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Der Weltraumbahnhof ist zurück. Neu , anders in der Optik, aber gleich in der Funktion. Weltraumbahnhof, the Hypergrid Gate for everyone to everywhere

News at Elas Fashion have fun on Camballa Mall

Hello there! I have a little freebie shop on Virtual-HG Grid called 100 Dresses. Eventually it will have 100. Right now it has 4 to get started. These are fitmesh or painted on with sculpted parts for Classic avatars. Some could work with mesh avatar too if you play with your alphas and it works out. In the quaint freebies shops area on Catena de isole. Here is the hg address: di isole

Today's dress is called Magical Mystical and I made it to pair with the lovely Filagree Crescent Moon Earrings made by Marianna Monentes. You can find the earrings, and the necklace I paired with them and the outfit here:

Filigree Crescent Moon, bewitching Free/Full Perm Monentes store foyer. Jewelry

The boots are from Savvy in the Becky Towley outfit:


Enjoying some goodies before resuming shopping for exotic avatars ...

Most of these avatars I have never seen. All thanks to Clarice Alelaria!

1950s 60s American Graffiti world
JAZZ BAR Bird's Nest
Lady is singing.
Bird is Blowing.
The Hollywood star is listening to their session.

~Click waitress to give drinks. They will come to serve your drink.
You can dance with a Hollywood star(NPC).~
Unsere Topmodels Bad und Siwas präsentieren den neuen Dale Partner Herbstlook! lol - Our top models Bad and Siwas present the new Dale Partner autumn look! lol (erhältlich ab Morgen - available from tomorrow)

The Etheria Grid: Would love to get this, but says no access? :( 4 hours ago
DJ Kith Saturday Night Rockin' Blues at Rockin' the Blues!! 7:30!
Region: Rockin' The Blues on Wyldwood Bayou Grid
Event begins: 7:30 pm grid time
Added by: Amara Uloran
When DJ Kith spins, it's like a box of chocolates. Ya never know what you gonna get! Whatever he plays we guarantee it will be fresh, sweet, and full of surprises! Might be blues, might be blues-ish, might be bluegrass or other blues roots music. If you like your blues with an edge, come on down to the Bayou for fun, friendship and great music with DJ Kith! Bayou Rockin' The Blues
One of Opensimulator's Longest continually running Dance Parties! 10 years and counting!! LIVE DJ and Dancing!! Music from the 60's to current day!

Tonight at 8pm Pacific!


Tonight join us as we celebrate Ashton Nobils's Birthday!!

I replaced the old skate animations from the existing ice skating people with new more realistic great. You can take copies of them if you like

Tainted Angel: Thank you for sharing with us. You have a beautiful world. 6 hours ago
DJ Riker's Saturday Blues Showcase at Rockin' the Blues Tonight at 6:00PM!
Region: Rockin' The Blues on Wyldwood Bayou Grid
Event begins: 6:00 pm grid time!
Added by: Amara Uloran
Tonite at 6:00...start your Saturday night with DJ Riker! Riker spins totally unexpected blues with a rock twist! Someone said he spins fast and loud! Is there any other way?? Every week, Riker brings you a featured artist or 2 with tunes you may not have heard before! In addition to that, he'll have tunes by many of your favorites plus some we are sure will become favorites of yours! Come early for Riker's famous pre-set! Bayou Rockin' The Blues
The Garage at Hidden Dreams
Dance with DJ Alex from 3 - 4pm grid time

Come out to The Garage at Hidden Dreams for some amazing music from DJ Alex'

The Garage also offers 5 different racetracks, all with electronic timing to test your driving skills

In addition to the Dancing and driving, we have over 90 vehicles in our browse and find one you like.

Proudly presents Grids Hoppers Nights .. at the Rock Bude .. Sunday 11 AM SLT .. your very wecome to join the Rock Party

Hello Hella,

We are so happy to have you join our community of artists at the Art Factory. Your images are hauntingly beautiful. What is the inspiration for your art?

“About my inspiration it's about the feeling in a present situation, always in the NOW, we can call this "états d'âmes" in French, "states of mind" in English ? “

Your art is a visual representation of current feelings and moods? That is so interesting. Do you have other galleries or exhibits in OpenSim or in Second Life?

“For my art in physical life, it's another route that I don't mix with virtual worlds.
For the photos, which relate only to life in SL and Opensim, I only exhibit on Flickr and in Opensim. Many captures, come from the world of SL and since 6 months, taken in Opensim.”

I have followed your Flickr for a long time now and look forward to seeing your posts. Hella, what do you enjoy about your art inworld?

“Art changes my frequency and makes my life a dream. In the virtual world as in life, practicing an art is a pure expression of oneself and it feels good to do good :)”

Ernest and I are overjoyed to have you join the Art Factory community. Would you tell our readers how you got involved in the project?

