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Maple Valley
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In a Galaxy far away Nestled in the Heavens of Maple Valley. Hides a Universe that is a Twin to the one that we live in. Visit that Galaxy at the SpacedOut Club. Explore the Space Station and enjoy th...
I just caught up with the craziness about Lone stealing a floor from Marianna. Looks like she saw my post yesterday about our first monthly social with a picture of my Lotus Club on Luxor. it has a big circular dance floor with a blue arcane texture. I guess she assumed Lone stole that idea the day before yesterday's event and added to his Social region (which doesn't exist). That picture was from my Gala 6 months ago at the Lotus Club and which I built on Luxor a year ago. I have that same exact texture on one of my hypergates at Luxor. I have used that texture for years. I love arcane textures, especially on floors and ceilings - I have them on a floor in Castle Ceridwen and in my main store in the Magic and Mysteries room.

Ginger Snaps (Snips): Luna, well done. I know that when people tell lies about me and falsely accuse me of things, then vehemently deny it, it is infuriating, disheartening, and hurtful. Thank you for sharing the facts. 2 minutes ago

Tranquil quarter-region parcels with waterfront access are available for rent. Enjoy the peaceful water views from your own private sanctuary for just $39 per year.

What Are You Looking For?
After the closing of the much-beloved (and, at times, the much-reviled) Adachi, I thought about opening a place called Not-Adachi. Starting the "What Are You Looking For" group was easier. Now, after just 4 months, we have 78 members. We are the largest and most active group on OWS.

I appreciate the thanks directed my way for starting the group. But the thanks should go to our many helpers. They are the reason What Are You Looking For is such a success. Here are just some of them.

FallenAngel Absent
Star Ravenhurst
Jamie Wright
Jadwiga Abremović
Jupiter Rowland
Serina Gee 
Misty Falls

(Forgive me if I've missed including your name).

How great is this group? Someone was looking for an item that could not be found. So a group member made it for them! Come post about items you are, well, looking for. Outfits, builds, shops, services, skills, and so on. And, please, come help.

Tigerkitti Eberdene: I have a new sim called Darkness Falls. i am searching for anything Goth related. Furniture, clothing etc. If anyone has suggestions that would be great. I have modified some furniture I found, and ma... 21 minutes ago

Ellen: kinda looks like old bread to me ...shrugs 2 hours ago
This is the new Star Lounge I added a month ago, to find it you take the teleport up to the observatory on the floating mountain. Then at the landing go to your right till you see the sign Star Lounge and right up that ramp you will see it. Thank you for stopping by to check it out. I have more to add to the Observatory when I get it all uploaded.

Marilyn Romper - Athena & Reborn

Come to Baker Street ( tp from the main TP board for the land, at the Arrival area) , see Sherlock's 221 B flat and right next door, Speedy's!

Sit down and relax, have a bite to eat before exploring the rest of London and its outskirts!

Speedy's and Sherlock's Flat lovingly re created with homage to BBC Sherlock :)

Brittania once again is open and receiving visitors, soon to be accepting residents as well!

Come enjoy our take on London, complete with working dining, Sherlock's 221B and Baker Street, the Thames, Scotland Yard, St Barts, many British features and lots to walk around and see. Ever being added to, and always a work in progress.

Based heavily on BBC Sherlock, with many additions.

Zoree Jupiter Live
New Club Fire
Gentle Fire Grid
Semi Casual attire

peeking in the garden....;-)
location : Cafe and Bar des Présidents

thedeeferry: Cute photo. ♥ ( ⌒▽⌒ ) 8 hours ago
I needed to create a car spawner/rezzer for my city (since I can't allow a single space for rez items), so I needed to code this, which allows you to configure cars to be rezzed on designed points, it's split into 3:

- Car spawner (parking): must contains the cars available to be spawned, note the name of the item you put there since you'll need to configure it on the rezzer machine
- Rezzer machine: Here it contains 2 notecards: CFG (configuration) and CARLIST (cars to be rezzed)
- Temporary object: It will have the script to rotate and listen the finall call to destroy itself (when moving to other car or reset)

The panels for images can be modified and added several, just look at the config value from there.

It's full perm, copy transfer including the scripts, you can modify it, do whatever, if you do a modification remember to keep the credits.

