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*** YEAH Winter has arrived at Novale. ! ***

Novale is for passionnate winter and Christmas lovers.

The spirit of Xmas reigns across the region and most particularly at the Xmas Market and during Advent time. This year we propose a new Advent Calendar Hunt, which will run from Dec. 1st to 24th. Santa is also offering sleigh rides to the chapel and the bakery.

Novale is truly aplace a to get immersed in a vast array of winter habitats (ideal for winterscape photography) and to practice many winter sports such as skating, downhill and crosscountry skiing, toboggan and snow saucers riding.

We look forward to your visit,
Merry xmas to all !


NOVALE is a seasonal region : the OAR is changed 4 times per year. Each season gives you a feel of the seasons we experienced in Eastern Canada.

We keep building new things in each season. Foir FALL 2020, we put most of our effort into improving the tp system and the boat tours. The Farm is getting bigger and few creepy elements are added to the Haunted Valley.

Example of a ''hidden'' bauble of Novale's Advent Calendar Hunt. The Calendar, a tree with 24 baubles, is the HINT giver. The HINT is to help you locate the bauble containing the gift of the day. The HINT for a day is activ for 78 hours. Enjoy!

As many of you know, Novale is a seasonal region. If you visited one of our seasonal states before and decided then to like the region, PLEASE do not like it again if you enjoyed our winter. IT IS TRICKY : it is removing your previous like.

If you liked us before, you can add comments or do a review if you wish to share your appreciation

Some are already lining up for our Advent Calendar Hunt starting tomorrow, Dec. 1st.

Beginning of Novale's ADVENT CALENDAR HUNT
When: 3 days ago [1 Dec 2020 00:00 SLT]

Novale's new Advent Calendar Hunt is starting on Dec. 1st and will run until Dec. 24th. Each day a new original gift to be found. An invitation to passionnante explorers and winter lovers.

Beginning of Novale's ADVENT CALENDAR HUNT
When: 3 days ago [1 Dec 2020 00:00 SLT]

Novale's new Advent Calendar Hunt is starting on Dec. 1st and will run until Dec. 24th. Each day a new original gift to be found. An invitation to passionnante explorers and winter lovers.

Silent snowy night near Notre-Dame-de-Grâce chappelle

A warm welcome to every winter lovers!

Welcome area with the Advent Calendar Hunt tree

Meet Santa, the great pianist, at landing

A new Halloween talentuous pianist for a great eery ambiance. You will find it near Novale's new Halloween curiosities Shoppe. Enjoy !

Visit of Virtual Discovery Tour Group
When: 2 months ago [13 Oct 2020 11:45 SLT]

To participate and get the visit info, please join the group of Virtual Discovery Tours explorers, at Accueil at 11:45 (Pacific) or 20:45 (Paris) Tuesday, Oct. 13th.

Pour participer à la visite et recevoir l'information pour la visite, veuillez joindre le groupe d'explorateurs du Virtual Discovery Tours à l'accueil de virtual dream: Accueil, à 11h45 (Pacific) ou 20h45 (Paris), Mardi 13 octobre, 2020.

Just in front of Novale's new Halloween Curiosities Shoppe, a bony sax player is really bringing a nice groovy ambiance.

A must have at Halloween : a RESIZABLE Happy Halloween sign running a nicely creepy message when touched. It is Copy#mod and can be found at Novale Halloween Curiosities Shoppe.

Another item for haunted houses at Novale new Halloween curiosities shoppe : Floating candles.

Our Hot Air Balloon Ride got revamped. We use the beautiful Halloween Hot Air Balloon created by « artoonick » (Free3D) and imported in Opensim by Marianna Monentes. It is now in function at Novale.
This is not a tour but a ride. The original script was created by Gimisa Cerise. It works like a real balloon : only control is on the burner to heat or not the air in the balloon t0 go up or down. Ride direction is determined by the Region wind.
I had a long ride today and landed finally at the farm.

At the Halloween Curiosities Shoppe: A cute but mean Voodoo Doll saying in German : « Ich möchte, dass du genauso leidest, wie ich gelitten habe » :(

Do not worry, we added some prevention measures ...

