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Always building or tweaking something or other ... always willing to help out those who need it.

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Learn from great masters, to become the Grand Nagus

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With the first link, the chain is forged. The first speech censored, the first thought forbidden, the first freedom denied, chains us all irrevocably.
β€” Jean-Luc Picard

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Korean-pop, of course

Films I Like

anything sci-fi

Books I Like

anything piers anthony

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Jean Grey

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OpenSim Yeti Dev

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OMG, I'm trying to keep up to the versions....


Meh, it's a crap-top, it works ... lmao

My Regions

13 2 grid.genesis-roleplay.org:8002:Glimmerwind 0 Users
Glimmerwind, a rebirth of my first SIM, except i have a 4x4 instead of 2x2, so be patient while i rebuild it. Added a 2x4 crater that will be used as a 4x4 racetrack (4x4's included.)
more info
17 4 grid.virtual-worlds.zone:8002:CrystalWilde 0 Users
Hosted on Virtual-Worlds-Zone, my eclectic little region, with bumper cars, boats, go-kart indoor track. Everyone welcome, everything is set to copy, if not, just IM me and i will make a copy for you.
more info


finally finished ... just some odds and ends to tweak.

same same ... big thanx to luna

Yes, been busy .... but still managed to get some stuff dne

Morphed to a legacy AV, now to go get killed at Spax's SIM

Jerralyn Franzic: By the looks of it, must be easier to get killed at the park now. Hmmm... I gotta come back soon then lol, maybe I'll try it tonight. 6 months ago
Yah, I said it ... tired of idiots, like Pagane, Travesty and other jerks ruining my experience... those that like or support this DRAMA wave,.... like and friend request me ... OPENSIM needs to be a TROLL-FREE-ZONE

sorry Thor, starting another shit-storm

Nico Kaliani: You have to admire Pagane. She bans RL children with adult AVs in OS. Just ask her. It's bizarre but true. However, she may have identified a very serious issue. Just the other day I messaged an adul... 10 months ago

Rediscovering some old stuff in my inventory. Thanx Amber for the sweet ride.

Waiting around for my IAR to load up ... again, gawd i hate this moving crap

Misty_Falls: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k6jqx9kZgPM&list=RDk6jqx9kZgPM&start_radio=1&rv=k6jqx9kZgPM&t=28 Cant help it... K-Pop rules 11 months ago
I think the next AV i make will be a Gypsy, for the last three years on OS, i have had to change accounts and such three times for grid closings or other such non-sense... just getting tired of packing all my stuff and moving... so i need a good Gypsy outfit and a Caravan for sure.... special Thanx to Kashi of Virtual Zone Grid, one of the metaverse's constants.

Jupiter Rowland: Sean Heavy has plenty of Gypsy outfits at Wright Plaza now. Just saying. 11 months ago

Trifon's ...best pizza in the galaxy, right next to Milliways, restaurant at the end of the universe.

causing some drama.... look, Opensim is based on avatars whether that be dog, dragon, dinke, or anime , "who you want to be"... so my question to you ... does that mean family, significate others or what??? Me. myself, I want a family ... we are a "G" grid, so far I have an older sister and a twin brother.... IDK, i think it's kewl... what are your thoughts?

Misty_Falls: quoted from the SL wiki page There are a great many reasons to play a child within Second Life, and it is plenty likely that every person playing a child might have their own reasons. Here are six. 1... 1 years ago

The view from the rooftop of New Hope's Bed & Breakfast. A large SIM with, rides, boating, diners, bumper cars & boats, lots to see and enjoy.

ThundergodThor: This is the New Hope region located at Grid Our Dawn. grid.our-dawn.com:8002:New Hope. Hope to see you all there. And Misty is working on a tour train. She's done the bumper boats as well. We h... 1 years ago

View of my home from atop the ridge dividing the 2 regions of Olympia and Xolraruta

Me at my home region... yes it's random, like me ... lolz...
Sporting new sneakers from *La Cittadella Di Rachel* on craftworld thanx so much Rachel !!

I have put down teleporters on my region, more to follow. This is what opensim is supposed to be, for everyone to share. My first 2 volunteers are Weltraumbahnhof and Avitron. Yes you heard right... one of them is Alex's place ... let the troll drama begin.... rofl

I am gonna post some drama ... fashion faux pas ... toe socks with cork sandals...ROFL

thedeeferry: I love socks! Wear them with everything. What is wrong with that? "I walk around like everything is fine, but deep down, inside my shoe, my sock is sliding off." Unknown 1 years ago
Just a touchy-feely ... a friend of mine wanted to know about an online witch-coven, I would consider building it, to help her out.... just want an opensim feedback first... please leave your comments

OpenSimUser: Woo-hoo, witchy woman See how high she flies Woo-hoo, witchy woman She got the moon in her eyes 1 years ago

newer version with smiley toes !!!

