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Canadian Halfling, Metaverselife Owner,Musician, Scripter,Photoshopper, Activist, Disabled . Available for Live performances. Rates upon request.

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I am a Hobbit with hardware,.... ONSITE Physical grid admin 24/7,me,lol, unavailable tech support is unavailable, I live in the same Hobbithole as Metaverselife does...with some guitars and my doggo ,Cain the Carnivorous

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Music, Art, Education, Technical Adventures, Martial Arts, God , sometimes in that order

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I want to be all used up when I am done

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All music is original, unless it isnt

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Forest Gump

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Lord of the Rings

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Forked an Spoon, Plate and Cup


HP Business Class Dual Opteron 24 Cores 64 Gigs Ram 1 gig Internet

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Mac with 15 accounts on 6 grids caught .. two down,....


Hugabug: yeah that one there is trouble 2 years ago
With Gratitude ala Grief
I wish to take a moment to Thank those who endear themselves to the term Griefers, :) .
I wish to extend my sincere gratitude to those called the lowlifes and losers, those often compared to the scummy dross of life. To those who keep demanding my attention daily with repeated attempts to upset the Metaverselife grid performance, Thank You, For It Is You Who have given me the gift of Knowledge. If it were not for the Griefers,.. I would think I was doing something right.. If not for the Griefers,.. I would not be learning network technology, with big words like bottlenecking ,throttling and other wizardry spell stuff. Learning is cool. If not for the Griefers, I would never have learned how to ban Mac Addresses or full ranges of Network IPs. Learning is cool . If not for the Griefers, I would not have learned about ICMP Flooding. P.S. learning is cool. If not for the Griefers, I would not know what a deal a Ddos attack is. Learning is cool. SO ,..To those pimples on the ass of society,..to the Griefers,.. THANK YOU,..... thank you for showing me that I need to update my education in order to secure the Metaverselife grid,..To the Griefers,.. Thank you for starting me on the journey of obtaining accurate knowledge, cause why... thats right,.. learning is cool. Thank you for showing me the true nature of the tortured beast ,mankind. May God bless you with mercy and all you richly deserve. Tis the season so.....remember to be good to everyone you meet :) ,....... Hes makin a list,.. and checkin it twice,... He gonna find out whos naughty and nice ;) , oh and thanks for the fish
Okay.. so being in the top10 grids has its issues.... Metaverselife has experienced DDOS attacks for over a week straight.... Unexpected but not unanticipated. Since a large number of Avitron grids residents have created accounts and taken land in Metaverse the attacks have been daily and persistent. Ive read quite a bit about the owner of said grid and have no doubt in my mind that there are ample motivations for such a person to cause such distress to others.4 years of this grid and minimal issues .. praying for his lost soul,..and adding CloudFlare..

TrisTH: You need a firewall that tells you the IPs where the attacks are coming from and block them. In addition to blocking certain countries that you know are not your users. An aspiration system would also... 2 years ago

6eee4b71-5cd9-40bb-ba04-a117641b63a7 would be the UUID to Ban to avoid this silliness

Social Network With PRIVACY

Plus Cest Change'

Thats a wrap for Covid-19. To those that helped out, Thank you immensely.. To those that ignored, back at ya.. And to the masterful piece of work that created The Shire as a bot filled region while I was down with the flu.. Thanks for the Advertising while I was ill. Back at Ya

Woohoo, made it back alive..:)

Get INFECTED in our WUHAN MARKET- Then FIND THE CURE- All the While trying to Learn Chinese--------hop://logins.metaverselife.org:8002/Orient%20Treasure/201/...

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Thanks to friends (Richard LionHeart) who share the good things in life, and what a good thing than a friend? Hobbit, a hobbit with the soul of a giant! It is a great honor to meet you and continue to know you. Here I thank you for all the kindness that emanates from the first day I speak with you, thank you very much for everything, your new friend, Liz
Meeting Mr: Hobby has filled me with great satisfaction, I will always be grateful to him for his kindness. God bless his ways always.
The greatness of people is known by their gestures. A pleasure to meet you, i am always so grateful, also for the cookies!!
An amazing human being that I have the honor and the pleasure to have met, and call my friend!
Many blessings to you always!