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Never Plaza
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The official hang out for Neverworld Grid, with several places to party on this cool region. Play solitaire inwolrd, dance, and watch movies on Never Plaza made by the best creators in the metaverse. The real metaverse is here. Drama free and yes, Free
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Cape Cod
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The perfect New England town by the amazing designer mr. smokes, Cape Cod in Neverworld is on the eastern edge of Bountiful Continent. This 3x3 sim has all the elements you would want for your nautical life. The village of Provincetown has free parcel rents and also charming home rentals and the...
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Barefoot Ballroom
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Beautiful golden themed ballroom nestled amongst romantic walking paths. Come on Fridays for live entertainment featuring Lucky at 12pm SLT. Semi formal or formal. Meet new friends or bring your love.
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Beautiful venue for intimate ballroom dancing. Formal and semi formal with live entertainment.
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Cloudburst Roads
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The coolest roads in opensim and brand new. Developed by the Neverworld build team, but specifically Nexus Storm and mr smokes, with some additons by the rest of us. You will get stuck in rock slides, and you may run into weather. this MASSIVE 3x3 region is open to all for touring, but is home to t...
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Carols Casa
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The most romantic and beautiful ballroom comes to Neverworld. Join us with your honey or mingle with new friends here. Neverworld is the NO DRAMA grid that has the most beautiful places in Opensim.
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New, check out the Christmas Village for loads of high quality seasonal items made by Pasha Theas . The flagship region of our dear friend Pasha Theas, Crystalwind is a great wander through many different areas. A perfect place to wander through the trails and meditate, or to be inspired to go t...
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Cashmere Landing
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retro residential neighborhood anchored by the googie style Never Gate mall, with retro items for all. Flat generous parcels with a 2000 prim limit for Neverworlders and 1000 prim limit for hypergridders. Streets are tree lined and interconnected with our mega Bountiful Continent.
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If you have hairy feet, or just like people with hairy feet, a few renegade dragons, and a half underground home, than this is the place for you. FREE forever parcels are self serve and some have hobbit holes already. Please be careful of Smaug when traveling these cobblestone roads at night, and ...
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Norwegian Sea
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121 sim sized region is a replica of the Norwegian Coastline, with many supersized free parcels *12,000 meters and up** and plenty of fjords to explore, all useable water millions of kilometers. Region created and designed by Rik Sullivan
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Flagship to the Bountiful Continent, free land in mixed commercial residential neighborhood . All parcels are waterfront or waterview. Public access to water and roads. There are over a million meters of interconnect roadways designed by Nexus Storm and mr. smokes. One of hundreds of interconnected...
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Never Depot
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Hundreds of free building supplies all in one big box store. Find doors, windows, fences, scripts, helpful building tools, appliances and with new additions almost daily. Grab a big suitcase and please landmark for later. Learn why Neverworld is the Grid for Builders hands down. To join please http:...
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Aqua Abyss
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Visit the sparkling depths of this partially sunken aquatic city. There are still broken steps to terra firma and the crumbling buildings there. Visit Club Abyss for themed events and grab high quality merfolk freebies at the huts behind the club.
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Beach Dust
2 0 Dust 0 Users
Beautiful free island rentals on the western edge of Bountiful Continent. Home of the Bouricuaton Beach Club venue. This sim is hot so islands are first come first serve and limited.
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Jerry Garcia Archive Museum
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Welcome to the virtual Jerry Garcia Archive Museum in Neveworld Grid. Jerry Garcia was a creative genius and besides being the gifted musician that he was, he also created over two thousand art pieces during his lifetime. The Jerry Garcia Archive Museum highlights a collection of his art which w...
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Welcome to the official concert venue of the Jerry Garcia Foundation in Neverworld Grid. 24/7 music stream for GD fans. Our events are curated to include a selection of live concerts, livestreams and DJs that immerse the fans of Jerry Garcia and the Grateful Dead inworld for a memorable experie...
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Hobbits, shire people, and regular human folk are welcome in this sim, part of our extensive continent. Feel free ride the cobblestone roads, part of our massive intergrated road system or use the waterways. There is rez zone in the sim. Parcels are free to everyone please abide by the few rules...
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Neo Rome
18 1 Rome 0 Users
Neo Rome where the future is ancient. Come to what we are told is the most detailed and amazing place in opensim. Explore the trade shops, pick up an animesh chariot, shop at the Arena shops or check out the clubs and the crafts in the underbelly of the sim, this multi level sim is packed with th...
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Virtual Recall
9 0 Recall 0 Users
Neverworld has recreated your favorite Martian near-future movie from the 1990's. Join Doug Quaid as he doubles as a secret agent to Mars. Visit the Hilton Hotel on Mars, Venusville with its bars, eateries and escorts, and find your way to the Pyramid Mines where you can save the planet! If you...
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Lonely Mist
