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@LillySparks contributions not only advanced the technology of virtual surfing but also brought people together, creating a more vibrant and cohesive community. Her work remains a testament to the power of innovation in enhancing virtual worlds and the experiences they offer. I feel my dream is finally realized, to have quality surfing in opensim is a beautiful thing but the cohesive community is just heartwarming. Seeing Hyacinth creating her new surf region gave me total goosebumps because in SL in the beginning that is how it was, everyone was creating their surf sims, creating their teams and all coming together each month for a surf comp, we can do this too! We can create our surf sims, our teams, and have fun competitions. Lag right now might be a thang to overcome if we have lots of action other than surfing on the sim, we might have to have the competitions in a stripped down sim with just the waves and boards but there is so much hope for this!! I am over the moon excited about our future! Get out there and surf everyone and thank you, @FerdFrederix, Kayaker, Hyacinth, and Lilly and team! 🏄‍♀️💕
Image is @JamieWright shreddin'

Carmen Jewel: This is how we should be treating each other ,having fun with love and respect This is how I visualize Open Sim . Well done ! 12 days ago
Weekenders! I started this in GCG as a fun way to explore the grid. I have little weekender cabins located around the grid for your weekend stay. Free! Just checkin Friday night and depart on Sunday at Noon. Longer stays can be arranged too. I have a Weekender office located at Catena di Isole that explains each cottage and the location! Just IM to book your stay. I have a cool back pack filled with all sorts of goodies for the traveler!
I’ve crafted this article to assist individuals eager to upload their models to Opensimulator but unsure of where to begin. This guide aims to direct you toward exceptional resources, making the process much more accessible.

---->It is not all botted from SL
Many SL creators obtain their models from these same resources.

Fred Beckhusen/Ferd Frederix: My technique is to start with the blender script that removes doubles, and cleans up illegal geometry. That is always my first and last step. Almost will load after that, except an object with no tr... 1 month ago
Own your DreamGrid, own your creativity. Build captivating virtual worlds, foster a community, and be the architect of extraordinary experiences. It's not just software, it's a boundless canvas for your imagination to take flight. @FerdFrederix thank you!
Through the shimmering lens of my crystal sphere, I glimpsed a distant city ensconced in a veil of mystique. Towers of opulent architecture soared into the cerulean sky, their spires adorned with intricate carvings that whispered tales of forgotten epochs...
When people post private conversations it does get complicated and mixed up. It was never about stealing a texture it is about coming to my Grid long enough to see the idea and take it back with you. Sure you say everyone does it and it is a form of flattery. Luna's texture is not what this is about. Perhaps the most significant aspect of this issue is the theft of ideas. Textures and assets are not just passive elements; they contribute to the overall narrative and aesthetic of a piece. When someone replicates these elements without permission, they're not just copying pixels—they're co-opting the creative vision and storytelling of the original artist. They're diluting the integrity of the work and robbing it of its unique identity.

In the digital age, where content is easily accessible and infinitely replicable, it's crucial to uphold principles of respect, integrity, and ethical conduct. Instead of focusing solely on the act of stealing textures or assets, let's shift our attention to the broader issue of respecting creative ideas and the individuals behind them. Let's foster a culture of collaboration, attribution, and appreciation—a culture where ideas are celebrated, not stolen. Because ultimately, it's not about the texture—it's about the idea. It is not okay to take free items found online and sell them on the Kitely market either. The terms say for personal use, not for commercial. To say well my clients don't know how to create the models so they buy from me, I add my purple textures and they love them. Makes no difference. Not for commercial use means just that. I see one model being sold that is questionable Luna shows a license and creator there which conflicts with this which clearly states for Private use so which license is accurate? When there is a question as to where the original came from ethically you should not resell it without knowing the original creators TOS.

Danger Lytton: How True! 4 months ago

Three Hills Grid is now on its new website I will be adding more pages soon. Please visit anytime.

Ferd Frederix working on a cool mesh avatar for his Sim Alexandria, please meet "Ra"

Journey to the Heart of Ancient Egypt
Immerse yourself in a world of pharaohs, pyramids, and hieroglyphs

Step into the world of Ferd Frederix-Alexandria, an Egyptian wonder.

