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Free Life Freebie Freeway

A real Freebies sim as I understood that Opensim must be before discovering so many people who jealously guard what they believe to be theirs. Here everything seems available and in full perm. A big thank you Victor DeAngelo you reconciled me with the real Opensim. Ten stars ;-)

JaM's Sex Hideaway

Beautiful place, especially with Jamie's work. I'd love to see what her supermarket she's working on will be like :-) (But beware of the vindictive side of a certain Mattt if you don't speak English well ... he'll make no effort to see what you really mean...)


What a great place to shop, and not just for animals :-) Be sure to check the opening hours.

Art Box

I love the surreal side of this simulation! Lots of poses to photograph there ! What a clever idea !


What a sim ! I think you have to go there again and again a lot of time to get every details, every movie names hidden there. I love it !


I don't understand ... where is the fun to have sex with "someone" who is even not here ?... (or with a bot...) This AFK concept is really weird... better doing that all alone ...

Ego Start

what a desappointment !! I don't wish anyone to discover opensim with these people! Excited by finding a world where everything was free, I filled my inventory very quickly, raiding the stores. But I was quickly accused of distributing articles.... I only had an alt in OSGrid after seeing that OS grids do not necessarily last very long, but instead of explaining to a beginner what they thought was...

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I met Ankh because of other people and so glad that I met this woman. She is so nice, considerate and attractive! Knowing her has been a breath of fresh air among the 1000's of avatars I encounter. She is such a nice person and sometimes can be a blonde lol but it has been awesome knowing her and looking forward to spending time with her.

If you see her, definitely say hello to her.
Be careful with this person because they violate requests from those who import items or create them using OSGrid's GOD mode to unlock them. They've done it with R-Lion and Arkaham, among others, disregarding these grids' wishes regarding content distribution, putting an entire grid and its innocent users at risk. Fortunately, AviVerse administrators noticed it immediately and banned them, and despite their repeated threats and lies, they haven't been readmitted. Ank, you're just a very foolish person, XD.
you know nothing about me! They give away tools and don't want us to use them? How hypocritical all of this is! Why didn't anyone really explain it to me instead of complaining right away? Why immediately be aggressive? I maintain that nothing was really explained to me! They just gave me tools that I used. However, I did not use the links to copybots that I was also given in avivers! Why can people who distribute obviously stolen objects in SL grab them and refuse a simple change of a no trans attribute? Don't worry, you're only in a very confidential system and the majority of people I meet think that it's all a nest of hypocritical thieves with excessive egos even though they only reign over a very small farmyard! 'OpenLife', you are a very closed mind little person ...Have fun!
You don't deserve a response, it's right for the managers to ignore you... But I'll conclude by telling you that for months you've been trying to re-enter AviVerse after being warned and then banned because you insisted on violating the rules that allow for good coexistence with other grid owners. I've seen the evidence of what you've done, and you've been told multiple times not to do what you were doing. You then entered with other accounts and repeatedly violated the rules and requests of other grids, not just Arkaham but also R-Lion in Watersplash, AviWorlds, and others like Astralia, etc. You've put at risk a community of people, both your friends and AviVerse users. You don't deserve consideration, and indeed grid owners should be wary of someone like you and ask for your details from both new and old AviVerse managers to ban you, your grid, and your various accounts. Accept that you won't be able to enter AviVerse anymore and stick to grids that, like you, enjoy not respecting other people. And stop playing the drama queen. You also have your own grid that you hide well. You should stop that too. And whether the stuff is taken from SL or not won't help you because practically almost everything comes from there, but who cares; the request not to redistribute material must be respected. This is the right coexistence in Hypergrid and Opensim. Shame on you... But then again, you're one of the many dishonest and brainless people 😁
how can you say all that ? I have no grid ! why always thinking I had bad intentions ? ... it must be a big confusion here ! I never wanted to arm anybody I don't know many things you are talking about ! I even never remember which shops camed item I modify or I would be going back to take copy .... How can people can ask properties on things already stollen in SL ?...... you have a curious way of thinking, may be it is why see bad intentions where there was not, you think everybody is like you ....
Lies, just the usual crap. You don't deserve any more responses. Make peace with yourself and get a life on your own, because soon attentive grids will easily notice the nonsense you're up to. One last thing, tools like god mode or export options are meant solely for your personal stuff or freely transferable items, not to violate the requests of Richard or Felix or the importers of Astralia or other networks. But you're too stupid and petulant, loving drama. You won't get any more responses. Use your brain... and stop talking nonsense and lies. AviVerse won't take you back even if you write on SL, Facebook, or anywhere else. You're an unserious, unreliable person to be avoided, and I advise all grid owners who respect content creators to contact AviVerse to get your details for blocking.
I think the normal people who run grids won't be as crazy as you've been.... I know what I've done, it doesn't deserve such insults! Once again, all you had to do was REALLY tell me, I'm new at this! I don't know what the big bosses are so upset about! I only see that it's full of thieves and I don't see what's wrong with saving some of their thefts in a system where everything has to be free! A little logic would be welcome!
Now I won't respond to your slobber, keep your insults, I won't stoop to doing the same, despite what I think!
🤣🤣🤣 You are so funny! Bye Bye Drama Queen!