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Canada Online Complex Fetish Factor every Sunday from 5 to 8pm PST and In the Trianons Ballroom every Thursday from 1 to 3 PST Fridays at TGIF Disco from 4 to 6pm

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Celebrating 15 years in SL and WAS almost 6 years in GCG before the reset drama.. A year and a half in Littlefield.. almost a year in AMV.. and 4 months on OSgrid and now I own my own grid Trianon-World.. I have a great grid she lets me build what ever I want

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Building, Texturing, DJing, and all 3 together

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maybe I should ask what are you looking for and see if its close

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Live Life on the edge.. and dont look back.. its not what is ahead of you to fear.. its what you left behind!

Music I Like

if it has a beat I like it..


a bucket of bolts with a hamster wheel inside..

My Regions

Learning Center
4 0 Center 0 Users
The Classrooms to learn building, blender, scripting, and more
more info
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Just in time for Christmas, Trianon-World opens a Christmas region full of freebies a place to Ice skate and Dance. This Reminds me of a small town Christmas, where every one comes and gathers over the Holidays. I hope your one of them. Freebies to pick up and Clothes in 4 mens sizes (Ares, Apollo...
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TwoHearts Island
4 0 Island 0 Users
a beautiful venue for you to explore or even get married at. Wedding Planner Essensual McMahon, can decorate this venue in your colours, help you find a dress and rings, and Assist you with all your wedding plans
more info
Isle of the Forsaken
4 1 of the Forsaken 0 Users
Your Halloween Adventure, with freebies to pick up everywhere and even some costumes. and please come to our Special Halloween Event on Oct 31 at 11:00 AM for the BEST Halloween Party.
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Home and Gardens
40 4 and Gardens 0 Users
looking for a home? Need some landscaping? come on down to Home and Garden and pick up what you need
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Middle Earth
7 1 Earth 0 Users
Hobbiton and Rivendell are RP regions on Trianon World. They are built to resemble the Hobbit and Elven locations in the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings. Our RP and characters are loosely based on those books in the Second Age. A knowledge of Tolkien books is a plus, but not necessary.
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Funzies World
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A magic world of fun, games and music. Come enjoy all Funzies World has to offer, A Shopping area, an Amusement Park with rides and food, and a dance area. Still under construction is a water play park. Funzies is for Dinkies only. Free Housing rentals for 30 days, all houses have open water access.
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Clothing fitting, Athena, Reborn, Legacy, Hourglass, Decadence Guy
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One Love Beach Club
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under construction: will be my favourite place to be, Barbados
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Trianon World Welcome
17 0 World Welcome 0 Users
Are you tired of having your grid lose your assets? Do you not like to stand still for 10 minutes to get rezzed? We may not be the oldest grid around, but in 1 short year we hit in the top 10 on Hypergrid business for traffic. We want to invite you to be part of one of the most innovative grids a...
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Trianon Complex
59 11 Complex 4 Users
The Trianon Complex is at present 3 different clubs The Ballroom a formal Event is held every Thursday 1pm PST The Fetish Factor Sundays 5pm PST and TGIF Fridays 4 pm PST DJ Esse for your favorite 70's and 80's DISCO music
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Still have time to come and get your Valentines Edition Tuxedos for the Valentines Events today, or the Lady in red event here tomorrow. The Tuxedos are in the Ballrooms Elegance shop Complex

Week 4: Introduction to Scripts, how to use them, and what they can do for you.
Saturdays at 10:00AM grid

High Level Deck

Beautiful A-Frame Cottage with Loft bedroom

6 nice small low prim homes for free rentals on your grid

good morning people who seek knowledge.. Adani was called into work today,, and Im not sure if he will make it back in time to teach this class on Scripting, so I might change it to more texturing with Materials for Advanced Lighting Sequins and Latex
Class is today at 11:00 AM at the learning center on trianon world grid
if the free parcels are too small for you, you can move up to the 1/4 region parcels for $39.00US PER YEAR which is $3.25 a month. These parcels are only rented with yearly payments. Us as a special vacation home, or live here. These parcels have full water access to the rest of the region's water.
The Region will also be home to a wedding venue and a beach club that can be used for your own special occasions, and in the future beach type stores.
Must have a Trianon-World account sign up with your viewer.

Kaahupahau Sharpfang: Hello! Today is 2024-02-03. The website, where one shall go to create an account, can only be accessed.... when being logged in with an account... 18 days ago

its Disco Fridays come on down to TGIF.. lots of room on the floor..

