Grid: Neverworld

Mariner's Bay
0 Users 22 6 140th
FREE massive parcels. 8000 prims. yesh. NEW!! 8x8 sailing region with impossibly MEGA sized parcels for free. 1/2 region sized or larger some islands too, di...
0 Users 3 1 166th
Your new tropical paradise home starts here. Unlike other opensim worlds, we have operated for almost seven years. we promote DRAMA FREE living. We are a build...

Hidden Dreams
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What is Hidden Dreams? What are your Dreams? Sailing over 500 sims, exploring African animal safari, whitewater kayaking, surfing, diving, being a mermaid, experiencing the fantasy worlds of fairies, elves , dwarves and hobbits at Hidden Realms, cave exploration, intimate moments on a beaut...

0 Users 6 0 249th
The crumbling City of Stilwater awaits you. question is, are you a grubbie or a posh? RP IN NEVERWORLD the most beautiful grid in virtual.... You decid...
All Free Shopping Spree
0 Users 26 9 277th
A 2by2 var filled with mesh avatars for adults and clothes, furniture, houses, items for the home, books and much more. All free of coarse. There is even a few...
0 Users 4 1 376th
Part of the Bountiful Continent. Thundersnow is a RP/living region for vampire lovers. By the storm-plagued castle find a HUD/RP system to save. Shoot vamps, re...
Free Port
0 Users 13 4 389th
Free Port Steampunk Freebie Role Play and Club Region. Lots of great free High End items from Neverworld Designers , clothing , household, Christmas as well as ...
0 Users 33 13 390th
Free Items, Free Men's Clothing Zone ,Women's Clothing Zone, Hair Zone, System Zone. Scifi, Sci Fi, Cyberpunk, Dystopian, City L5 City Role Play, Free Shoppin...
Aspen Homesites
0 Users 19 1 394th
FREE ...2160 METER HOMESITES FREE TO ALL. 5000 prim limits and self serve mailboxes. Good flat lots, many water lots available. Surrounded by thousands of mete...
Sands Beach Club
0 Users 1 0 411th
This is the Grid party spot right next to the welcome center. All are welcome
Never Depot
0 Users 7 0 471st
Grand Reopening of our popular building supplies store open to all. Featuring many mesh doors, columns, mouldings, appliances and tons of textures, roads, windo...
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