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Masala Al Kahov means "Wish upon a star". It is a Shopping Palisade that includes original builds from here in open sim made by our own builders as well as remodeled and repaired builds from other freebie grids. Original plants, original furniture as well as furniture from other freebie places. We also offer free "small shops" for folks to "rent" for $0 and place some display prims out along with a land mark back to their own region or grid. Let us be your hub! Ask us about Masala Estates while you're here. We plan to have it all from homes to hats here you can wish up on a star and you may just get your wish at the "Star Jinn Palisade" shopping mall. ALL of our builds are Free and Full Perm. When you arrive at the landing point, you will need to touch the Jinn (Genie) bottle to teleport to the main docks, OR if you're adventurous you can grab a raft from the rezzer and take your chances crossing the waters to the main landing.

Allow us to invite you to join our Friends of The Genesis Roleplay Grid HUD. Here we'll place a walk through (collision) teleporter with your logo and grid address so that when people walk through they will be teleported to your grid and the region you select. At Genesis Roleplay Grid we are working to create a more positive and cooperative atmosphere in Open Sim and we're doing it by networking grids and sharing anything that we can to help our "Friends'" grids succeed. The process is easy, contact me, Lavia Lavine, and send me your logo and the address and rezz point for your grid's chosen destination, and that's it. It's just that simple. Why do we do this? Because we want to and we can. I will also be forming a group for this for all "Friends of GRPG" to join so I can send notices and other information to those who join. Blessings and much love, Lavia.

Milly Money: we are very proud to be included as a fellow Masala Estates member with Una, for The Roleplay Grid! Thank you Lavia! :) 3 days ago
One of my very favorite flowers is the Gladiolus, and I haven't really seen any anywhere in Open Sim so, I got busy and did my best to reproduce my beloved flowers here in virtual so I can share them with everybody else. These flowers always make me smile they are so regal and beautiful. You can find them at the Star Jinn Palisade Mall in our Masala Al Kohav region at the "Create A Scene Garden Center". They're beautiful, they're free, they're full perm so have fun with them. Blessings and much love, Lavia.

Star Ravenhurst: The picture doesn't do justice to these lovely flowers. You want them in your garden! 4 days ago
This coming Saturday, April 13th, will be our grids first official dance of the year and we're celebrating having survived the eclipse! It promises to be a really fun time with fun friends and an awesome DJ, Maldrul Smith. Join us as we celebrate this milestone of 2024 for our Grid. There promises to be a lot more coming from the Genesis Roleplay Grid so stay tuned!! The party begins at 6pm grid time and lasts until 8pm grid time so get your dancing shoes on and lets party, Karamu, fiesta forever....well for 2 hours anyway. Everyone is invited, dress is casual. Blessings and much love, Lavia.
Finally completed, though there may be upgraded versions in the future. The Chateau de Marqueur Royal Manor, a creation of my imagination is massive and as over 1500Li, but in open sim I'm told that's a drop in the bucket. Anyway, it has two large royal living chambers that you can decorate as you like, 12 guest or employee rooms each with their own fireplace, and there is ample space for kitchen, dining, library, and a social/ballroom. It has two massive dual sided marble fireplaces that are a little fancy, beautifully carpeted stairs and unique banisters. It also has a huge inground pool shrouded from prying eyes by lightweight curtains. I think you'll find this build enjoyable and fun and it's waiting for you in the Star Jinn Palisade Mall on the Masala Al Kohav region. It's free, and it's full perm. You can find it in the Isle de Marqueur region of our grid. ( Isle de Marqueur ) It is boxed and waiting by the pool at the Chateau. Blessings and much love, Lavia
Contact me in world if you're looking for a home and a place to grow your creative self on your very own region. Genesis Roleplay Grid is one grid where the Role you play is up to you! From Writers, Character players, builders, artists, decorators, landscapers, terraformers, designers, developers and scripters, every role is important to the community. Message me in world and we'll hammer out the details. Blessings and much love, Lavia.
Ask and ye shall receive. The church I made was loved but, far too big for my friend's needs, so when I suggested something smaller, it was agreed I'd make a chapel and this is it. A really beautiful little stone chapel that has a wonderful warmth to it and it comes fully decorated and furnished. It's free, full perm, and waiting for you at the Star Jinn Palisade in our Masala Al Kohav region. Blessings and much love, Lavia.
The New Best Friends Pet Center (and mini zoo) is now open for all who would like to visit and maybe find your fur-ever friend. There are canines, felines, equines, reptilian, aquatic and fantasy critters, and all are Animesh to add that "alive touch" to your region or home. They are free and they are for you. Blessings and much love, Lavia

Milly Money: Easily the best pet resource on the entire Open Sim. My members love pets and animals, and we got everything we could ever want here!!!!! Awesome work Lavia, WOW!!!! 20 days ago
We are changing out our teleport system for one that is more amicable and user friendly so please bear with us while we change this, in the meantime the old system is still in place. Blessings and much love, Lavia
This build is not originally my own, I've taken something that someone else built and made many changes such as added actual windows and working doors and a TP to the "attic" or "secret room" none of which worked before. By adding actual windows you can now put the curtains of your choice in as well as furniture.

