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Novale is a seasonal region showcasing Eastern Canada's seasons. We change the OAR 4 times per year, around solstices and equinoxes. The four seasons are not shown simultaneously. Novale is a 4x4 region. We keep building new things every year.

Summer 2022 is now open. It is a little paradise for wanderers and photographers who like to explore a diversity of habitats, sites, landscapes, and stories. Do not cam from landing, take the time read the notecard to learn about the many ways to explore the regions, including boat rides, Eagle ride, horse riding and the buoys network. The key attractions during summer season include the possibility to practice nautical activities such as surfing, windsurfing, kayaking, sailing, and enjoying many boat rides, visiting many cozy chalets and hangout places and discovering the beautiful Underwater ride.

We hope to see you soon!
A beautiful summer to everyone!

Dabici and Kelso.

Yesterday, we were honored by the visit of the HG Safari tour explorers.
This was an opportunity to get a feel of Eastern Canada's Summer.
Thanks to everyone who took part to the tour !

Dabici132: Ellen, you can come anytime. Our region Novale changes 4 times a year to showcase the seasons we have in Eastern Canada. It is not specific to a specific region but very likely to give the experience... 15 days ago

Novale's Summer season will close on September 23rd !
Novale will be back online in early October in its Autumn state.
Still, but only, a few days to come and enjoy summer activities.

If you arrive at the grid hub in region CREA
SImply click on the Four Seasons poster to reach Novale region

HGSafari tours resume today Sept 14th.
Join the tour a little before noon (Pacific time) at ( safari)
Part II is a visit at Summer Season in NOVALE
If you have time before, come and grab your gear
at the Capt'N Kelso Underwater Tour Kiosk
Looking forward to your visit !
HGSafari Tours resume on Sept. 14th and will come by us
Just in time to enjoy the last few weeks of its Summer season
There is so much to see and to experience at Novale
that you should not hesitate to come anytime

Here is our new Dive & Swim feature at the Dancing Pier
Click on the ladder, dive and follow hovertext instructions to swim
Just watch for Jaws

Dancing with friends at the pier
Enjoying late summer sunset at ocean

Great classic from the 80's at sunset today
Some animated friends joined us including
Tricia Ember, who is very likely related to Thirza :)

Thirza Ember: I'd kill for that cleavage 2 months ago
A Bald Eagle on the roof of the lighthouse near landing is waiting for you
Sit on it and select the option ROUND TOUR to get an overflight of Novale
Would you feel like a prey ? No, more like an intrepid explorer! Enjoy !!
Although natural risks exist in Novale's Ocean in Summer
The biggest risk is not even being able to enjoy Novale
If you tried to come and crashed, try the following :
Avatar>preferences>Sound & Media>Voice>UNCHECK Enable Voice
Do that prior to TP to Novale and enjoy but watch for jaws!

River: I love this picture! Very cool, lol. 2 months ago

An increasing number of HG visitors
are coming to Novale to experience the thrill
of a pennyfarthing ride on a steel wire over the ocean

Sweetgrl: "pennyfarthing" 2 months ago

At landing, in Novale Welcome Camp, you will find this Explorer Chest.
It contains a collection of Essential Original Accessories for Explorers.
It is free and just for you!

Thirza Ember: That's perfect for storing buried treasure! 2 months ago

Pennyfarting over a half km on a wire may not be for you though.
We noticed an increasing amount of visitors falling in ocean
and making life threatening encounter. Beware !

falene hawks: Bonjour le petit poisson Hello the little fish Hallo der kleine Fisch 2 months ago

Click the Ship Wheel near the hut
to get the instructions notecard for sailing
These sailboats from Satyr Farm are really easy to manouever

Jamie Wright: How did I not notice the tiny Pillsbury Dough Boy? lol just chillin at the docks... 3 months ago

It is sunny today at Novale and not too windy
Great opportunity to experience sailing
Use any teleport buoys across the sim to TP ''Sailboats''

Interior of the ''World's End Lighthouse
Where the Lighthouse Gard lives in Summer

The ''World's End Lighthouse''
It is situated at the NE corner of Novale
It is an essential ''Oceanmark'' for sailors who
want to avoid coming too close to the end of the world

Pirates are back at the Pirates Cove
Come and celebrate with them, rrrgh
Old docks ambiance is contagious

Our new hangout site, at Pirate'Cove
Come, chill, have a conversation with Kiki our smart parrot
Or just whack a pirate

Here begins Cap'n Kelso Underwater Tour
Be ready for a very IMMERSIVE experience

Cherry Manga: Excellent! ♥ 3 months ago

Learning windsurf is all about trying and practicing
Four Windsurf boards from Ocean Engeneering are set for visitors at Novale
Come and try; the more you practice, the better you will get

According to our Observatory experts, many visitors crash when trying to teleport to Novale. This would seem to be related to a known bug, a conflict between Firestorm viewer and Vivox.
Good news, there is a way to go around it : prior to teleport to Novale, go to your preferences/Sound&Media/Voice and diseable Voice.
Try it and let us know if it works for you !

