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Hello! Owner of Zoey's Boutique and Taboo Furniture

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Just a girl who likes to hang out and you know, do stuff! I have 2 stores: Zoey's Boutique and Taboo Furniture located at Raven's Retreat. I also build sims for a hobby and currently helping one of my besties build her awesome grid! My stores are on that grid, so bring a car, boat or horse with ya to check it all out!

My Interests

Building, socialising, fashion, music, games... Probably more xD

I'm Looking For

Fun, adventures, good friends!

Favorite Quote

If it doesn't make you happy or wet... don't do it xP

My Regions

Ravenheart Retreat
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New community based grid with free homes available. We have a club, beaches, free homes, driving, roleplay opportunties and lots more. Come check us out to find out more!
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Taboo Furniture - New ADULT Deliveries in store now!

Your Taxi is here: hg.osgrid.org:80:Ravenheart Retreat

Zoey ♥

Come and join in the St Patricks Day fun at the Ravo!! DJ Mike has his stream up and running right now and the dance floor is filling up! xD

Your Taxi: hg.osgrid.org:80:Ravenheart Retreat

Zoey ♥
Darkhearts Estates - More than just property!

We are a growing community of people who enjoy socializing, fun times and making friends. The grid itself is growing fast with private estates and public projects. You can access all public area's on the grid via boat, car and plane/chopper! There is so much more in the making as I write this and can't wait to share with you all as these projects finish up! Come check us out, explore, say hi and have fun! Zoey ♥
Hi Everyone! We have just had a delivery of furniture to the store! We are preparing for summer now so its all beachy stuff and excellent quality! Due to the size of the delivery we had to move to a bigger store xD. Come check us out, you can sample what we do on the demo's in store and remember it is all ADULT animated furniture.
Zoey ♥

Crazyposeidon: ◔◡◔ THX for the Furniture - Hɨ [̲̅5̲̅] from C&C 15 days ago
We have plenty of new releases that have just arrived in store for the Legacy Perky body. We have a new sports range of clothing PLUS we are now doing Perky Push-up and Soft Thighs and you can find the body mods in store (including soft arms, those items coming soon). We have also added to our adult range of clothing with some super sexy and super cute stuff! If any of this interests you, please pop into the store and shop until you drop!
Zoey ♥

Allie Dawson: Awesome!! Unlike some of the sentiments I've seen expressed recently, I WELCOME more diversity in body and clothing shapes and styles. It keeps everyone from looking like the first fifty or so g... 16 days ago
Zoey's Boutique is a specialty store located at Raven's Retreat. We make clothing exclusively for the Legacy Perky body. There are a number of new releases out now so pop on over and check them out!

Hop to: hg.osgrid.org:80/Ravenheart Retreat/423/192/22
Taboo Funiture is a new store at Raven's Retreat with a growing collection of original adult furniture. We will have more pieces coming out over time so if you stop in, grab a LM and keep popping in and keep an eye out for new releases!

Hop To: hg.osgrid.org:80/Ravenheart Retreat/423/192/22
Zoey's Boutique is now open for those with the Legacy Perky body. We have a growing collection of clothes and shoes for those who are finding it difficult to find Legacy apparel. We have a few outfits being added each week so keep popping by incase you see something you like!

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