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Guess what day it is? Sunday, well okay but what does Sunday mean? Sunday Funnies!! BS News by @Fred Beckhusen is hot off the press!

RemmyRavenhurst: I so get a good giggle reading this! :) 2 days ago
Ferd Frederix-BS News-Sunday Funnies hot off the press!! There is an inworld edition of the magazine you can pick up at the VHG HQ on the third floor.
A newly discovered supernova can be watched as it develops in real-time, online and for free.

This particular galaxy and supernova can be difficult to view in the night sky without the right conditions or telescope, however. Luckily, the Virtual Telescope Project will livestream the cosmic explosion on its website and YouTube channel as it develops via its power robotic telescopes based in Rome, Italy. The online event will kick off at 6:30 p.m. EDT (2230 GMT) on Friday, May 26 2023. Note that this event is weather dependent and could be delayed or cancelled due to poor conditions.

SheaButter: Now this is just virtual...right? Cause in real Betelgeuse, is unknown when this is to happen. It blew once in 2019 and settled in 2020, back to it's regular brightness. Next one is up to approx. 100... 10 days ago
New Building tips: Learn about the Blender Asset Browser here: I found a new toy! Learn about the Blender Asset Browser here:

RemmyRavenhurst: What is the licensing for using Blender assets? 10 days ago
I have added an InWorld BS News printed magazine that you can keep and wear as a HUD to view all the BS News Issues! please find it on the 3rd floor of the VHG Headquarters - A new issue of BS News will be out in the morning too! Thank you everyone for supporting this most excellent Ferd Frederix BS News!

I applaud those who support and adore this determined little beetle! A new adventure of Dexter the Dung Beetle.

Welcome to Etheria Grid (E Grid) to the VHG Gateways!!

You will find E Grid in the chain of islands. Next time you visit VHG please check out the gateways to various grids in the Hypergrid! Please contact me if you would like to add your gateway.

The Etheria Network: Thank you so much, it's our honour to be included in all this! Wonderful! 14 days ago
If you would like your Grid or Sim to be included in the VHG Gateway HUB-We have three available spots left. To be included please send a 1x1 OAR to Your OAR should be themed to your Grid or Sim with information signage about your Grid or Sim with a teleport sign to your place. Please contact me for more information-3 available spots left.

Sunday Funnies-BS News @ferdfrederix -A Hot new Bug Report-Learn about the EEP Glow!

Look who dropped in at VHG Headquarters-He is giving me an update about the state of the Metaverse-said there is a new newspaper called BS News that is featured here at VHG Magazine causing quite the stir! Stop by the VHG Headquarters to check out Ferd Frederix BS News Lounge-get tanked while catching up on all the BS-while there please say hi to Superman!!
Fred's Africa Gateway added to VHG Region HUB is so very cool, I love this so much and would like to extend an invitation to anyone who would like to add their Grid Gateway to my VHG region! It is a great way for others to get a taste of your grid or sim- Teleports on a sign is very cool but having a Gateway people can feel the ambiance of your grid. If you would like to add your gateway to my VHG region I would need a 1x1 OAR of your Gateway. When creating your gateway, choose your grid's theme, also add an information board of the highlights you have at your grid so that when people visit your gateway they get a sense of what you are all about! Please consider adding your gateway to the VHG HUB!
Have you heard of the Opensource Blender Video Game Yo Frankie!? Fred has created a game using all the parts of Yo Frankie! Please read about it here ------->

Jerralyn Franzic: Oh cool! *remembers to build a system avatar for better performance* (Or use one from Spax Orion...) 21 days ago
The next time you visit VHG region you will likely hear a cow moo or a lion and dragon roar! I have added the Outworldz gateways to VHG making it a 2x2 with Gateway to Dragons-Gateway to Outworldz-Gateway to Africa and we added the BS News office to the VHG Headquarters-please check the lounge while getting tanked you can get caught up on all the BS! Located on the 3rd floor

Marianna : Pick up your BS News Hoodie on the 3rd floor-----> in the BS News Lounge! 21 days ago

Ferd Frederix-BS News!! Under The Terrain-All The News That Is Lost Down There!!

