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Canada Online Complex Fetish Factor every Sunday from 5 to 8pm PST and In the Trianons Ballroom every Thursday from 1 to 3 PST Fridays at TGIF Disco from 4 to 6pm

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Celebrating 15 years in SL and WAS almost 6 years in GCG before the reset drama.. A year and a half in Littlefield.. almost a year in AMV.. and 4 months on OSgrid and now I own my own grid Trianon-World.. I have a great grid she lets me build what ever I want

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Building, Texturing, DJing, and all 3 together

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maybe I should ask what are you looking for and see if its close

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Live Life on the edge.. and dont look back.. its not what is ahead of you to fear.. its what you left behind!

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if it has a beat I like it..


a bucket of bolts with a hamster wheel inside..

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Ladies and Gents, get ready to dress to impress! We are thrilled to announce The newest shopping district in Opensim called Vesti is ready to dress you from head to toe in the most glamorous designs. After years of preparation, our labour of love is finally coming to fruition. Within Vesti's exqu...
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Learning Center
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The Classrooms to learn building, blender, scripting, and more
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Just in time for Christmas, Trianon-World opens a Christmas region full of freebies a place to Ice skate and Dance. This Reminds me of a small town Christmas, where every one comes and gathers over the Holidays. I hope your one of them. Freebies to pick up and Clothes in 4 mens sizes (Ares, Apollo...
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TwoHearts Island
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a beautiful venue for you to explore or even get married at. Wedding Planner Essensual McMahon, can decorate this venue in your colours, help you find a dress and rings, and Assist you with all your wedding plans
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Isle of the Forsaken
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Your Halloween Adventure, with freebies to pick up everywhere and even some costumes. and please come to our Special Halloween Event on Oct 31 at 11:00 AM for the BEST Halloween Party.
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Home and Gardens
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looking for a home? Need some landscaping? come on down to Home and Garden and pick up what you need
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Middle Earth
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Hobbiton and Rivendell are RP regions on Trianon World. They are built to resemble the Hobbit and Elven locations in the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings. Our RP and characters are loosely based on those books in the Second Age. A knowledge of Tolkien books is a plus, but not necessary.
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Funzies World
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A magic world of fun, games and music. Come enjoy all Funzies World has to offer, A Shopping area, an Amusement Park with rides and food, and a dance area. Still under construction is a water play park. Funzies is for Dinkies only. Free Housing rentals for 30 days, all houses have open water access.
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Clothing fitting, Athena, Reborn, Legacy, Hourglass, Decadence Guy
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One Love Beach Club
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under construction: will be my favourite place to be, Barbados
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Trianon World Welcome
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Are you tired of having your grid lose your assets? Do you not like to stand still for 10 minutes to get rezzed? We may not be the oldest grid around, but in 1 short year we hit in the top 10 on Hypergrid business for traffic. We want to invite you to be part of one of the most innovative grids a...
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Trianon Complex
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The Trianon Complex is at present 3 different clubs The Ballroom a formal Event is held every Thursday 1pm PST The Fetish Factor Sundays 5pm PST and TGIF Fridays 4 pm PST DJ Esse for your favorite 70's and 80's DISCO music
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Something new at H&G the Village Cottage, Ubode Tested. Check it out today

GlennXpletive: I like the design, can be really useful in some builds! 8 days ago

some beautiful music in the Ballroom for you to enjoy

Vesti, the bustling new street mall, has just unveiled an exciting collection of seven brand-new Xara outfits, each one a unique and captivating addition to the vibrant fashion scene. Xara, the highly sought-after character model rigged specifically for the popular LaraX platform, is the star of this latest release, allowing shoppers to dress their virtual avatars in these cutting-edge designs with ease. From sleek, modern streetwear to elegant formal attire, the Xara collection spans a diverse range of styles, catering to the varied tastes and preferences of the discerning Vesti clientele.

Come on down to the early set at the Fetish Factor.. lots of room for you and your friends.. Great Classic Rock Music with DJ Esse, and as always your requests

thanks for coming out today, still have room for you.. Formal Dress

Zoree has just taken the stage come down and listen to this Angel sing

Come on down to the First Afternoon Set at Fetish Factor still have 1.5ish hours to go.

the ballroom is filling up.. remember this is a formal venue

Zoree Jupiter has just hit the stage.. come on down and enjoy this great singer for the next hour.. followed by DJ Essensual playing some great easy listening

Check out the new selections of Outfits and Shoes.
Some in Sizes: Athena, Reborn, and Legacy.

Pagane: LOVE GRIMM!!!! 1 month ago

Rice will be on Stage in less than 15 minutes come down and grab a piece of the dance floor

Week 13: Building Continues. Tips today on making sure your prims all line up

just added 4 new Ubode tested Houses at Home and Garden.. Come check them out.. Menke Duplex Loft, Araby House, Hamilton Downs House, Lattice Home

Malachi: great collection. thanks for sharing. 1 month ago

Zoree just took the stage.. come down and join us at TGIF Trianon-World

we fixed the hypergrid problem with the nipples on both Xara and Simona. And the nails on Xara. Come pickup your upgraded body.