“Art Factory is the first place I visited that challenged me, I took some pictures from elsewhere that I put on Flickr, months ago. The Thirza Safari Tour allowed me to rediscover the Art Factory region and to meet Ellen and Ernest "in person", I had had some contact with Ellen on Opensimworld, I was happy to meet Ellen and Ernest :)”

Thank you for taking the time for this interview, Hella. And welcome to the Art Factory community!

Kashi Takeshi: Artistic addition to the team :) 12 hours ago

we have the Ladies here, so where are the guys,.. come on down lots of room for you

Essensual: to others just coming into this comment thread and it doesnt seem all here, its not.. I removed the comments made by KrIsTiNa or how ever she types it.. she was complaining that I dont support the OSg... 12 hours ago

New Bikini Bella - NO Resale-
Comes with Color Hud

3D Artscape coming soon to Mind Odessey - immersive light art show experience.

Marianna : Wow!! Looking forward to seeing this Nyx! 13 hours ago

So noch eine Stunde dann gehts los ....

Moonrose Presents DJ Tom O Melly
The Best Tunes for a New Week-Tune in and Dance out
Party Powered by Club

Am Montag gehts wieder los! DJ Mick präsentiert wieder einen Teil seiner Musiksammlung

New male wear at camballa mall
Rock and Gothic Shirts and pants come and look around have fun your Karin Becker

Update: Many apologies to those who have been having difficulty getting the outfits - hopefully the issue has now been fixed and you'll be able to get the outfits following the directions on the instore sign.

PLEASE NOTE: my home region server is experiencing some issues so has had to be taken offline, but there is an alternative shop on the Specuioos World grid: Shop located just a few metres up the street from the Welcome Centre.

NEW FOR YOU! BLACK Winter collection 2022. Available on Paradwys region:

Please use direct teleport from Welcome Centre (located on the window adjacent to the door) to the High Street.

Thirza Ember: The region is lovely makes me want to move to Wales 21 hours ago

NEWS at the Mainstore .. pls remember ONLY Group Access !

View of the romantic Christmas market

New Bikini Linda - NO Resale-
Comes with Color Hud

Wir möchten uns bei allen Bewohnern fremder Welten bedanken, die mit uns die Einweihung von FLUXANTIS feierten.
Die Feier hat uns allen richtig Spaß gemacht mit super Musik von DJ Marlon.
We would like to thank all the residents of alien worlds who celebrated with us the inauguration of FLUXANTIS.
The celebration was really fun for all of us with great music from DJ Marlon.😁
DJ Macy's Friday Night Blues Bash! Tonight at 7:30 pm at Rockin' the Blues!
Region: Rockin' The Blues on Wyldwood Bayou Grid
Event begins: 7:30 pm grid time
Added by: Amara Uloran
It's DJ Macy's Friday Night Blues Bash Part 2--from 7:30 to 9 PM here at Rockin' The Blues!!! Ready to say good bye to September and rock into October? DJ Macy has got her boogie blues spinning and it's sure to get you movin'!! Let DJ Macy get you all revved up with the happiest, rockin-est blues you'll find anywhere!!! Come to Wyldwood Bayou Grid and let The Blues Tribe welcome you to the party!!! Bayou Rockin' The Blues

Not so dark...

CyberGlo CyberStar: i beleive el ron hubbard had a castle in yorkshire, a prolific writer, and the father of dianetics, his great intellect is still remembered as the founder of the church of scientology. yesterday
DJ Macy's Friday Night jumpin' Blues Party! Tonight at 6:00PM(SLT) at Rockin' the Blues!
Region: Rockin' The Blues on Wyldwood Bayou Grid
Event begins: 6:00 pm grid time
Added by: Amara Uloran
OMG! It's FRIDAY!!! The work week is over! Let the party begin! Tonight, DJ Macy is here with 3 hours of "Macy Magic", the most upbeat and happy, toe tapping, butt wiggling blues you have ever heard! Yes!! Macy loves the boogie side of the blues, and she rocks it like no one else! Add the Blues Tribe and you have the makings for a Friday night blues FRENZY! Come on down to our swamp where you will find the best blues and the best people in any world! Bayou Rockin' The Blues
▀▄▀▄▀▄▀ with DJ LADYJOANNA
▀▄▀▄▀ ➩Rebels Lounge
▀▄▀ ➩Map:
It's DJ LadyJoanna tonight, bringing the best of the Old Blues to you at Rebels Lounge! Great Blues, requests and a great time for certain! Grab a friend or two to come along, and we'll be set to dance the night away! DJ LadyJoanna loves playing what the audience wants to hear, so you know it will be a terrific show!