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Free Parcels in the Big Easy! When you dream about a place of misty bayous and hidden magic, then you enter Lonely Mist, our newest themed region with land for all. The main part of town would be familiar to revelers who are used to going to visit their favorite party town in late February. ...
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Old town style sim chocked with freebies Find: --System clothes by Dark Matter --animesh pets --fantasy and sorcery --home decor --seasonal items --many other items We also have stores available for Neverworld members who are interested in sharing their work. Our special stagecoach ride w...
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All Free Shopping Spree
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A 2by2 var filled with mesh avatars for adults and clothes, furniture, houses, animations, exclusive tattoos, items for the home, books and much more. All free of course. There is even a few empty stores left if you would like a free store to display your stuff and give them away A full service mall...
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Steam Sky
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On the north eastern sector of the Bountiful Continent, in Neverworlds lies a few regions that evoke an earlier time period, when telegraphs were common and there were nice big grimy buzzing poles that transmitted them as well as the few telephones from the time. Introducing Steam Sky, a resi...
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Part of the Bountiful Continent Mishio is a peaceful Asian-themed sim with beautiful waterfront parcels offered to any Neverworld Resident. There is a generous 5000 prim limit and the parcels are anywhere from 7000 to 16000 meters. This low density are is connected to the Bountiful Freeway road sy...
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Lost Notch
5 0 Notch 0 Users
Come visit our Ski village. Ice skate, ski, use the chair lift, have cocoa with friends, shop in our Christmas Market and shops for free winterwear and ski apparel and Christmas decorations. We are now part of the Boutiful Continent project so you can get there by car or boat or fly:). We also have ...
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Come visit our Ski village. Ice skate, ski, use the chair lift, have cocoa with friends, shop in our Christmas Market and shops for free winterwear and ski apparel and Christmas decorations. We are now part of the Boutiful Continent project so you can get there by car or boat or fly:). We also have ...
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Our blog on Requiem has dropped. Join our Haunted Hunt Region collect coins and redeem for gifts in the Redemption Center. This hunt is exclusive to Neverworld Grid, it is not found anywhere else. Check your balance and your rating at the Leaderboard. Don't ...
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NEW CONTINENT AREA. We currently have 36 regions in the new continent, a contigenous area of land and water connected by roads. It is a blank slate. We are asking that you help us build it. We have huge parcels 15,000-70,000 meters to be given away free. You agree to help develop the parcel for pu...
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Orbit City
4 0 City 0 Users
The only of its kind, jump to the future in Orbit City. Residents have decided to live above the clouds away from the pollution below. Our Orbit City Mall has space related content free for all. Member only areas include the community center with games and other activities and living parcels. Pic...
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Welcome back to the future! The only one of its kind with orginal content, living spaces, observatory, free personal flying saucers, and a ton of space related freebies. You must be a Neverworld Grid member to live on the sim, but anyone can come visit. Register here
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NW Welcome
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Your new tropical paradise home starts here. Unlike other opensim worlds, we have operated for almost seven years. we promote DRAMA FREE living. We are a building/creation grid -- if you are creative come see us and see why we have been called the most beautiful opensim grid. We offer tons of free...
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Never Depot
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Grand Reopening of our popular building supplies store open to all. Featuring many mesh doors, columns, mouldings, appliances and tons of textures, roads, windows and other needs. Come and bring a big suitcase :).
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Neverworld Station
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Onboarding tutorial region using a fun tram system! Hop on the tram, go to first station, read the signs hop on the next tram. Have fun, and learn why you need to live in Neverworld with all the cool builders.
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Francos Place
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Help wanted: Hosts and DJ wanted for this new region! Beautiful romantic sim- photo ops all over. Bring your sweetie here or find someone to love here. Large dancefloor - this open air ballroom features cushy chairs, romantic music, and plenty of places to go and enjoy the sunset. We curren...
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Portand Share is an entire region of free high quality furnishings and decorations for your virtual home. In this vintage urban themed sim you will find a gorgeous Christmas Market in the central plaza. Here find many scrumptious Christmas decorations, wreaths etc all made by the very talented Pa...
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Living Waters
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The newest most advanced hunt region in all of virtual! Come hunt for gold coins ... get your tally, compete against friends and redeem your coins for exclusive prizes. Fully scripted and totally Hypergrid enabled. Fun and challenging. The sim is a superb natural forest with beautiful spots to ...
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The crumbling City of Stilwater awaits you. question is, are you a grubbie or a posh? RP IN NEVERWORLD the most beautiful grid in virtual.... You decide, pick up your starter pack and begin to explore this role play region. Follow the signs to the Census Ministry deep in Center City. Fo...
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Now in Neverworld, one of the most beautiful romantic sims in all of Virtual! ======================================================== Bring your love to this intimate sim or find someone new. Includes unique "encounter boxes" dancing spheres and the black tie dance club Rendezvous. Towards the...
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Our plaza is Cornflakes Proper!