It's the first version, maybe it will have some bugs, but I tried to have the best code quality for it.
If you have a question, or found something remember to contact me.
Once I can, I'll do a better guide (there is one included on the object), you must copy or right click buy it (since the object contains all the scripts, the notecard, rezzer, spawner and instructions)

You can get it on: on my freebies mall (same landing point)
I used some cars of Prince Armor from his Region as demo and are the ones currently which can be spawned on my city for drive (these are not included, if you like them go to their region ^^)

Monica Cloud: If there is any trouble, or something I forgot (perms for example), tell me and I'll fix it and update once I fixed it. 9 hours ago

Tonight we open our new space
Palms n beach a lovely place
Henk will spin n beat is fast
It's gonna be a total blast
So come to Lovely Club tonight
Evening will be outtasight

Hello everyone, We have been laying low and working hard on a new track to ride. Bring what you like to ride or grab what we have here, visit the places along the way, and pick up many free items. The track is custom made; my husband has many plus bikes for sale in SL. He has made this track for an open sim, and if you like a copy, just ask him. We are not finished; there are many more things yet to do. Enjoy; please do not fly here.

Dallas is still in Aviworlds. 
DJ Rich Rocks Caribou SkyInn 12-14 SLT

AVs from all Grids Welcome

Shemale Ladyboy TG 18+ M F Women Men Neko Furry Others

Best Shops - new mesh bodies, outfits, animations - Petite Reborn Legacy Athena. GRIMM

18+. Short or tall. Ask Jeanne. No groups.

Be safe as 18+. Nobody else offers this, only Caribou.

Free Private Homes, Islands, Hideaways for Caribou Grid Avatars. Others Ask Jeanne. Full Owner Rights.

Magnificent view of the Bay Bridge from one of the Boston Regal flats.

Come rent, make your home here in South Boston! Apartments and homes, more going up all the time. Live in Boston, we'd love to see you here! Find the area from the main TP boards at the Arrival in City of Boston, 'Live in Boston' is at the top!

hop:// Of Boston/821/1369/22
Just opened, apartment living at Boston!

Come rent a flat, 300 prims allowed, enjoy living in Boston with all the wonderful sights and sounds, so much to do! Side windows with great views, tinted for your privacy, you can see out, no one can see in!

Get the Residents Group at the location here.

hop:// Of Boston/821/1369/22
Something new at the Star Jinn Palisade Mall located on the region Masala Al Kohav! A floating fantasy home compete with garden and teleport access. Three floors and a beautiful modern staircase and all with a very elven touch and a log bridge connecting the garden. Use it for fun, or use it for role playing or just to decorate your fantasy build. It's waiting just for you and it's full perm and free. Blessings and much love, Lavia.


Aurora Starchild: Wow, qué pasadam :O de "chupa la punta!" 14 hours ago
Was eine Nacht …
Volle Bude, volle Bässe, voller DJ 🙂
Es kommt ja vor das meine Mukke den Leuten die Schuhe auszieht,
aber in der verruchten Zappelbude zieht es den Leuten immer die Klamotten aus. 😀
Eine Stunde Vorprogramm, zwei Stunden reguläres Set, eine Stunde Zugabe, man war das geil.
Danke Leute, das wiederholen wir.

... aber seht selbst >
Heute im German World Grid - Big Party mit DJ Drangur Kray Er läd ein zu 80er, 90er, Schlager, Pop, Rock und lockere Sprüche. Lasst es euch nicht entgehen, wir freuen uns auf euch!
Big party with DJ Drangur Kray He invites you to 80s, 90s, hits, pop, rock and casual sayings. Don't miss it, we look forward to seeing you!

Hey everyone, we have a new region now just for karaoke! I, when I can will host karaoke once a month. Come on out March 14th , bring your karaoke music urls and have rocking karaoke beach party.