I have more, or less, modernized a beautiful old building to restore it's original glory so to speak, but with my own twist as the windows and the walls they are in are my mesh build, the stairwell has been improved and made of mesh instead of a spiral, skewed, tube prim. I have added 3 way touch lights in different areas and repaired the doors so they all work and I have totally retextured the build with a richer more affluent looking texture.

I think you will find this build to be elegant and functional at the same time.

Blessings and much love,
We are working on a full pet shop and a mini zoo for folks to enjoy. You can look at the beautiful Animesh animals and find a pet to take home and love. But for now, the shop is not open as we want folks to have the full pleasure of it being completed before it's open to visit. We're trying to make this a complete Animesh pet shop and zoo. We think you'll love it. Blessings and much love, Lavia.
For this build I started with a wall I had made for a House I was working on, then I wondered how it would look as an outdoor thing and viola! The Wistful Shelter came to life. Decorated with wisteria and a few other plants, it is polished brass with a beautiful mosaic floor sure to please anybody. It's free, it's full perm, and it's waiting to beautify your region in a garden, on a beach, or just as a yard decoration. I have my greedy game inside it. You can find it in the "Create a Scene" area of the Star Jinn Palisade Mall in our Masala Al Kohav region. Blessings and much love, Lavia.
The new Kugelstuhl complete with AVsitter so the sits are adjustable. You'll need to play with it a little but it works well. It's cute, it's full perm and it's waiting to decorate your home, patio, poolside or even beach or garden. You can find it in Lavia's Little Corner in the Star Jinn Palisade Mall on the Masala Al Kohav region. Enjoy! Blessings and much love, Lavia
My build from the weekend, it's called Kippah Romantica which translated means, Dome of Romance. The first level has a swimming pool with plenty of room for poolside tables and chairs and maybe a bar. Second floor has plenty of room for a dance area. Some folks wonder why I don't decorate the builds more, well....I think people like to decorate their own to their own tastes and they can take great personal pride in that. So this is full perm and free and waiting to decorate your region. It is partial mesh to reduce the overall prims. Pick one up and have fun with it. Blessings and much love, Lavia.
Decided to try my hand at a 2nd Zigurat - didn't turn out too badly, though it's not boxed or free to be copied yet as it's part of the Mall. I plan to put a screen with video's of our grid on it and plenty of information about our grid, our shops, and available land. Come and look around you might actually find an original build you like. Blessings and much love, Lavia
We have 1st and 2nd floor shared shop spaces available in our mall region that are rent free, we also have private shop space rentals with room to expand. All Shops include a touch TP back to the owner's grid and region to their main shop.
We also have regions available, just ask.
Something new at the Star Jinn Palisade Mall located on the region Masala Al Kohav! A floating fantasy home compete with garden and teleport access. Three floors and a beautiful modern staircase and all with a very elven touch and a log bridge connecting the garden. Use it for fun, or use it for role playing or just to decorate your fantasy build. It's waiting just for you and it's full perm and free. Blessings and much love, Lavia.

The Star Jinn Palisade Mall at dusk - come visit, shop, talk to me about setting up a small shop or even a land transaction because Genesis is where creating starts!! Blessings and much love, Lavia

I'm excited about our very newest shop opening at last. Indigo's Market and Boutique with beautiful items that are unique! Stop by and check it out, you're gonna love it!! You can find it on the Teleport Billboard...Indigo's Market & Boutique! Open for your shopping pleasure.

IndigoQueen King: Thank you Lavia for the space and the opportunity to share my creations on your amazing grid. Huggs you tight :))) 2 months ago
Well they did it again, the left me unattended with building tools in my reach and so this is what happened, my 2nd attempt at a tree, this one is a lemon tree. It's cute, it's full perm, free and waiting for you in Lavia's Little Corner of the Star Jinn Palisade Mall in the Masala Al Kohav region of my grid. We can all use a little lemonade or lemon water and you need a lemon tree for the lemons, you really do, on your region, yes you do. :) Blessings and much love Lavia
Love is in the air, that or someone is baking snickerdoodles!! I've made some nice soft pillows for your Valentine's Day Decorating or for just general decorating. They come in 8 different colors surrounded by white ruffles and they are free, full perm, and waiting for you in "Lavia's Little Corner" of the Star Jinn Palisade Mall in the Masala Al Kohav region of our grid. You may copy 1, 2, 3, or all. They are not scripted but you can script them if you like. Enjoy and have an awesome day! Blessings and much love, Lavia.

