresses in the fat-pack. It's now in the box. Yippie, I guess. This is one reason I'm revisiting older outfits - to fix mistakes and/or refresh the look with new items. The only thing refreshed here is my memory. How could have I forgotten I had these lovely Curator Rose EarthStones Eye Glasses? For me, they are the highlight of this outfit. Come get it, if only for them.

Inspired by Fashionista. Available to all.
COME GET TIED UP AT THE "oh HELLO" OUTFIT EMPORIUM. OK, the name of the shop is just oh HELLO, but I was in the mood today to say emporium. Great word, yes? So, now that is out of my system -- tied up? I guess I should have said "come get a tied up dress". But not just one. What you see is just one of the 3 metallic colors in the dress fatpack. There are also 6 floral options and a huge number of solid colors. There are also 16 dresses with the name "Misc." Ooooo, I love a mystery! You also get everything pictured here, (but me) and some of these items are also part of a fatpack. oh HELLO! Outfits with options.


(Now, if you do want to get tied up while wearing a tied-up dress, the question is, which color is best? Asking for a friend).

CUTE...BUT NOT TOO CUTE. I won't be coy. I'll be quite clear. Kitties clothes can be too cute. Well, to my mind, this outfit is cute, but not too. Admittedly, there are the kitty sweaters (you get 2), the kitty necklace, the rings with all kinds of stuff, but darn it -- there's a kitty on it too. The pants? Line drawings of kitties. But then there are the boots. No kitties there! Just a pirate skull & crossbones...a cute skull & crossbones. Damn. But hey, that's only on one of the 8 pairs of boots in the fat-pack. What kind of boots? You had to ask. Cute freaky flat wellies, aka Puddle boots...

Headline re-write: CUTE...BUT NOT ALL KITTIES!
FIND VOICE CHAT DISTRACTING? Well, this outfit comes with noise-canceling headphones. :) The only voices you'll hear are the ones in your head. And your feet will be happy with a fat-pack of ankle boots with 15 colors & patterns. The pant and top are also part of a fat-pack. And, as always, you get a pre-set body alpha HUD.

oh HELLO. Outfits with options.
45 SHADES OF SHOES. This boot maker loves color! Get this outfit and you will get the whole fatpack of 45, and 9 colors of this interesting cut-out dress. I've been remiss in posting about new outfits in the oh HELLO shop, so if you haven't been lately, there is a lot here to discover and delight in. Come see!
I usually make a witty comment with each post. But today I'm witless. :). But you know the deal at oh HELLO. Outfits with options -- and that's no joke.
Such a lovely outfit! But I hear you say "A green dress? I hate green." Well, that's OK because the green dress is part of a fat pack and you get ALL the colors. And the hair? Fatpack. The shoes? Fatpack. YOU get a fatpack! And YOU get a fatpack! EVERYBODY gets a fatpack! (Oprah Winfrey not included in this offer).
Puffy Jackets. Well, there is puffy and there is PUFFY, I hated the old style that made you look like you'd been attacked by a gas station air hose. The newer style is more attractive. And this jacket is kinda sexy. The model is flaunting it. You too can be sexy sexy in this puffy jacket outfit. Just stay away from gas stations. Visit us at oh HELLO! on Xinashi.
oh HELLO! A new outfit. So what? SO WHAT? The outfit includes the jacket fat pack. The pants fat pack. The necklace fatpack. This is an outfit with options. Inspired by Fashionista. Available to all. Come get this outfit, and at least 100 others, at oh! HELLO in Xinachi,
Simon says "Turn on." Simon says "Tune in." "Drop out". Hahaha. I didn't say Simon says. But that's OK, this is not the Squid Game. So what in heck is this? Well, marijuana is legal or decriminalized in 31 of the 50 United States. Outta sight! Get hip, put on your beat feet, and celebrate with this far out neo-Hippy chick outfit. oh HELLO!
SPECIAL SALE FOR REFORMED NUDISTS: 100% OFF OF ALL OUTFITS! We have over 100 outfits at the "oh HELLO" shop, all lovingly assembled by me. I decided to take up the cause "Clothe the Naked." Everyone else will have to pay the full price: $0 an outfit. Come take a look and you will see that's a hell of a good deal, naked or not.
oh HELLO! Here is your Friends of Xinashi group gift for December. Because we like friends, and who doesn't like gifts? As a bonus, you can also grab past group gifts at the oh HELLO shop. How cool is that?
The outfits pictured here and on my first new & improved post are all in a group in the dress-based outfit area. Wander around the shop to find a couple more new & improved outfits, and of course, make sure to grab the current and past group gifts.

