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Novale is a seasonal region showcasing Eastern Canada's seasons. The OAR is changed 4 times per year, around solstices and equinoxes. The four seasons are not shown simultaneously.

Novale is a little paradise for wanderers and photographers who like to explore a diversity of habitats, sites and landscapes. Do not cam from landing, to get truly immersed in Novale's summer, walk the trails, ride a horse or use our many boat tours.

Novale's summer state has been enlarged from a 3x3 to a 4x4 area to provide for a real beach and nautical experience. Come and enjoy surfing, sailing, windsurfing, kayaking, swimming, dancing at the pier, hanging at the Seahorse Island, chilling at the beach and underwater diving with Captain Kelso 's underwater tour.

We keep building new things every year and hope to see you soon.

Dabici and Kelso.

The Coast Guard's Lighthouse in La Mer du Nord
A landmark for sailors
It is where the World ends :)

Sailing at the Mer du Nord, Novale
at sunset

New BWind Sailboats at Novale's sailboat dock
- SFSail : re-scripted for Opensim by Satyr Aeon -
** it is a pleasure to sail **

After a day-long effort, trying to improve her surfing skills
Dabici loves chilling a little at the Dancing Pier

View of Novale's surfing site at dawn
5 surfing boards are set to 'free to use by anyone '
Nice opportunity to enjoy these boards created by Kayaker Magic

The Bald Eagle can transport you to many sites in Novale
Here arriving at Novale's Farm
For the grand tour: > sit > menu > p2 > ''Round Tour''

You may also want to get a bird's eye view of Novale
Try the Bald Eagle Tour
Departure from the roof of SW lighthouse, near the welcome camp

If you like wandering, Novale has a network of trails
Rez a horse and do not hesitate to explore beyond trails
and go where no one has gone before

Novale's many boat tours opportunities
Ideal to discover and get immersed in its diversity of landscapes
Look for docks with big ship bell - click on a bell to call a boat

Novale's network of ''Smart Buoys''
Click any of them to access a teleport menu
This is the fastest way to reach more than 20 key destinations

Cap'N Kelso underwater Tour
Just to get a sense of it, come to Novale to get beyond it
and truly enjoy this underwater experience

For Aley Rai's fans and collectionners
We've meshed the air pump, now available with animations and sounds
Everyone can copy _ It is at Cap'N Kelso Underwater Tour Kiosk

Cap'N' Kelso Underwater tour
Where your most fantastic diving experience begins!
Easy to reach: a dedicated Teleporter is at landing

Everyone is welcome at Novale in Summer
but please do not feed the raccoons

Kayak en eau calme au coucher de soleil

Nos amis de Virtualdream grid venus découvrir les activités estivales.
Our frends from VD grid at campfire, just before exploring Novale's coastal area

Hanging at the beach !

Novale's summer 2021 is now accessible to all hypergrid visitors.
Weather today is ideal for windsurfing - Enjoy!

Novale's summer 2021 is now open, happy solstice everyone!

Enjoying Spring using the butterfly ride
A ride from Ancient Easters valley to the Sugar Shack

VirtualDream Tour coming to visit Novale in Spring on March 30th
When: 4 months ago [30 Mar 2021 12:00 SLT]

Join the tour group at 11h45 (grid time) or at 20h45 Paris time at accueil.

Novale's spring tour includes for instance a visit of the valley of the Conservatories of Ancient Easter and of the sugar shack and its maple grove.

On the bridge, near the Sugar Shack.
We have added horse Rides to Novale. Enjoy !

Chocolate lovers : Explore Novale's spring and find 31 original chocolate Easter characters !

A view over the Valley of the Conservatories Ancient Easters where the molds of Easter Chocolate Characters are preserved.

Let's chill at the valley of the Conservatories of Ancient Easters !

Just leaving from the welcome camp, flying with a Dandelion Seed toward the Valley of Conservatories of Ancient Easter.

Near welcome camp : two Dandelion Rides toward two Spring Destinations.

Dec 24 th, the very last day of the Novale Advent Calendar Hunt and the gift ist : Die Geburt Christie Schwibbogen. Inspired by the traditional ornaments from Erz Gebirge, Germany.

Today, Dec. 23, you could find anopther set of nativity animals as part of Novale's Advent Calendar Hunt: a cardboard Camel and a Carboard sheep. Best luck !

As Advent comes close to its end, today Dec. 22nd, as part of Novale Advent Calendar Hunt, you could find these two nativity handcrafted cardboard characters : cow and dunkey

Happy Winter Solstice everyone! Really the time to trumpet your wishes. To be found today at Novale's Advent Calendar Hunt is a deco trumpet with wishes in five languages. Best luck !