Pure entertainment..
Kitely's Kimm Starr (the first adress for creating new animesh items outside SL) has outdone herself once again. These drag queens are melting the ice.(I hope not,the stage is put on an icefield!!!). Join the funny crowd and watch the awesome Drag Race Show.Please put "sound" on max and shut off Music
Please note.This is a sim with freebies and not a freebie sim. Parts are for decoration only

Karima Hoisan: Wow these are amazing Kimm!! yesterday
Come join us on Fridays at 2:00pm for the FABULOUS DJ ROSA!


Auch im Herbst ist man mit DALE perfekt gekleidet - Even in autumn you are perfectly dressed with DALE

Happy Birthday geliebter Vati wenn wir nicht vollkommen durchgeknallt sind, dann weiss ich es auch nicht. - Happy Birthday beloved daddy, if we are not completely crazy, then I do not know.

SoA .BAD: Danke, danke liebe Freunde für die vielen Glückwünsche. yesterday
Thank you to welcome me in Art Factory, and all the team, great artists communauty, I am honored to be part of it with a gallery.
Some photos of my virtual worlds, animals, dance and emotion are the themes.
ART Factory grid : Art Factory
my gallery is not far the tour Eiffel

hicks adder: bravo ! :) 2 days ago
*5:00 PM Grid Time - September 30, 2022*
Varda * Virtual Singer*
Genre: Blues Rock/Jazz/Electro-Punk
"Many years of experience with live band
and studio recordings in blues.
RL festivals, concerts, recorded albums & worked with
numerous bands.
Varda has electrifying, powerhouse, dynamic-ranged vocals.
Be prepared to party!"
LIVE! @ Jumping Jacks in Keng City
hop:// City
Ab 20:00 Uhr - Grids Hopper nights presents: Tanz in den Herbst.
Es ist nicht mehr zu ignorieren, der Herbst hat Einzug gehalten. Davon lassen wir uns die Laune nicht verderben und legen eine kesse Sohle aufs Parkett. Für gute Musik sorgen DJ Genie und Plattenschubse Marina
Come and visit the mysterious island at the end of the world.Please wear gloves, it will be very cold.
The latest winter sim takes you to the end of the world. Sound mysterious? That's how it should be. There's a lot to discover. Fantasy creatures, Christmas market, floating bridges, figure skaters, long lost and younger freebies, a birthday party inside the castle and and and... see for yourself. This sim will also be used for any live singer events in the future.

RosemaryWoodhouse: A must see 2 days ago
Part of our Bountiful Continent Project +hundred interconnected regions with free parcels of 10K meters with 5000 prim limits. Come and see why Neverworld is one of the longest running grids in opensim. Why are you paying to live somewhere else when you can live free and be treated like an adult?
Part of our Bountiful Continent Project +hundred interconnected regions with free parcels of 10K meters with 5000 prim limits. Come and see why Neverworld is one of the longest running grids in opensim. Why are you paying to live somewhere else when you can live free and be treated like an adult?

In one of the lovely gardens of Rivendell ..

Early morning and dew on the flowers ...

Our latest region to open to the public for visitation and touring is Land of Xzar designed and created by our own Star Ravenhurst. A beautiful build that blends fantasy, fiction and fun all in one. Pack your lunch and come visit this gorgeous region. There are two ways to reach this region, you can go to our Welcome region, follow the sign that indicates the Bifrost and once you reach the bifrost just walk through the portal to Land of Xzar, or you can go directly to the region at " of Xzar ". Star also has her region listed in the OSW Region Directory. Visit, explore, enjoy! Blessings - Thor

Star Ravenhurst: Thank you for posting this Thor! Land of Xzar has been a labor of love bringing my vision of this world, based on my yet-to-be-published novel to life with many, many original builds and the creation ... 2 days ago
This is the inside of the Bifrost which is located in the center of the planet Asgard Dawn set in a solar system in the Andromeda Galaxy. In the Bifrost you will find portals to explore strange new worlds and new civilizations and if you're so inclined get involved in a little role play. Our role play style is totally free lance and improv so you can get very creative. Our rule is keep it clean, keep it fun and keep it G rated. We hope to see you soon. To get to the Bifrost, come to our welcome region and follow the sign that points to the Bifrost portal, walk through it and you'll be in the Bifrost. Select the place you'd like to explore and again walk through the portal to that region. It really is a lot more fun than looking them up, pasting the address in the world map and hoping and praying it can find them. Heimdall will get you where you need to go. Blessings - Thor
Liebe Freunde & Freunde der Musik!
Für Samstag den 01.Oktober 2022 lade ich zu meiner kleinen Haus-Party ein.
Offizieller Beginn ist 20:00Uhr!
Für gute Musik & Gute Laune ist bestens gesorgt.

