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Welcome Area

I wish I could give a fuller account of my experience on the GBG UNWelcome area, however I had to cut my visit short... which brings me to the heart of this review. On arrival, my attention was drawn to some games they have there. I'm always interested in things to DO in-world, rather than simply LOOK AT. So, naturally enough, I tried one of them to see if it actually worked or was just one ...


A BEAUTIFUL sim...VERY nicely done. I had a lot of fun exploring! PLUS it has some AWESOME surfing!! woohoo!!

Stark North District

Stark North District offers a very nice shopping experience. There's many unique (to me) items here. I even found a few petit clothing items I hadn't seen elsewhere (woohoo!!). A very beautifully designed region , it's a real pleasure exploring the shops here. It seems to be a hallmark of all of the Stark regions (the ones I've seen, nyway) that they are all nicely 'fleshed out'... no double...

Trianon Complex

They Don't call it a complex for NOTHING! So what's wrong with the idea of clicking a link and just being where you want to go? Or perhaps just outside of it? But no, here you arrive at a waiting room.. to look around a while for SOMETHING else to CLICK to get you where you really want to be. Which MIGHT rez for you. Or then again might NOT... Only to get a smart-ass comment from the o...


I've just visited a new sim I want to tell folks about. The region is named Gluon and a visit is definitely worth your time This is the first adventure game in opensim that *I* am aware of , though I'm SURE someone will quickly correct me if I'm wrong!! :) I know there have been several 3d 1st person shooter type games, but this stands alone as a zork-ish type puzzle solving game. The ...


This is a very unique and wonderful region that should appeal to anyone with any interest in magical things, Along with a shop containing an eclectic array of items you WON'T find elsewhere, to my knowledge!! You definitely should check this out!!

Morada Seas

Really beautiful regions here. Reminiscent of the Antiquity sims in SL that I enjoyed years ago!


I don't know HOW I missed such a wonderful region for so LONG!! Even in my way-too-short visit ( I was focused mainly on the SURFING!! ) it is clear that this is a lovingly built region with much attention paid to details. Many thanks to the owner, Dabici, for taking the time to show me around. I will be back!! I believe you will find a visit here to be very much worth your time.

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well ive never had any drama tp around the place in open sim there will always be rezzing issues and u have to wait for things to rez so be patient and look around til your board rezzes in is it that hard really !!!! to be patient and trust me i am the worse one with rezzin i have no patients and isnt it the person behind the keyboard working the computer!!!!
Having began my virtual life in SL in 2008, I'm rather familiar with the process of TP'ing and the issues involving items rezzing ... or NOT!. And you are right, opensim will always have these problems. All the MORE reason, in my view, to simplify processes as much as possible. If I'm going to GO somewhere, I want to go DIRECTLY there, not to some intermediate point where I have to wait around for THAT place to rezz (if it ever does) so I can continue on to the REAL destination. If someone is going to provide an LM to some destination, is it not more sensible to TP directly there? Of course it is! While I obviously disagree with the method used there, I accept it's absolutely their prerogative to do it in whatever way suits them and I would never suggest otherwise. But it's equally MY prerogative to choose to go there or not.
on all my ads it says it says Click the TP board for the location you want to go to.. its not hard I even welcome every one in the welcome room as Im DJing and give them instructions on where we are and how to get here. its too bad people dont know how to read.. and think just because they are too stupid to figure it out.. they write poor reviews.. its a complex cause there is 3 clubs and one games area on the 3x3. and since you can only have 1 beacon per region I think the welcome room is the best way to work with this.. Im sure you have seen TP boards before, but I also have large pictures of the clubs.. and if for some reason you go to the wrong club I TP you up.. or you can ask me for a TP
Obsess much, do you?
no it seems you do,. having to write a negative review cause you dont understand English, when I told you we are at the fetish factor tonight you can click the TP board or the large pictures to come to the club.. Since Otto had problems I make sure I tell every one I dont know how to get to where the party is
I KNEW where the party was... OBVIOUSLY .. since I GOT there, idiot. See, I can call names TOO :) The issue is HOW to get there with an unrezzed TP board. As you've, I'M SURE, noticed (given your touchiness to ANY criticism), I'm NOT the only one who had problems with your BIZARRE and unnecessary method of TP'ing. That SHOULD say something to someone who had any interest at all in improving a visitor's experience there. But no, it's SO much easier to toss it off with a snarky comment. Right?
Hi to any who drops by and SEES this!! :) This is just to let you know that I've just discovered that I've been BANNED from visiting any of Triannon's OSW pages. Not that I've had any real INTEREST in going there, but i WAS curious if she had made any comment about OSW delisting her sims for using bots to FALSELY inflate her av count.

But, yep!! BLOCKED!!! LOL! I suppose SOME people just can't handle ANY criticism, howsoever mild!! And MILD, my review WAS.. it really only mentioned things OTHERS had ALREADY mentioned, but that she had chosen to IGNORE!!

A friend of mine tells me you can go where ever if you're not logged in. But, I'm like 'who CARES, really??' Bless her heart, poor thing!! lolol