Located on One Love Beach Club we have set aside some small rentals for you to live in for free. All you need to do is Sign up for a Trianon-World account using the viewer ( and move in. Prim Allowance of 200 prims per land.
We also have larger Parcels check out out other ad for those.

still have room for you to join us at The Ballroom today.. Just get dressed up , and hop on over to this beautiful formal event

Week 3: introduction to Scripts, how to use them, and what they can do for you.
Saturdays at 11:00AM grid

Week2: Continuing with shapes and projected lighting

Week 1: Introduction to Building
making simple shapes with your edit windows

Just in time for valentines, Essensual has worked on 3 tuxedos for you Gentlemen to wear. Come to the Trianon World Complex, take the TP board or large pictures of the Ballroom and look for the Elegance Shop sign you will find them there. And Make sure you come to the Lady In Red Ball on the 15th, Zoree Jupiter and Essensual entertaining you for 3 hours.
Show her you love her everyday. Complex

H&G Furniture has some NEW ARRIVALS.. come check them out and Gardens

oh it must be Ladies Night.. Club is filled with single woman.. still lots of room for you

The Ballroom is open, the music is playing, and a lot of nice people to chat with.. come on down and enjoy some Love songs.. Formal dress code

Hope every one is enjoying there Thursday, come enjoy some love songs with DJ Essensual

This Grid has followed suit with other grids in banning Darkheartsos grid from accessing Trianon-World. Im sure the reasoning behind it will be clear to some of you who run adult grids, it's over run with children and adults who abuse them. Over the past few months, I have banned some adults based on profile pictures and wording. I'm not saying everyone from there was bad, but I don't want them on my grid. If you are from there and wish to dispute your access being denied, write to me here in private and plead your case

Aurora Starchild: If that makes you feel better, and you feel like smaller avis (not children, but avis) from the grid are safer if they don't go to Trianon - that's your choice and one to be respected! All I have to s... 1 month ago

oh we are Flying High in search of the White Rabbit at the Fetish Factor tonight. Come grab your pill and chill out to the psychedelic music with DJ Esse

We have 3 new Athena Outfits on Grimm.. come check it out

Tatum Nova: Girls would look soooo pretty in this ^^ 1 month ago

oh the Ballroom is busy today, Graceann Noel's birthday Wish her a Happy Birthday if you see her

Adani: Happy Birthday Graceann ! 1 month ago

come join us.. everyone is welcome, Adult grid

TGIF tonight.. come join us .. a lot of room left

some new Legacy for you to start out the New years with

KarinBecker: i like it in Athena .......please 2 months ago

Come join us in the ballroom, playing the BEST 50's love songs today

It's Winter and it's cold and snowing out.. why not take a vacation on your own beach in your own beach cottage.. come pick up the Atiu Beach Cottage and enjoy your vacation. Single room Beads as doors.. and Ubode tested

H&G would like to wish every one a Happy New Years. and just in time for a new year is a new house to call home. Check it out

Essensual: and yes this home is Ubode tested 2 months ago

the Ball Dropped and the fireworks went off for another time zone hitting midnight Happy New Years

just rang in the New Years for UK and Iceland.. come join us for Brazil next
the ball will drop and the fire works will go off

It's New Years Eve across most of the world. Some are already into 2024, others aren't far behind. It's time to reflect on all that 2023 brought and to look forward to 2024 surprises.
From The Trianon-World World grid to all friends old and new, we wish you a Very Happy Safe and Prosperous New Years

Essensual McMahon
Adani Raven
and all the residents of TW

thedeeferry: Thank you, Essensual. The same is wished for you and yours. 2 months ago

Come Join us for the Last Ballroom Dance of this year 2023.. oh wait its not.. we will be here on Sunday at the black and white ball

Come Join us for Christmas eve.. lots of room and things to do

Zoree on stage with the Ballet Troupe

The Christmas event has just started.. hurry down.. Zoree on till 2pm and Essensual after Christmas Parade at 2:30

have a group of SkyBoxes ready for your inspection at Home and Garden. Take the TP to the Skyboxes on the main TP hud. and you can Tp inside from the pictures and out from inside the houses

Christmas has also come to Trianon. Outside the Trianon Ballroom we have 11 floats made by the residents and friends for you to come and vote on. Help them win a free land with your vote. Its not too late for you to join in.. Contact Essensual for a float base. Complex

Fetish Factor is HOTTTT tonight.. come on down

or have your picture taken with Santa.. up to 7 people can sit on this

and Ice skating for all connected to the dance floor. Skates are in Athene, Ares and Apollo.

Freebies for you to pick up, not only 4 sizes of mens wear but Athena for woman, as well as decor items for your home

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Club Escotia

what a group of dedicated performers, sure Clan is the only one who sings but you would think they are there in the same room as he is playing the instruments. The attention to detail in the outfits and the sets Webby builds is something to be appreciated.. Events worth going to/

Zombie Jungle

oh yes, Zombies eating your brains... watch your back.. A Lot of Fun

The Furniture River

if you cant verify one day.. check back the next.. Opensim isn't perfect and some times they have grid problems.. couldn't get there from any grid on the weekend but had no problem today.

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a bucket of bolts with a hamster wheel inside..
I can relate.. for real! haha! :D Hello, hugs n high 5's :)