Jamie Wright: I'm a die hard for Singularity and I don't think I've ever crashed on Novale. Love all that you offer in all seasons! 3 months ago

Our new chalet ''Au fil du temps'' (601, 659,22)
Where you get the feel of Novale through the Seasons

The Photographer's shack
The quickest way to reach it: use the Teleport Buoys Network

A visit at the photographer's shack
Every building tells you, or lets you imagine a story

Novale's Summer Season is now open !
Nice hangout beach places and more !

La Cittadella Di Rachel: Beautiful place, worth visiting! 3 months ago

Novale's Kayak Club Shack

hicks adder: cool 360 snap ! 3 months ago

Then, taking the Butterfly- Leave Express,
Hg Safari Explorer left the Easter Valley
Destination : the sugar bush and sugar shack

Thirza Ember: one of the most beautiful rides I have ever been on 5 months ago

Dendelion ride passing close to the Horticulture Shoppe 'Dabici Fiori'

Visit of the HGSafari explorer yesterday: riding with a dendelion seed from welcome camp to the Valley of Ancient Easters

Roland Francis: Cewl & Dang, I'm sorry I missed that. This requires a personal visit (!) 5 months ago
Yesterday, April 3rd, Kelso and I (Dabici) were Mal Burn invitees at Inworld News
It was a nice opportunity to showcase the four seasons of Novale
You can see it here :

Thirza Ember: Very beautiful grid. 6 months ago
Yesterday, April 3rd, Kelso and I (Dabici) were Mal Burn invitees at Inworld News
It was a nice opportunity to showcase the four seasons of Novale
You can see it here :

Dabici132: Afternoon wandering through the islands in the North Immersed in the spring tender greens Enjoying the sounds of the awakening narure 6 months ago

360d-view in Novale's Maple Grove, near the Sugar Shack

Enjoying the new Boreal Trail!


We ended the winter season of Novale yesterday.
Novale will be closed until late March.
We are preparing for Spring!

We are back online, sorry for the unplanned downtime!
It is still time to get immersed in Novale's winter
Do not forget to try our 7 km cross-country ski tour !

vladimir: YAY !!!! 8 months ago

When you leave the snow globe at landing
Follow the steps, take the laser bridge and walk toward the greenhouse

In response to Bink's special request :
Rudolf with a very sensitive nose :)

Big THANK to every one who visited Novale throughout the year
*** Merry Xmas, Joyeux Noël and Frohe Weihnachten ***

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Aaack Ah yes, this place. I just visited it and I don't think I managed to explore a 25% of it. This is a place you need to see! At my arrival I started to walk in a random direction and bumped against a bell, upon click it razzed a tour boat. Since I'm very lazy I thought "why not?" and suddenly i was...
Thirza Ember Dabici and Kelso are extraordinary builders. Smooth scripts and a stunning landscape make this one of the most fun places to go in the hypergrid. Frequently updated to reflect the changing seasons, it also has lots of beautiful freebies and photo opportunities. Thanks for having the Safari visit !
Allie Dawson I don't know HOW I missed such a wonderful region for so LONG!! Even in my way-too-short visit ( I was focused mainly on the SURFING!! ) it is clear that this is a lovingly built region with much attention paid to details. Many thanks to the owner, Dabici, for taking the time to show me around....

Region Comments

Jupiter Rowland 3 months ago
I strongly advise visitors to dress appropriately. Seasons change, summer is warm, the other seasons aren't, and winter is pretty cold here. This is Québec after all.

Also, if you want to hike on the trail, you'd better wear sturdy and comfortable shoes or boots. This isn't exactly an asphalt road. So, ladies, leave your high heels at home.

Generally, bring a bag for what the mill and the farm have to offer. In summer, pack some swimwear there's a little beach along the trail, and I recommend you to hike clockwise so that you pass the harder parts of the trail before you can cool down and relax at the beach.