Dancing on the Dock: EDM-Electronic Dance Music with DJ Kith tonight at Hot Daddy's!
Region: Wyldwood Bayou Hot Daddys
Event begins: 2024-02-26 18:00 SLT
Added by: Kith Whitehawk
DJ Kith loves Electronic Dance Music in all its forms. Like the Blues; EDM has evolved into multiple sub genres and Kith spins them all. Whether your dancing groove is Trance, Techno or Dubstep you'll dig what Kith will be spinning for the Tribe at Hot Daddy's. Dress the part or come as you are; Tribe will guarantee the fun! Wyldwood Bayou Hot Daddys
Due to rl issues mainly my internet going in and out i am rescheduling tonights seaside karaoke ,,, i will most likely hold it on next monday if they fix the issues completely thanks for your understanding !!hugs Mystic

Rice Tyler and John Rocky streaming live now at Seahaven Red Rock.

Join us at Seahaven for two hours of Rock with Rice Tyler @ 3:00pm and John Rocky @ 4:00pm today hop://

Wanda Top - LaraX & Reborn (Bonnie&Clyde)
26 colors

Yusuf and Kaspian on Sale Day. An invite to a foreigner, what breed of man is the Frenchman?

Mikhelashvili-Abir Clan, the Patriarchs have passed. Sale Day

Back to the carefree time .
Let's shout it out to the world
“Love, Peace and Happiness”
❤ WHO: DJ Nasti
❤ WHAT: ♪ 60's, 70's,
❤ WHEN: 10 SLT !!!!

♫ ♬ ♪♫ ♬ ♪ ♥ ♡ If you′re going to Tosca
Be sure to wear some flowers in your hair
If you're going to Tosca
You′re gonna meet some gentle people there

For those who come to Tosca
Summertime will be a love-in there
In the streets of Tosca
Gentle people with flowers in their hair. ♫ ♬ ♪♫ ♬ ♪ ♥ ♡


We look forward to seeing you

TailorNova: Kultparty trifft auf Kult Djane. Was für eine Megaschöne Flower Power Party im Tosca präsentiert von Nasti. Wenn jemand solch eine Party auf der Berg des Olymps bringen kann wird es nur Nasti Bakerly ... yesterday

The Star Jinn Palisade Mall at dusk - come visit, shop, talk to me about setting up a small shop or even a land transaction because Genesis is where creating starts!! Blessings and much love, Lavia

Hello Everyone! We are having our Weekly Event today!
Come join us for some great DJ's Half the DAY!

Radio DJ Club
2/26 12/1pm DJ Golbez
2/26 1/2 pm DJ Thalion
2/26 2/3 pm DJ Lucas
2/26 3/5 pm DJ Eagle

Die grosse Tanznacht mit DJ Mick Florido

HEUTE - Die grosse Tanznacht mit DJ Mick Florido im German World Grid. Wir starten um 20 Uhr mit Schlager, Rock & Pop und würden uns freuen wenn du mit dabei wärst!
Toda - The big dance night with DJ Mick Florido. We start at 8 pm cet with hits, rock & pop and would be happy if you were with us
The first ever Monthly Social for Wolf Territories Grid is today at 11 am grid time (pst) at Luxor in the Lotus Club, and teleport routing will drop you right there. This is a great way to meet residents on the grid and get to know one another and share stories. Greedy tables are set up courtesy of GMInteractive and there's a dance floor as well.

IndigoQueen King will be our DJ for the event which will last 1 1/2-2 hours but everyone can stay as long as you like. Voice will be on for those who prefer. The Luxor region will also be open for those who want to explore together - tour boats are available in multiple locations and hold up to 4 people including the driver. The event is listed on our WT website here: under the Events tab, and in the Destination Guide in world.

Here's the limo: hop://
HG Address is

Lone Wolf: Amazing Social. I had such a great time! 2 days ago
We happy to announce that our new Mall is opened right now !

As you seen we didnt posted new updates the last 2 Weeks. We used the Time to build a Custom Mall for more space so we can grow.

Why a new Mall? We builded a modular System so we do not need always to change the Land. Every Store got a own Brand name so do not be confused about :)

We got so much new stuff done:
* Male Hair Shop as Requested ( 60+ Hairs with 6 Variation )
* Wedding Shop with Suits & Dresses
* Mesh Nail Shop
* Furniture Shop
* Decoration Shop
* Flower Shop
* Skin Shop ( ofcourse with new Skins )
* Sound Shop
and much more!

As requeseted there is allready a Inworld Group Joiner.
We hope that you like the new Mall and ofcourse there will come more stuff for you.

