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An OS and HG photographer My Gallery is in Grid Genesis Contact me for the LM

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When Nutella is your best friend're doing something wrong!

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Mooras World
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Mooras World
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Welcome to my home! All this thanks to Jason!
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MVC is a region where thanks to Natasha Thibaud (creator)who has given me the possibility to host my house on MVC( My Virtual Community) parcel. I DO NOT OWN the region MVC i live on a parcel . There I have my home and on the MVC PLAZA I have my art gallery.
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Dinkie Village

The Dinkies are the most friendly "people" ever. The village is spectacular and the shops are plenty. Please visit if you can. 5+stars :-)

The Grand

Saw this region on the beacon went there and met the friendliest people ! The area is decorated with elegance. very classy. .The music. was on jazz when there A good feeling over all. It deserves your visit and "likes"

Masala Al Kohav

just peeked at it for a minute. I invite you to come and visit my gallery when it'ts ready/ Many thanks to Levine for this fantastic opportunity.


Excellent living!

Devon Port

A lovely place with photographic surroundings.Very well done!

Sandbox Plaza III

The best Sandbox ever keep it in your landmarks!


Great place to dance and to meet new friends!


Fabulous Wonderful Awesome ! 5 stars!


the best shop- all free to copy- in the true spirit of OS Thank you Otto!

Zweet ZurroundingZ

the most perfect world--- awesome for photographs. A visit is highly recommended. :-)

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