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*** WELCOME TO NOVALE IN AUTUMN & HAPPY HALLOWEEN *** Novale is a seasonal region showcasing Eastern Canada's seasons. The OAR is changed 4 times per year, around solstices and equinoxes. The four seasons are not shown simultaneously. Novale is a little paradise for wanderers and photographe...
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Free talented bony duo interpreting their best dramatic
and obsessive duet for Conga and Trombone
You'll find them at the Alchemy Island, near the hot air pumpkin ride

Travellers from the VirtualDream Tour visiting Novale
Group photo at the Black Castle Library
Chilling just before the Sim Crash :)

Another classic character to put under your dead tree
A pumpkin seeds cracker
Free at Novale's Halloween Curiosity shoppe

A classic ornament to decorate your dead tree
The Halloween Bauble
Free at Novale Halloween Curiosity Shoppe

Point de départ : Accueil de VirtualDream (virtualdream-grid.com:8002:VirtualDream Accueil)
Départ vers 11h45 PST - 20h45 (heure de Paris)
Départure from VirtualDream Welcome area at 11 h45 PST (20h45 (Paris Time)

Do you like this little Pumpkin Avatar?
This cute funny one is now boxed and available
for free at Novale's Halloween Curiosity Shoppe

The Castle Library of Novale :
A great place to relax while listening to medieval classics

One of the new boat tours in Autumn 2021
This ride begins at the dock of Foggy Island, facing the Castle
Destination : Rest in Peace graveyard

Hot Air 'Pumpkin' ride
Experience a close to real life hot air balloon ride
i.e. you control the altitude with heat
while the Sim wind controls the direction

Another Free Bony Musician
Double-Bass player
currently practicing in Castle Ballroom

As the days get shorter, hummingbirds are heading south
Our little one has dressed for Halloween and
Enjoys dark flowers nectar before his departure

I was recently performing with my band at the Pumpkin Palace
Reaching the Pumpkin Palace is a little tricky.
You must find your way !

Ever had a « Hell of a Ride » through the dark forest ?
You'll find a dedicated teleporter at the Welcome Camp

Deep immersion in Autumn's best colour palette !

Beware COVID's attack near the Halloween Curiosity Shoppe this morning

Witchy Moon through the Arch at the Alchemy Island

The new Dark Castle of Novale

Still another 2 weeks to enjoy Kayaking at Novale
See an example of our rusty buoy teleporter
There are many of them to TP you to many locations

Novale's Summer season will end soon !
Only another 2 weeks to practice your surfing skills !
Such as windsurfing !

Novale's Summer season will end soon !
Only another 2 weeks to enjoy the many nautical sports
Such as windsurfing !

Our hummingbird at capitain's house will soon aiming southward !
it knows, that Novale's summer will end by mid-september.

The Coast Guard's Lighthouse in La Mer du Nord
A landmark for sailors
It is where the World ends :)

Sailing at the Mer du Nord, Novale
at sunset

New BWind Sailboats at Novale's sailboat dock
- SFSail : re-scripted for Opensim by Satyr Aeon -
** it is a pleasure to sail **

After a day-long effort, trying to improve her surfing skills
Dabici loves chilling a little at the Dancing Pier

View of Novale's surfing site at dawn
5 surfing boards are set to 'free to use by anyone '
Nice opportunity to enjoy these boards created by Kayaker Magic

The Bald Eagle can transport you to many sites in Novale
Here arriving at Novale's Farm
For the grand tour: > sit > menu > p2 > ''Round Tour''

You may also want to get a bird's eye view of Novale
Try the Bald Eagle Tour
Departure from the roof of SW lighthouse, near the welcome camp

If you like wandering, Novale has a network of trails
Rez a horse and do not hesitate to explore beyond trails
and go where no one has gone before

Novale's many boat tours opportunities
Ideal to discover and get immersed in its diversity of landscapes
Look for docks with big ship bell - click on a bell to call a boat

Novale's network of ''Smart Buoys''
Click any of them to access a teleport menu
This is the fastest way to reach more than 20 key destinations

Cap'N Kelso underwater Tour
Just to get a sense of it, come to Novale to get beyond it
and truly enjoy this underwater experience

For Aley Rai's fans and collectionners
We've meshed the air pump, now available with animations and sounds
Everyone can copy _ It is at Cap'N Kelso Underwater Tour Kiosk

Cap'N' Kelso Underwater tour
Where your most fantastic diving experience begins!
Easy to reach: a dedicated Teleporter is at landing

Everyone is welcome at Novale in Summer
but please do not feed the raccoons

Kayak en eau calme au coucher de soleil

Nos amis de Virtualdream grid venus découvrir les activités estivales.
Our frends from VD grid at campfire, just before exploring Novale's coastal area

Hanging at the beach !

Novale's summer 2021 is now accessible to all hypergrid visitors.
Weather today is ideal for windsurfing - Enjoy!

Novale's summer 2021 is now open, happy solstice everyone!

Enjoying Spring using the butterfly ride
A ride from Ancient Easters valley to the Sugar Shack

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Better World

Better World is what you will experience in this region. I have seen it in Fall and just visited it in Winter. A beautiful place to get the feel of natural habitat in winter - just sit near the river for a while, it looks so real ! Well done

Zweet ZurroundingZ

Very impressive, and beautifully immersive place. The perfect under cannope ambiance, great attention to both details (flowers) and big picture. The best I ever seen so far in Virtual world. Kudo. The creator is not only talentuous but really have a very fine sense of nature,


Shawn is a music lover and the well known Radio Guy in OpenSIm. The great thing about his radio offeing is that you ill find radio-objects for all circumstances, and some with special selction of music for hollidays. He has the best selection of radio and station listing and most importanly, he is updating them. If you are lucky enough he will visit you and do at your Sim delivery, transporting ...

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