Stag Hollow
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A great time in the old west circa 1840 to 1890. Stepping back in time to hand pumped water, horses and carriages, cowboys, and Indians. Homes available to th...
Masala Al Kohav
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STAR JINN PALISADE: Masala Al Kahov means "Wish upon a star". It is a Shopping Palisade that includes original builds from here in open sim made by our own bu...

Gentle Fire Grid
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Welcome to Gentle fire grid a place called home good place to start over and a good place to begin meet many friendly people's admins and elders of the grid you mostly will find them at the welcome center or either their homes they are always a way to get in contact with each and every one...? eit...

The Promise Land
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A reconstruction of the early city of Jerusalem, later called The City of David. This build is done for the historical significance and architectural beauty of...
The Sandbox
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This is our sandbox region which we use for our Beginning Builders Classes and for grid builders to create and design. This sandbox is open only to grid member...
The Land of Xzar
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The Land of Xzar is a world that has recovered from a long period of war and destruction and is now ruled by a cruel and oppressive leader named Hadean. Despite...
Lioness Den
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An African Savanna wildlife habitat reserve. Here you will find many of the animals of the beautiful land of Africa, also plants and flowers. Walk, ride or fl...
Ezra's Place
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Haven of Memories
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This is a place where people from all over open sim can come to hold prayer vigils for the families of lost loved ones or for those who are potentially fighting...
Giza Egypt
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Home of the great pyramid and a place where the Ancient pasts melds into the modern with plenty of homes for someone who would like to live there and they're fr...
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They say you can't go home again, and in real life that is true. Often all we are left with are memories of the home we grew up in, or of a home we lived in th...
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