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Catronian Archipelago
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16 sims for sailing battles with SPD scripted ships. Free houses , 500 prims, for new ones to join. Ships on the sims are Kayaker Magic scripted or Christine Nyn ones, SPD scripts. We built this sims ...

new stores with news coming for you all novas lojas com novidades chegando para todos vocês

We are back open server update is complete!

Our annual Holiday Show is approaching soon! Dec 16 at 6 pm pacific time- come early to get a seat and listen to holiday music.

Come by and join BDSM Lifestyler's and Fetisher's from around the HG
at Bondage Ranch for a hang out and meet and greet!

Today 7:00am PST!! ranch

Latest updates on Neverworld City Role play areas, Lucidus and Stilwater are now becoming one huge city zone located in the bad lands area of Neverworlds Continent Project . So if you want a role play area and Free land for your own home or base right next door come check out Lucidus , Stilwater and the great Fallout Badlands Continent project areas. ( Free Home areas available to Neverworld Avatars only) Role play open to all. Dont forget to check out our other Great Role play sims Advantis Scifi Starwars , and Free Port Steam Punk.

Nexus Storm: Lucidus and Stilwater revamp will be finished over the next few weeks come check out the place any ideas welcome!!! 2 hours ago
A former resident of Avitron has told me about his experience on the grid.

First, he agreed with me that Alex is a nasty person, driven by greed. He is more likely than not to take other people's content and try to sell it.

The rest of this is news to me, and I thought I should share it.

Alex has doubled the price of a region in Avitron and is trying to double it again.

He is trying to set a rental price on lands that were formerly provided for free.

He has reduced the amount of free "trons" given to residents when they are on the grid. This forces them to be on the grid more often and longer in order to pay their rent

He has tried to create a premium membership that is more expensive than SL. Seriously.

To me, these are all signs of a guy trying to rescue a failing grid. And measures like these only speed up the downward spiral...

Photo from the 1924 film "Greed"

Susannah: What puzzles me is how there always seems to be people who are willing to be taken in by this scam merchant. I have little sympathy or understanding with anyone who decides to become a resident of Al... 4 hours ago

Please help find this dog!!!

Live Music Event With Greybeard Live!
When: 4 pm grid-time
Where: Whispering Oaks, Take Portal at landing.

» Шhen: ❈ ∵∴1:00p ∵∴ ❈
» Шhat: • LIVE MUSIC •
» Dress: ❈ ∵∴ Chic/Casual ∵∴ ❈
◂◄◀ MAP ▶►▸ Welcome Center
Mobius is the only Opensim grid set up for Experiences, where you can interact with the event and its characters. Santa Big's Big Christmas Adventure runs from Monday December 12th to Thursday January 12th. HG Address: Hill Zone
Nicolaus Update!

Wir haben den HUD des Bodys verbessert ... Nun unterstützt der HUD die Click & Slide Funktion. Klicken und über die entsprechenden Flächen mit der Maus streichen. Zeitgleich werden die getroffenen Bereiche ein- oder ausgeblendet.

Update verfügbar ab dem 07.12.2022 ca 12 Uhr


We improved the HUD of the body... Now the HUD supports click & slide function. Click and move the mouse over the corresponding areas. At the same time, the affected areas are shown or hidden.

Update available from December 7th, 2022 at around 12 noon
A better alternative to Mixxx, winamp, & Butt. If you want to play music in dreamgrid, this is the way to go. I use XMPlay to play the mp3's. You just put a bunch of music in a folder, then in XMPlay select the folder, click the repeat button and you are done. XMPlay is very very very tiny and uses very few cpu resources, unlike mixxx and winamp and others. You may notice in the back of XMPlay im using an encoder, it's called AltaCast. AltaCast picks up the sound from XMPlay and sends it right on over to iceCast which is built into the dreamgrid package. AltaCast however, is another free download, again it is very tiny and uses very little cpu.
In my opinion, you want fast tiny programs, b/c it leaves more cpu for running sims, and frees up a lot more ram which is what avatars visiting your grid need. So with this simple combination it's a win win. It works perfect and is flawless, i never have to restart it or have any problems out of it, and i've been using it 24/7/365. I love it.
Joyeux deuxième dimanche de l'Avent
Schönen Zweiten Advent Sonntag
Merry 2dn Sunday of Advent
This traditional Advent Candles is available at our Xmas Market
There is a flame in its content so you can lightup candles every Sunday

