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Gentle Fire Grid
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Welcome to Gentle fire grid a place called home good place to start over and a good place to begin meet many friendly people's admins and elders of the grid you mostly will find them at the welcome ...

The destinations offer at our **Winter Worlds Travel Agency** has been updated. So far, 30 destinations of winter or Christmas regions are showcased.

falene hawks: bonjour trop bien Novale faut y aller visiter et faire du ski encore Bravo just now

SheaButter: Some really neat ornaments there people. Huge tree, needs tons more. So git er dun! 1 hour ago
Welcome to our grid... in this month of December set up for Christmas. Here you will find all the teleports of all our lands so you can explore them.
Benvenuti sulla nostra questo mese di dicembre allestita per il Natale . Qui troverai tutti i teleport di tutte le nostre per land per poterle esplorare.

Angeldark: Bellissima !!! 2 hours ago

ToniaKR: Really Pretty attraction! 3 hours ago

Visit the Wolf Art Gallery at Wolf Mountain

ToniaKR: Really worth a visit and you could also meet Bobby there OpenAI ChatBot nearby! 3 hours ago

Check it out, new BDSM items on the 4th floor. Some are scripted and some are not for you to use as a blank canvas, all are modify and copy.

Lillysparks: It finally clicked exactly what shop this is that you run. Your shop is THE BOMB BABY! All the good stuff there. I noticed you have some that are projects with the animations in the pieces but not t... 3 hours ago
Paris. A work in progress, but open for early enjoyment. French streamed radio, the Tower, very adult stores and hangouts, and farms with grazing cattle! Snow has fallen ...

No child avatars no exceptions.

Paris will be an adult playground. :)
Thus ends the history...or does it! You decide! Avedon Park is a region that comes with its own history. Come learn more about the park as you explore its beauty, play some greedy, find a nice romantic spot or just explore and have fun!
Learning about Game Development from the Nook Team at their #OSCC23 session Sunday 10 December at 10.30am PST

"We’ve developed a tool that lets creators tell animated stories or build in-world adventure games all running from a single script a visitor can activate. “
This can bring more life to your projects. It's going to be a fun session!

Check out our full Schedule here:
Welcome to the La Fountaine Hotel, the newest edition to Avedon Park. Come warm by the fire in our lobby after exploring the park, or check out the Piano Bar or our VIP Sky Lounge. For more privacy, check into one of the available suites. All are welcome and the hotel rules are posted clearly in the lobby. No magic allowed in the hotel and all deals made within the hotel must be honored! Enjoy your visit!
What: Dj KrisTina Playing Some Classic Rock Tonight
Where: Serenity Cabins Events Area
When: Starting Now till close
Taxi: hop://
See you there, come and chill and relax and enjoy!
Am Mittwoch, 06.12.23 kommt der Nikolaus zu Euch.
DJane Sylvia startet ab 20.00 Uhr eine Nikolausparty für Euch
Santa Claus is coming to you on Wednesday, December 6th, 2023.
DJane Sylvia starts a Santa Claus party for you from 8 p.m
You are all cordially invited
Ihr seid alle herzlich eingeladen.
First things are avaliable...Cat avatars and a couple tree lady statues.

Cat avatars have my own self made original mesh bento head and home made skin.
It has a shape that makes the face look "purrfectly cattish".
The shape will look really freaky on your other mesh heads, but the cat mesh head and skin will look 100% fine with a more humanoid shape. SLUV and BOM. No mesh eyes- but system eyes work and other rigged mesh eyes will probably work.
Tail is bento-No AO included. Ears are static and can be tinted, retextured, squashed, stretched...

I have included a recent version of Ruth mesh avatar as a courtesy, with its normal head. Be aware the older versions of Ruth may conflict with the mesh head causing a "ghost head" to appear. Don't redistribute claiming yourself as creator(and tell people who made it when asked), don't put on SL or sell for money.

