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Constelacion de Orion 2
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GeoPortal We have never been Alone Constellation of Orion 2 Theme Alinijena Pleiadian History contacted if you want to know about my question and I will explain it to you, it is my purpose to coincide...

🎄 (❁´◡`❁) 🎄 Advent Calendar 2023 @ Eternal Ice 🎄 (❁´◡`❁) 🎄
✨🎀✨ since 2016 🎀✨🎀
🎁 🎄"same procedure as every year" 🎄 🎁

Only a few more hours until the Eternal Ice Advent calendar starts in the Pangegrid. (Start for a new gift is every day at 0.00 CET)

All gifts will remain available until the advent calendar is removed in 2024


Nur noch ein paar Stunden, dann startet der Eternal Ice Adventskalender im Pangegrid. (Start für ein neues Geschenk ist jeden Tag um 0.00 MEZ)

Alle Geschenke bleiben bis zum Abbau des Adventskalenders erhältlich

BELZE: Das ChuBelz Grid wünscht eine schöne Vorweihnachtszeit :-) 1 hour ago

May peace, hope, and love be this season’s present to you personally!
Have a peaceful Advent Season

BELZE: Das ChuBelz Grid wünscht eine schöne Vorweihnachtszeit :-) 1 hour ago

Happy Christmas time!!!

Our Advent Calendar is opened again!
You will find behind every door another great gift.
Mare Grid wishes you all a great Christmas time !!!

BELZE: Das ChuBelz Grid wünscht eine schöne Vorweihnachtszeit :-) 1 hour ago
Un sapin de Noël très spécial
A very special Christmas tree

Ses décorations vous feront voyager dans des univers-bulle. Click the decorations to visit the bubble-multiverse.
Do you see? Finally a surfboard rezzer for the public to take home has been released - and a surfboard design kit so you can make your own cool board and use it in the rezzer on your sim (bullet enabled). This is after months and months of obsessing with several people and it still gets updated every few days. BUT this is the very best available surfing to date in Hypergrid / Opensim. Please come grab your copy and also make sure to send me your finished boards ( a copy) so I can hang your creation on the wall of designs by locals. Fun! Merry Christmas, ,much love.
Totally original textures for the Holidays on this darling little dress. AND In the box I included full perms blank mesh and texture maps so you can have fun designing your own dresses for whatever season you wish. Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas! Special thanks to Mistress Delgato for modeling with me for the set. =)
There seems to be more than usual grid issues lately, and we can add The Roleplay Grid to that right now -- Server crashed.

It's being fixed, and hopefully will be back tomorrow!

Apologies for the delays.
▁ ▂ ▃ ▄ ▅ ▆ ▇ Fashion Street Opening ▇ ▆ ▅ ▄ ▃ ▂ ▁

Saturday / Samstag 02. Dezember 2023
Fashion Strasse / Street Grand Opening

◕ starts 11:00 OS grid time – startet ab 20:00 Uhr
☊ DJ Tommy White & DJ CRAZY

▶▷▶ Zur Ansicht ist ab heute geöffnet / Viewing is open from today
Am Samstag 02.Dezember kann eingekauft werden
On Saturday, December 2nd, you can shop

▶▷▶Wir eröffnen und präsentieren euch die neue Fashion Strasse in
unserer CC - Mall mit winterlicher Strassen Party – Kleidung für
Athena, Reborn und Gianni – Weihnachtsshopping – Christmasshopping
und 3 Erotic Outfit Boutiquen am 02.Dezember 2023

We open and present you the new Fashion Street in our CC - Mall
with wintry street Party – Clothes for Athena, Reborn
and Gianni – Christmas Shopping an 3 Erotic Outfit Stores

▶▷▶Alles Neue Outfits welche noch keiner hat / new Outfits not yet available in open sim

Taxi: Worldwide Mall
░░▒▓◙█◙█◙ CC Worldwide Mall ◙█◙█◙▓▒░░

Carmen Jewel: Are You looking for a Christmas Tree? Visit the Tree Farm at our Garden Centre Taxi: Worldwide Mall 8 hours ago
Become a Volunteer
#OSCC23 needs volunteers to help greet attendees, moderate sessions, assist with technical support to make the conference successful. Are you experienced with the OpenSimulator platform and interested in helping? We’d love to have you join the team!