Dabici132: If you came to get this centerpiece, I am sorry... for reason that I can't explain, it was impossible to take a copy. It is now set to buy for $0 and was checked with my alternate from another grid. ... 23 hours ago
I had a few requests for the Peace for Ukraine pendant - they wanted to 3d print it and wear it in the real world. This is a good idea because I was manufacturing these to sell but 3d printing is much more reasonably priced. What cost me 800 USD to manufacture you can get similar quality at Shapeways or Sculpteo for 50 USD or less depending on the materials you use. So I decided to make the .dae file reasonably priced so that you can have it 3d printed as you wish and wear it in the real world. You can also upload it inworld and wear it too. I had one printed at Sculpteo and they did a fantastic job.

Nach dem Spaziergang fit machen für den Job.^^
Getting fit for the job after the walk.^^

Suzan Von Otter: äh ja , ich bin gespannt was das am ende ist für ein Job ;) yesterday
Of course, men shouldn't be disappointed by St. Nicholas either. So here is the funny Christmas elf as a 3D avatar!
Have fun :)

Natürlich sollen auch die Herren nicht vom Nikolaus entäuscht werden. Hier also der lustige Weihnachtself als 3D Avatar !
Viel Spaß euch :)

Wolf Territories Minnesota

Spaziergang im Winter.
walk in winter.

News for St. Nicholas Day have a lot of fun and a contemplative time
Greetings from your Karin Becker

DJ Maldrul's "Spaced Out!" at Hot Daddy's Tonight at 6:00!
Region: Wyldwood Bayou Hot Daddys
Fun begins tonite at 6:00! 2022-12-05 18:00 SLT
It's DJ Maldrul's debut at Hot Daddy's--from 6:00 to 8:00PM Tonight!! Come welcome DJ Maldrul while he spins "Spaced Out"--Maldrul's signature mix of classic and contemporary Rock & Roll and Something Completely Different! He'll be tossing in some Sci Fi theme songs! We call it "Spaced out" because if you know Maldrul...enough said! Got a space suit! Wear it! This set will knock the oxygen right outta ya! (Or come as you are!!) Bayou Hot Daddys

New hair!

We would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a very blessed and happy and safe Christmas and a blessed, happy, safe and prosperous New Year. May your families know peace and your children know joy and safety and may it be a year when we show chaste love to one another. Merry Christmas from our houses to yours.

Es ist wieder Moooooooooooonntag! Mick ladet wieder ein zum Tanz auf der Eisfläche! Ab 20 Uhr mit Schlager Oldies Discofox und Hits von Heute Welcome Ich war heute richtig happy ihr seid ein wahnsinn ich freue mich schon auf die nächste Sendung nächsten Montag! Die Grosse Tanznacht danke für über 40 Besucher!!!! 2 days ago
@FredBeckhusen and @DebbieEdwards invite you to visit Mother Goose at Outworldz. I have been here this morning capturing images and exploring all that is created here. You will see the Zootopia character Jeremy here too. Make sure you take some time out today and check out their Outworldz sims.

Large Island plots in a tropical region. These island plots are offered to OSgrid members and accomplished builders who want to own land and who will use it frequently. Enjoy.

Paula: Excellent opportunity for OSgrid members to set up home and build in a well run region. I love Tropicana! Thanks Mike!!! 2 days ago
Tomorrow for St. Nicholas we have this little surprise for you. The cute Christmas Fox Lady as a complete avatar. We wish you a lot of joy and a nice Christmas time :)
Morgen zum Nikolaus haben wir diese kleine Überraschung für euch. Die niedliche Christmas Fox Lady als Komplett Avatar. Wir wünschen viel Freude und eine schöne Weihnachtszeit :)
Weihnachts Achten
Es schlagen die Herzen
so hell und fromm
es funkeln die Kerzen
so wild im Sturm

Es friert die Armut
das Fest erwacht
auf Bänken im Winter
in voller Pracht.
(Claas Claasen)

Wir wünschen Euch einen besinnlichen und achtsamen 2. Advent,
und viel Spaß mit Türchen 4

Hugabug: beautifully done ! 2 days ago

***ALFHEIM CAMPFIRE *** 02 prims only! Scripted to 08 avies max! Winter textures included! All for FREE and FULL PERM at CAMPIRE store (Box 06 or click the teleporter). Enjoy :)

Hugabug: I fell in love with a few items here :) Thanks Jimmy 2 days ago
During Winter, Novale offers to hypergrid visitors 4 teleport hubs to facilitate their exploration of its diverse winter habitats. Here is the Winter Greenhouse, the Hub nearby the landing. Each hub contents Teleport boards to Novale's destinations. These Hubs can also help visitors to decode the Advent Hunts clues.

