Grid: Neverworld

All Free Shopping Spree
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A 2by2 var filled with mesh avatars for adults and clothes, furniture, houses, items for the home, books and much more. All free of coarse. There is even a few...
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Free Shopping City , Lots of Free items Freebie Clothing, Men's , Woman's all set in a Scifi City. On the Ground there are Beaches and a car track.

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Tombooga region - Boogaloo Island Three dance locations are used at different times for different events. Party ship at ground level, Sun and Moon Dance club in the Scifi city located in the sky (Use teleporters on beach and ship), and Planet Mars Dance Club. The island hosts the multi-language l...

Mariner's Bay
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FREE massive parcels. 8000 prims. yesh. NEW!! 8x8 sailing region with impossibly MEGA sized parcels for free. 1/2 region sized or larger some islands too, di...
North Bay Islands
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Seashore nautical themed residential islands. Rent for free, 8.000 prims. Welcome to North Bay Islands. Our parcels are both generous in size (24K sqm-52...
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Your new tropical paradise home starts here. Unlike other opensim worlds, we have operated for almost seven years. we promote DRAMA FREE living. We are a build...
South Bay Islands
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Seashore nautical themed residential islands. Rent for free, 5.000 prims. South Bay Islands Welcome to South Bay Islands. Our parcels are both generous ...
Changes III
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Free Items, Free Men's Clothing Zone ,Women's Clothing Zone, Hair Zone, System Zone. Scifi, Sci Fi, Cyberpunk, Dystopian, City L5 City Role Play, Free Shoppin...
The Keys
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Ever dream of going to the Florida Keys but cannot stay for 14 days in quarantine? Check out the newly developed sim of over 7 million kilometres of sailable w...
5th Avenue District
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5th Avenue has come to Neverworld! Mega Shopping Var with hundreds of quality mesh outfits, for men and for woman. Also free urban condos and home of the H...
Aspen Homesites
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FREE ...2160 METER HOMESITES FREE TO ALL. 5000 prim limits and self serve mailboxes. Good flat lots, many water lots available. Surrounded by thousands of mete...
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