HELP WANTED: EVENTS MARKETING SPECIALIST -- duties include posting events in our various social media accounts and adjusting the calendar as needed, and also finding new talent to join our events roster. Must have experience in social media, and be able to set aside about a half hour a day to post events inworld as well as on the internet. Will be compensated with full rights region owners and also tips and more is negotiable. please contact if intersted. serious applicants only.

Aphra Hendrix: i love the picture 22 days ago

The Village of Provincetown is a perfect little New England Village, find house rentals and parcel rentals here all free.

Jamie Wright: Oh that's super sweet looking:) 1 month ago

Adjacent to NW Welcome is Free Apartments which is perfect for new comers who need a place until they explore our vast free parcel areas.

start out in our welcome area and find free mesh avatars, free parcels, events, and places of interest and SHOPPING

The beautiful Lucky sings us into the weekend at the Barefoot Ballroom every Friday 12 pm SLT for mature avatars

Barefoot ballroom for Mature avatars who love the magic of glitter!
hop:// Ballroom/293/301/40 Lucky singing live now!

Govega: thank you Luna :):) 1 month ago


Help wanted - we have two positions available at this time. Both are at an admin status on the grid. #1 Events coordinator - help with promotion, scheduling and talent acquisition for our growing events profile on the grid. Must have knowledge of social media sites and use. May entail some graphics design. Direct report is the events manager.
[12:04 PM]
#2 Blogger/social media promoter. Candidate must have experience in using social media sites to promote grid activities and spot light regions, with emphasis on our sharing philosphy on the grid including the several hundred parcels available to the hypergrid and local population. Will include frequent posts and conversation starters. Must have experience in blogging and promotion.
[12:06 PM]
These positions are offered in exchange for a free full rights region in your name, for your personal or commercial use. All admin positions are offered with the understanding that Neverworld is your home grid, and participation must frequent depending on your position. Please contact Govega inworld or here if you are interested. Thanks!

Smaug crossing a bridge.

NineZero: I've run from him more than once. 5 months ago

Where will you go in Neverworld today? Bountiful continent is about the size of 300 regions interconnected by path, cobble, or roadway and all has water to use.

A double hobbit hole is perfect for a couple or more.

The beautiful Prancing Pony Tavern by Ares Halostar and co.

Govega: A pontoon tour of the 11x11 norwegian sea. 5 months ago
Self Serve mailboxes. With hundreds of free parcels, and generous prim limits it is possible to have a mansion in Neverworld and never have to worry about prim limits. we are world famous for the land we give away freely.

A rolling river in Silverbell. All water is connected and sailable as are the roads.

Doors, mouldings, windows, and other things need to build your virtual world.

Dozens of original landscaping items including flowers, hardscapes and trees.

Opensim Ossearch Help Need Neverworld

Neverworld is seeking a systems admin to help with some tasks on our software. We are running .922 using Ubuntu 22.04 Please dm me . thank you !

The very beautiful and so sweet Ouie Nanda at Francos Place Live NOW come over hop:// Place/61/106/40

The beautiful Star Menna at the Beautiful Francos Place Happening now come over Formal required no drama no crazies no cover

The Sparkling Depths

Club Abyss

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Francos Place

Cooper too bad you must has misread the time as there was a live DJ. But thanks for coming and spreading JOY.

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