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Party in der Südsee im Swissgrid. Next Event: Summertime Beach-Party with Live DJ. 26.6.2021 > Beginn @ 20:00
DJ Moonie's Southern Charm Blues at Rockin' the Blues!! Tonite at 6:00!
Where: Rockin' the Blues! Wyldwood Bayou
When: 6:00 tonight!! [20 Jun 2021 18:00 SLT]
It's the 3rd Sunday of the month that is reserved for our favorite Southern Blues Belle, DJ Moonie! Moonie has an extensive collection of blues tunes that includes songs from established blues artists and up and coming ones, all who perform incredible blues in many blues styles! Moonie spins the best of the best, and that, combined with the history and facts about some of them and her contagious laughter, make for a fabulously fun evening! Come on down to the Bayou
and kick back and enjoy the party with the Blues Tribe! You'll be happy you did! Bayou

"MYLOS" is a new styling proposal available

New interactive scripted infant boys and girls are available.
These are not the same babies that are birthed from the chair.

Every Sunday at the Latex Lounge out in the Battersea from 5pm Pacific. DJ Essensual will be entertaining you for hours. So polish up your latex or put on your leather and come on down.

We are not open to the public right now, We are just starting to set up Barcelos Cove.

Something stirs again in Dol Guldur, the king is dead and a shadow returns to Mirkwood ... dare you find your way to the midst of the Fortress and see for yourself?

A very simple and effective new interactive way to give birth.

3 more sets added today

NEW !! Animated cell phone with hud and also added a car and 2 motor bikes at the car shop .. go grab yours xxx

Sunday Mornin' with DJ Moonie on the Bayou Belle at 9:00AM
Where: The Bayou Belle on Wyldwood Bayou
When: 9:00AM today!
[20 Jun 2021 09:00 SLT]
Rise and shine open sim! It's a beautiful morning on the Bayou Belle and DJ Moonie is here to start your day with some fresh and sunny Blues! We'll be rollin' down the river today, musically, with some amazing blues that will start your day the right way and carry you on singing happily till evenin'! The Grand ol' Bayou Belle will be waitin' on ya and so will DJ Moonie and the Blues Tribe! Come on down to Wyldwood Bayou and join us! Bayou

100 % Linux based grid. Come check it out! Smooth and lag free environment with powerful servers NVME SSD disks! 1 gig connection port. HG -
Site -
Looking for a powerful region? Well what about our 8 gig, SSD NVME hd, 1 gig port connection, 4 dedicated cores REGION? Yep!
Our economy regions are also super powerful simulators! Check out the prices!
Did you know?

The picture frame I offer at my store has some secrets for you, the box actually will deliver you two models: classic and modern, and two versions for each model: 1:1 for square pictures and 4:3 for pictures with the aspect ratio of the profile pictures (think 1024x768 for example).

You can load as many pictures as you want inside them, and make them slideshow or just display the one you choose, and also it will full-bright the picture manually or automatically if you so desire (they go full-bright at night automatically).

I've modeled both frames from real life examples I had at home, the laziest and easiest set of references ever!

Happy Sunday!

#summer2021 #arkhamgrid
Holkham Beach

Hangin in, I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend so far. :)

Grand Opening at 26th Juni Nova Beach Resort

OSG14B - Display regions are up ! - reserve your plot today !

The dance is just starting! Stop by and join us!

DJ Kith at Rockin' the Blues 7:30 Hard Rockin' Blues!!
Where: Rockin' the Blues on Wyldwood Bayou
When: Right NOW!!! [19 Jun 2021 19:30 SLT]
It's Saturday night and Blues Daddy DJ Kith is here with a hella good set of HARD ROCKIN' Blues!! Kith has all the energy you expect and a set of Blues just the way you like them, hard, fast and OHHHH SOOOO GOOD!! We're in the second half of the most incredible double header of non stop slammin' jammin' HARD Rockin' Blues!!Come on down to the Bayou and get your Saturday night on with fun, friends and Hard Rockin' Blues!! Bayou