Luna Lunaria: Nice photography 2 days ago

Hidden Dreams Grid

running water included.

I've lost all the textures on the doors so I'm making new prim ones with a bit of shape to them.
They will be scripted to make a creaking sound when opened and close automatically.
If anyone wants a copy let me know and I will put them in the shop.

GarryBeaumont: OK I put it in the voodoo shop for FREE. 2 days ago

Tons of NEWs .. Gowns and Suit s in the Sky Formal Fashion, brandnew for you .. and ofcourse Casual so much .. for Female and Male .. take a Look :)))

for the 2nd advent new on camballa

KarinBecker: Thanks Jackie i love it to 2 days ago

The Box
Nico Kaliani 9 hours ago
Calling all Enochlophobes. Do you fear crowds? Looking for regions with like, maybe only one other person there? Come to Xinashi. At the moment, we are it!
Symphony 18 hours ago
@OpenSimWorld: Par :)
kayleighshae 4 days ago
christmas outfits
OpenSimUser 5 days ago
Well now.......
GarryBeaumont 5 days ago
OpenSimWorld 5 days ago
EU throws party in €387K metaverse - and 5 people showed up
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Nexus Storm 2 hours ago
Lucidus and Stilwater revamp will be finished over the next few weeks come check out the place any ideas welcome!!!
Susannah 4 hours ago
What puzzles me is how there always seems to be people who are willing to be taken in by this scam merchant. I have little sympathy or understanding with anyone who decides to become a resident of Al...
Jupiter Rowland 5 hours ago
Looks like he still hasn't learned how to run a grid. This time, the difference is that he does have learned how to make money with a grid. However, this led to two things. One, megalomania. He sees ...
Symphony 6 hours ago
excellent. thank you Jimmy. great place a lot of fun.
KrisTina 6 hours ago
This seems to have no issue at all with a 1x1 region but if the rezzer is used in a var region, for example, it will still rez just it will end up at a different X and Y then the rezzer right in front...
TrisTH 7 hours ago
OpenSimUser 11 hours ago
Everything he touches wilts and dies, this is no surprising news to many of us.
Troy Resident 19 hours ago
great region and friendly manager
Dabici132 23 hours ago
If you came to get this centerpiece, I am sorry... for reason that I can't explain, it was impossible to take a copy. It is now set to buy for $0 and was checked with my alternate from another grid. ...


Tropicana Sunseekers
I have been a resident of Tropicana Sunseekers since my first day! I have never had a reason to leave. My little island is gorgeous and I have the freedom to decorate as I please. The entire region is...
12121 2 hours ago
Always can find what i'm looking for at Adachi and lovely sims too. Oni does everything possible to help. And yes Oni might even grace you with great photo of your avi while your there.
ElaineFae 12 hours ago
AMV Welcome
My Online Home❤️ Clifford and Cataplexia do such an amazing job with the Grid and truly are wonderful people. Everybody on AMV is very kind and giving. Owners, Staff and residents. It's like one bi...
Jordan Landry yesterday
Beautiful sim. Lots going on here and friendly. I enjoyed my visit.
Debra Ann Congi 2 days ago
I accept Kitely's Privacy Policy and Terms of Service, and I confirm that I am at least 18 years old. Thank you! Go ahead and teleport into Kitely now. ------ Kitely doesn't allow connecting to g...
Aphra Hendrix 2 days ago
Angel Heart FASHION
Some of the best and most original outfits found on the HG, especially for women! Shops are nicely done and easy to navigate. I love shopping here. Great work and valued contribution. Thx ^^ Aya
Valorian 2 days ago
Carpe Diem
there's a hole in the peace, you fall to the ground at 143,174,2980 (and since you can't fly, I'll have to get out)
TrisTH 2 days ago

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