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Will it be the beginning of the end?

What will the investigations of the federal police or the authorities responsible for oversight find?

Will Linden Lab's partners distance themselves if the platform's structural issues regarding minor avatars and sex are confirmed?

If Amazon were to revoke their server access due to such violations?

Will Second Life survive with limited funds and few users (those psychologically subservient)?

In Europe, if the matter is taken seriously (and it is a serious matter), will we still be allowed to access Second Life?

If specific regulations are applied in Europe and worldwide to control this type of metaverse (SL-Like), will it spell the end for many Opensimulator grids?

But above all, will Opensimulator suffer?

Sodasullivan: Heh. Guess what Glenn? My facts are on the money. **"Patch Linden? Did you mean "PHIL" who began SecondLife? At least try to get SOME facts right in your search for fame and glory simpleton. Now B... 3 months ago
Today I would like to talk to you about Hypergrid Games in AvatarLife.

Many times there has been talk of grids that have been improperly and unjustifiably advertised on Opensimworld in a misleading way, I don't understand how AvatarLife is still present here.

First of all, they don't have an open grid to Hypergrid; AvatarLife users, just like what happened in the past with Avitron, do not accept HG connections, neither outgoing nor incoming, yet they are FULL of things coming from Opensimulator (probably their team can go out for shopping...), from bodies to clothes to much more.

Furthermore, the region that is being advertised here is totally inappropriate, not only because it is unreachable for users, but also because it shows as reachable and instead requires registration (this can be read in the comments of the region).

To activate an account to purchase virtual currency, you also have to provide them with a document (something that not even Second Life requires unless in particular cases where it is really necessary).

No respect for privacy on the website, disregarding international laws.

There are plenty of Opensimulator grids that offer casinos where you can play safely and legally; one of these is for example Wolf Territories Grid, but there are others as well, while AvatarLife seems to have very little in terms of legitimacy, there are no official licenses for the use of currency in line with European laws, and some time ago there was a rather suspicious document regarding the validity of their RNG (Random Number Generator), which usually applies to European Video Lotteries and has little to do with Opensimulator scripts or LSL in general.

It would be interesting to understand, since there is no declared company behind this grid, with what legal premise (with servers based in England and therefore under English jurisdiction) they can be sure to be compliant.

But what surprises me the most is that the internal team is the same as AviTron's, and the modus operandi is the same; they take ideas from other platforms (and propose them in a borderline absurd way) both technically and architecturally.

So, I don't understand how their region is still allowed to be listed for advertising if they have little to do with HG.

Do you think they can be trusted? Not for me.

I have advised many to block incoming and outgoing connections from this grid, just as it happened with Avitron; users won't suffer from it since they can't travel in HG, only their staff members who go around taking things from Opensim and then passing through other grids will be affected, so blocking them to some extent seems reasonable, and if I were you, I would do it.

I would like some explanations on this matter, perhaps, so if I am mistaken, they can demonstrate their truths here.

Panthera Mayor: AvatarLife Grid is a closed grid and cannot hg there or out of there. 3 months ago
Safinemaohe2, the owner of Friends Grid, who should therefore be friendly and understanding to everyone and be open to all as she says, deleted a completely simple comment of mine, where I was responding to her sugary post claiming that Josh Boam dedicated himself to her and her grid, setting aside all his other commitments.

So in my comment, I simply pointed out that it would be interesting to understand the nature of the problem with her grid, because SHE pays a service directly to Josh Boam and therefore, BY PAYING, she is entitled to assistance. No one responded to the problem, not even her; instead, a series of useless aggressive comments started, and then Safine deleted my comment because it was probably uncomfortable for the usual advertising and devotion she has always shown towards Boam without any REAL reason, but only because he does his job (which, by the way, isn't even done well since he had to ask for help from Lone Wolf, the only one who truly helped in that situation without charging a dollar! and therefore deserving of thanks).

In my comment, I pointed out that Boam just did his job and that she, of whom I now doubt even pays considering the publicity she gives him for a grid that is absolutely average and also poorly functional, I would say, and not innovative at all with also high costs.

Dear Safinemaohe, by deleting my comment, you have shown your real position of absolute servility towards Boam and anything but a friendly condition of openness towards others, drop the mask because if you can't handle a realistic comment where there are no sycophants, you'd better stay silent, it would make you look better.


