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Just a gal with a goal to help bring happiness and sunshine to all

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Single white female capable of loving and being an awesome friend, I'm not new in opensim I have been behind the scene building a grid I have been following opensim for awhile AWESOME! right :-) anyways I'm an old SL gal too for many years "The story of my life" Want to know more or get to know me? Hit me up for a chat.

Dreamgrid has the security update built in now with out having to use a security orb or script.

My personal life stays out of opensim life sorry.

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Building a grid, Professional scripting, terraforming

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Its always nice to be AWESOME!

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A mix of music especially remixes

Films I Like

Red Notice

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I don't like illegal activities.

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Newest with smart start, Security and more

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It works ;-)

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Animated furniture

Can anyone direct me to a good place with animated furniture? My grid is just about done 2yrs in the making lol now to furnish the places…. Thank you

Pagane: There may find script "sheet" and include in any static furniture: 2 months ago

Where at quintonia is the non feedable animal rezzer?

thedeeferry: Fyi: I really love the fact that I can rezz low maintenance animals now. 3 months ago

Join my group OARS to download oars for your grid. I'll be adding more...
Another fine OAR added!

Hello Folks!
I do have a group name OARS with OARs for downloads FREE! I have done these in my spare time, more to come. Enjoy them.

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Trianon Complex

Can't get there always land in a room waited several minuets no board to click to get to the club. I used the map to try and tp to the club all I do is fall n fall.

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I guess you took lessons from Otto on falling.. the portals are on the wall and say on them click to fo to where ever.. I guess you dont understand why a TP board is needed on a VAR.. its cause you have to land at the beacon and you cant have more than one beacon on a land.. if you map search each area is named after there club, so look at the wall and see Fetish factor or what ever club your looking for an click.. and you are there