Enjoying some classic Love Songs today. Still a lot of time and room for YOU!!

Latex, Sequin, Gowns, Lingerie, come check out the new items, hot off the sewing machine. Fits Xara/LaraX, Only at vesti

Week 12: Lets start building a home. pick a home you would like to build from the plans at and send the plans and exterior shots to Esse. This will be an ongoing build, with small lessons every Saturday, like Lighting, Planar texturing, and some scripting. Start time 10am
if you picke dup the 4.1 Simona upgrade and found it isnt always working ( cause of Xengine ) we did a fix on that.. you can pick up the latest Simona version at Vesti, and pick up the updated version only not all the other add ons

Jerralyn Franzic: Is the Simona update less complex now? I stopped using it because that was a problem for me, especially if I want to be seen at a venue as myself by others and not as a jellydoll. I typically try not ... 2 months ago
Week 11: Lets start building a home. pick a home you would like tobuild from the plans at and send the plans and exterior shots to Esse. This will be an ongoing build, with small lessons every Saturday, like Lighting, Planar texturing, and some scripting. Start time 10am

Movie night is a blast.. come on down and enjoy the great music

Come on down and pick up the latest Simona Body.. we still have it rigged for Athena, we still have auto alpha, we still have flat nipples and 5 feet choices.. but we have reduced the complexity on it. All the clothes in most of the stores will work with this body.. Xara Store only works with the Xara body and well Swank is for

just started and have some room left for YOU.. so grab your dance partner and come on down to the Trianon Ballroom

Just for the men.. new to Swank.. check it out.. just in time for summer

Week 10: Decorating with Light Class it stars at 10am. From your Christmas tree to your Garden in the home and outside, you can decorate with light to give you the mode you want your place to give.

Everyday InSTYle has some new styles just for you.. come check them out

have a lot more time to go.. come spend some time at the Ballroom (Formal)

For all you Xara/LaraX wearers come check out this new collection of Gowns
6 Different Style in Animal, Sequins, Florals, and Pastels.

Hoppy Easter everyone who came out to the 4th Annual Bunny Bash.. Next Year Same Time Same Place.. hugs

Week 9: Lets get Moving with SF Poser
with out animations we wouldnt be moving. So lets learn how to set up our own sequences Center
10 am Saturdays is when all classes start

LeonitasLionheart: Good job esse. You rock. If knowledge is power; sharing knowledge is divine! 3 months ago

Zoree is on the stage now till 2pm.. come join us for 3 hours of beautiful music

New Clothes Arrived at Vesti
4 in Xara, 4 in Everyday Instyle, and 1 at Latex Source

Jerralyn Franzic: IIRC you create the clothes for Vesti, right? If that's the case, nice to see some original mesh for those of us who love our modern avatars! (Not that I dislike System or ruth2, I occasionally run a... 3 months ago
Just In Time For Easter, Vesti is offering up for a limited time only the cutest Bunny Outfit in OpenSim. Choose from 17 colours with everything you need included, Shoes Bodysuit Stockings, Cuffs and collars. and cant forget the Tail. This outfit fits Athena/Simona Bodies only and is limited to one outfit per Person ( not per account). Only Till April 1st so Hurry down.

Omy2024: Thank you for the gorgeous little outfit, I just love the cat walk with NPC models strutting their stuff - so awesome! 3 months ago

Week 8: Physics Love them or Hate them but you need them.
This week's class will teach you how to edit your building with physics so it will work for you. Adani will be leading this conversation.


Enjoying the Smooth Jazz covers today.. come join us still have room left for YOU

Happy St Patrick's Day everyone.. The Music is hot at the Fetish factor tonight

still, more love songs to play.. thank you every one who came today to enjoy Zoree's beautiful voice.. and Stayed for my Love Songs

Zoree is on stage till 2;00pm come on down

Week 7: Physics Love them or Hate them but you need them.
This week's class will teach you how to edit your building with physics so it will work for you. Adani will be leading this conversation.

Just in Time for St Patricks Day, we have 5 beautiful outfits for you . 2 male suits in Swank, 1 gown in elegance, 1 sinful latex in LaTeX Source, and one Shamrock mini in Fever. Check then out

Socialelite: Love this at Vesti 3 months ago

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Fetish Factor early set with DJ Esse Continues
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Fetish Factor with DJ Esse
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Fetish Factor with DJ Esse Continues
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My Reviews

Club Escotia

what a group of dedicated performers, sure Clan is the only one who sings but you would think they are there in the same room as he is playing the instruments. The attention to detail in the outfits and the sets Webby builds is something to be appreciated.. Events worth going to/

Zombie Jungle

oh yes, Zombies eating your brains... watch your back.. A Lot of Fun

The Furniture River

if you cant verify one day.. check back the next.. Opensim isn't perfect and some times they have grid problems.. couldn't get there from any grid on the weekend but had no problem today.

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a bucket of bolts with a hamster wheel inside..
I can relate.. for real! haha! :D Hello, hugs n high 5's :)