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Surreal is an art gallery dedicated to showcasing the captivating world of AI-generated art. We offer a variety of options to experience the unique possibilities of this artistic medium: + Posters: Own stunning, Posters and AI-generated pieces in a variety of sizes to enhance your space. + Cus...
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LBSA EVENT DAY .... Join us ( LIVE and Streaming now ) 😍 LBSA is shaking !!! DJ AUSSIE

Happy Friday! Event Plaza welcomes you all ... and yes now 😊 so TP ASAP ❤️

Symphony: Super! 11 months ago

LBSA Event day and my moves are catching speed 😍 don't miss on the real fun!

Verna Avril: wwooott!! great photo Morning Glory 11 months ago

ZEE Lounge ... still going on 🥰 Join us (Now)

Opening party at ZEE Lounge 😍 at 12 noon OS with Singer Forest Azure followed by DJ Poppy 🚩

You don't need a band to do hip-hop; you only need to be at the ZEE Lounge 😘

Brenden Joseph: Just visited, nice looking club, said hello to Poppy, but she must have been afk. 1 years ago

📝 Emptiness is fullness

Part of the reason why I joined OpenSim was because I wanted to have a big region ...

Enjoying hi vibrational dancing under a full moon while listening to Shamanic Evening Ceremony drumming. Just being in the moment as intensly as I can be.

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Zweet ZurroundingZ

I found the region by visiting OS Expo .... Zweet ZurroundingZ has touched me not just on a creative level but also spiritually. Its like walking in a dream the builds are skillfully made. Its a nice place to calm down at or have a romantic dance with your partner! The creator is so polite and lovely as his creations. I recommend others to visit it and also share their reviews. Thank you Amsterdam...

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