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About Myself

I am still quite new in this virtual world and learning more every day.

There are so many possibilities and things to explore and try out!

My Interests

I enjoy to meet new people from all over the world. Within OpenSim I like to build, although I am still quite new and learning

I'm Looking For

I am not really looking for anything. Fate has found me some wonderful people at Friends-Grid, with the owner, Miss Safine, having become very important to me.

Favorite Quote

"Friends are the family you choose." Jess C. Scott

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Firestorm 6.5


Microsoft Surface laptop

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A Winter Wonderland spread over a 3x3 region for everyone to visit and enjoy. There is plenty to see and do. Visit Santa in Toytown, skate on the pond, ski or ride the snowmobiles to explore. Come and join us for our Christmas party on Sunday 17th December at Noon Grid Time with DJ Veleroalf.
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Love, love, love what Zoey and Mike are doing with Resurgence. So, okay, I only looked at Nya region so far, but its shopping mall....what can I say, I got distracted. But what I have seen so far definitely makes me want to go back to see more....and maybe peek to see if any more stores have opened!! The build quality and style is great and the mall area, even only partially stocked, is not onl...


This may seem slightly biased because I live on Firends-Grid. But I live there for a number of reasons. The first is the owner, Safine Mahoe, who is the most generous and kind hearted person I ever met. Second is the people. Everyone supports each other whatever your level of skill or experience. Third is the place itself. There is so much to do and see from sailing, to horse riding, expl...


Okay so the best way I can describe Ruritania is to say that my jaw must have dropped a little further with nearly every step I took while I was exploring. The owner, Xi, is incredibly lovely and even gave me a personal tour on the train, hot air balloon and narrowboat, pointing out little details that could easily have been missed and allowing me to view her creation from different angles. If...


All I can say is that after being made to be totally welcomed, part of the family and enjoying some great music and parties at Stark it was a simple decision to change grid and make Zetaworlds my home grid and spend time on the Stark regions. They provide free homes, have a great range of shops and did I mention the great parties with fantastic DJs spinning a mix of sets and genres all week lo...

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