*ORANGE TREE NEW RELEASE* MEsh tree, up to 2 trees into a single prim! Leaves with smooth animations and textures included! Available at FARM AREA!Enjoy :)

LeonitasLionheart: Orange you betting people will go bananas over this? 9 hours ago
Virtual Beach seems to be having internet/server issues. That means until it is fixed the grid may be not reachable even tho osw says its online. maps, textures, meshes etc including changing outfits are having issues. It should be all fixed tomorrow and thank you for everyone's patients.

Lone Wolf: I know of another grid with the same issues. I wonder if they are linked? 9 hours ago
TGI Thursday @ On The Rocks!
Elf Mage DJ Maldrul performs at On The Rocks @ Alternate Metaverse Thursdays from 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM Pacific time
DJ Maldrul will be playing a mix of classic and contemporary Rock & Roll and his signature selection of SOMETHING COMPLETELY DIFFERENT!

Come check out Rocky Shores where you can dance, surf, play Greedy, hang out and explore!

Parsons Creek Lodge presents..
All the way from Indonesia! This woman is a powerhouse Vocalist
Join us and request your favorites from her extensive song list!
❈ ════ ❈ LIVE at 3:pm OST
❈ ════ ❈ Parsons Creek Lodge
❈ ════ ❈ RIDE: Creek lodge

Rocking Thursdays at Serenity Cabins
Dj Golbez has invaded Serenity Cabins with his Exciting Rock show!
4 to 6pm
Dj Alex is returning to Serenity Cabins with her Sultry Rock tunes!
6 to 8pm
Where: Serenity Cabins Events Area
When: Starting Soon!
Taxi: hop://
See you there, Come Chill and Relax and Enjoy!
[ITA] Invito tutti alla serata di venerdi 1 dicembre su Napolimania alle ore 01.00 pm, con la nostra cantante Gaya, che ci farà ballare e ascoltare i grandi successi della musica italiana. Vi aspettiamo...
[ENG]I invite everyone to the evening of Friday 1 December on Napolimania at 01.00 pm, with our singer Gaya, who will make us dance and listen to the great successes of Italian music. We are waiting for you...
[ESP]Los invito a todos a la velada del viernes 1 de diciembre en Napolimania a las 13.00 horas, con nuestra cantante Gaya, que nos hará bailar y escuchar los grandes éxitos de la música italiana. Te estamos esperando...
TAXY-----> hop://

Oh the Ballroom is hopping today, come on down and enjoy the wonderful love songs being played.

Hop over to Samsara for a look or a chat. Im always willing to talk. Samsara is the place to be! TP system added.

Buddha enlightened

Due to unforeseen circumstances, DJ Alex comes on fire at the Piazza tonight guys at 4 pm grid time! with the hottest tunes for everyone to set the mood. Yes! because it's always time to party. What's the reason for it? Well... we are PARTY PEOPLE!
Piazza, where great fun and good friends come together.

Animated Hearts -- Edit&Copy

hop:// Terra/226/50/25

Marga: No regions found with that name :-( 18 hours ago

Scottish Tunes today Thursday 12-14 - DJ Ruth at Angels Club in Caribou North

Beautiful Regions. TPs at arrival. Friendly Adult Exciting Safe.

Cool Shopping. Many Petite.

Free Homes, Islands, Hideaways. Ask.

Soft Love, BDSM. LGBTQ+

18+ AVs Welcome and Safe. No Groups Needed.

Age? Ask Jeanne.

Caribou Grid Avatar?

Everything "new" is the well-forgotten old...
The problem with nudity and children is not that the children are naked or that they are doing anything!
The problem is in "Peeping Tom"!

