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The snow has melted almost everywhere in Novale and the 256 shades of green are taking over the area. There are still some snow patches in the Maple Grove but this is what we need to make sure that we will have a good Maple Sugar Season. Everywhere in Novale you can feel the renaissance of Spring....
more info


En route to the Sugar Shack
Enjoy the spirit of Spring

When you take the dandelion seed ride to the Valley of Ancient Easters
You will arrive near the lake just beside this leave thrown by a butterfly
Remember the place and once you have completed your visit of the Valley
Sit on the leave for the next ride : destination maple grove and sugar shack

The nicest way to reach the Valley of Ancient Easters is taking
the dandelion riding seed at the dock, near landing camp

CyberGlo CyberStar: i went here and rode the dandelion seed. I tried to get some chocolate but it was neither buy or copy. A beautiful sim and the dandelion seed ride was amazing! You simply must go here and try it! S... 2 months ago

Happy Easter from the Valley of Ancient Easters
Where the traditional forms to mold Easter Chocolates
Are preserved in conservatory cottages
Happy Easter to everyone ( from Dabici and Kelso)

Horse riding is a magnificient way to enjoy Novale during Spring
There are four horse rezzing stations across the region
The Saddle in Welcome Camp is a teleporter to these stations

Did you ever experience riding on a dandelion egret?
The traveling egrets are waiting for you, near welcome camp
2 destinations : Valley of Ancient Easters and Maple Shack in the Maple Bush

Jamie Wright: Novale makes me look forward to every virtual season:) And I love that maple sugar shack! 3 months ago

A few Irish Friends are celebrating St-Patrick at l'Auberge Bacchus

On March 17th, everything is greener than expected.
Happy St-Patrick !

Enjoying the tender green nuances of the awakening nature

Our best wishes virtually to everyone
Special Thanks to everyone who visited our winter region
see our celebration firework at

falene hawks: bonjour bonne année c'est superbe 5 months ago

Special Christmas Offer:
Every advent gifts are accessible now & until Dec. 27th !
For info, click the large Xmas Bauble near the Tree

At Novale's Main Observatory we track Santa around the world
A collaboration with NORAD
Currently, at 11h30SLT, he is heading toward St-Petersburg

iekocatnap: Il a réussi à faire toute sa tournée le Papa Nowell ?? Bon Noël Dabici !!! 6 months ago

The new direct liaison between
Santa's Packaging Shop and Santa's Hope
is now in operation, thanks to a new cable technology

Where in the world is Santa ?
I'll be keeping you posted !

As the holiday spirit twinkles and glows at Novale
may your Holiday be as Magic as our winter season.
Season's Greetings!

Slowhand: Thank you very much Dabici, we you very nice Holidays 6 months ago

Here at Let's Snow you will find essential warm winter apparels
Most of them are Full Perm items we collected over years
The Store is located at Novale's X mas Market

harthelie: merci 6 months ago

You will find the Snow Saucer rezzer
at the Snow Saucer Station

Ah the Snow Saucer !
Reminescence of snowy winters of our infancy

If you wonder where Santa is these days
while his elfhelpers are so busy?
Did you check at the packaging shop?

Haiku Bot: Moonlit sky amap, Santa maps his gift-filled route, Chimneys beckon bright. 6 months ago
Warming pause at Novale's Xmas market
In our market booths are offered items that we, Kelso and I, created
For example this 'sitting around the fire' set
That would rez new sits as new avatars get sitted

Hey winter lovers
We now showcase 38 winter or xmas destinations
at our Winter's Worlds Travel Agency
If your winter region is not there, let me know !

Enjoy and be surprised by your skying ability !

We offer three rides down with different level of difficulty
Sit on the departure block that suit your ability and experience

The Main Chairlift Station is nearby the Downhill Ski Station
It is will bring you at the mountain top

Did you ever experience downhill ski at Novale in Winter ?
You will find info and equipment at our Downhill Ski Station

North may be cold but it is so cool !

With my dog 'Oh_Ski' in my prefered trek of ou 7 km Tour in Cross-Country Ski.
The tour is scripted so even beginners can enjoy it !
Have fun !

Imagine 7km cross-country ski tour! Experimenting it is even better!!
The tour is divided in 5 treks bringing you through a variety of winter scenes.
You will find more Info, free equipment and first departure block near landing.

Dec. 6th : It is St Nicolas day ! If you want a copy of this traditional smoker, you will find it at Novale's X.Mas Market.

In remote areas, far away of the four Teleport Hubs, we have installed a few 'Morris Towers' so you can find you way back to the Hubs and avoid hypothermia :)

In the Greenhouse, the Teleport Hub situated near landing, you will have access to many teleport boards to discover many facettes of Novale in winter.

The Greenhouse near landing is one of the 4 Teleport Hub in Novale. Novale is a 4x4 var region and there is a lot to discover. Each hub contains teleport boards to reach many places and activities within Novale. They are precious help to navigate our winter.

Once you are out of the Welcome Snowglobe, follow the steps and use our high tech facilities, the laser bridge, and walk then toward the Greenhouse nearby.

Novale's welcome Snowglobe : landing is inside the globe. Have a look to the lightning info manel to select our winter full moon environment. Then click on the xmas tree panel to get out.

The destinations offer at our **Winter Worlds Travel Agency** has been updated. So far, 30 destinations of winter or Christmas regions are showcased.

falene hawks: bonjour trop bien Novale faut y aller visiter et faire du ski encore Bravo 6 months ago
Novale's Winter Worlds Travel Agency is located at the Christmas Market Place. Get inside to discover the destination's panels. You know a winter place that is not there yet, send me a message with an LM.

Winter Season is back at Novale !

La vallée hantée (the haunted Valley) of Novale

YARR ... Summer is there and the pirates are already back

Welcome to Novale's maple groove and Sugar Shack
Discover the sweetest ever tradition from Eastern Canada

harthelie: super je vais me faire une joie de visiter 1 years ago

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Better World

Better World is what you will experience in this region. I have seen it in Fall and just visited it in Winter. A beautiful place to get the feel of natural habitat in winter - just sit near the river for a while, it looks so real ! Well done

Zweet ZurroundingZ

Very impressive, and beautifully immersive place. The perfect under cannope ambiance, great attention to both details (flowers) and big picture. The best I ever seen so far in Virtual world. Kudo. The creator is not only talentuous but really have a very fine sense of nature,


Shawn is a music lover and the well known Radio Guy in OpenSIm. The great thing about his radio offeing is that you ill find radio-objects for all circumstances, and some with special selction of music for hollidays. He has the best selection of radio and station listing and most importanly, he is updating them. If you are lucky enough he will visit you and do at your Sim delivery, transporting ...

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