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Dinkie Village
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In Two thousand BC Dinkies Were born in a faraway Land Unknown to man Kind Lost to Human eyes. The long years began to take their toll on the Dinkies no one knew they Exist now-getting-older Dinkies, they want to share their wonderful Village, looking for any excuse to bring yet other dinkies into the Village, Molly convinced her Elders, Jade, page and Jim, that it was time to let Dinkies in the public eye and take it easy and slow. Molly, Pete, Howie, Lila, Eva, lady k and Emily their friend Jon sister Hipster another Member took Their homes In Dinkies village ... The Elders sensed they’re at first DINKIES was missing the opportunities to make others smile. Topsy wasn’t sure if Dinkies would train yet another time for a different kind of human interaction, but willing to embark on their new adventure in the world Human and invite them to Their world. So. the story began welcome to DINKIES VILLAGE ...HUMAN AND ALL!

coming to Gentle Fire on Friday at 2:00 Grid time every other week with the angel of all Voice's its wosy the Drinkie and Friendly Joyful Cuddles WHERE DINKIE Village at the KoolKats Club . Dinkie (Village got a face lift )
Features of this land include a beach area to just relax , sunbathe and swim
maybe take up fishing, cookout area for just vegging out , a small community store
with odds and ends, a area for jet skiing.
Take the bridge over to the Dinkie club and dance dance dance!
The homes are plentiful and ready for moving in.hop://gentlefire.opensim.fun:8002/Dinkie%20Village/90/180/...

Charlene McNally: Anyone know where I can find a Dinkie avatar? 5 months ago

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Faith Fromund Beautifully landscaped and decorated. Lots of goodies to be found here too. Grateful I was able to visit. Thank you! ♥
Adore If you had read the story on the Village , come Visit find your new Adventure or your new Dinkie home .

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What a find! This region is decorated and landscaped beautifully. Nice presentation and layout. Lots of goodies too! Thank you for allowing me to visit!!! I'll be back again.