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coming soon
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CC Provence coming soon - my Satyr Farm
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Ein deutsches Projekt zusammen mit meiner Freundin Manuela in RL.
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Cours de Franglais recommence sur Cozy Comforts Grid! tous les dimanches a 21 h paris time On va traduire des chansons et en discuter en group. Des Francophones et Anglophones sont invites! French speaking and English speaking people are invited! We will translate songs and talk about it ...
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Abulea Temple Shop + Max Hill Creations Freebies
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This is my most detailed and oldest region.... i am working on it a year now and it is ready for some Safari soon.... might be some hunt or riddles....
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Maximillion Kleene will play for us live first time in openworld! Will be one of the next celtic holidays!
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Where: Rubina
When: 25 days ago [28 Dec 2021 01:03 SLT]

Christmas at Cozy Comforts World
Where: Cozy Comforts World
When: 28 days ago [25 Dec 2021 09:00 SLT]

All Cozy Comforts Friends are invited to check the hunt for presents..... As we dont have voice at Zetaworlds, we can use our discord channel.... But the music is also nice for the party... maybe i will start djing again.....


what can i do with the manure of cats that expires in 10 days? can it be added to the ground?

Yule - Winter Solstice
Where: Cozy Comforts World
When: 1 month ago [21 Dec 2021 21:00 SLT]

Portrait of the Celtic Holidays: Yule,
the rebirth of light - historical and
Winter solstice rituals

Yule is the name of the winter solstice festival on December 21, which is one of the holiest sun celebrations in the Celtic year. At the same time, the twelve so-called raucous nights begin on the shortest day of the year, followed by the longest night. These were considered particularly magical by the Celts, which is why they fumigated their home with special herbal mixtures every day during this time.

December 21st marks the time of the lowest position of the sun and thus the beginning of winter in the calendar. Nevertheless: From crisp minus temperatures on the thermometer to snow mountains to almost spring-like conditions, everything is possible at the moment. After all, the days are getting longer again from now on; it is also said that light is reborn.


Portrait des fêtes celtiques : Yule,
la renaissance de la lumière - historique et
Rituels du solstice d'hiver

Yule est le nom du festival du solstice d'hiver du 21 décembre, qui est l'une des célébrations du soleil les plus sacrées de l'année celtique. Dans le même temps, les douze nuits dites tapageuses commencent le jour le plus court de l'année, suivi de la nuit la plus longue. Ceux-ci étaient considérés comme particulièrement magiques par les Celtes, c'est pourquoi ils fumigaient leur maison avec des mélanges d'herbes spéciaux chaque jour pendant cette période.

Le 21 décembre marque l'heure de la position la plus basse du soleil et donc le début de l'hiver dans le calendrier. Néanmoins : des températures négatives croustillantes sur le thermomètre aux montagnes enneigées aux conditions presque printanières, tout est possible pour le moment. Après tout, les jours rallongent à nouveau à partir de maintenant ; on dit aussi que la lumière renaît.


Die keltischen Feiertage im Porträt: Yule,
die Wiedergeburt des Lichts – Historisches und
Rituale zur Wintersonnenwende

Yule heißt das Fest zur Wintersonnenwende am 21. Dezember, das eine der heiligsten Sonnenfeiern im Keltischen Jahr darstellt. Zugleich beginnen am kürzesten Tag des Jahres, gefolgt von der längsten Nacht die zwölf sogenannten Raunächte. Diese galten bei den Kelten als besonders magisch, weshalb sie ihr Heim während dieser Zeit täglich mit speziellen Kräutermischungen ausräucherten.

Der 21. Dezember markiert den Zeitpunkt des tiefsten Sonnenstandes und damit den kalendarischen Winteranfang. Dennoch: Von knackigen Minustemperaturen auf dem Thermometer über Schneeberge bis hin zu beinahe frühlingshaften Zuständen ist momentan alles möglich. Immerhin werden die Tage ab jetzt wieder länger; man sagt auch, das Licht wird neu geboren.

Cozy Comforts Halloween Party
Where: Cozy Comforts World
When: 3 months ago [29 Oct 2021 12:00 SLT]

We are happy to invite you to our Samhain Halloween Party at Cozy Comforts!

