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My name is legion I'm a free content provider The more you cry the more i like

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Today we bring you Athena Vintage Jeans, it comes in 6 sizes, 3 feet high (flat, mid, high) and low and high waist with 8 top fashion labels as 6 different fabrics it totals 288 options :) Enjoy and share ;) Now available to all grids and freebie shops :) Harbor Conglomerate City
Work in progress but coming soon Vintage Pants for Athena in 3 feet high (sizes flat, mid and high), low and high waist size, as 8 top fashion brands and 5 fabrics with materials too, all totals 288 different pants :)

Adonis 4 is now a work in progress, for more updates please follow

Hey guys!!! Today we bring you this 52 Male BoM Hairbases Starter Pack for your Bento BoM Mesh Heads enjoy and Share!!! :) Harbor Conglomerate City

For the last released Bento BoM Mesh Heads Today we bring you another box full of New Free Premium BoM Skins ! Have Fun, Enjoy and Share :)

Today we've finished the conversion of the old MeshBody Eyes Applier V1.4 (Jan 2018) to Bakes on Mesh, we've also included a easy find chart so you don't get lost with all those 80 eyes :-) Have Fun, Enjoy and Share :)
Because we need basics to start getting some fun today we bring you new premium free and full perms content for the upcoming 3rd Gen Bento BoM (bakes on mesh) mesh body's and heads. Please keep in mind that to get the full potential of BoM you need Viewer and Server minimum requirements. Enjoy and share :)

Hi everybody :) Athena 6 is a Work in Progress, will bring Bakes on Mesh and will come out soon :)

Hey Naturals :) Today is your day and we just bring you this mesh add-on with 3 new shapes for your Athena body that work with all appliers as another version for the Future Athena Bakes on Mesh Body, Enjoy and share :)

WWII German Mesh Uniforms male and female compatible with all bodys and in 2 flovours, free and fullperms enjoy :)

Req. Bento Wings Animations

Hi dear community, i'm looking for Bento wings animations, so far found only 9, it's for a free full perms Hud for all of us :) Thx in advance :-)))))))

Linden Labs new Prices!!!
New Signups per month in SL - Shocking Numbers
If these nrs are real SL is low as in 2005

Everyday i love more Opensim :-)

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Ivory City 1

Omg at last this amazing Opensim showcase is back, i wish there was mirrors in many more grids, this is something we must never lose. Thank you Lumiere Noir for all the Joy, teaching and inspiration you brought us in your short life.


Total amazing place :) Opensim Showcase at it's best!!!!


No please not more! Again the same! Zero stars for ClutterFly i'm sick of that old and scary stuff! Maybe most of Opensim too! We are in 2019 not in 2005 anymore! Use your server resources for something better or make a public sandbox that can serve much better our community! And ty for trying to help!

Zoes Mall Welcome

No money no pressure just love and all comes so much better i know that feeling Zoe ;-) Big kiss and TY :-)))) 5 Stars! 7 if i could!!!


This sim is a must for SatyrFarm lovers, but not only that it's ultra realistic above the standard you see and with many goodies you cant take a 5 Starts Must See


Very well done. Unique perspective!

Vegas Clube

This is probably the most miserable grid you might find in all Opensim, These guys rip full regions in all grids no exception. They copybot copies of copies they ruin any database with duplicates. This is the grid you want to ban. Please review these guys and let everybody know who they are! They have been ruining opensim grids for years now!

Vartown Welcome

Help - I need to find RL Info about the owner of this grid can anyone help me? Please send a IM or contact me inworold Thx in advance!


Bravo!!!!! This is opensim 2017!!!!! This is Art, This is Beauty! This is Creativity! Time as come to replace 2004 jurassic Zadaroo and Cluterfly content that stop opensim evolution for so many years! Thank you so much for bring us into 2017!!!!

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You haven't update the beacon to new location as I keep landing at scararium grid region that no longer there.

Kylie Brimmer
I would love a copy of the Roma II Mansion.
I can get it from the Harbor Store but when I get it back to my Grid the box rezzes OK and I can remove the item inside of the box to my inventory.
But when I try to rez the Roma I get a message saying Item not found.
Can you help