We caught a huge one ! Please do not break the glass.

We keep adding new Halloween inspired objects at Novale new Halloween Curisities Shoppe. Here something essential in those creepy times : A nightmare catcher

A Witch Cactus : a kind of curiosity treasures you can find at Novale Halloween Curiosities Shoppe.

New Halloween Curiosity Shoppe at Novale. It is situated at the entry of the Dark Forest.

If you prefer a more relaxed ride, go for a Hot Air Balloon Ride

If you like the feel of speed, do not miss our new Hell of a Ride.

Abundant harvest at Novale's farm

Beware...when approaching the Haunted Valley (Vallée hantée)

Take advantage of the many boat tours to discover the splendour of Autumn in Novale

Welcome Camp and info hub at landing in the Lowland forest habitat

Yep, Jack and I are happy to announce that Novale's Autumn 2020 is launched !

Here is the passerelle with the Iris Door, the starting point to the underwater tour.

At the Divers Kiosk you can get diving equipment and from there reach the diving passerelle.

Cap'N Kelso has created a new automated underwater tour. You will find Cap'N Kelso TP board at landing to reach the Divers Kiosk.

Joe is enjoying windsurf !

Explore the region in Kayak

get into your 'beach boy' attitude

Great time for surfing

It is summer and time to hang out at the beach

Easter Chocolate Hunt
When: 8 months ago [12 Apr 2020 13:33 SLT]

The Novale Easter Chocolate Hunt is starting today and will be continue up to the end of April !

To be found : 31 classic Easter Chocolate Figurines which have been distributed throughout Novale Region.

Seven of them are displayed in welcome cammp, at landing, just to put you in appetite.

Have a look to the notecard received at landing for more info.

Happy Hunt !

Ça va bien aller !

The Conservatories of Ancient Easters Valley

Sugar Shack at the Maple Gove, at the North of Novale

Dandelion rides starting near the welcome camp at landing.

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BlakeRavenhurst A very creative sim, with a really nice atmosphere. Well done!
Rudi Bakerly I loved it here. A very creative and nicely made place. Go on with it. Very good job
Ripple Super amazing and masterfully created.. The atmosphere is so real I almost expected to smell the reeds!

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Whippin 2 months ago
This place is FREAkING FANTASTIC! BEWAre~~~~~ N GO ThEre!! Happy Thanksgiving.
Dabici132 2 months ago
Thanks Whippin, happy to hear that you were fantasticalt freaked :) Thx for your comment
Cheyanne88 7 months ago
I cannot get to Novale i put in your url and it says not found
Dina 12 months ago
eine sehr schöne Sim mit vielen schönen Ecken mit Pferd und Schlitten fahren und Ski laufen es war wunderschön danke Dabici für deine Führung über die Sim
Dabici132 12 months ago
Vielen Dank Dina, komm mal wenn du willlst.
Bink Draconia 1 years ago
(Winter-)Novale has best ski-tour(s) I've seen in Opensim yet! Tour path starts automatically after sitting on one of the ski tour prims - so you can take red discent without any risk. Cable railways bring you back to the mountain's top again - you need not walk uphill. Well done!!!
Dabici132 1 years ago
Exact, no need to walk uphill again. Best however is to get the equipment at the downhill ski station near the main chairlift.
annawright 1 years ago
One of my all time favourites in the OpenSim! I love Novale in every season!
Dabici132 1 years ago
Hello Anna, thanks for your good words !
Tainted Angel 1 years ago
Awesome world. Is winter coming? I see pictures, would love to visit.
Dabici132 1 years ago
Oh thank you ! And yes, winter has arrived - come and enjoy winter !
Tainted Angel 1 years ago
kindra Turian 1 years ago
Thank you for the fun you gave us today in exploring your sim!! This is soooo great.. sooo spooktacular!!
Dabici132 1 years ago
Thank you Kindra, you made our day! I hope you had a chance to take one of our boat rides and to visit the haunted valley.