Oh, and Captain Kelso's tour is actually under water, so you will need swimwear or a wetsuit and some diving/SCUBA gear. You can get that at the entrance of the tour, but you may want to bring your own.
Kelso.Uxlay 3 months ago
Really nice comment! Say hello to your sister for me.
Dabici132 3 months ago
What a great way to tell a story about Novale notwithstanding the well informed advise to hypergrider so to get the most of their visit. Vielen Dank !
Dabici132 10 months ago
Hello Shawn Novale is open and ready for radio check :). Have fun !
shawnkmaloney OSWRS 10 months ago
You just got me singing "I'm in the army now. tah da da da da tee da" (radio check was my forte in the army along with driving a tank). I'll check it when there's not such a crowd there. I looked earlier on the Novale OSW page and saw 3 avs there before your invite, I sure hope those aren't NPC's and Satyr boots the region. :)
shawnkmaloney OSWRS 10 months ago
@Dabici132 Check yer beacon please, and when yer done with that, unban me will ya? so I can keep nagging you to update all yer radios. I know I'm not banned so please dont type the sad "Sorry". Please please PLEASE dont type that. Oh, and know that I jumped to Novale tonight to make sure your region was up before I typed a mess of characters about it in public.
Dabici132 10 months ago
Hi Shawn, I will update the beacon as soon as Novale Winter is ready to receive visitors. We are in the process of upgrading to 9.2 and in enlarging the SIM. As soon as it is open, I will let you know :)
shawnkmaloney OSWRS 10 months ago
Ohhhh, well that's a lil bit understandable Dab's. it would be more understandable If I got YOUR explanation of why a visitor is banned instead of the banning notice that I saw. Just to be clear, the grid is still up, just not set for hypergrid right? Or is just that the region is set to "Allow only residents and groups listed below" and not the usual "Anyone can visit"? I'm just wanting to know what causes that unwanted banning notice that appears to everyone when it is not an intentional dramatic notice. I look forward to seeing and hearing Christmas Season in Novale. :)
Dabici132 10 months ago
Hello Shawn, we are currently dealing with two grids, the old one and the new one. The new is not yet visible in hypergrid. The old is detectable but closed with access only to the group of two members (Kelso and I). The damm banned message is generated by the system, automatically when a grid is closed to all visitors except us both. I cannot edit that message and I hate it very much so. Let's hope that this will change with the upgrade. We are working intensively and needs to close access to the two grids to uptimize the resources used. And, be reassured, you are not banned from Novale.
SheaButter 12 months ago
Do you have to be a member of the region. Could not get a copy of the many cool items you have. Especially the skeleton with bass. Have a collection of many skeletons.
Dabici132 12 months ago
Hello SheaButter, Novale is a private region open to visitors, we have no residents beyond the owner team. Novale is not a shopping region however you do not need to be a member of the region to take a copy of the items that are copyable. Anyone can take a copy of the DoubleBass skeleton player in the Castle's Ballroom. If you are taking about the musicians that are on the stage of the dancing palace, these are not objects but NPCs. I am not offering those. You can create them yourself. To do them I use a skeleton avatar that I have bought on Kitely market, a duster coat that can be found in must shopping mall and halloween masks that I found a while ago at foundation grid.

I am not sharing all my creations but you can find some of them at the little curiosity shoppe. With respect to the many other objects that are in Novale and created by others, I tend to leave them with full permission if this is how they were offered originally.
SheaButter 12 months ago
thank you!
thedeeferry 1 years ago
Just visited this wonderland again, cannot encourage you enough to visit. Fun, scenic, friendly. Outstanding! A feast for a travelers eyes.
thedeeferry 1 years ago
Jamie Wright 1 years ago
Every year when the autumn Halloween goes up is the best day ever. Thank you. I love Novale. I love it doubly in this season:)
AeonFelisimo 2 years ago
This is the greatest, funny and playful winter sim i ever visit. And i travel a lot. My compliment, evry corner, every scene is made with love and a eye for details. All tells a little story. I can just say: visit it people - if not you will miss a lot of fun.
Dabici132 2 years ago
Thanks AeaonFelisimo for you appreciation for Novale in winter state. Novale is seasonal, its OAR is changed 4 times a year according to our real season. Winter will remain online until early March and be replaced by Spring State, accessible from Spring Equinoxe Day. .