Star Ravenhurst: Good work Lavia!! How sweet! I would like to mention that we have a large Selea Core Collection at Star Jinn Palisade Mall. I cleaned up, reorganized, and reboxed everything from anywhere, plus, I had... 2 months ago
We have 3 new vendors preparing to set up shops in our Star Jinn Palisade Mall here in the Masala Al Kohav region. As soon as they are ready to open will let you know and you can come check out their shops and see their positively gorgeous work. Indigo's Market & Boutique, The Heart of The Matter Boutique and Thorvaldr's Forge. We have shops available if you're looking for a place to display your work for others to enjoy. It can be free or you can set it to be bought, we just provide the space. Our spaces are free though donations are appreciated to help defer the cost of the grid. Blessings and much love, Lavia.
See here we go again! I'm all bored and stuff so I build stuff! :D Anyway, this is a cute little "plain jane" type Bistro set, brass, glass and tufted purple leather seats complete with AVsitter. It is free and full perm so have fun with it. You can find it at our Star Jinn Palisade Mall in the Masala Al Kohav region of the Genesis Roleplay Grid. It's waiting for you in Lavia's Little Corner. Enjoy!! Blessings and much love, Lavia.
Another BRAND NEW original build in our Mall region - Lavine's Mountainview Victorian Manor. It's beautiful and it's yours for the taking CMT and free. This house boasts 3 bedrooms and one bathroom upstairs and Kitchen, Dining/living room combination and a small den/study downstairs; two gorgeous spiral stair wells with stain glass window walls and a built in fireplace that has two "wood storing" cabinets and spindle with stained glass shelves as well as Marble mantle and a black cast spark screen. Come, check it out, take it home. You can't beat the price as it's free. Blessings and much love, Lavia.
Our newest addition to the Star Jinn Palisade is my mixed prim and mesh Victorian Home. It features a wrap around porch, full basement, beautiful kitchen space with spindle shelves and a small breakfast counter and an arched doorway that leads to the dining space as well as a very open living room. Spiral stairs accent the small towered portion that is adorned with stained glass windows. Upstairs there is a Master bedroom with doors to a 2nd floor balcony, and there is a 2nd bedroom and bathroom. Walnut flooring and Victorian era wallpaper. And the Lattice work is 3D mesh; It's a little prim heavy but for the detail and beauty it can give to your sim, it's worth it. Blessings and much love, Lavia
There's a new house on the block at our Star Jinn Palisade Mall here on Masala Al Kohav! It is called Casa A Schiera the Terraced House. It's a full size house with the quaint appeal of a townhouse. It is free, full perm and ready to go, add this to your region for a special touch of elegance and uniqueness. Blessings and much love, Lavia
MORE NEW STUFF!! A big ole basket of 'taters as we call them here in Pennsylvania! There are white taters, russet taters and red taters for your RP decorating pleasure for kitchen, basement, shed, wherever your little heart desires. They are free and full perm and you'll find them in Lavia's Little Corner here at Masala Al Kohav's Star Jinn Palisade Mall. Blessings and much love, Lavia.
NEW STUFF!! An elegant antique look canister set + large storage jar for your kitchen. This set is a nice finishing touch for any counter top or shelf in your kitchen. They are free and full perm and you can find them in Lavia's Little Corner here at Masala Al Kohav's Star Jinn Palisade Mall. Blessings and much love, Lavia.

Wishing everyone the very best of holiday blessings and may you have a very happy, healthy, prosperous and blessed 2024. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

Our good friend Thorvaldr Ragnarsson has joined our grid and plans to open a specialty shop called THORVALDR'S FORGE, where he will make his own builds available to all who would like them. His theme is primarily Norse in nature and he, like all of our builders here on the grid, wish to make our original builds free to all at our mall. As soon as he's ready to open his shop, we will make it available to the public but for now, it's just in the makings though it is COMING SOON!!!! Blessings and much love, Lavia
A new addition to our Holidays & Seasons department at Star Jinn Palisade Mall located at Masala Al Kohav. Decided to get a little creative with the Wash Basin I made and changed the texture then added some plants that I've collected. For you, I have made this Christmas Planter, the perfect centerpiece for your Christmas Dining table, Fireplace Mantle, Coffee Table, just about anywhere you need a Beautiful Centerpiece. It is Free, C/M/T, and waiting for you at Masala Al Kohav's Holidays & Season's department. Just use the TP billboard to find it. Blessings and much love, Lavia
Another of my attempts to build something fully in Blender, a ceramic water pitcher and wash basin, perfect for potting flowers and arrangements and also great for old west role play. This comes in a fat pack with 8 different textures and it's free, C/M/T, and waiting for you in "Lavia's Little Corner" of the Star Jinn Palisade Mall aka Masala Al Kohav. So come, wish upon a star, and you may just find what you're looking for. 90% of the builds are originals and a blend of mesh and prim. Drop by and visit all the sites and shops in our 4x4 region mall. Blessings and much love, Lavia