Ever wished a snowman that won't melt too fast? You might find one today Dec. 20th, in our Novale's Advent Calendar Hunt!

For today Dec. 19, we adapted a seasonal tradition to respect the anti-Covid 19 measures. Kiss under the Mistletoe is preserved in a jar with snow for use after Covid. This is the gift of the day as part of Novale's Advent Calendar Hunt.

Today Dec. 18th, at Novale's Advent Calendat Hunt, you could find this great gift for children: a Cardboard Reendeer Building Kit.

This cute Elegant Snowman is the prize today Dec . 16th as part of . Novale's Advent Calendar Hunt.

Hey, Kelso has created an autonomous skating device : the Skate_N_Doo. It is currently in its second prototype state. Come and try it and let us know your comments and suggestions. There are two of them installed in Novale : 1) is near the Skating Shack, near the Xmas Market ; 2) the other with more options, is near the marina (496,137,21). Have fun.

At Novale's Advent Calendar Hunt today Dec 15th,., you could win a collection of frosted canadian animal silhouette, such as this bobcat.

At Novale's Advent Calendar Hunt, the gift to find today Dec. 14th is : Ginger Cookies Making Set

Today, Dec. 13th, the gift to find at Novale's Advent Calendar Hunt is a Schwibbogen, a tradition from Erzgebirge. It also plays a beautiful organ music, ideal for Xmas ambiance.

Dec. 12th, the middle point of Novale's AQdvent Calendar Hunt and the gift that could be found today is this beautifully crafted and scripted Music Box. Best luck !

Novale's Advent Calendar Hunt is going on. Today, Dec.11th, you could win an original set of Ginger Cookies Cutters. Best luck !

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Aaack Ah yes, this place. I just visited it and I don't think I managed to explore a 25% of it. This is a place you need to see! At my arrival I started to walk in a random direction and bumped against a bell, upon click it razzed a tour boat. Since I'm very lazy I thought "why not?" and suddenly i was...
Allie Dawson I don't know HOW I missed such a wonderful region for so LONG!! Even in my way-too-short visit ( I was focused mainly on the SURFING!! ) it is clear that this is a lovingly built region with much attention paid to details. Many thanks to the owner, Dabici, for taking the time to show me around....
Debra Ann Congi Beautiful sim. Lots going on here and friendly. I enjoyed my visit.

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Region Comments

AeonFelisimo 8 months ago
This is the greatest, funny and playful winter sim i ever visit. And i travel a lot. My compliment, evry corner, every scene is made with love and a eye for details. All tells a little story. I can just say: visit it people - if not you will miss a lot of fun.
Dabici132 8 months ago
Thanks AeaonFelisimo for you appreciation for Novale in winter state. Novale is seasonal, its OAR is changed 4 times a year according to our real season. Winter will remain online until early March and be replaced by Spring State, accessible from Spring Equinoxe Day. .
iekocatnap 8 months ago
Quelle belle visite ! magnifique sim. Merci
Dabici132 8 months ago
Merci Ieko, tu reviens quand tu veux. L'hiver sera ouvert jusqu'au début de mars. Puis on passera à la saison printanière.
Whippin 10 months ago
This place is FREAkING FANTASTIC! BEWAre~~~~~ N GO ThEre!! Happy Thanksgiving.
Dabici132 10 months ago
Thanks Whippin, happy to hear that you were fantasticalt freaked :) Thx for your comment
Cheyanne88 1 years ago
I cannot get to Novale i put in your url and it says not found
Dina 2 years ago
eine sehr schöne Sim mit vielen schönen Ecken mit Pferd und Schlitten fahren und Ski laufen es war wunderschön danke Dabici für deine Führung über die Sim
Dabici132 2 years ago
Vielen Dank Dina, komm mal wenn du willlst.
Bink Draconia 2 years ago
(Winter-)Novale has best ski-tour(s) I've seen in Opensim yet! Tour path starts automatically after sitting on one of the ski tour prims - so you can take red discent without any risk. Cable railways bring you back to the mountain's top again - you need not walk uphill. Well done!!!
Dabici132 2 years ago
Exact, no need to walk uphill again. Best however is to get the equipment at the downhill ski station near the main chairlift.
Jamie Wright 2 years ago
One of my all time favourites in the OpenSim! I love Novale in every season!
Dabici132 2 years ago
Hello Anna, thanks for your good words !