Statues are static mesh and prims, same perms apply. Sim has ongoing construction with signage, and a few ghost prims you may get stuck on. Be patient as we work out bugs!

Do you like the Neapolitan Nativity Scene? Come and get your own copy to sell in your land/sim.

Christmas has also come to Trianon. Outside the Trianon Ballroom we have 9 floats made by the residents and friends for you to come and vote on. Help them win a free land with your vote. Its not too late for you to join in.. Contact Essensual for a float base.

A moment of silence and meditation.......come to will be surprised.

This Friday, #OSCC23 will kick off! Please have a look at our compact schedule!

Register, and let us know how many OSCC's you have attended.

Be a crowdfunder like
#metaverse #oscc #opensource #virtualworlds

Ⓩ░░░ ( ¯:¯)░乙ƠƦЄЄ░JUPƖƬЄƦ
Ⓞ░░(¯`·.\ /.·´¯)░Gentle Fire
Ⓡ░ (¯ `·. ❀.·´¯)░2:00 - 3:00pm
Ⓔ░░(_.·´/ \`·._)░ Christmas/ Casual/formal
Ⓔ░░░ (_.:._)░Pop,love,disco,fado,rock,country,etc
New location:

Ellen: Beautiful place to sit by the fire and chat! Thank you, Mattt and Cristen! 14 hours ago
Novale's Winter Worlds Travel Agency is located at the Christmas Market Place. Get inside to discover the destination's panels. You know a winter place that is not there yet, send me a message with an LM.

▁ ▂ ▃ ▄ ▅ ▆ ▇ NEW RELEASE ▇ ▆ ▅ ▄ ▃ ▂ ▁

C&C Worldwide MALL
Nikolaus / Santa Release
▶▷▶TAXI : Worldwide Mall

░░▒▓◙█◙█◙ CC- Worldwide Mall ◙█◙█◙▓▒░░
The OpenSim Community Conference is, of course, next weekend. Here are five bits of info about the event. Did you know them all?
Here's the menu to the feast of fun...which talks are you planning on coming to hear?

Shop Jewels for Male & Female

Dienstag, 05.12.23 ab 20:00
DJ Drangur auf dem Stream und möchte uns eine Ankündigung machen
Da sind wir ja mal gespannt.....

Sylvia-Koeln: Ich platze gleich vor Neugier......... uffz 18 hours ago

Pop and Rock with DJ Rich at Caribou SkyInn Night Club. Today Tuesday 12-14 SLT.

What a success last week!

Beautiful Regions. TPs at arrival. Friendly Exciting and Safe.

Free Shopping. Many Petite.

Homes, Islands, Hideaways for Free - Ask.

Soft Love and BDSM sites. LGBTQ+

Friendly and helpful.

All 18+ AVs Welcome and Safe! No Groups.

Age? Jeanne helps...

Caribou Grid Avatar?
Christmas is here at Hypergrid Games. We have put out our very special Christmas themed slot *Santa's Favourite* for you all to enjoy. Head over to and make yourself an account in minutes. Then the gaming fun can start ! We have all kinds of stop-slots (25+!) with progressive jackpots connected. Your slots paradise is just here !

Shop Animations and AO Male & Female

Kelso Uxlay will show you, how to make your objects move smoothly through your regions. At his Session at Saturday 9 December at 8:30am PST at #OSCC

“Its most interesting portion consists in a showcase demonstration of scripted moving objects, some of them exhibiting spectacular effects. “Ordinary people” will benefit from learning and seeing what is possible. Perhaps some of them will be encouraged to develop their own scripting skills.”

Check out our full Schedule here:

Avedon Park is a region that comes with its own history. Come learn more about the park as you explore its beauty, play some greedy, find a nice romantic spot or just explore and have fun!

