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A Roman themed region based loosely on imperial Rome. - Roman Forum - Colosseum - Circus Maximus - Imperial Fora - Theater of Pompey - Pantheon - Baths of Caracalla - Chariot and Horse racing ~~Under construction~~ IF YOU ARE NEW TO OPENSIM - HOW TO CREATE AN AVATAR: 1. Download ...
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ADULTS ONLY! Priape is a friendly residential region for bi / gay men to hang out and have fun, with lots of corners to explore.
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DJ Rubio in Priape
Where: Priape
When: 4 years ago [28 May 2017 06:15 SLT]

Come dance in an improptu electo / dance party!

this is a test

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That crazy weather they have? It's real! Tromso follows the weather in the real Tromso,Norway. Its goddamn raining all the time and i always forget my umbrella! I come here to chop off some trees - jimmy has lots of them. It's so cold i can't survive without stealing their vodka. I never told him that i used his greedy table for my BBQ fire, hope he never finds out ...

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