Meet Dexter Dung Beetle, who happens to be the neighbor of Gracie. Dexter will be going on different adventures-Gracie will tag along too from time to time! We never know where they will end up! Thank you to @FredBeckhusen for inspiring me with this lovely determined beetle bug I simply adore him.

It's the Sunday Funnies with BS News hot off the Press!!

Another issue of BS News is hot of the Press!! #ferd #ferdfrederix #bsnews #vhg

Hot off the Press!! BS News! #FerdFrederix #FredBeckhusen #OpensimNews #OpensimPolice #OpensimPoliceReport #Latest #LatestTech #What'sTheBuzz
We added a fun page to Ferd Frederix Bullshit News. Ferd is bringing back to life a paper he and Debbie Edwards published: You can see the new edition of Bullshit News at on its own page: In times like these a bit of humor is called for!! Enjoy the day today, thank you for all your support!

Embrace life, and enjoy the warmth of spring. I love you. ♥ ♥

SkyRealm Observatory is a work in progress-please stop by anytime and see the transformation of this observatory. We are making progress, thank you to @FerdFrederix just wow! Also @JamieAnnaWright thank you for contributing to my clock collection!

Luna Lunaria: Reminds me of Citadel on the Isle of Wyrms in SL. Always loved that place. 2 months ago

SkyRealm Observatory~A dream realized~Thank you, @FerdFrederix

Thank you @FredBeckhusen for lending me a hand with the SkyRealm Observatory! Fred finished up the major parts of the OAR tonight and when creating the sim, I loved Darkness Papp's Rivendell surround and landscaping and thought the Observatory would fit nicely there, so I merged the two and did a bit of arranging to combine the two. I still have tweaking to do but we are getting closer~Thank you!!
Skyrealm Observatory is a work in progress. @FerdFrederix is giving me a hand with building this project. I showed him my Observatory Model and he explained it could be greatly improved with Blender modifiers like the edge modifier. It will take some time to complete it is a huge build. Thank you, Ferd for teaching me about the blender modifiers and what can be achieved, just wow!
@RhysTaylor is a brilliant astronomer whom I recently interviewed. Imagine being able to ask any question you would like about the cosmos, yes I did ask about ET
My hope is one day he will build an Observatory here in Opensim and share with us all that he has learned.

Kashi Takeshi: An observatory here in Opensim would be awesome! 3 months ago
As promised I wrote a tutorial on what I use to create 3d clothing. Whenever I learn something I have always been open and shared it with anyone who asked and also through tutorials seen at Hypergrid Business:

This helps to build a supportive and collaborative community where everyone can learn and grow together. Sharing knowledge and skills can lead to new ideas, innovations, and collaborations, which can benefit everyone involved. I know this, I hope you know it too.

Securing an OpenSimulator DreamGrid to Prevent Grief Attacks

I had the pleasure of visiting Jimmy Olsen of Alternate Metaverse Grid.  He has brought all the magic of the Real Life Alfheim. An Exceptional 4x4
It is the weekend and Weekenders cottages, huts, and grottos are available for rental. When you book a cottage with us, you can be sure that your stay will be one to remember. Our rentals provide you with the perfect combination of privacy and comfort, making it the ideal place to relax and enjoy your time away. Whether you're celebrating a special occasion or just want to get away from it all, you'll find the perfect place to make your memories. With dinners for two and dancing available, you can spend quality time with your loved one in the most romantic setting. Get ready to make your stay with us one that you'll never forget! I just added a beautiful underwater grotto completely private for your weekend stay. The rental office is located at Catena di isole ----->
Wishing you a happy and prosperous New Year! May this be a year of joy, success, and good health for you and your loved ones. Remember a New Year is a new 365 page Novel, the first day is the first page. So this year, write a good one! 2023!!