Kashi Takeshi: Cute :) 1 years ago

YAY!!!, my first version of my personal fav, toe-socks !!! Who doesn't love toe-socks and sandals....lolz

Thirza Ember: W.A.N.T. 1 years ago
The Rumor-Mill.. says ..Great Canadian Grid is closing it's doors.. May31st, once again, i will have to find a new "she-cave"... maybe i'll make my next AV a gypsy,... kinda fitting my VR life....hahahaha.
UPDATE: CrystalWilde is hosted on Virtual-zone Grid, big thanx to Kashi Takeshi !!

Charlene McNally: Whose saying it’s closing? I also heard there is 1 or 2 silent partners of gcg no names mentioned due to privacy of the names. 1 years ago

hanging out at home watching youtube video... just a lazy day

OpenSimUser: Dont fall asleep there lol 1 years ago

It's starting to be kewl.... geeze,I am making look like I know what I am doing... rofl.. and I don't

Hanging out, building on my new Xolraruta region... futuristic skyline... now all I
need is to find a Godzilla....rofl

ThundergodThor: Looks awesome as always!! 1 years ago

YAY!! my floaty Island works .... thanx ppl of AMV !!!!

My Ship sitting in drydock, awaiting repairs ... thanx Lani Global for the template !!!

OpenSimUser: Very nice, keep up the great work 2 years ago

Sitting, and chilling during my ship repairs at the shipyard.

Sitting, and chilling during my ship repairs at the shipyard.

Like, I dont have enough to do.... silly me...takes on another project.... this is the "bones"... a wind power generating station .... 10 more just like it, all tesla transmitting linked to generate power for my huge-ass shipyard

Luna Lunaria: I have a fusion substation I can pass on to you for help in generating power: https://opensimworld.com/data/p/958/58/85958.jpg?1645046260 My main starbase needs a lot more power though. Here's the... 2 years ago

my new shipyard, Jupiter Station

Now that's a moon rise...rofl

Small fishing village ... something smells fishy... rofl

Fishing dock with jetski's and bumper-boats

My alien vegetation farm ... full dome and stairwell entry

My Landing Point at Grid-Our_Dawn... thanx Aaack for the 'shrooms !!

The "New Me", now just need some magical items ... off shopping...lolz

New pizza place, complete with realistic kitchen, dining area, even cash registers and washrooms !! And the best part, right next to the Cop Shop visit **grid.our-dawn.com:8002:New Hope**

I made it just like the greek's would have, took an old building, fixed it up, and put it to work... lolz

RemmyRavenhurst: Looks so cute :) 2 years ago

got bored...again...lolz... now i got Mr. Kims restaurant just above my fish monger's place ... :)

Thanx to all of OPENSIM... for the sharing and caring !!!

Together, we all rock !!!

hanging out on my boat, ancient spaceship crash in the background, and still building...lolz

View from the other side of the region. Looking at putting down a 4x4 dirt track all the way around, bumper boats and jetskis for the center oasis... lots to keep me busy :)

Starting a new project, got the bones down... just need the details in my new 3x3

My new lake and bumper-boats... all ready to go ... yay!

Christmas Dance, all day today at GCG Christmas Time Region... so if anyone is looking for me ... I be there...rofl
login.greatcanadiangrid.ca:8002:GCG Christmas Time

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Santorini Shops

@Ted & @Sinept, 100% agree Max needs glasses, got booted for wearing a 6.41 mesh body, tattoos, big boobs and booty. Besides wasn't anything there that isn't everywhere else on HG. This is my screenshot for my AV. https://gyazo.com/617030c09e63f74447b1fe566fc3f50c. I hope this comment gets me banned. It will save me the trouble of mistakenly returning.


Kewl place to visit, if you are an amateur builder like me. Lots of 2D objects placed around, basic prim buildings, etc. The owner is awesome, loves to chat and share his knowledge. I had a great tour of his regions. Thanx for all your work to make Opensim an awesome place to be.


very well put together.... great job Ursina !!! Love the rustic/medieval look ... you did justice to some old brick and moss textures.

Moonrose Shopping

Very Small mall, but nice. well decorated, items i wanted, i found without too much effort. great work, thanx for sharing :)


love to pop in once in a while ... always really kewl clothes to scoop up... great stuff Nico ! Thanx for all the hard work and sharing of it !! :)

Falene Pirate

very cool build, impressive start to the region.... keep up the great work. !!


Very colorful and cheery place. lots of stuff to see and explore. Great Job !!

Rayvn's Roost Concourse

OH BOY !! Wedgies and Bell Bottoms !!.... great selection and they were no-copy, so very easy for me to keep my suitcase lighter. Lovely little region, well organized entrance to one of the shops a little glitchy, but nothing sitting didnt fix... Thanx so much, it was a pleasant visit !!


Very nice build, spread out yes, but i don't think for scanning your avatar for sex dolls. After all if you have a complex avatar, you can't visit, My normal mesh avatar, has a complexity of 66k, I still was too complex, I used my classic @38k. If he scanned that for NPC purposes, have at her. Radios are well made, decorated to match the region/country. There is DJ equipment, musical instruments, ...


Super build on this region !!! lots of kewl items to see and pick up for free !!! Thank you so much for your hard work !!

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