Imagine a world where the Nile River flows through lush green fields, where majestic pyramids rise against the desert sands, and where the echoes of ancient pharaohs whisper through the ruins of temples. This is the world of Ferd Frederix-Alexandria, an Egyptian wonderland that will transport you to a time of mystery and magic. Alexandria West
Exploring Outworldz Grid by Ferd Frederix is a captivating journey through a virtual realm that spans an array of diverse and imaginative landscapes. From the enchanting realms of Mother Goose to the awe-inspiring beauty of Virunga, each sim curated by Ferd Frederix offers a unique and immersive experience. The creativity and attention to detail in these virtual environments are truly remarkable, transporting visitors to worlds inspired by fairy tales, historical wonders, and natural wonders. Alexandria, for example, beckons with its historical charm and architectural splendor, while countless other sims promise equally engaging adventures. Ferd Frederix's curation skillfully blends artistry and technology, providing a platform for users to escape reality and explore the boundless possibilities of virtual landscapes. Whether strolling through the quaint streets of Mother Goose or marveling at the majestic landscapes of Virunga, the Outworldz Grid is a testament to the limitless potential of virtual worlds, inviting all to embark on a journey of discovery and wonder. Welcome
As the day comes to a close, I couldn't let it pass without wishing a very happy birthday to someone who prefers his privacy. Your dedication to making a positive impact on the lives of others is truly commendable, and your selfless work as a philanthropist speaks volumes. Though you may not seek the spotlight, your actions shine brightly in the lives you touch. Today, I celebrate you quietly, respecting your preference for understatement. May the year ahead bring you the fulfillment and happiness you deserve for all you do. Happy Birthday to a remarkable individual who makes the world a better place in the most humble and impactful ways. 🎉🎂 Thank you Ferd Frederix, I adore you. We were all blessed when you were born.

KarinBecker: Thanks for all you do, Fred! Happy birthday! 7 months ago
This has to be the coolest lighthouse I have ever seen. Perched offshore at Ferd Frederix Outworldz Welcome what a delight to explore this! Each time I visit Outworldz there is always something new to see! Make sure you take some time out to explore this remarkable destination. Ferd has been adding new builds to Alexandria - there is always something new to see here!!
@FerdFrederix designed Dream Grid Software with one goal in mind: to revolutionize the way we load grids. Its lightning-fast performance is made possible through a combination of innovative technologies and optimizations, ensuring that your grids load at blazing speeds. A new release 5.4993 is out now, upload now!

Thank you, Ferd, your many hours invested are very much appreciated!! You are a shining testament to brilliance in coding. Nice work!

ToniaKara: I love DreamGrid and have it running at I have a lot to learn but being a nerdy girl guess it is fun! 10 months ago
3rd Rock Grid's Great Central Lake

When Estate Manager @JayR Cela invited me to see his 3x3 Water Region - Great Central Lake he mentioned how it is set up for boating fun and racing.
Please add this to your map: Central Lake. Take some time out and explore this great place!
I have rebranded the grid to Three Hills Grid. When we first named the grid we thought to name it after the magazine and since then, I have seen another grid named Virtual Grid, so as to eliminate any confusion I thought it would be best to rename it. I have always thought of Black Hills Gold as Three Hills Gold (the trio color of the gold) so naming it Three Hills Grid seemed right. The address is the same, I may also change that in the future.

While the heart and soul of Virtual-HG magazine remain unchanged, this rebranding is a testament to my profound passion for crafting intricate jewelry pieces.

Lone Wolf: I like the name. :-) 11 months ago
A friend of ours passed away over the weekend. Those of you in the SL surfing community please surf a wave for Flynn Sheridan, Cie posted this:

Sad News...
Tue, Jul 25 2023 6:47:48 AM PDT

I'm sorry I have to share the news that Flynn Sheridan passed away over the weekend. Many of our friends know that he was fighting a decade long battle with cancer. Please remember him with joy and happiness. Surf a wave in his honor and consider supporting RFL. Love to you all.

RIP Flynn

Hugabug: My sincere condolences Marianna Flynn was a great guy may he rest in peace 11 months ago

A thank you to my friend Ferd he is simply the best

Walking through the streets of Birch Grove during Pride month is like stepping into a vivid dreamscape. Rainbow flags sway in harmony with the breeze, adorning storefronts and lamp posts. Thank you @JamieAnnaWright for recognizing that all people matter.
...created by Jimmy Olsen of Alternate Metaverse Grid.  He has brought all the magic of the Real Life Alfheim. Please read about Jimmy's Photography contest-A magnificent place! Thank you Jimmy!!
Fred asked me to post this:

DreamGrid is not ending. Updates with bug fixes will continue. There
may be a V6 which will have Opensimulator Dot Net 6 code from Opensim bugs may be reported at Dreamgrid support is available via

Thank you, Fred

Mistressdalgato: thank you for all your hard work in this 12 months ago
BS News!! Please stop by Ferd's BS News Lounge to catch up on all the Crap!!

Add to map:

Sunday Funnies!!! @FerdFrederix BS News!! Read about new x-ray vision, and the opensim economy!