Have a good day! (you can now unleash in the comments!)

OpenLife: @Mistressdelgato Said : "I have helped a few people and others have helped me. i help when i can and know the answer. If i dont know it i recommend people who can and know the answer." And what did... 4 months ago
I am reading comments on paid content and various markets in OpenSimulator. I would like to share my thoughts and ask you to correct me if I'm wrong and shed some light on the topic.

In my opinion, Kitely has the best system both as a market and a control system. After working with it for a while, they have managed to achieve a significant result. Creators can set content that they don't want to be forced into permissions as non-exportable to other OpenSim grids, thus protecting it from the infamous GOD mode that users across all grids now have. On the other hand, those who want to make their content exportable risk selling fewer copies since it may be forced and potentially distributed everywhere.

I find it very challenging for original OpenSim creators to sell products and come close to the earnings of Second Life. For instance, even if I sell a product as no-transfer, if it ends up in the grid of a user with GOD powers, it will certainly be unlocked. Unlocking content has become an instinctive practice for many users.

It's a different story for those who create original products and release them for free. Even if unlocked, they will not suffer excessive damage (I hope), and people will be more inclined to respect permissions (I hope) and invite others to get their copy directly from the original creator without forcing and redistributing it as a favor for various friends on other grids (doing it discreetly), which can happen with paid products.

I honestly don't believe this problem will be resolved as long as GOD mode is accessible to everyone. Some grids have denied GOD mode to enforce respect for original creators' content, but these are not popular among users who can get everything they want with GOD mode. They prefer, at the same cost, to obtain regions even in poorly performing grids that allow them to do anything.

Another problem is the backup copies of regions. There have been grids that did not allow the default backup of objects without sufficient permissions, but these grids had no luck or popularity. Meanwhile, those who do not apply such restrictions obviously have more success. Even reloading the OAR on a new grid, the original creator could be permanently lost, creating confusion about who the original creator of the product is and whether the object has been purchased or not.

Therefore, honestly, I think selling on more or less renowned grids is limited to one, two, or ten sales, the time it takes for the product to be unlocked, given away, or loaded into other grids via OAR. All of this, except for Kitely, which has an exceptional system for controlling the "products" leaving its platform, a system that they don't publicly share from what I understand.

KrisTina: In an open-source end to end project taking something out isn't just that easy, someone takes something out I can place it back in 2 seconds and compile and go start a standalone and do it anyways. Th... 5 months ago
Honestly... let's be clear... there are grids that are really terrible, they are just awful, and they have the audacity to advertise themselves as if they were the best...

I wonder how users don't realize that they are in a mess and consciously decide to stay there, but we'll address this topic in the days following the holidays. For now, I want to be kind to those who deserve it...



And Merry Christmas to all Christians, happy holidays to everyone else.

KrisTina: Why is the region in question still taking up the Rank 2 spot if it's "Inaccurate" ? 6 months ago

This is the free opensource lsl script for interact with ChatGPT created by Fantstic Pantera! but this is for Second Life only.
Can Anyone Fix it for OS community? :)

CyberGlo CyberStar: i already fixed it and posted it in the scripts section of this very website. 7 months ago
Reading this post on the Firestorm Viewer page, I found SET's comment to be truly fascinating, not so much about copybots and laws, but more about third-party viewers. However, even when they discuss legal matters, it's intriguing. What do you think? There's a lot of confusion in this. Link to the post :
Enough of the conflict in Palestine. Let us pray for peaceful coexistence, where every nation can have its rights and territories recognized without occupation, in accordance with the rules, and with an end to mass killings.

ToyBoy: yay, let's talk politics here, as if we do not have enough BS on social media :) 8 months ago
Asking for money is not the solution.

In the past, as Copper mentioned, Opensimulator users have already been "cheated." So why go further and ask them for money when many grid owners might need funds to keep their grid running as a hobby and source of entertainment, where they don't earn much money?

The individuals who design Opensimulator, to whom we owe our deepest gratitude, and those who work on derivatives, those who offer "ALL-IN-ONE" solutions like Fred with Dream and Kubwa with their product, do not receive money to feed their families. Even there, there are hours and hours of work, programming, bug fixing; it's not just a simple pastime. Programming to offer a free product is a highly demanding passion.

