AviWorlds Welcome
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The Landing Zone for AviWorlds Grid
VB Creations
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Come Visit this Huge (2048x2048) region where you can explore, relax on the beach or just go boating all day long Visit Frodo and friends at The Shire, or ex...

Wolf Territories Casino
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Welcome to the Lucky Dragon Casino. Named after a casino in Mississippi USA . Come and experience our working games, live music and gardens.

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GWG Welcome Center
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Freebie, Shops, Kids, Athena, uvm
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OpenSource community
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My Home region to load easily and retreat to... If you have on shared environment, then the region appears very frosty...
London City
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London City in Gentlefire grid. Shops and places to visit :) Open now
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Little Japan Sim with Store for Japanese Clothes by Otto von Otter
Monic Landing
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under construction
Tropicana Tuscany
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Tuscany the queen of the Italian sea. This Region a Tuscan grand Villa overlooking vineyards and the beautiful Grotta Azzurra Island, which also has three Villa...
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