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Resurgence grid shopping and entertainment district

So, someone hacked into the Resurgence server and completely wiped it. Resurgence is gone. To the lowlife who did this, hope you’re happy with yourself. This wasn’t just an attack on me and Mike, it was an attack on a whole community of people and seriously, I don’t think anyone deserves this. Everything is gone. All our backups, OARs, IARs… Knew what you were doing didn’t you.

I’m not sure where to from here, I’m not sure if we will start over, I’m too angry and upset now to make any clear decisions. For now, it’s goodbye from me and Mike… lowlife, you won, congrats.


PinDeluca: OMG - Devastated - your place was awesome, and my go to for things ! I am so upset for you. Please try again you had an amazing place ! 7 months ago
Apologies, Resurgence is having a few issues and will be restarting the server shortly. If you happen to TP in before the restart and land in the water, I am around to offer a TP to the shops landing area. Hopefully the issue will be resolved shortly.

Zoey ♥

ZoeyRavenheart: Everything should be working now. If you arrive and have any issues, please let us know. 7 months ago


SheaButter: How to get to shop? Landing in bottom of water, hit island and then am lost, sadly. 7 months ago



DJ Sid The Rock is playing his stream right now at Resurgence so we're having a party! If you would like to join this awesome DJ and the friendly people at Resurgence, just jump in the Limo! Everyone is welcome xD


Mike & Zoey ♥

New store now open at Resurgence Grid - Glam Boutique.

In store now: Jewellery & Handbags - Other accessories coming soon


Mike & Zoey ♥

Your Limo:

New items are going into stores this week. We also have a couple of new stores being set up right now. If you like what we're doing, pop on over and check out all the new stuff!

Mike & Zoey ♥

Happy New Year to everyone from the Resurgence Family to yours!

Our celebration begins shortly and everyone is welcome. 2 DJ's today and starting the night is DJ Sid The Rock. He is warming up his stream right now for your enjoyment!


ZoeyRavenheart: DJ The Rock Sid will be finishing his set at 7pm and then we welcome DJ Mike to the airwaves! This party is not over yet xD 7 months ago
Hi Everyone!

DJ Mike is cranking up the volume at our Nysa club, The Ravo right now!

Come on over and join us for a little fun and a dance!


Mike & Zoey ♥

ZoeyRavenheart: It's half time at Nysa! What a party xD Still time to come on over and enjoy the music! 7 months ago
Its Christmas so lets party!!

5pm to late at Resurgence - Come a long and join us and meet some fabulous people.

We're partying at Nysa so all are welcome!

Hi Everyone,

Here at Resurgence we are looking at creating a community of people who like to have fun and be a part of something. Besides residents, we are also looking for people interested in the following positions:

> Store owners
> DJ's & event hosts
> Role players
> Creators / Builders / Scriptors

If you would like to join us please send me an IM with your interests & skills and lets get to know each other.

Mike & Zoey ♥
Mata is a great little pose store with plenty of poses to choose from including the new line of couples poses. There is also a large selection of photo backdrops to choose from. If you're into taking pics, this is the store for you!

Mike & Zoey ♥
Hi Everyone!

Plenty of stores are open right now at Nysa and more stock is on its way! We have fashion, furniture, landscaping, avatar accessories, poses, photo backdrops, dances and lots more!

We also have stores to rent if anyone is looking at expanding, franchising or just starting up something new! Chat to Mike or Zoey Ravenheart to get your store now!

Mike & Zoey ♥

Hi Everyone!

New grid just opened, come on over and check us out!

Mike & Zoey Ravenheart

ZoeyRavenheart: . 8 months ago

Celeste Charnelle: C'est une très jolie sim. Le décor est soigné. Il faudrait juste mettre le point d'arrivée au sec! A revisiter quand les magasins seront tous pleins. Autrement c'est un bel endroit ou Mike et Zoey son... 8 months ago

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Dreamer I was absolutely in awe of this grid! The work that must have went into it! So many long and hard hours! It is beautiful, and so welcoming. You can spend hours and never see the same thing twice! Thank you for such a warm welcome to your Grid, I will be stopping in again soon!!!
Quinta Wow - we need more stars, five are not enough! I saw a lot of stuff here that I haven't been able to discover anywhere else. What is presented here is simply wonderful. The design and furnishings of the various shops are simply impressive. Thank you!
CAMINO ROSSE un lugar precioso tiene muchas cosas y son de buena calidad,es enorme y muy bien diseñado, volveré mas veces, gracias !!!

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The place looks fantastic & it was lovely to meet you both and your friends while visiting there. Will come again!
Beautiful place, I have to go back with more time but I liked what I saw. Congrats
They put lots of work on this place. I like it.