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Still in the process of re-building what I had over in SL. Whew didn't think it would take this long, still got some Under Construction Signs up. Located in Wolf Territories.
~Newbie Welcome Center coaching & tutorials available~
~Homes Parcels available shop included in home rental ~
~Games Hangout~
~Shops available for content creators~
A Spiritual Community that focuses on Energy Healing, Meditation, Indigos, Chakras, Indigo Ascension, Angels, Guides, Ascended Masters, Astrology, Tarot, Crystals, Law of Attraction, Law of Assumption, Neville Goddard, Merkaba Activation,
Dancing,Hangout, Lectures, English As a Second (ESL) Language and more.

Coming Soon ~Home of Indigo Blue Social & Dating Show~ INDI~Z LOUNGE & ~The Indigo Room Talkshow & Podcast.

I felt the earth move under my feet in NYC today. Thank goodness my Brownstones in Indigo Industries are still standing.

We are so not used to earthquakes on the east coast but this is the second one this year. The one we had in January however I didn't feel at all but people up in the Bronx did. The one today I felt it. And it lasted too long to me.
Did any of you feel the quake today in NYC or NJ or PA or anywhere in the NorthEast of the United States?

Well it is definitely safe here at Indigo Industries in Indigo Blue Realm on Wolf Territories.
We have furnished apartments.Transitory housing, free for new residents of Wolf Territories for 10 days while you decide where you would like to call home. 300 personal prims, parcel security, radio, welcoming community. Come take a look. If you want to stay with us after 10 days. Take a look at our Amethyst or Lapis Lazuli Villages.

Hyacinth: We get quite a few 2.0 - 3.0 magnitude earthquakes in New Hampshire per year, and all around New England. There was a 5.6 in 1940.. and in the past there were several 6.5 earthquakes. The Pilgrims ... 2 months ago
When you land at Indigo Blue Realm you will arrive in our Teleport Hub. From there you can click on the destination board to visit our Welcome Center and other areas of the region.

Backstory of the Teleport Hub because you absolutely didn't ask me.. LOL

It is me being new to opensim and having no clue what i was doing, built my home sim on the region landing spot coordinates. x 128, y128,. I kept building and building all around that spot never ever realizing it is the standard landing coordinates for all regions.

I noticed one day that people coming to my region were constantly landing in or about my home. That can get to be annoying, yah? For me and the person landing on my region, annoying as hell especially if i am changing clothes. Ok that part may not be annoying for some 0.o. I couldn't for the life of me figure out what in the name of opensimness was going wrong. Because, well, not many people were visiting me at the time I gave up and shrugged it off. I would find out later, wrong move there sista love! Wrong move!!

Finally ready to start letting people know about Indigo Blue Realm and allowing visitors in, lo and behold that old landing point issue rose up like a freakin fire breathing dragon. No one is landing at my Welcome center they are still landing at my home.

Yes i had teleports that automatically put them at the Welcome Center but it was annoying too. I could have moved my home sim but I was already in too and lazy yeah just lazy.

So I just built a teleport hub at those coordinates and moved the house slightly over a bit outta the traffic area and called it a day! Problem solved LOL

So for all you new region owners out there before you start building, make sure your home if you have one is not on or near the x 128, y 128, coordinates or you will be in the same boat as I was (smacks forehead)

Happy Travels and Happy Saturday to you!! :)))

Wolf Territories Grid: Amazing place! 2 months ago
Indigo Blue Realm Welcome Center especially built with newbies in mind. Video & Walk through tutorials. Now have to translate them to other languages. Always something to add or tweak in virtual life. There is a learning house and learning store to practice rezzing items, buying items and decorating rooms etc.

Jamie Wright: This is so cool! Thank you for offering this @IndigoQueenKing 2 months ago

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I Just Love This Region I haven't Seen Anything Like It... Amazing
Thank you so much True!! It's ever evolving for sure. Grand Opening party coming soon. :))