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Portal to the sims. Have a look around, have a good time :-) -Landscape, Fantasy, SciFi, Shop and original Art-
FreeLand 01 - French Connection
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Terre d'accueil pour les apatride d'OpenSimulator. Notre Discord:

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Display region for the buildings we have for people to take for their own regions. There are boxes in front of each building which you may purchase for $0. While some of the builds are a bit prim heavy they still go well with larger regions and they are modifiable. From Grid Our Dawn to yours,...

Hope Island
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Many more of Club-locations
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Tryad's Kunstaustellung. An urban styled sim with an Art gallery.
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Home from home, my virtual reality.
Palast der Winde
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Eine Oase der Besinnlichkeit die einem dazu verf├╝hrt in eine andere Welt einzutauchen........
Shasiya Dynasty Rent
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FRE RENT LAND Please respect our citizens privacy! Don't enter any rented houses.
Hearty Island 3
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Hearty Island 3
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Vir2al is a 16 SIM world that re-creates RL architecture & landscapes IW. Our world is a low-lag mix of altered builds by others amongst our own builds. W...
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The Citadel, originally posted by Cutelala Artis on OSGrid in 2012, is one of the most beautiful medieval builds on the grid. We enhanced the build with insid...
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