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Would you love to have your SatyrFarm land animals walk on GROUND level, up hills and down slopes ?
Then change your animal.lsl script:
on line 630 find v.z = cp.z;

change it like this
v.z = llGround(ZERO_VECTOR);
cp.z = llGround(ZERO_VECTOR);
//v.z = cp.z;

Now this is what I call natural behavior for land animals on ground level - (do NOT change your script to let them walk on a PRIM surface such as a skybox)

Added some realy neat animated mesh chickens, rabbits, deers and dogs. Especially the peacocks are adorable. It makes the place quite lively :)))

a *new low fruit tree* is now fully SatyrFarm functional, with textured "new" spring blossoms, growing, ripe foliage and different fruit textures and modified the script accordingly.
The fruit tree is available full perm