From the hysterical reactions of the majority, I understand that you do not know who he is. Well read about the naked noblewoman and perverted voyeurs and pedophiles and .... know yourself in this legend (or truth?)....

thedeeferry: I also appreciate your link to the Godiva story. If we live long enough, much of what we know, learned, or read naturally becomes archived information. When we access our archives, we get to renew t... 19 hours ago
A new addition to our Holidays & Seasons department at Star Jinn Palisade Mall located at Masala Al Kohav. Decided to get a little creative with the Wash Basin I made and changed the texture then added some plants that I've collected. For you, I have made this Christmas Planter, the perfect centerpiece for your Christmas Dining table, Fireplace Mantle, Coffee Table, just about anywhere you need a Beautiful Centerpiece. It is Free, C/M/T, and waiting for you at Masala Al Kohav's Holidays & Season's department. Just use the TP billboard to find it. Blessings and much love, Lavia

thedeeferry: Thank you,LaviaLevine, for this lovely new item and all that you do for us here in virtual worlds. 19 hours ago
TAXY ----> hop://
Hi everyone! 🙂
I would like to invite you to my performance at Speakeasy Swinghard today!!
Alternate Metaverse -11:00am
Casual, Fun, Friendly Gathering!
Would love to sing your favorites from 600+ variety song list.
Hugs and hopefully see you soon!!
Zoree Jupiter
[10:25:49] Zoree Jupiter: Map us at: Events


hop:// _ 10PM

Mia10: “We have been loved and hated, adored and denied, kissed and killed, just because they are women.”----------“Siamo state amate e odiate, adorate e rinnegate, baciate e uccise, solo perché donne.” 21 hours ago


Die Botschaft von Weihnachten:
Es gibt keine größere Kraft als die Liebe.
Sie überwindet den Hass
wie das Licht die Finsternis.
The message of Christmas:
There is no greater power than love,
she overcomes hatred,
like light the darkness.

BELZE: Das CHubelz team wünscht dem Soulgrid eine schöne Vorweihnachtszeit :-) 21 hours ago

New added to Samsara! You can practise your Tai chi here in the beautiful environment of Samsara! Teleport system is added

Jerralyn Franzic: Cool... where may I score a similar outfit? Would love to visit soon, but I'll feel more at home with the right clothes. :) 22 hours ago
In the enchanting realm of jewelry creation, the transformative journey from an initial drawing to a tangible masterpiece is a captivating process. As the designer, you breathe life into your vision through the meticulous use of curves, extruding techniques, and a diverse array of shapes. When designing your piece think of the different shapes and curves. Font Dingbats can be used in jewelry design too, use your imagination!

I just added 2 side graphic surfboards to my Shopify store. Check out the shopping district to browse or shop my online stores, and enjoy the in world freebies!

Mi Paraiso under the gaze of Jim.Bean (thx Jim)

There are those who associate nudity with the threat of child abuse and exploitation. However, moral panic leads to claims that "exaggerate the seriousness, extent, typicality and/or inevitability of harm" For example, if nudity always invites or incites sexual behavior, all-age clothing-optional beaches and resorts in RL would be closed.

Some people object to even clothed child AVs. Is this also a result of moral panic? Maybe. But it could be a mental health issue. An emotional state of fear, disdain, aversion, or prejudice toward children or youth is known as paedophobia. It is a condition diagnosed and treated by psychiatrists. There is hope, people. There is hope.

But, for now, these folks should stay away from SL. Some lurid facts about that place. If someone is at least 13 years of age in RL, they can use Second Life with some restrictions. You could not only encounter teen AVs in SL, you might even meet some RL teens. SL does have a policy about age-play, but says, "Merely having a childlike avatar does not violate this policy. It is not our intent to banish childlike avatars in and of themselves". Isn't it ironic? On this issue, SL is more open than some are on Open Sim.

In the past, simply stating these facts about SL has resulted in my being stalked in OS and threatened by, I think the clinical term is, cuckoo-bananas wack-a-doodle cray-crays. The truth is that my regions in OS are for adult AVs only. I have nothing against child AVs, as such. I just prefer to avoid dealing with unbalanced moral crusaders.

When we realize that the time we take for another person is the most precious thing we can give, we have understood the meaning of Christmas.

KarinBecker: Hier mein Weihnachtsgruß mach was daraus und nehme mal etwas Tempo raus. Setz dich hin und komm zur ruh‘, vertraue mir, du entspannst im Nu. Nun wünsch‘ ich dir, wenn du mich lässt, ein frohes und bes... yesterday

Wir wünschen euch allen eine wunderschöne Adventszeit

KarinBecker: Draußen vor dem Haus sieht alles schon ganz festlich aus. All die Girlanden und die Kerzen erwärmen unsere großen Herzen. Mit warmen Düften in der Luft überbrückt sich eine jede Kluft. So freuen wir u... yesterday
Finally getting around to replacing trees. Using a gift from the grid owner, Skimi Mission. Also gave me a rock object, though it's mesh. I'm nervous about using those, since the "count" jumps when stretched.