Happy Shopping,
Amelia & Hertha

Sylvia-Koeln: Thx for the quick and friendly Help 2 days ago
Complete Rental System v1.0

. Two types of lands renting:
Rent Owner : Renter own the land
Rent Group : Renter get group privileges
. 3 ways of calculating pricing:
$Sqm, $Prim, $Fixed
. Price set on server and or Rental Box
. OS$ Money system ( $G Gloebit)
. Rental unit settings:
4- or 8-weeks mode
. Display Rentals with Cards
. Automatic group Invite (or not, as you wish)
. TOS Distribution
. Output Statistics on Notecard or MySql DB API

Complete syteme comprised of:
. Rental Box
. Rental Server
. Kiosk Browser
. Map Kiosk


Lone Wolf: *** DO NOT TAKE THIS ITEM FROM THE SHOP *** Apparantly I just come to rip off ideas, when in fact I could build myself anything you have. 2024-02-24 08:12:42 Lone Wolf http://grid.wolfterritories... 2 days ago

Monsters Ball & Katrina's Birthday are today!
3pm to 5pm grid time

Xaria Aubrey: Thanks to everyone who visited and helped to make this years Monsters Ball a great success. 2 days ago
The ORIGINAL Latex Lounge Fetish Dance with live DJ Molly Sheryffe - Tonight at 5pm Pacific!

Come join in for some great music and a great group of people who've been in the BDSM and Fetish business for over 10 years in Opensim! Free LATEX gift every week!!

Starts at 5pm PST!!
Hey Everyone 🙂 I'm Performing at The Sky Ballroom tonight!
I would love it if you would join us! Come request
some of your favorite Jazz & Ballads!
» Шhen: ❈ ∵∴4:00PM OST / 7:00PM EST∵∴ ❈
» Dress: ❈ ∵∴ SEMI-FORMAL/FORMAL∵∴ ❈
» Ride: hop://

come join us mon feb 26th 5pm grid time!

The Box
FreshVirtualWorld 18 minutes ago
someone seem to have left a door open from the mental hospital @Pagane escaped again. i don't hide. new account yes but no i don't hide not for you not for nobody.
CyberGlo CyberStar 3 hours ago
X( Weevils have got in my flour, rice, beans, and pasta! >:( Time for some novacide!
CyberGlo CyberStar 3 hours ago
The hanging gardens of babylon would be such a nice build...
Arielle 5 hours ago
Yes Adachi had a lot of items I didn't realize I even needed till I found it there. That is what I found was different there.
Mistressdalgato 6 hours ago
there was a post at one point about hosting issues, i remember that clearly. its not hard to just put all regions back up. but can we all move on from this convo. we get that oni was adachi but the store are one the big reasons everyone went there.
Nico Kalani 6 hours ago
As Oni wrote on the story board found at the Tribute Club, he assembled "skilled creators who helped create one of the most popular grids in OpenSim". I think that we were all human people, but there were a few I wondered about.
Pagane 7 hours ago
Adachi and Oni was not #2 in your stupid and FAKE rank!!! Adachy was FRIENDS, HUMANS, was Oni.... mentaly ill racers cannot understand this....
Nico Kalani 7 hours ago
FleshwoundWhirled is my newest fave-rave trollette. But Fleshie is right. Everyone should forget about what was the #2 grid in OS. Jeeze, that's old news. Time to move on. :)
Pagane 7 hours ago
@FreshVirtualWorld how can you haters be so hopelessly dimwitted? New account, one month old... at least you had remembered not to put a link in your profile to Is this a tragedy or a madhouse comedy???
Nico Kalani 7 hours ago
I'm sorry if I haven't been clear. Hosting was not an issue. We didn't want anyone to host. We were going to clean up the inventory, box it up, and give everything to everyone. We didn't have time to do that before Maurice passed. That's OK. The Adachi stuff is found just about everywhere anyways.
Mistressdalgato 8 hours ago
if hosting was an issue for the regions, my offer was there. but it seems there lost forever.
FreshVirtualWorld 10 hours ago
@xinashi u are pathetic your obsession is unhealthy move on. adachi was just a simulator. there is many like it. where you can meet people if u are lonely in real life..
FreshVirtualWorld 10 hours ago
i have be ignoring your bulshit and dum post for some time. but im gone block you now because your borderline behavior is legit freaky and creepy.
Marianna 11 hours ago
Learn Blender use your time learning how to create, less time in this box it is fun to create, try it
Marianna 11 hours ago
Look how cute this is
Marianna 11 hours ago
Looking for content like SL look here!!
Marianna 11 hours ago
Everybody knows the best place to find things is by far the most extensive resources ever~ thank you @ferdfrederix
Nico Kalani 12 hours ago
People also went to Adachi to hang out and dance, Visit the rebuild of the Big A landing zone: hop:// Mike the Stoner awaits you.
Nico Kalani 12 hours ago
Many people went to the Big A to find stuff. Now, for specific items, go to "What Are You Looking For" For a crowd-sourced general shopping guide, go to "What I Found in OS"
FreshVirtualWorld 12 hours ago
my suggestion is to learn make stuff yourself so u dont have the be begging like all the other newbies here on this forum or go back to second life if u want a second life experience.
KatKakoola 12 hours ago
To draw a line under all this BS - I suggested that people check Nico's group in order to find stuff much as people used to flock to Adachi. It didn't seem contentious until you made it so.
KatKakoola 12 hours ago
@Fresh - yes I do have Oni's Discord ID but I won't bug Oni - I'm sure quite enough do that. I note that your behaviour here seems remarkably similar to the way people acted leading to Oni leaving.
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New Comments

