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“I love being married. It's so great to find that one special person you want to annoy for the rest of your life.”

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Moonrose Shopping

Well organized, easy to find things and THANK GOD I didn't have lag. Thank you very much for all the stuffs you take the time to make for us. It's very appreciated.

HQ Herederos

Este lugar es una maravilla, la dueña es un amor de persona y siempre dispuesta a ayudar. Me encanta todo lo que ponen en las tiendas y lo tranquilo que es todo aqui. Gracias Heredera.

Ilha Bela

wow, what a nerve!!! Presenting the work done by others as one's own. At least put a note on your entire sim making it clear who you copied all the ideas for your "store" from. What a shame and how barbaric those who come to give here 5 stars knowing that it is a copy of R. Lion. I went there out of curiosity but it disgusted me, so I left. I prefer the original version and respect the work of t...

Las Terrenas

This is a very beautiful region, so many nice spaces, and so easy to explore it. My favorite is the cafe gourmet. I've known and visited las terrenas since long time ago.

Lbsa Plaza

I see this landing point as if it were an airport. I always had a good experience because I don't expect too much. People usually say hi, some dance, other talk for a while. If you ask for help you might find a friendly person. It's a nice place to make a stop when your region is not working.


another pulled mall

Backdrop City

I loved it! Very nice region with a lot of original scenes. Not the typical copy paste from other regions. Thank you for sharing♥

Angel Heart FASHION

More than 5 stars to this place, you can clearly see the love they put on it. Beautiful never-seen before outfits and very organized which is great for people like me that get lost easily lol Thank you!

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