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She/Her/Hers pronouns. Building what I want, when I can. No hurry, no big goals:) I have some regions on Neverworld but I don't always list them when they're being updated and not ready to showcase anything new yet. Stay tuned:) I have a bad habit of logging in, getting pulled away and forgetting I'm logged in. I make Classic Standard Avatars and clothing.

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If you use woke and liberal as insults we probably won't have much in common. I'm a left wing, Pagan, tree hugging, 2SLGTBQQIPA+ positive soul who stives to be an ally and continually work towards substantive equality for all peoples, nations and races in all worlds.

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Birch Grove Spring
9 3 hg.neverworldgrid.com:8002:Birch Grove Spring 0 Users
Birch Grove in the season of spring. My small town in the mountains where everyone is welcome. In spring we celebrate many things, including Pride. Be sure to visit the Rainbow Bakery & Pride Shop near the train station. It's here to stay. Other decor may be seasonal but there are some fun freebies ...
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Transgender Day of Visibility is March 31st. The Rainbow Bakery and Pride Shop has 3 new shirts for folx celebrating. The shirts are for standard/classic avatars but included are the textures for BOM.

Sodasullivan: Thanks for creating these. Was so nice when I landed to see all the banners in the town. Thanks for celebrating! 17 days ago
Got some All Snakes Day / St Pat's / Irish Music shirts in a freebie vendor in The Raven Pub for anyone who feels inclined. Created for Standard/Classic avs but I included the textures in the boxes for folx who do the BOM thing on mesh avs.
Grave Digging Scene available free to copy/buy for 0 in the Birch Grove Spring Cemetery. Change the top parts to your own ground/grass texture. No headstone yet. And no it's not Halloween but I made it anyways:)

Marianna: When I created Abandoned I enjoyed creating the graveyard. I have the Mayor's headstone which was fun to create. If you need a special headstone created let me know :) 1 month ago
What did I make with the coconut icing? A bunny cake of course! You can get your own bunny cake at the Rainbow Bakery on Birch Grove Spring or at at the Global Fusion Eatery on Nerverworld at the Never Village region:

hg.neverworldgrid.com:8002:Never Village

Global Fusion Eatery is at the corner of Pier and First Street and has many delicious things:)

Marianna: It's totally acceptable to nibble on ears, simply scrumptious :) 1 month ago

Texture Share - Coconut Cake Icing. Save image as and feel free to use in all your spring baking. I might make a bunny cake...lol

Sodasullivan: Yum! I grew up on this stuff. I used to steal the can of coconut sprinkles and just eat them out of the can till my mother would yell at me! lol. Thanks for sharing! 1 month ago

Still a work in progress but stay tuned:)

French Cheese Board - available for free (free to copy) at the Global Fusion Eatery on Nerverworld at the Never Village region:

hg.neverworldgrid.com:8002:Never Village

Global Fusion Eatery is at the corner of Pier and First Street and has many delicious things:)

thedeeferry: Ah, now I will know a French Cheese Board when I trip over it. Ty, Jamie. "Life is great, cheese makes it better" - A quote, not by me. Cheese, please. ლ(◕ω◕ლ) yes, please. 3 months ago

Had a lot of fun at Black White Castle. It's absolutely worth making a monochrome avatar for the visit:)

thedeeferry: Yup, having fun with it! The outfit is soooo right out of the time of black and white. Great choice/ Reminds me of my mom and aunties when they were young and sassy. 3 months ago

Hey Happy Halloween folks! Has anyone seen any FNAF freebies around any of the grids?

Choose kindness, always.

Different reasons bring all of us here to this online hobby that we all love. All of those reasons are valid.

And everyone has different skill sets. That's ok too.

It's disheartening to hear about people being unkind to folks in this hobby that are trying to help others with the technical side of it, finding things or even viewer help. Those helpers are volunteering their own time. Giving it freely with one expectation, that you treat them with respect and kindness. Anything else is not acceptable.

The same goes for completely trashing someone's region creation on here. Not everything will be to everyone's tastes. How about we celebrate and amplify the ones we love instead?

You never know what someone's challenges are behind the keyboard. Everyone struggles. Remember we are all human and vulnerable.

And always be kind. It will come back to you too:)

Harper Held: Well said -very well said. 😻 10 months ago

I was hoping I'd get this ready to share before the end of June and by all miracles I did! Birch Grove in spring. Gardens, flowers, and Pride! Woo hoo!

Jerralyn Franzic: Great to come back and revisit Birch Grove. I missed seeing the family in the neighborhood... are they on vacation? LOL 10 months ago
Birch Grove was restarted today and it's loading faster now. (Thank you Govega - you rock:) Please keep in mind there is a lot of content on here so that can take a little bit to load. Your patience will be worth it. More content will be added as the holiday season goes on but for now I have a little holiday shop on the second floor of the train station with some great gift options.

hg.neverworldgrid.com:8002:Birch Grove

OK, I finally have my region on here. It's a work in progress always but has some winter fun and freebies.

hg.neverworldgrid.com:8002:Birch Grove

OpenSimUser: Well i have a friend that has region on neverworld also, and they do tend to lag badly at times. 1 years ago

It's September 1st. I'm eagerly watching for more and more Autumn and Halloween builds on here. It's the best time of the year:)

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My Reviews


The details and variety in this little town are fantastic! Well worth a visit.


Breathtaking in every direction:)

Last of Boston

This is probably the most amazing build in the OpenSim. Don't go AFK in it though...they might get you...lol

Big City

Amazing job here. It's so detailed and every little scene tells a story. Well worth a visit.


Beautiful region hosted by a talented creator! Great work Valerie:)

Westward Ho

This is such a great build Tig. Tons of detail and I love all the little scenes in the street:)

Black White Castle

This place is amazing:)

Cockatiels Paradise

Loaded region so wait a few and let it all rez in. It's so worth it. Amazing build with fantastic freebies! I need to come back again when I have more time!! Thank you Thomas:)


Fun collection of Holiday and winter things. I love your arrangements. Love it just as much as the Halloween one you did. Merry Happy all the things:)

Holiday Haven

Tig has the best collection of holiday items anywhere. Just to be clear the various holiday items are on different levels and there are teleporters. For the person who could not find the Halloween section.

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