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This is the new Opensim Fishing area that I just placed here.
You may come on down and try it out for yourself!
Non-monetary SUPER gifts coming your way! ;)

You will notice the Wolf Territories Blimp floating up above.
For your convenience, we have boats out in the water for you to fish in.
There are chairs on the board walk in the center.
If you would like some solitude, thee are stumps and rocks along the edges for you to fish with yourself or a partner or friend.
You can see Bobby our AI that will answer all your questions about Wolf Territories! He tells poems, stories, etc! ;)
Bobby is so much fun! He's chock full of information ;)
There is also a destination board. Just click on that and it will bring you to any destination on Wolf Territories.
Come on over and ENJOY friendship & fun! ;)

Take this link here directly to the fishing area:
hop:// Fairies Pass 4/235/225/23