Grid: Wolf Territories

Dallas 2
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My husband is a creator also in SL; he builds bikes, tracks, roads, etc., so he wanted a larger place, so here we are with a new Dallas. Come check it out; if y...
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The Xinashi Region is home to... .:Aether:. An airborne art project. Make sure to sit on the rotating cube. It's synchronized dancing to the 3rd power! .:The ...

Fallback Plaza
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Externally hosted region to serve as a Fallback region if any of the Plaza's are too crowded, or is in trouble, and as a Public DJ Venue for parties. It is a few times used already to act as a backup for Event Plaza. This region runs as a single instance on a 2nd dedicated Server. (NO VM)

Wolf Mountain
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Please note this grid is over 3 years old, we had to reset our opensimworld membership 6 months ago. Wolf Territories Grid has the largest land area of any...
0 Users 29 2 137th
Luxor is the home of Luna Lunaria and a place of meditation and mystery for spiritual pilgrims. The region rewards those who are patient, still, and listening, ...
Breathe Resort
0 Users 18 4 149th Yes, this is our Virtual world. Avatars relaxing with each other, or alone to explore. Everything here is FREE to ...
Royal Palace 43
0 Users 6 0 172nd
Welcome to Royalty Estates, a remarkable virtual world nestled within the Wolf Territories Grid. Spanning an impressive 100 regions, this extraordinary creation...
Heavenly Eyes
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Raels World
0 Users 3 0 202nd
Welcome to Raels World, Past, Present and Future- a small place of myth, magic, sci-fi and fantasy. We even have a Medieval castle, Harbor, Japanese Dojo and Ai...
0 Users 34 8 212th
EUROPA, Moon of Jupiter. Alien space colony with some dwellings and public transportation on sky and on ground. Day cycle lingers 84 hours like RL moon // Ena...
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Madrigal is a 12x12 sailing region at Wolf Territories Grid
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