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Servant to two cats and squirrels everywhere! Published author of the Ascending Mage series of modern fantasy novels.

Owner of the grid, a newcomer-friendly micronation with an emphasis on helping you discover all that Open Sim has to offer.

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I'm interested in creating short film adaptations of some of my stories, using Open Sim.
I'm passionate about helping virtual world newcomers discover the pioneering spirit of Open Sim.

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"Be grateful for the acorns you have, for others have less." --The Great Squirrel

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Leystone is a welcome area; your first stop at the grid. We're a newcomer-friendly micronation with an emphasis on helping you discover all that Open Sim has to offer. Have coffee with friends around the fireplace in the cozy library. Shop the Newbie Nook for free, original...
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Impromptu high stakes poker in the cave tonight!

By "high stakes" I mean we're playing for bragging rights.

And by poker I mean....UNO!

At the end of a long day, it's a treat to gather around the fireplace with friends to swap stories. Maybe you'll stop by sometime and tell us yours?

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Resource Respawn

First of all: what a dark, foreboding place! And I mean that in a good way. The proprietor of Resource Respawn is a lovely lady (decidedly non-foreboding) with mad skillz in avatar rigging and the like. She's made me custom stuff (my favorite avatar appearance in fact) and though she tends toward female clothing of the goth/emo variety, she offers rigged wings and other surprises such as backdrops...

Arkham Grid

This region is fun simply to explore, never mind the huge array of animations, skins, clothes, and so forth that Felix has created and offers completely for free. It's a heavy-loading place, so be patient when you visit and keep your draw distance lower. It's well worth the wait, however. Really a fun cyberpunk feel to the whole place.


If it's landscaping you need, FLORA has to be your first stop. Organized by biome and genus, everything from tropical to desert to alpine, and even some non-flora items like rocks and mountains as well. Jimmy's constantly researching and adding obscure species, so be sure to bookmark this store and return later, as odds are good he'll eventually create what you're looking for. To the best of my kn...


Whenever I start to think I've seen all the content there is to see in Open Sim, I stumble across a treasure such as Encantada and my sense of wonder is rekindled. Bibiana's creations are all-original and she generously gives her work away. And what work she puts into these! From detailed mesh trees to fun animesh butterflies, to various pieces of furniture and animals. And it's all such top-shelf...


Aaack’s creations are all-original, fully-legal, and incredibly detailed. Ranging from avatar accessories and furnishings to a variety of both historical as well as imaginative vehicles, there’s really no one way to define this store’s offerings but to call them “eclectic”. Drive the giant steam-powered mono-wheel vehicle with your friends and I dare you not to laugh! These are pro-level creations...


Jimmy Olsen's Alfheim creation qualifies as a "work of art" as far as I am concerned. This northern Norwegian settlement is modeled with loving detail paid to every facet from lighting and atmosphere, to the accurate architecture and layout of the town. A passenger train and NPC-driven cars navigate the streets (best step out of their way!) as well as activities such as a usable ice rink you can s...

Wolf Mountain

Still under construction as of the time of this review, it's nevertheless worth visiting and landmarking. Lone Wolf and his team of cowboys and Indians are thinking BIG with this place. When I say "big" I mean massive: 512 contiguous regions ranging from ocean and navigable rivers to fields and pastures, deserts and mountains. Set in what I would estimate to be mid- to late-1800s western America, ...


How am I only now discovering this place?!!!!! This is a stupid amount of fun. Really impressive programming and I want to set up something like this in my sim now! Different types of zombies with different attributes, a clever overlay that's not quite a HUD (no attachment--how'd they do that?). Health, speed, some other stuff I've yet to discover. Only thing I wish was different was the...

Greenfield 2

Desmond Lane (creator of this detailed 4x4 sim) is one of those denizens of the metaverse you just owe it to yourself to meet. His kindness and generosity is reflected in the landscape he's created in Greenfield (also known as Greenland as per the group name). The gardens are my particular favorite, with trails and trees aplenty next to farmland and animals. A hedge maze will keep you busy as you ...


Not your grandfather's adult-themed sim! The ladies running this place are friendly, helpful individuals focused on building community. They appear to be allergic to clothing, I noted (I mean, I averted my eyes respectfully). Mathilda gave me a tour, which included a nice town square-style landing zone where the island's tastefully professional "Stark!" photo magazine can be found, along with vari...

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