oh HELLO. Outfits with Options.
NEW & IMPROVED! No, it's not a new & improved breakfast cereal or laundry soap. It's 12 outfits in the oh HELLO shop that were first assembled a couple of years ago. They now have a fresh new look. It might be new hair, different footwear and/or updated accessories. But one thing is unchanged. If any item is part of a fatpack, you get them all. You also get a preset body alpha HUD. How cool is that? Come grab any and all, and also have a look at December's group gift. You can still get all past month's group gifts too. So ya. Double cool.

oh HELLO. Inspired by Fashionista. Available to all.
Arie Tenku's region Aether now features her original music, which is as well done and interesting as the Aether region itself. Head to Aether for a listen, or listen in the comfort of your own abode.
Aether Region: grid.copykat.ovh:12000:Aether
Aether Radio: https://akemi.webradio.ovh/public/aether

Posted on Arie's behalf as she has no gold coins!

The dance ball, redesigned.

My Halloween AV?
One of my first (2008?) and best Halloween AVs used an alpha for all but my head. Attached to my torso was an old TV set with static on the screen, and on top of that, a pool of blood and my pale skinned head. People asked me to explain the outfit. I answered, "I always wanted to be a talking head on TV." (rim shot). Not sure I can top that, but it won't be with a masked pumpkin...although that's rather cute! Sad, but cute.
Show And Share
Where: Xinashi
When: 5 months ago [8 Sep 2021 12:00 SLT]

Be ready for a fun, relaxed, and social time at the "oh HELLO" shop Show And Share event.

Here's what it's all about...

SHOW: We're having an informal fashion show, with all of us both the models and the audience! Walk down the runway if you wish, but do hop on the rotating pose stand so we can get a 360° view of the outfit you have assembled.

1. If you want tips on adding or changing outfit items, just ask, and we will share our advice.
2. If you like, rez a box in our outfit share area that has all of the items in your outfit. Ideally the box will also contain all of the items in a fat-pack, and for extra credit bonus points, add the body alpha HUD that you have preset for the outfit.
3. Part of our sharing time is each of us passing around LMs of good places to shop if we can.

Creators: Please, do come to show off outfit items you have made and would like to share.
Shop Owners: If you have unique outfit items in your shop, come show and share them. Make sure you put the shop LM in your box.

Get a gift of an outfit I've assembled that will only ever be offered during these events.

Even if you don't want to show or share, come to hang out, talk about shopping and clothes, and to get the outfit boxes.

Mime Animations Needed
I always wanted to do a flash mob of mimes at dance clubs in SL. Unfortunately, there were no mime animations to be found. But I've never given up on the idea. There must be some mime animations around in OS, or someone who can make the standards - blowing up a balloon, being trapped in a box, and walking on a very windy day. As a plus, mime animations would come in handy when communicating in OS without a translation HUD.

Mime animation makers, if you can help, speak up...
Oh wait....
Get this outfit in October? Nah! Get it today!
The outfit will be in the oh HELLO shop in October. But if you join the Xinashi group, you can visit my Super Secret Outfit Workshop and get this, and other pre-release outfits, right away. You can also get this month's group gift, and group gifts from the past 6 months.

oh HELLO | Outfits With Options.
We offer curated outfits for the Athena body. Each vendor has all of the items pictured, and, if any item is part of a fat-pack, you get the entire pack. The vendor also gives you a preset body alpha HUD. We are all about helping you look your best. Come visit.
This outfit is new today and now in the oh HELLO shop. It is one of 14 new outfits in the September collection. But wait! There's more! Join the Xinashi group and get this month's group gift, and group gifts from the past 6 months.

