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There are only a few days left this year to enjoy Novale winter. On March 18th, the region will close for a few days in preparation for spring.

Jupiter Rowland: You've heard (or read) him. Go put on your winter coats, get your skis ready and take the tour! Have fun ice-skating on frozen lakes or Clark Griswolding down a hill side! 1 years ago
Another nice blog entry from Thirza Ember about her latest private visit to NOVALE:

Teleport link at:

Marianna : Your Novale is indeed lovely all seasons of the year. 2 years ago
In addition to the Advent Calender Hunt and the Xmas Market, the region Novale offers a large number of winter related activities. The picture above shows my partner Dabici Straulino doing a nice cross-country ski ride under the stars with her compagnion dog. We have over 7 km of cross-country ski trails for your enjoyment. Rides are scripted so that you can focus your attention on the picturesque environment surrounding you.
Eröffnung der Adventsjagd in Novale

Die Novale-Adventsjagd ist eine Art Hybrid aus traditionellem Adventskalender und Schatzsuche.

Wenn Sie in unserem Kalenderbaum auf die Weihnachtskugel des Tages klicken, erhalten Sie einen Hinweis, der Ihnen hilft, die irgendwo in der Region versteckte Geschenkkugel des Tages zu finden. Dies ermutigt unsere Besucher, die Schönheiten von Novale weiter zu erkunden. Es braucht ein wenig Suchanstrengung, um an ihr Geschenk zu kommen, aber es lohnt sich. Jeden Tag ein neues Geschenk bis zum 24. Dezember.


Opening of the Advent Hunt in Novale

The Novale Advent Hunt is a kind of hybrid between the traditional Advent calendar and a treasure hunt.

When you click on the Christmas ball of the day in our calendar tree, you will receive a clue to help you find the gift ball of the day hidden somewhere in the area. This encourages our visitors to further explore the beauties of Novale. It takes a little research effort to get his gift, but it's worth it. A new gift every day until December 24th.

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Today - Guided tour of Novale's key Halloween attractions
Invitation to a guided tour of Novale's key Halloween attractions.
Tour will be done in English with voice and marginal use of chat.
Count about 60-90 minutes for the tour. Uncheck 'Enable Voice' prior to TP. You can enable it again once landed. Make sure you check what is your current time with respect to SLT. Time change in Fall is not done in synch worldwide.
Thirza Ember just published another fantastic blog entry about her latest visit in autumn region Novale see
Visit Novale at
There are still a few days left to enjoy summer season in Novale before we close down to install autumn. We received the HG Safari crowd a few days ago. Take a look at the very nice and detailed blog entry by Thirza Ember to get a feeling for the region.

Lilly Pond: Beautiful place! 2 years ago
On May 4th, Season Two of the reborned HG Safari kicked off in region Novale ( As usual, Thirza Ember published a nice blog entry describing the visit in details with many pictures. Read it at: . Second stop was at the impressive Abyss Observatory in Japan.
Novale winter region is back online

Because of a hardware failure, the grid Creanovale has been offline since January 8th.
We came back online on January 19th. The region Novale is currently in its winter state, featuring several winter activities: alpine and cross-county skiing, skating and sleigh rides.
It is a large 4x4 region with lots of scenic viewing points, ideal for landscape photography.

Thirza Ember has published a nice review of Novale on her blog recently: [**Frost Burn**](

Aaack: I'm glad you're back! 3 years ago