KikiBaily: Happy New Year from Kiwo Grid 5 months ago
Thank you @FredBeckhusen for adding the great new VR feature! We will be adding images to our new VHG VR page here Image shown here is Cherry Manga's exhibit Thank you Cherry!
You can see the exhibit here: Odyssey

TrisTH: I was able to enter, spectacular 6 months ago
@JamieAnnaWright invites you to share in the holidays with her and the Mendel family at Neverworld Grid. Thank you Anna, I look forward to the different holidays that you will be planning in the future.

Jamie Wright: Aww thank you:) Great post Mari! *hugs* 6 months ago

Pan and Alex Kane invite you to Kaneville Home of fresh air, fun, and life.

Hugabug: Pan & Alex have done an amazing job it is a must see hugs to you both :) 6 months ago
Working on a photo studio called MashUp! There are props to interact with for the photos and also the pose balls to become part of the scene. We have three created and will be creating more soon. This is the LM if you want to stop by and see what we are working on. Special thanks to Jamie Anna Wright for the Abbey Road texture, and Clarice Alelaria for the great warehouse!

Marianna : Thank you everyone for stopping by and taking images this is fun! I wanted to ask you if you would share those images with me so that I can add them to my website. If it is okay you can pass them to... 6 months ago
oops, I am so sorry! About 10 months ago, there was a glitch in the database here at OSW and it removed most of my friends. Satyr got it all restored fine he asked me to check and see if friends were back on the list. It looked to be complete I apologize if I missed a few, but I looked, and yes everyone (I hope) was there but I did not see that some were blocked!!!! I am so sorry! I spent the last half hour unblocking you guys can toss the tomatoes at me any time. I wondered why my chats got so quiet lmao Sorry!!
@FredBeckhusen and @DebbieEdwards invite you to visit Mother Goose at Outworldz. I have been here this morning capturing images and exploring all that is created here. You will see the Zootopia character Jeremy here too. Make sure you take some time out today and check out their Outworldz sims.
Alright, I have an update about how some grids can teleport into my grid and some cannot. We had a rebranding of the grid, and some grid's DNS cache is still showing the old continuum address. A clearing of the grid DNS cache should help clear up those failed teleports. I have tested with many grids and it works flawlessly to and from said grids. There are just a couple whose residents cannot teleport into our grid, after all the research it isn't our end. We have no bans on any avatar or grid. If you are at a grid and cannot teleport into VHG maybe try teleporting to Osgrid and then into VHG cause there are no issues with Osgrid to VHG. Thank you, everyone, for reaching out to me and letting me know you would like to visit, it isn't VHG end this time.

Jerralyn Franzic: Thanks! My OSgrid avatar can enter your grid with zero issues. Haven't tried it with my Kitely one yet. 6 months ago
Let's face it, things get completely MAD in the Hypergrid.
From technology glitches to virtual relationships it can get wacky. So in this light, we thought it would be fun to share those times here with Comics so that we all can have a bit of stress relief!

Antonia Ling: Ask Alfred E. Neumann for support. 6 months ago
2007 was a year of wanting to make positive changes - I started an environmental awareness blog “Climate of Our Future.”

Having researched the Pacific gyre and seeing all the plastics accumulating on our ocean floor was devastating to me; to learn at that time it was twice the size of Texas.

In my research, I discovered a Marine Biologist who has an incredible love for our oceans. Dr. Wallace J. Nichols, Ph.D. “J”. J was a frequent contributor to Climate of Our Future and allowed the use of any resources he had. He still does, thank you J. His philosophy The Blue Mind Rx: Our Waters Can Be Lifelong Medicine for All People. This is an important message that I wanted to share virtually.

I have added the @JoeBuilder "Barrier Reef" to my virtual installation of Blue Mind, thank you Joe. J's water philosophy is here. I keep J close in positive thoughts, two years ago his home was destroyed by fire. You can read about it here:

Thank you J for your contribution to our planet.

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