Ginger Snaps (Snips) 2 minutes ago
Luna, well done. I know that when people tell lies about me and falsely accuse me of things, then vehemently deny it, it is infuriating, disheartening, and hurtful. Thank you for sharing the facts.
Tigerkitti Eberdene 21 minutes ago
I have a new sim called Darkness Falls. i am searching for anything Goth related. Furniture, clothing etc. If anyone has suggestions that would be great. I have modified some furniture I found, and ma...
Ellen 2 hours ago
kinda looks like old bread to me ...shrugs
CyberGlo CyberStar 4 hours ago
Obviously this is an igneous type creation, as opposed to sedimentary or metamorphic.
Star Ravenhurst 4 hours ago
I thought it was a thick slice of mouldy bread. :D I need emojis!!
Arielle 4 hours ago
Looks like a stone to me. Broken one at that.
CyberGlo CyberStar 5 hours ago
As many people know... I am awesome. :D Let me just point out that all these people are good people, who each had a misunderstanding that got escalated accidentally. We still love all of you. :D
Joe Builder 8 hours ago
Ban the Grid, Ban the person Don't like a sneak with greed and contempt in there eyes. There is enough toxic drama going around.
thedeeferry 8 hours ago
Cute photo. ♥ ( ⌒▽⌒ )


Beautiful region hosted by a talented creator! Great work Valerie:)
Jamie Wright 7 hours ago
Una sim espléndida, maravillosa. Han hecho un gran trabajo. Hacía tiempo que no disfrutaba tanto. Muchas gracias.
SilviaFrey 8 hours ago
Valeria's Avatars 2
This is a wonderful idea to create NPC's to see what the avatar's look like. The perfect solution for people who struggle with being able to create their own look. I am happy with my avatar, but reall...
Omy2024 18 hours ago
Arts Manhas Back
I went out there cause they advertised Lara X.. I found one top with 26 colors.. no other Lara x in site.. so I wondered around and found an outfit I likes but I was wearing the wrong group tag, so I ...
RogerRabbit yesterday
HQ Herederos
EXCELLENT place to shop for new things! So love it when I go into a shopping center and they have just about everything brand new that has been put out there over & over again. TY for providing a stre...
Passion Jumanji 2 days ago
Sharing Is Caring
dumb people is banning preview versions of fs, no testers, no new features for opensim! bunch of idiots!
Deiji 2 days ago
SilverFox Designs Mall
Your mall is beautiful do love the designs and some great products. Thank you
Omy2024 2 days ago
SilverFox Designs Mall
Very nice shopping experience. Great layout with lots of items i do not see elsewhere. Also a great location for skins, both for men and women.
Sodasullivan 2 days ago
Cherry Freebies
Cherry's work is truly amazing! I have been in awe of her talents from years ago in SL. A kind and generous soul who so lovingly shares her amazing creations for all to enjoy. I am truly grateful to...
Omy2024 2 days ago

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