There's no need to fund the EchoVoice project and continually ask for money. It would be more appropriate to try to find a programmer and contributors to work on an active project, making it compatible with Opensimulator, perhaps developing it in parallel. That would be fantastic, or a team of volunteers who start from scratch by studying the protocols.

Why do I have this idea? Simply because every grid owner could load voice software onto their server in this way, having an independent and parallel voice in Opensimulator.

Why am I against funding EchoVoice? Simply because it would fund a company that employs a programmer and centralizes the voice server, limiting users' freedom of use. I don't believe this is the right path.

Furthermore, the campaign opened by someone insists on saying that open source and projects created by volunteers don't pay rent and don't provide food. I respond again by inviting all of you to think about Ubit, who manages Opensimulator and the contributors to the project, about Fred with Dream Grid that many of you use, and about Kubwa. But this is just one example in the opensim world. There are authors of many viewers who do it out of passion without earning anything. But to go further, it's not true that Red Hat Linux is paid for; all GNU/Linux distributions are free, services are paid for. So, this person who claims that even Linux is paid for is trying to make you believe something that is absolutely not true. Paying for advanced support service or some defined pro features in Linux is equivalent to having something exclusive that that company offers. But even there, you pay about $99 a year to have a SERVICE.

With EchoVoice, you end up funding a company that will need to ask for funding every time until it can generate its own money to pay a programmer for a simple update. Is it based on Opensimulator? If Ubit were to ask for $1 a month for everyone using his (and the contributors') hard work, he would be very wealthy. The same goes for Dream Grid, and this is where the difference lies: the passion with which you program without asking for money, because perhaps through donations you can still achieve a sum.

These individuals, as well as others behind free projects that don't ask for money, started programming and working without asking for anything; that's how trust is gained.

And anyhow, centralizing the EchoVoice service would be wrong.

Think it over carefully.

OpenLife: If you really feel like paying, support Opensimulator programmers and all contributors, support this website, the grids where you live (even more than one if necessary), but be cautious of those who a... 10 months ago
what do you think is the "standard" height for an avatar? I've noticed that in SL the basic avatars, the ones they give you when you first register, are about 1.75 meters tall or a little taller or a little shorter.

Even the Shapes of the various body and head creators provide shapes of about 1.90 maximum if I remember correctly.

Many users raise their avatars even beyond 2 meters in height reaching even up to 2.40 meters which is really a lot.

Tall avatars, always look slimmer and more defined, but they are often "bulky," not properly seated for example on a chair because they pierce the coffee table for example, or even in vehicles a foot comes out of the helicopter another example.

so what is the average and correct height for a vatar, regardless of what you may like personally, because then rightly everyone makes the shape as they prefer, but the standard heights the ones that should be corect, in your opinion what are they?

KatKakoola: I Just wanted to mention Lock Martin who played Gort in the 1950s SciFi classic The day the earth stood still - No, not the Keano one :) Lock was 7 feet 7 inches tall! Wikipedia if you want... Go Gort... 10 months ago
I've been reading the ChatBox all day today...and I'm laughing....

There is a proverb that says : "The Devil when he wants your soul licks your hands..."

The thing that makes me laugh is that here you have been trashing avitron users for 3 years, blocking them, accusing them and avoiding them like the plague (not all but many many avitron users, some of them here even when they left ferraris, complained about being excluded everywhere) when the real problem was Alex Ferraris and not the people of Avitron.

Now you are all prissy friends of these people, all good to them ready to welcome them....

Now you look for them because you know it was a great community in terms of the number of active people and it makes you gluttonous, how hypocritical you are those who act this way.

They even invite users to bring Avitron content, made by great and experienced botters, Avitron users who have a lot of "rare" content that makes you gluttonous.

Instead, there are grids with enormous dignity such as AlternateMetaverse, SoulGrid, PlayGround, Wolf Territories (yes this time I am speaking well of them because they don't go begging for users), Germanworld, VirtualHG, OSGrid and others who are not trying to grab users they used to gross out, they simply go on their way and if any of these users register they will be welcome.

Kudos to the grids that are not begging for users.

And by the way remember, some people if you avoided them before because they had habits that you thought were wrong, they don't just heal out of nowhere, they will always have those habits.

try to be COHERENT with your actions.

