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desingner off land créa a theme terraformage deco

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construire, decoration , crée paysage and maillages

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Ne fait pas aux autres, ce que tu ne voudrais pas qu'on te fasse

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Deephouse, Funk, raggae, electro

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French Creat Home
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Welcome to Elo Créa Design Furniture & build térraform Design agency landscaping térraformage deco on theme also Furniture supply store for your home Lucky Board (Group) and Freebies Easter, Freebies Bom Women and Mens , Clothing , Stuffs Box Objects also in the shops Beach ,Greedy $ TILLIAN...
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hello I can not come to your sacrarium region I have this message every time I try to teleport. I am resident on partydestination. attached gayso thank you for seeing why we cannot enter your sacrarium areas :) Elo VitaKali https://gyazo.com/8c92e0ca499fdf92e7fac8fd7f6e1a99


hello I just tried to teleport to your region it is impossible for me to enter because a message tells me teleport faulted unable to verify identity I do not understand and do not know how to tell me about your region that I love thank you al advance (Elo VitaKali (partydestination grid)


very nice concept I am a landscaper on opensim I love your work I recommend a visit

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hello I wanted to thank you for your appreciation on my region the shadow of either I am very happy to know that this visit to my house you enjoyed . I like your region very much in my turn, very nice design, bravo to you I also recommend visiting your

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