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Vibrant is my home region where I enjoy playing at my little Satyr Farm.

Are you curious and would you like to try it out? Find out yourself. the farm has public access and you can play along as you like.

I modified several objects to a more realistic look & feel (they are Full Perm if you'd like a copy for yourself)
- Apple Tree & Orange Tree: a lower fruit tree producing spring blossoms when new, and separate red/green apples when ripe, fully SatyrFarm compatible (script modified for that purpose)
- Wine Maker: 2 versions of the wine maker in mesh
- Water Tower -> HQ mesh water (animated)
- SF Feeder (for grazers): HQ mesh bin & water & new grass texture
- WIP: currently still working on the GOAT in mesh

Would you love to have your SatyrFarm land animals walk on GROUND level, up hills and down slopes ?
Then change your animal.lsl script:
on line 630 find v.z = cp.z;

change it like this
v.z = llGround(ZERO_VECTOR);
cp.z = llGround(ZERO_VECTOR);
//v.z = cp.z;

Now this is what I call natural behavior for land animals on ground level - (do NOT change your script to let them walk on a PRIM surface such as a skybox)

Added some realy neat animated mesh chickens, rabbits, deers and dogs. Especially the peacocks are adorable. It makes the place quite lively :)))

a *new low fruit tree* is now fully SatyrFarm functional, with textured "new" spring blossoms, growing, ripe foliage and different fruit textures and modified the script accordingly.
The fruit tree is available full perm

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Michelle super cool & definitely worth the visit
Lyudmila Pavlichenko This sim is a must for SatyrFarm lovers, but not only that it's ultra realistic above the standard you see and with many goodies you cant take a 5 Starts Must See
Ripple Beautiful.. so much to see.. I want to live here :-)

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This place is gorgeous!!! I loved every tree...rock...crop..animal..structure and it was put together beautifully!!! Thank you so much!! Hugs!!!
one of the prettiest little farms i've seen, great work
Very Italian. The many little details make it pretty special. Can't wait to see it when it'll be finished. Don't forget the cypresses ;)
I've enjoyed, thank you very much !