Anyway it's a work in progress. If you visit, please use "shared environment".

I still have $25 USD hi/lo contest going until Dec 24, 2023. The freeplays work to get tokens for the hi/lo game, or join my list at the news stand for updates on how to get some free tokens. I have a YouTube video detailing how to enter a free drawing for 10k local currency. That will certainly let you play the hi/lo more.

Thanks for all the support! I appreciate those who take time to like my posts.
Another of my attempts to build something fully in Blender, a ceramic water pitcher and wash basin, perfect for potting flowers and arrangements and also great for old west role play. This comes in a fat pack with 8 different textures and it's free, C/M/T, and waiting for you in "Lavia's Little Corner" of the Star Jinn Palisade Mall aka Masala Al Kohav. So come, wish upon a star, and you may just find what you're looking for. 90% of the builds are originals and a blend of mesh and prim. Drop by and visit all the sites and shops in our 4x4 region mall. Blessings and much love, Lavia

Lillysparks: Oh my gosh that is gorgeous! Nice work! yesterday
Photo-journalist Minna Krustina reveals the results of her latest investigation. "The point being made here is to simply point out the fact that this all-ages grid has all ages there." Yes, the children are hiding out in plain sight. This has red flags flying! Whatever a grid tells you, don't fall for the truth!

But let's have some empathy for the tragedy of QAmom Krustina. She believes she is fighting an international cabal of OS elites who are abusing and trafficking child AVs. In addition, she is working to uncover the cabal of reptilian aliens secretly running OS. Apparently. these lizard people are murdering and eating the pixels of child AVs.

So far, QAmom Krustina has found a pizza parlor in the [redacted] grid she thinks is home to a child sex ring. In addition, she claims to have discovered a certain in world shop that is selling children in the guise of furniture. However, this effort comes at a cost. QAmom Krustina has stopped taking care of herself. She no longer takes her medications. She hardly cooks or sees her grandkids anymore. Her relationship with her husband is falling apart. QAmom Krustina is gaining weight. She spends nearly every waking hour glued to her phone, bingeing QAmom videos and living in fear of whatever deep-state monstrosity is supposed to happen next. Unfortunately, “Where We Go One We Go All”...into insanity and beyond.

Wasted: Oh, was Ava Clinton in the Pizza parlor ? er and the Ava President Clinton should be impeached for his actions with Ava Lewinski. Os needs to purge these evil Ava's from the world of make believe pixe... 2 days ago