Lone Wolf: Brilliant thank you. 1 years ago
Guess what day it is? Sunday, well okay but what does Sunday mean? Sunday Funnies!! BS News by @Fred Beckhusen is hot off the press!

RemmyRavenhurst: I so get a good giggle reading this! :) 1 years ago
Ferd Frederix-BS News-Sunday Funnies hot off the press!! There is an inworld edition of the magazine you can pick up at the VHG HQ on the third floor.
A newly discovered supernova can be watched as it develops in real-time, online and for free.

This particular galaxy and supernova can be difficult to view in the night sky without the right conditions or telescope, however. Luckily, the Virtual Telescope Project will livestream the cosmic explosion on its website and YouTube channel as it develops via its power robotic telescopes based in Rome, Italy. The online event will kick off at 6:30 p.m. EDT (2230 GMT) on Friday, May 26 2023. Note that this event is weather dependent and could be delayed or cancelled due to poor conditions.

SheaButter: Now this is just virtual...right? Cause in real Betelgeuse, is unknown when this is to happen. It blew once in 2019 and settled in 2020, back to it's regular brightness. Next one is up to approx. 100... 1 years ago
New Building tips: Learn about the Blender Asset Browser here: I found a new toy! Learn about the Blender Asset Browser here:

RemmyRavenhurst: What is the licensing for using Blender assets? 1 years ago
I have added an InWorld BS News printed magazine that you can keep and wear as a HUD to view all the BS News Issues! please find it on the 3rd floor of the VHG Headquarters - A new issue of BS News will be out in the morning too! Thank you everyone for supporting this most excellent Ferd Frederix BS News!

I applaud those who support and adore this determined little beetle! A new adventure of Dexter the Dung Beetle.

Welcome to Etheria Grid (E Grid) to the VHG Gateways!!

You will find E Grid in the chain of islands. Next time you visit VHG please check out the gateways to various grids in the Hypergrid! Please contact me if you would like to add your gateway.

The Etheria Network: Thank you so much, it's our honour to be included in all this! Wonderful! 1 years ago
If you would like your Grid or Sim to be included in the VHG Gateway HUB-We have three available spots left. To be included please send a 1x1 OAR to Your OAR should be themed to your Grid or Sim with information signage about your Grid or Sim with a teleport sign to your place. Please contact me for more information-3 available spots left.

Sunday Funnies-BS News @ferdfrederix -A Hot new Bug Report-Learn about the EEP Glow!

Look who dropped in at VHG Headquarters-He is giving me an update about the state of the Metaverse-said there is a new newspaper called BS News that is featured here at VHG Magazine causing quite the stir! Stop by the VHG Headquarters to check out Ferd Frederix BS News Lounge-get tanked while catching up on all the BS-while there please say hi to Superman!!
Fred's Africa Gateway added to VHG Region HUB is so very cool, I love this so much and would like to extend an invitation to anyone who would like to add their Grid Gateway to my VHG region! It is a great way for others to get a taste of your grid or sim- Teleports on a sign is very cool but having a Gateway people can feel the ambiance of your grid. If you would like to add your gateway to my VHG region I would need a 1x1 OAR of your Gateway. When creating your gateway, choose your grid's theme, also add an information board of the highlights you have at your grid so that when people visit your gateway they get a sense of what you are all about! Please consider adding your gateway to the VHG HUB!
Have you heard of the Opensource Blender Video Game Yo Frankie!? Fred has created a game using all the parts of Yo Frankie! Please read about it here ------->

Jerralyn Franzic: Oh cool! *remembers to build a system avatar for better performance* (Or use one from Spax Orion...) 1 years ago
The next time you visit VHG region you will likely hear a cow moo or a lion and dragon roar! I have added the Outworldz gateways to VHG making it a 2x2 with Gateway to Dragons-Gateway to Outworldz-Gateway to Africa and we added the BS News office to the VHG Headquarters-please check the lounge while getting tanked you can get caught up on all the BS! Located on the 3rd floor

Marianna : Pick up your BS News Hoodie on the 3rd floor-----> in the BS News Lounge! 1 years ago

Ferd Frederix-BS News!! Under The Terrain-All The News That Is Lost Down There!!

Meet Dexter Dung Beetle, who happens to be the neighbor of Gracie. Dexter will be going on different adventures-Gracie will tag along too from time to time! We never know where they will end up! Thank you to @FredBeckhusen for inspiring me with this lovely determined beetle bug I simply adore him.

It's the Sunday Funnies with BS News hot off the Press!!

Another issue of BS News is hot of the Press!! #ferd #ferdfrederix #bsnews #vhg

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