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These aren't the droids you're looking for ... you can go about your business ... move along...

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Learn from great masters, to become the Grand Nagus

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rule 34

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anything sci-fi

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anything piers anthony

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Jean Grey

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processor : Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-6600U CPU @ 2.80 GHz
installed RAM : 16.0 GB
system type : 64-bit operating system, x64-based processor
operating system : Windows 10 pro
version : 20H2
OS build : 19042.1165

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grid.our-dawn.com:8002:Olympia 0 Users
A work in progress. All are welcome. Please remember this is a "G" rated grid, and my region is ZERO Tolerance - ZERO Drama
more info
login.greatcanadiangrid.ca:8002:CrystalWilde 0 Users
My Workshop and Sandbox, my stuffs is copy able to all my friends !! My Region is for group members only. If you would like to join my group, message me here or inworld Misty Falls @GCG
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New pizza place, complete with realistic kitchen, dining area, even cash registers and washrooms !! And the best part, right next to the Cop Shop visit **grid.our-dawn.com:8002:New Hope**

I made it just like the greek's would have, took an old building, fixed it up, and put it to work... lolz

RemmyRavenhurst: Looks so cute :) 13 days ago

got bored...again...lolz... now i got Mr. Kims restaurant just above my fish monger's place ... :)

Thanx to all of OPENSIM... for the sharing and caring !!!

Together, we all rock !!!

hanging out on my boat, ancient spaceship crash in the background, and still building...lolz

View from the other side of the region. Looking at putting down a 4x4 dirt track all the way around, bumper boats and jetskis for the center oasis... lots to keep me busy :)

Starting a new project, got the bones down... just need the details in my new 3x3

My new lake and bumper-boats... all ready to go ... yay!

Christmas Dance, all day today at GCG Christmas Time Region... so if anyone is looking for me ... I be there...rofl
login.greatcanadiangrid.ca:8002:GCG Christmas Time

Front of the store, complete with dining room and full kitchen

LOLz, I got bored and built a pizzeria, if you ever go to Regina, SK... you gotta go here ...food is yummy !

There are no words more true.... ROFL

Thanx to a few, unsavory individuals, I have had to limit access to my region for all of HG. I will allow access to those outside of GCG, but you must contact me first, to be placed on the whitelist... I apologize, but i do consider my region DRAMA-FREE and want to keep it that way !

yah, you got it... if you want in, you must be smart enough to message me... otherwise... move along....rofl

New store, kewl stuff, same prices ... ZERO DOLLARS !!

YAY !!! Finally Opened !!

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INCREDIBLE !! What a place to visit, everything is set to copy, (thanx so much for that) .... TONNES of stuff to buy/collect .. everything from classic to mesh too !! GREAT JOB !! thanx for all your hard work, the place is amazing !!

Rayvn's Roost Concourse

OH BOY !! Wedgies and Bell Bottoms !!.... great selection and they were no-copy, so very easy for me to keep my suitcase lighter. Lovely little region, well organized entrance to one of the shops a little glitchy, but nothing sitting didnt fix... Thanx so much, it was a pleasant visit !!

Crystal Farm

Very Good Job, kewl build indeed, the cupboard space in the main house, almost makes me jealous. Touring was a pleasant break from building on my home region. Thank you very much for sharing, I can hardly wait to see what you do with the rest of the region !!


Very nice build, spread out yes, but i don't think for scanning your avatar for sex dolls. After all if you have a complex avatar, you can't visit, My normal mesh avatar, has a complexity of 66k, I still was too complex, I used my classic @38k. If he scanned that for NPC purposes, have at her. Radios are well made, decorated to match the region/country. There is DJ equipment, musical instruments, ...

Hidden Christmas

Very Kewl place, lots to see and explore. Freebie stores are stocked full with stuff to decorate your home or region. Thanx so much to Safine for the tour around her SIM and all the help... Great Job. Great Build, a must see if you are exploring the Christmas regions !!

Free Magic

Super build on this region !!! lots of kewl items to see and pick up for free !!! Thank you so much for your hard work !!


Great place, great people ... not much more to say, except thanks to all involved !!

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