What is oh HELLO? We offer curated outfits for the Athena body. (Inspired by Fashionista - Available to All) Each vendor has all of the items pictured. PLUS, (and this is unique), if the item is part of a fat-pack, you get the entire pack! The vendor also gives you a preset body alpha HUD. (How freakin' convenient is that!) oh HELLO also has two Show and Share events a month. Get the note card at the shop for more info.
Oh my! My recent post about the next Xinashi event was featured on the Hypergrid Business website. What's the event? It's the "oh Hello" Outfit Challenge at noon, Open Sim Time, on Wednesday, August 25.

Each month we have a display at oh HELLO in our Challenge Shop of a dress, skirt, pants, and shorts. Take a copy of any of these items and make use of it in an outfit you assemble. Then come to the oh HELLO Outfit Challenge event to show it off. It's a fun, friendly and social event focused on helping each of us look our best. Even if you don't plan to be part of the challenge, come see and get a copy of the outfits others have made. But if you accept the challenge, your outfit may end up on display for a month in our shops and then included in the main collection. Come early to get the best seats for the show!
A New General Comment.

Not many General comments here recently, so I thought I'd comment about General Hershey Bar, because, yum, Hershey Bars

The Dead-End Drive-In Sinners Strip Club.

You want to relax in the hot tub. You want to go to the drive-in. Why not do both?

Trenches. Barbed-wire. High cliffs. Deep water. There is no escape from the Dead-End Drive-In. hop://fireandicegrid.net:8002/Xinashi/236/1159/31

This poor guy tried to escape from the Dead-End Drive-In B-movie hell. Bad idea. hop://fireandicegrid.net:8002/Xinashi/236/1159/31

Some prisons have libraries. Some prisons have classrooms. This prison has...a drive-in movie theater? It's the Dead-End Drive-In. Is a life sentence in B-movie hell cruel and unusual punishment? Showing now: The Defilers, a sexploitation classic!
Where: Xinashi
When: 6 months ago [11 Aug 2021 12:00 SLT]

oh HELLO is here to help you look your best. Looking for outfit ideas? Landmarks of good places to shop? Have an outfit you are assembling that you'd like help with? Have an outfit you'd like to show and share? Well then, come to the oh HELLO SHOW AND SHARE Event on the second Wednesday of each month at noon. The next event is this coming Wednesday, August 11th, at noon.

Wear an outfit you are working on and get ideas and items from us all to help complete it. Or wear a completed outfit to the event and pass it on to all who'd like a copy. (As we do in the oh HELLO shops, box up the outfit with a pre-set body alpha HUD and all items of any in a fat-pack) Even if you don't have anything to show or share, come to the event to get outfit ideas and landmarks of good places to shop.

Hope to see you at the oh HELLO SHOW AND SHARE Event at noon on this and future second Wednesdays of the month.

Proof Positive I'm Crazy.
I'm having an event at Xinashi that doesn't have a DJ, doesn't have dancing and doesn't even involve an orgy (or at least there isn't one planned). What in hell is it about then? Women's fashion. Oh! Maybe I'm not so crazy after all. Everyone likes to look good when they go out dancing, or have great clothes on to take off when they are going to... Well, we aim to help you look great for anything you do. The Xinashi Outfit Show and Share Event at the oh HELLO shop. Wed. Aug. 10 at noon, hop://fireandicegrid.net:8002/Xinashi/921/1027/43

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This will be one of the few places I'll return to when looking for ideas and inspiration for my own terraforming and landscaping. Great work. Come by my place and give me tips!


In OS, there is the absurd Zen Greedy table. The person who created this has no concept of Zen. Too often people with no understanding of an Eastern religion misuse it's terminology like this. (Sorry, Mr. Lennon. There is no such thing as "Instant Karma.)" Shanti, (a Sanskrit term meaning "peace.") is a place that seems to be in alignment with the meaning and significance of it's name. (But do not...


I just got here and can't review Luxurya in it's entirety. But I can comment about one thing I found right away -- the T-girl clothing. I have a femboi friend who is going to love the bulge bottoms. I haven't seen much of that, so thx on his behalf for making it available.

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Region owner TomiBalboa is very friendly and welcoming.

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