OpenLife: For Chris84, you deserve to know who you and all the others are, I am.... I am... Philip Rosedal!!! yes that's right, no I am Elon Musk, and now I will adopt the X here as my profile picture! Long li... 10 months ago
Lone Wolf, owner of the Wolf Territories grid, blocked me after I pointed out some technical shortcomings in his grid, deleting my comment from his post and blocking me.

This is the honest policy of some grid managers? what a nice thing, well, his response was really vague, like "my teleports are fast and you don't know what you are talking about on Opensim NGC" or stuttering something like that, but I will leave you my two comments, open your eyes, if there is no technical confrontation there is no good, growing and sharing is also part of that, he seemed like a good person. .. but he is probably afraid and not sure of what he is saying so he deletes uncomfortable comments because he is not strong in his reasons.

Here are my two comments :

I write to you with respect and would like to be honest.

I don't see anything special in this Opensim NGC, it just has preset configurations that are very easy to change, there are other Opensimulator derived projects clearly superior in quality and certainty for creators (see Kitely but that's just an example) and the goals of OS-NGC have been largely achieved by others long before and someone has done even more recently.

Also, you charge $50 (at the exchange rate) for a region, you may have an advanced control panel, but if I were to spend all that money on a grid where teleports don't work and as a creator I have no certainty that my items won't be forced even if I sell them in gloebit (I sell them once and then that's it because they are forced) I would never buy land from you.

You offer huge regions with 1.2 million unusable prims at an excessive cost passing it off as the best technologically advanced grid.

In fact if I were to buy a region and then find myself struggling in teleports, with constant problems loading the scenery around me, or it is simply slow to load the map (because it is very slow for your grid to load the map! "loading in progress..." and you have to wait a long time to visit a place if then the teleport doesn't fail!), if I decide because of these problems (and others) to leave, and I want to save the OAR to take my work with me, but where can I then place it? what grid would offer me a similar and less expensive solution? or maybe even as expensive but fuinctions well? how much of what I build will I lose?

I understand you make people stay there by you because only there they can take advantage of 1.2 million useless prims in huge regions never fully used, slow, where when you walk you feel the heaviness of the scenery (you move slow).

I registered with you intrigued and convinced I would find a technically advanced world, and then never went in again.

Don't brag too much, your grid is average, it may be big but not very functional.

With respect and honesty.

his response was something like "my teleports are among the fastest in opensim and you don't know opensim ngc" and I then said...

Always with honesty, don't feel attacked by me.

Your teleports fail every 50% of the time and the map is super slow to load targets.

Opensim NGC is easily available and its sources are visible from the repositories, and it has nothing special.

I don't think you have faster teleports than other Opensimulator grids, technically you should know how teleports work, other technically savvy users know that more than 50% of the Teleport depends on the viewer having a dedicated time to 'process the scenario before it is shown to you, typically on Firestorm this is about 3 to 5 seconds if I remember correctly, but there are other viewers that are really fast in teleporting, to this you have to add the communication speed of the grid, and yours is not, for example, faster than any domestic DreamGrid, so believe me, you may not know technically what I am talking about, but I know very well, one of the problems with your grid happen after teleporting.

Unfortunately, your large scenario generates slow loading because the viewer has to process the large amounts of terrain.

Your teleports don't always work, those in your grid know this very well (let's exclude the biased people who are with you out of sympathy or brotherhood),

also there is always that talk related to unusable regions outside your grid if I decide to leave with an OAR and this thing is a bit of a strategy to keep the user in your grid, I think all the people you have now as paying users will soon make you realize that a decent control panel does not make a difference, much better the ability to enjoy a functional grid.

Again with respect for your work and with honesty, I also tell you that I understand you, you made billions of posts where you described your best being, and no one ever responded to you, not even those with technical expertise, but in life you have to know how to deal with people.

Anyway, your grid is not bad, it is just hard to live with and very overrated.

cordial greetings.

OpenSimUser: Araya Sunshine seems to not practice anythiong they have been preaching. They had a posting on here whining about all this drama. I simply responded with why bring all the drama here, instead of takin... 10 months ago

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Beautiful avatars, really well done! Congratulations, the system for 'gifting' them to users is a bit complex... why not make them obtainable right away? Furthermore, in all this beauty, there's one thing I don't like at all, full of 'dummy' avatars that generate traffic, this is bad Valeria, very bad! Someone could report your region!

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