Grid: Wolf Territories

Wolf Pack
2 Users 12 0 37th
The legendary Wolf Pack Club for music and dancing.
Great Plains
1 Users 1 0 30th
The Region is under Construction, however we are already open for Music Events. As authentic as possible Wild West RP in the 1870s. Live Singer and DJ Event...

Marigold Bay
0 Users | 11 likes 0 comments A

In Marigold Bay, where dreams set sail, An island haven, a wondrous tale. Created with friends, with love and care, A yacht club retreat, beyond compare. Sailing through waters, so crystal clear, Chasing sunsets, with hearts sincere. At sunrise, the world comes alive, In cabins for rent, wh...

Indigo Blue Realm
1 Users 15 2 53rd
Still in the process of re-building what I had over in SL. Whew didn't think it would take this long, still got some Under Construction Signs up. Located in Wol...
Wolf Mountain
0 Users 26 0 81st
Please note this grid is over 3 years old, we had to reset our opensimworld membership 6 months ago. Wolf Territories Grid has the largest land area of any O...
The Cedars
0 Users 17 4 164th
Home of Garden Towers Mall. Womens and Mens clothing, hair and avatars. Buildings and furniture. All free, no need to join a group. Just grab it!
0 Users 39 8 198th
EUROPA, Moon of Jupiter. Alien space colony with some dwellings and public transportation on sky and on ground. Day cycle lingers 84 hours like RL moon // Ena...
Tempo Isle
0 Users 6 0 205th
Tempo Isle Residential Community & Event Center Offering FREE 1/4 sim STARTER Land with 7500prim limit Event Center FREE to use for YOUR own events!
Raels World
0 Users 4 0 215th
Welcome to Raels World, Past, Present and Future- a small place of myth, magic, sci-fi and fantasy. We have Two Medieval castle's, a Harbor, a Japanese Dojo, Ma...
Breathe Resort
0 Users 18 4 221st Yes, this is our Virtual world. Avatars relaxing with each other, or alone to explore. Everything here is FREE to ...
0 Users 34 2 242nd
Luxor is the home of Luna Lunaria and a place of meditation and mystery for spiritual pilgrims. The region rewards those who are patient, still, and listening, ...
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