We will play some 80ies and 90ies tracks.....

come to Cozy Comforts Beach Club!

hop:// Comforts World/405/144/25

on Friday, 29th of october at Noon Grid Time!

bring boxes with surprises if you like....

you can come as you are, just bits covered is wanted.

We would be happy to see you then!

Aphra and Symphony

How can i create a black cat?

We have 27 Rentals in Cozy Comforts City, the Hotel and CC World.... most of them are vacant.... they dont cost anything.... come to Holiday Land!

Come and get your free rental at Cozy Comforts!
Where: Cozy Comforts World
When: 4 months ago [26 Sep 2021 19:30 SLT]

We have 27 Rentals in the City, the Hotel and on the Beach! Ask for list of landmarks!

Dancing at CC World today at Noon grid time!
Where: Cozy Comforts World
When: 4 months ago [23 Sep 2021 12:00 SLT]

Welcome to our new region at zetaworlds! The moving is almost perfect..... Yesterday was the Equinox of day and night.... Mabon is an old celtic holiday.... pagan if you want..... there are 8 parts of the year.... I am celebrating the beginning of this part and i will leave behind the last weeks that were quite difficult for me because there were construction works in my garden and i felt very disturbed.... they left today! Yeah! On Saturday we have flew market all around in our city and i will be happy to have some guests.... so party time!

party on 23. september at Noon grid time at CC world!

Mabon Equinox Dance Party
Where: Cozy Comforts World
When: 4 months ago [23 Sep 2021 12:00 SLT]

Please come to meet at our Cozy Comforts World Region that we rezzed now in Zetaworlds.... we have much less lag.... come and visit and celebrate with us that Cozy Comforts World is still existing.....

Re-opening at Zetaworlds.... party next week!

Dear friends,
we are happy to invite you to our Harvest Festival at Cozy Comforts Club!
We introduce our new DJ Henk from Netherlands!
The Party starts at Noon grid time on Friday, 30 July 2021

Bring your friends!
hop:// Comforts World/224/225/25

We are looking forward to party with you!
Harvest Festival
Where: Cozy Comforts World
When: 6 months ago [30 Jul 2021 12:00 SLT]

Dear friends,
we are happy to invite you to our Harvest Festival at Cozy Comforts Club!
We introduce our new DJ Henk from Netherlands!
Bring your friends!
hop:// Comforts World/224/225/25

We are looking forward to party with you!

Holiday Land
Where: Cozy Comforts World
When: 6 months ago [25 Jul 2021 12:00 SLT]

A Guided Tour on the big Cozy Comforts World Region!
See more pictures here:

David Perdu streaming at Zetaworlds
Where: CC Club
When: 10 months ago [11 Apr 2021 12:00 SLT]

David Perdu will play live in Second Life.
But you can visit Zetaworlds in open world if you want to listen....
As soon as David finds an audience in open world, he will play live at Zetaworlds again in the future...

All welcome!

Dresscode is anything but not naked!

David will play tonite at SL but I will stream him here in VWZ at Cozy Comforts!
This is not a tribute show, it is live!
Next week he will be live in OS....

Djane Bomba has her only show each week in a Club in SL called Satyr... we are allowed to stream her....

Black and White Art Show with DJ Kashi
Where: Cozy Comforts World
When: 9 months ago [1 May 2021 12:00 SLT]

Hey there, we have a party every first Saturday of the month.... for Mai we will present black and white real life photography half nudes .... DJ Kashi will play some good music! Virtual Worlds Zone is a non commercial grid, but we can exchange services... hope to see you at the party ---> coming Saturday at Noon grid time!

Tomorrow is the Reality Creation Group again at the Cozy Comforts Hotel in Alternate Metaverse!
All Thursdays at 10 am grid time....

My german friend Lampithaler is opening her gallery at Pangea Koeln... coming Saturday!

Set at Happy Horse Club on Friday at 18 h german time... I will play some pop and rock as always and some country... also i have a few surprises.... see you there?

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wow, i love it!

CC Club


Cozy Comforts World


Adventure Isles

This sim is stolen from the Octoberfest in Munich in Bavaria in Germany.... joking.... dont miss to try the carousels, they work and you can have lots of fun... something new compared to adult furniture.... lol....


The Club looks nice, as the Owner is... could we do a DJ Day on Fridays? I can play and invite other DJs......

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The Cozy Comfort club is indeed cozy and well-designed. Aphra is a charming hostess giving a warm welcome.