The Box
Nico Kalani 19 minutes ago
I wanted to have a flash mob that would show up at different SL clubs and beakout into mime movements all at once. But no mime animations were to be found. If we don't share a spoken language, we are doomed.
Lillysparks 1 hour ago
Somehow I think Nico will be the only one to chuckle about that one
Lillysparks 1 hour ago
I was going to suggest we all just make our own languages and never tell each other what any of the words mean.
Nico Kalani 2 hours ago
The question about why DJs don't make their own music was rhetorical. It was a response to the question why people don't create their own stuff. You know, maybe because they can't?
Jupiter Rowland 5 hours ago
@Xinashi We have someone in our grid who makes his own music, mostly instrumental prog rock. But we've been waiting for his next DJ set for a couple of years now.
Suzi_Avonside 6 hours ago
@Nico Kalani It's good to have a variety of music that's a little beyond the mainstream. You might be interested/like this:
Nico Kalani 6 hours ago
I'm not quite ready to DJ again at the moment but I'll let you know when I am.
Nico Kalani 6 hours ago
You might hear the Swedish band Den Fule when I DJ. They aimed to bridge the gap between traditional folk, & contemporary jazz & rock. Here's some of what they call "power polka."
Mistressdalgato 7 hours ago
thats what i thought, would lvoe to have you play at vb grid sometime
Nico Kalani 7 hours ago
@Mistressdalgato. I did a few DJ sessions at Adachi, playing worldbeat music. Most people had never heard it before, but liked it once they did.
Lillysparks 8 hours ago
Amen to that. But hey, evolution can't be perfect. Right? Gotta make mistakes to learn from them.
LeonitasLionheart 9 hours ago
I totally agree. Of course, some things are better off unlearned.
Lillysparks 10 hours ago
Hey ... If humans didn't build off of what humans before them started ... we would just be another beast in the animal kingdom. Part of what makes humanity thrive is that magic stuff called DNA The ultimate copy machine. Lol
Mistressdalgato 11 hours ago
nico did you dj in adachi grid?
Mistressdalgato 11 hours ago
I have to agree with what amber said, all of my regions that are mine are mostly built with things i found on the hypergrid. there is only a few things i did myself.
KrisTina 13 hours ago
Would be interesting Nico, however, the old music reminds us of a younger time that we can all relate to.
Nico Kalani 13 hours ago
I notice almost all DJs in OS play music made by other people, and from a limited group of popular artists whose music they hoard for their shows. Why don't DJs make their own music, like I do? I guess we all have different skills and interests.
KrisTina 15 hours ago
I'll third that.
thedeeferry 16 hours ago
@Arielle Me also
Arielle 18 hours ago
The difference was that the editors then were accessible inworld. If the meshing part of blender was merged into a viewer I would be much more inclined to mesh build.
User Name 19 hours ago
things change we are in 2023. however the 3d programs aren't that much different than the editor tools u use in game the only differences are the shortcuts and handelings. + there's more options. but the basics are the same.
Arielle 19 hours ago
No but it is what is insinuated, intentional or not. It was much easier back when things were prim and system clothing and I did build with those.
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BELZE 1 hour ago
KikiBaily 2 hours ago
Ich wünsche eine besinnliche Vorweihnachtszeit dem Moonrose Grid :-)
Marpil Grafenwalder 3 hours ago
Bebe!!!!! maravillosa decoración como siempre dulzura por todos lados y esos toques de humor que me encantan jajaja. Gracias! Gracias! Gracias!
Taliya 5 hours ago
*** Liebe Nasti und allen Freunden im Grid. Den Lieben der anderen Grids wünsche ich eine besinnliche Vorweihnachtzeit. *** Lametta, Kugeln, Apfelduft Advent liegt in der Luft. Angezündet sind alle...
Lillysparks 5 hours ago
Let's be honest- this is a very funny 360 FAIL . LOL I am not so talented with the steady hand of a 360 pan zoom. Hahaha But this was 5 coins so I am letting it stay. Cheers.
Dorena Verne 5 hours ago
Juhuuuuu, ich freue mich. :-)
Carmen Jewel 8 hours ago
Are You looking for a Christmas Tree? Visit the Tree Farm at our Garden Centre Taxi: Worldwide Mall
LeonitasLionheart 9 hours ago
Orange you betting people will go bananas over this?
Lone Wolf 9 hours ago
I know of another grid with the same issues. I wonder if they are linked?


Funsize Dinkies
Ted Junior 5 minutes ago
Such a beautiful place! You can feel the Christmas spirit there. Great work and don't forget to grab some special gifts while you're around :)
Andremus Miklos 17 hours ago
The Conglomerate
one of the first examples of a good idea ruined by paranoia and contaminated with hatred. Caring is Sharing ?
Alisha 19 hours ago
Valeria's Avatars 2
OpenLife Bellissimi avatar, davvero complimenti! Complimenti, il sistema per 'regalarli' agli utenti è un po' complesso... perché non renderli ottenibili subito? Inoltre, in tutta questa bellezza,...
CoralLisyel yesterday
I'm baffled. Ever since Opensim started the mantra has been "Never buy in Opensim". Why, now, do sim owners set things for sale? I could understand using a RP currency that doesn't cost anything, but ...
Ometeotl Mikoyan 2 days ago
que bonito has puesto este lugar Nasti ,me ha encantado eres única ! un beso muy fuerte amiga !
CAMINO ROSSE 2 days ago
Are you looking for a place where you can escape the stress and noise of everyday life and enjoy a moment of calm and peace? If so, you might want to visit Samsara, a beautiful region that combines th...
Tyler Mathews 2 days ago
One of my favourite places on Wolf Territories Grid, 144 second life regions!
Lone Wolf 2 days ago
The place is absolute garbage,nothing new and almost nothing for guys.
Devmind 3 days ago

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