Hier Dein Taxi:
★ ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ★ ★
★ ════ ☆ Coffee Social & Greedy
★ ════ ☆ 6:00am grid time
★ ════ ☆ Map:
Ellen and Ernest would like to thank all the HG Safari members for coming over to the grid last night, it was an absolute pleasure to see you all! and thank you Thiriza for a wonderful write-up of the evening which you can view here

We were only able to show you a small fraction of what the Art Factory has to offer so do visit again soon or even better join our group of talented artists!

Thirza Ember: Thank you for having us! I hope we didn't make too much litter 2 days ago

The great Falls of Rivendell, cast before an eternal ethereal glow.

The Forest Fae ...

Just one of the exotic and beautiful avatars to be found at Avies Galore!

(Just under the Photo Booth at the top floor!)

And for all those who don't know what to do (dont come along) with Halloween, the Winter and Christmas sim is now open to the public again. for the 3rd time you can explore, shop and just have fun.
And for the ones who talk bad about the Sim and bitch about everything.....It was my first attempt to make something creative. I put my heart and soul into it and I love my baby. Not much new this year , but older things can also be fun and there is a lot!

AlexisCarrington: Do not let it get you. Your Sims reflect a lot of attention to detail. 2 days ago

Trotz Umbau ungestörter Betrieb die Mall ist schon wieder da :)

The Box
Thirza Ember 21 hours ago
@Joe - strict, but fair.
Jupiter Rowland 24 hours ago
All the Catholic holidays in Germany.
Joe Builder yesterday
No Candy for you.
Thirza Ember 2 days ago
I know the star by my name means I don't see any ads on osw... now there is also a check. I am hoping that means I get free candy.
Thirza Ember 2 days ago
what is the correct candy for Memorial Day?
Nico Kaliani 2 days ago
Good guesses -- especially for holy days that involve fasting. But the Ramadan fast is only during daylight hours. And there is the breaking of the Yom Kippur fast. Candy is not the best way to do that, but there is candy marketed for the holiday.
Nico Kaliani 2 days ago
Nico Kaliani 2 days ago
Nico Kaliani 2 days ago
ThundergodThor 2 days ago
Labor Day
DavidBarjesse 2 days ago
Yom Kippur
Ellen 2 days ago
Nico Kaliani 2 days ago
Name one holiday that doesn't have candy associated with it
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The Etheria Grid 4 hours ago
Would love to get this, but says no access? :(
Tainted Angel 6 hours ago
Thank you for sharing with us. You have a beautiful world.
Kashi Takeshi 12 hours ago
Artistic addition to the team :)
Essensual 12 hours ago
to others just coming into this comment thread and it doesnt seem all here, its not.. I removed the comments made by KrIsTiNa or how ever she types it.. she was complaining that I dont support the OSg...
The Etheria Grid 12 hours ago
I don't really get the hostile judgement of the comment against this event. It seemed to go over the top. Just my 2 cents ...
Arielle 13 hours ago
In past years there were other events within Osgrid that though not part of the official ceremonies, made an announcement to those in attendance of how to donate to the grid if anyone was inclined to....
Essensual 13 hours ago
Kristina.. Suzan is right.. I have been doing events this one on friday for 10 months and events thursdays and sundays for almost 3 years.. and the only way to keep people coming to your club is to sh...
Allie Dawson 13 hours ago
The point *I* seem to be missing is HOW, exactly, does an event conflict with and/or harm OSGrid's fundraiser?
Marianna 13 hours ago
Wow!! Looking forward to seeing this Nyx!


I am amazed at the size and attention to detail here. So massive and well done. You really have created a special place and looking forward to visiting it more!
GlennXpletive 6 hours ago
Bermuda Mall
Nice freebies. Your sim is looking great.
Debra Ann Congi 6 hours ago
Garden Island
If you have a MESH avy! DON'T GO HERE! You will be deformed, even when you go home, & relog! You stay deformed! I'm STILL trying to fix these issues! Very sad . . . I came here & invited my friend to ...
Passion Jumanji 9 hours ago
Garden Island
This land is neatly done and nice but it is mainly for standard/ classic avi's prim and flexi type stores. I went there in my mesh avi as i go everywhere and Two of us went to this land and both of us...
wicked 9 hours ago
not only does the teleport fail.... it logs you out and you crash.... get your stuff together please and ill gladly come back and give you a different review...
Trav Winesmith Never Died. 16 hours ago
Love love love your sim. Full of Christmas. I love your Castle too. Nicely done. Thank you for your freebies.
Debra Ann Congi 16 hours ago
Fae Farms
It is a lovely sim! Fantastic work. It is a place made with love and a pleasure to visit.
OlgaViborilla1963 17 hours ago
Great build grate clothing and home items all presented beautifully
Nexus Storm 18 hours ago
I LOve YOu
Another Month starts and our rental is paid to Zetaworlds .... then we find that another Zeta Grid is hosting one of our old dj's (who made it clear to us that he was too busy to come back to us) at e...
Karen Mansour 24 hours ago

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