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The Landing Area for the new Trianon-World Grid, run by Essensual, she moved up to a private grid for you.. Sign up, rent land or just enjoy.. Things are falling into place.. the clubs are business as usual, come enjoy

Check out the Land Sale for June

Summer has come to Trianon-World

and if you get tired have a seat at the greedy table or just enjoy one of the many games around.

Looking for something different to do with your date tonight, or tomorrow, Come down to the Trianon-World Welcome and have some fun roller skating. Many skates to choose from, Ribbon Particles and AOs,

Spring Has Sprung

into 3rd hour and still more to come.. come on down and enjoy new years on Ice

its the time of year to give thanks to all my guests and friends over the last years, its been a rough ride trying to find a home that can perform good enough for you to enjoy the music and the dancing and not worry about rezzing.. Im sure you will be happy to hear we have moved to our own grid. So please come out and support us.
December 14th is out Grand Opening and Christmas Gala.. 2 Live Singers, and some PMAC and SF Poser Displays to music with DJ Essensual.
Hope to see you soon

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