DJ Purrrfectt Catt Getting her Swanky on at the Black Opal 7PM

Yes! The word tonight is Swanky! Put on your best semi to full formal attire, and Join Purrrfectt Catt at the Fabulous Black Opal venue! Designed like an old speakeasy, just pass through the false front and you will find the party deeper inside! Fine Cigars, Wine, Cocktails and the music of DJ Purrrfectt Catt. Expect some blues, and many surprises as Purrr's playlist is vast and wide! Expect a great time! Join us - Tonight - For Purrrfectt Catt at the Black Opal
DJ Kith Saturday Night Special at Rockin' the Blues at 6:00 PM
Where: Rockin' the Blues!! Wyldwood Bayou
When: 6:00 tonite!
[19 Jun 2021 18:00 SLT]
DJ Kith is here tonite to spin your Saturday night Blues! Exciting, Happy, edgy, upbeat rockin' modern blues are Kith's specialty and have become staples at Rockin' the Blues! Got a blues request?? BRING IT! Kith will squeeze it in for ya! Come on down and spend your Saturday eve with us at Rockin' the Blues and have incredible fun with the Blues Tribe!! Bayou
Rogue Galaxy at the Fabulous Black Opal 6PM
Ready for a little elegant fun tonight? Join Rogue Galaxy in your semi to full formal attire at the Black Opal Gentleman's Club. Find the Black Opal just across the street from GasWorks, the landing spot will be altered to put you right there! Set up like a speak easy, pass through the false front to find the party deeper inside. Rogue will be on stage singing the blues and other fun songs for you to dance your night away! Join us for something a bit different! Put on your best, light a cigar, grab a highball and join us tonight! For Rogue Galaxy at the Black Opal!

White river kayaking is the newest feature at Hidden Dreams!. There are at least 6 drop offs where you will get wet! start at the top of the mountain and kayak all the way to the ocean!

Blue Lou! Warming up the stage for Rogue Galaxy and Purrrfectt Catt at the fabulous Black Opal venue (Across the street from GasWorks!) Semi to full formal attire suggested! Big night tonight with a whole different feel! Join us! At the Black Opal Gentleman's Club!

Visit Hobbirton and the iconic Green Dragon - and Willow Gardener, the great grand daughter of Rosie and Samwise Gamgee - its 355 FA, the king is dead, long live the King!

We've got a great crowd here at Welcome in ZetaWorlds. Listening to Khiron Ametza right now, who will be followed by Zoree Jupiter and then Missy Munk! Come join us!



Wolf Territories Station at Night with the Flying Scotsman

Samstag,den 19.06.2021
das Party Fun Radio feiert eine Party
mit viel Musik in der Dance Hall ab 20 Uhr
Dj Achim führt euch durch den Abend mit Musik der letzten Jahre
und einen kleinen Vorgeschmack auf das Konzert am nächsten Samstag
Party Fun Radio celebrates a party
with lots of music in the Dance Hall from 8pm onwards
Dj Achim will guide you through the evening with music of the last years
and a little foretaste of the concert next saturday.

NEW Men Swimsuit in our Surfshop

Because FemDom City is such a big place. I thought it might be a good idea to let your ride around the City. So, buy a scooter for $0 and ride instead of walking or flying. "Tip. when your riding" To turn a corner just back of the gas and turn. Easy. Enjoy.

The great plains of Wolf Territories 110 square miles of mountains, rivers, towns, cities. Ride the trains!

Did you know?

The mini platform is an unassuming utility thought to be used in public sandboxes or similar.

It provides a space where you can build in the air, from the control console you can move, rotate, rez a pose platform, lights, railings and a whole shell for improved privacy.

It features custom cams setups you can change with shift + left or right arrow keys so you can quickly enable or disable a function.

The mini platform is something I've been making since my days in SL, it removes the unnecessary mind clutter to let me focus on what's important: Build!

Voice free
Virtualife gives you the possibility to put the voice in your grid for free
downlod apk free

Mermaid Cove at Hidden Dreams......a fantasy world that is waiting for YOU! Put on your tail and come enjoy.

We have a real treat for you today. DJ Terra will be on the decks for a Pink Floyd exclusive set, mixing their great tracks into a wonderful Dance Mix, all combined with an outstanding light show!

