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Building, costume, fantasy, other people's dreams, real princesses.

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Now a new larger location of my squirrely hoarde, you can still find the previous version at Mall
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Early Winter Present, 2x2 Var region .oar with snow terrain, and ice lake, falling particle snow, and terraformed terrain with snowy pine trees, all ready for you to build your perfect winter sim.

This is a file for you to use, not a sim to visit.

KatKakoola: Looks wonderful thank you so much! Going for my winter coat :) 2 months ago


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Oh my! This is just amazing, fascinating, magical, so full of amazing little characters and fantastic things. Just a work of art! I especially loved the wizard hat collection, just stunning.


Stunning, made me realise just how much can be achieved, very inspirational. I especially loved the huge temple behind the golden dance area, just fantastic.


This is a major work! Wow, double wow. Great layout, and fantastic selection of homes.

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now at Mall
Just wondering if this is still there can not get to it.
Hi Jillian, I am working on fixing the address at the moment, it's not showing properly on the page, but it's Garth