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Dire je t’aime au lieu de dire je te désire, c’est se proposer une tâche infinie
Gilles Deleuze

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come and get lost

Sodasullivan: Lovely place with lots to explore. Love the attention to detail. 4 months ago


Just opened, Bluebay in the Lost In Time Jungle, a friendly place, bar, dance, beach, cabaret and lot of activities
Thank you if you take time to visit :)

Thank you to welcome me in Art Factory, and all the team, great artists communauty, I am honored to be part of it with a gallery.
Some photos of my virtual worlds, animals, dance and emotion are the themes.
ART Factory grid : hg.osgrid.org:80:The Art Factory
my gallery is not far the tour Eiffel

hicks adder: bravo ! :) 2 years ago

Now you can fly all over the Lost In Time Jungle..

N'est-ce pas merveilleux ? :)

Hello all :)
I see a lot of photos and exciting places on OW, I invite anyone who wants it and who has a flickr account to register on my group to make known the good addresses of the hypergrid to all those who consult the photos of the virtual worlds on Flickr. Leave your LM of course, on your photos, show your avatars too.

A big thank you to those who have already joined :)

You can see some captures from SL and Opensim in the Gallery

This pic was captured at Belly dance time in AMV grid

Current exhibition is : "Face to face"

... is about the emotion around a face, an attitude, in the fleeting moment, a stolen moment of femininity, this exhibition shows the woman in her feminine states, the faces are subject to effects, depicting time and space, words accompany the images, but they are read and let themselves be carried away by the imagination, yours, it is this imagination that finally registers to speak to you...
I invite you, your sensitivity and your words if you want to share them with me :)

Ellen: Your photographs are so hauntingly beautiful. 2 years ago

hello :)
Current Exhibition
"Face to face"

All are welcome to visit :)

SheaButter: This address gives "this address wasn't understood". Need a landmark. 2 years ago

Spirit Jungle

Take the moment to be Lost In Time :)

Being lost in time is not unpleasant..

Hella: Grins :D 2 years ago

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Très bien fait, les italiens qui refont Paris, un grand merci pour votre magnifique région, et oui l'esprit de Paris est présent, beaucoup de détails et un agencement très bien calculé, bravo !

Rachels Citadel

Very pretty village by the sea, beautiful colors, full of people everywhere, it looks like a Sunday with the family, shopping too, I had a very pleasant time and took photos :)


A pleasure to run in the hills and fields, to be transported to the castle, to ride the dragon, this still striking medieval world, full of tales and legends from childhood, and much later it reminds me of the world of Skyrim that I adore, there is here the soul of a troubadour, that of a poet, of a warrior, of a sage and the magic of an entire civilization, with its well-kept secrets.


About the belly dance in this place : very nice moments shared, I always like the choice of music, everything is there to please, so thank you! :)


Friendly and warm place, I found new medieval dresses! Sexy lingerie too and a warm welcome from a very nice owner!

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