Battersea sits in the Factory estates and pays homage to this legendary group with exhibits and art works. Take the Teleport from the Art Factory Square or drop this address into your map West Sea/422/450/27

Colorful, beautiful and a little bit crazy..
Come in and find out

DJ Moonie rocks the Friday Night crowd at Rockin' the Blues tonite at 7:30!
Where: Rockin' the Blues on Wyldwood Bayou
When: 7:30 tonite..Now!! :)
[18 Jun 2021 19:30 SLT]
We call her "Moonshine" but we don't let her drink any! Her crazy, cacking, Southern Belle self is already more than we can handle! Moonie's got the tunes to wind down your Friday evening but not without winding you up first! She'll be here to chat a bit, laugh a lot and spin you some sensational Friday Night Blues! Come on down! We'll leave the light on for ya! Bayou

rez a horse or take a copy of a dream horse and ride your own

Lots of boating opportunities

DJ Dick Pinelli! Bringing the Best of the Blues at 7PM

Friday Night! You know what that means? DJ Dick Pinelli is in town to delivery a complete set of the rowdiest roadhouse sounds you will hear anywhere on the Grids! DJ Pinelli doesn't stop until he's got everyone in the room dancing and shouting. Expect great selections from Dicks years of experience as a true professional. He'll bring the tunes, and a party always follows! Join us tonight! DJ Dick Pinelli TONIGHT! At GasWorks!
I've received some reports about objects not delivered in my sim, here's what I've found so far:

This problem will affect only to HG users, in particular from grids that uses the suitcase, that being said it won't affect all grids using it.

It seems to be some new phenomena, this started about a month ago tops.

You WILL receive the products you click, except they will appear in your inventory after a relog.

I can't do much about it but I'll report this as a bug at the open grid mantis.

So, tldr; this is just a bug that fixes itself upon relog, nothing to worry about but annoying nonetheless.

HG Magic, you gotta love it.
Much love guys, have a nice night.-

(Edit: I made that bonk hammer and pose for the pic, now idk what to do with it, so if anyone wants a copy of it IM me inworld)
DJ Macy spins your Blues at Rockin' the Blues tonite at 6:00PM (SLT)
Where: Rockin' the Blues on Wyldwood Bayou
When: 6:00 tonite!! [18 Jun 2021 18:00 SLT]
DJ Macy kicks off our weekend of blues at 6 pm at Rockin' the Blues, and I tell you what! Macy may be soft spoken...but man oh man can she rock the blues! Scratch that blues itch NOW!! DJ Macy got the cure you need!!! Super Blues!!! Come on down to the Bayou tonight for fun, friendship and great blues with DJ Macy, her smexy sidekick Pixey and the Blues Tribe! Bayou

It's raining at Junovia! Come by and get your free full perm copy of Aurora's rain rock with touch toggle sounds at the shack.
If you are using multiple rain rocks you may want to toggle some of the sounds off.Hope You enjoy it. Hugs :)

Free AO gifts at Junovia so that you are able to animate your avatar
when you come from another grid. Includes male/female/mermaid.

ZetaWorlds is celebrating a couple of milestones. We'd love for you to join us and party for a while. We're celebrating over 16,000 friendships and over 10,000 regions (standard)! It all starts at noon, tomorrow, Saturday June 19 at . At noon grid time, Khiron Ametza kicks us off with her lovely vocals, followed at 1pm grid time, by Zoree Jupiter who sings like an angel. Finally at 2pm grid time, live mix by the one and only Missy MunK. We look forward to seeing you!
She's BACK! DJ Emma with the TOP TEN at 5PM
Back! After a long absence DJ Emma returns to GasWorks and we're glad to see her! Emma has an amazing set of Blues in store for us including a run through this weeks Top Ten of the Blues straight from the charts! Expect nothing but the BEST of the blues when Emma sets up to DJ and tonight will be no exception. Grab some friends and slide on down to the Juke! Slide on down to GasWorks with DJ Emma!

Yellow submarine? Maybe once but now a cosy rusted hulk deep in Lupe's Magic forest - riding, sailing and more. Dj required ... message me here.

New Woman Swimsuit

Just added the Lunaria Grand Ballroom to the Kitely Market here:

You can walk through it at the Emporium on Kitely

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Thank you so so much Terra, it was a really fantastic moment. Awesome set ! I needed it !
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My first attempt rigging necklaces was not too good, it flopped around so wildly and did not move correct. I rig rings fine, but when it comes to necklaces it is more of a challenge to me, very nice ...
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oh mon dieu, Falene peut tout faire :-)