Lillysparks: Oh my gosh that is gorgeous! Nice work! 5 months ago
A pretty new Christmas Decoration for you. An evergreen wreath with lights, Christmas ball ornaments and red ribbon just waiting to grace your home for Christmas with quiet, delicate beauty. Mesh and 3D and full perm. You can find it in the Holidays & Seasons department of Star Jinn Palisade Mall in our Masala Al Kohav region. Blessings and much love, Lavia.
A little something I made to enjoy on your region, it's not perfect but it sure is fun! A vintage hot air balloon with basket and chairs to sit while you ride and enjoy your region or give a balloon tour of your region. It is C/M/T and waiting just for you in the "Patio & Outdoor" department of our Star Jinn Palisade Mall in our Masala Al Kohav region. Blessings and much love, Lavia
One of my older builds from the former grid though I've made some adjustments and added a couple things and now it's ready for you to give it a home in your beautiful region. This fine church comes with a few decorations, working doors and pews with sits. It is C/M/T though some of the mesh parts may not be agreeable to retexture. I hope you will enjoy it as it would be a gorgeous place for a wedding, baptism, Sunday service, or even a comforting place to hold a memorial service. You can find it here at the Star Jinn Palisade Mall in the Masala Al Kohav region. I look forward to building more for you to enjoy. Blessings and much love, Lavia.
Our newest creation on the grid, the Pineview Townhouse. It has a garage, kitchen, living room on the first floor and Den/Study, bedroom and bathroom on the 2nd floor and a deck on the 2nd floor as well, bay door and window entrance with the same on the 2nd floor. The windows are 3/D not flat texture and there is a lot of nice detail and all only 147 Li. It is full perm copy, modify, transfer though the mesh may make modifying, other than texture, a bit difficult. It is free and waiting to grace your region as a beautiful manor or townhouse. Blessings and much love, Lavia.
They are out and about, The Snow Family!! Mr., Mrs., Little Johnny and Little Missy and Pup and Kitten Snow will all make a wonderful and adorable addition to your holiday decor. They are full perm and free in our Holidays & Seasons department. They're just something very fun and I hope you like them!! Blessings and much love, Lavia.
Let this little cutie grace your landscape with vibrant but gentle colors. The flax plant with it's beautiful little flower will be the "star" of your garden, sidewalk, outdoor planter or vase. You'll find it exclusively at the Create A Scene Garden Center in the Star Jinn Palisade Mall. There is so much to see there and so many beautiful things. Stop in and feast your eyes and dare to dream of a beautiful scene that you can create. These pretty little flowers are full perm and free for you. Blessings and much love, Lavia

Xaria Aubrey: Awesome, Lavia 7 months ago
The Pumpkin House that traveled with us from the Old grid to the new. One of our many original decoration creations. It can be used as a fantasy home or shrink it and make it a decoration on a table, the possibilities are endless...pretty much... it's in the Holidays & Seasons department of the mall. Blessings and much love, Lavia
The kids are back to school, Labor Day is upon us, soon it will be Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas and New once again thoughts of our favorite holidays are upon us, of wonderful family celebrations and sharing time, laughs and love. So we've designed some items for you to decorate your region with for the holidays. Stop by our Holidays & Seasons shop, the TP is located on the large TP board. We'll be adding more Autumn and Harvest things you can use for halloween and Thanksgiving and we've added some Christmas items. It isn't much but it's original builds. We look forward to seeing you at the Mall. Blessings and much love, Lavia.
You will find that all but very few of the homes and buildings on display at the Star Jinn Palisade Mall are original builds. Even our shop buildings are original builds. Everything is free and very nearly everything is full perm and we're adding more as we get the stuff done. Stop by and check it out. Blessings and much love, Lavia

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Callsen Bracken Very well done constructions, thank you for the warm welcome, and detailed visits.
Endora I, for one, happen to love original builds and things that are beautifully made and textured. Guess some people don't appreciate it but I sure do. This mall is HUGE, fully 4x4 and filled with all kinds of things and has vendors from all over Open Sim who have shops here. I encourage you to visit ...
CherylBlossom looks like someone digged out freebies from 2004!

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