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Is there any way to remove from my bookmarks a region that has since become unavailable?

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I've just visited a new sim I want to tell folks about. The region is named Gluon and a visit is definitely worth your time This is the first adventure game in opensim that *I* am aware of , though I'm SURE someone will quickly correct me if I'm wrong!! :) I know there have been several 3d 1st person shooter type games, but this stands alone as a zork-ish type puzzle solving game. The ...


This is a very unique and wonderful region that should appeal to anyone with any interest in magical things, Along with a shop containing an eclectic array of items you WON'T find elsewhere, to my knowledge!! You definitely should check this out!!

Morada Seas

Really beautiful regions here. Reminiscent of the Antiquity sims in SL that I enjoyed years ago!


I don't know HOW I missed such a wonderful region for so LONG!! Even in my way-too-short visit ( I was focused mainly on the SURFING!! ) it is clear that this is a lovingly built region with much attention paid to details. Many thanks to the owner, Dabici, for taking the time to show me around. I will be back!! I believe you will find a visit here to be very much worth your time.


no access to the regions parcel :(

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