Where yesterday meets myth, magic and beauty! EVERYONE is welcome! Explore and learn the history of the park and its founders, or perhaps you can solve the puzzle of the secret society! Explore the beautiful scenery or enjoy a hot air balloon ride. Play Greedy! Check into the La Fountaine hotel. We are the perfect place for your wedding or event. There is ample hiking, photo spots and great locations for boating. We are extra proud to be the home of Black Cat Radio, the best music across the metaverse! Come by and grab a free radio! Please join our group and be sure to READ our simple rules to help you enjoy your adventure.

I have been adding more each day. Come often to see what is new!

DJ Riker's Best of the 70's Part 2!! Hot Daddy's tonight at 6:00PM!

Do you love the music of the 70’s? Do you want to relive the era with some of the best hits from that decade? Then you don’t want to miss DJ Riker’s Best of the 70’s Part 2 party at Hot Daddy’s! Riker did part 1 a few weeks ago and left us wanting more from this amazing era!! He will make you feel like you are back in the 70’s with his amazing mixes and remixes of songs by artists like ABBA, Bee Gees, Donna Summer, Earth, Wind & Fire, and many more! You will have a blast dancing and singing along to your favorite 70’s songs with DJ Riker and other 70’s music lovers! Join us! Bayou Hot Daddys
You can now Register for free to attend the OpenSimulator Community Conference #OSCC23

Check out our Schedule at:

Or become a crowdfunder like OSgrid, in Expo Zone 3.
#metaverse #oscc #opensource #virtualworlds

Lillysparks: Wow this looks interesting. I also want to point out something that opened my eyes. I was reading the notes about submissions and guides for expo participants and I learned more from those guideline... yesterday
Aurora II Luxury Ocean Liner @ SevenSeas-Alternate Metaverse

Awards Celebration and Alternate Metaverse Grid Awards day!
Celebrating the 2nd Anniversary of The Aurora II Luxury Liner!

December 12th 2023
AMV Grid Awards - 11am-12 noon
MrMikie String sings Liver 12Noon-1pm
Clan Escotia & Clan's Band 1pm

At the Elegance Grand Ballroom Upper Deck!
AMV4B - Alternate Metaverse Grid Celebrates 4 Years!

Yet another year has passed in our happy home at Alternate Metaverse Grid and we continue to grow and flourish! Alternate Metaverse Stores & Products were founded and created by Cataplexia Numbers since 2006. Clifford Hanger began the grid in 2019 naming it VWorld originally. When they married, the grid was renamed to Alternate Metaverse, A name that stood for quality creations as it has for 17 years. The Grid became one of those. This Year- December 5th 2023 we Celebrate 4 years of our beautiful grid and the over 3 Thousand incredible residents who have called this place their home, knowing we are built around them, beneath them and hand in hand with them!

All are invited to the Celebration on the Region AMV Birthday, A Co-Creation of Ted Junior and Chris McCracken, two excellent builders and landscapers! There are a few touches by the talented Lilie Finesmith and by Cataplexia Numbers as well. We will start off with a Short Grid Address to open and the Re-Inauguration of our Grid's Mayor, The lovely Taffy Star. After the Inauguration we will celebrate at the main stage with a Formal Masquerade Ball. Birthday (235, 174, 23)

Alternate Metaverse 4th Birthday Schedule of Events

10:30 AM - Grid Address & Inauguration At Cafe' Espresso

AMV 4B Formal Masquerade Ball @ The Living Stage(Main Stage)

11 AM - DJ Ted Junior
12 noon- DJ Chris McCracken
1 PM - DJ Clan Escotia
2 PM - DJ Tyler Mathews
3 PM- DJ Xenon Darrow
Hello Everyone! We are having our Weekly Event today!
Come join us for some great DJ's Half the DAY!

Radio DJ Club

12/4 12/1pm DJ Thalion
12/4 1/2 pm DJ Rich
12/4 2/3 pm DJ Lucas
12/4 3/4 pm DJ Eagle
12/4 4/5 pm DJ Golbez


Ellen: DJ Golbez!!!! 2 days ago
Join me today at the Gypsy Camp on Pangea Grid! 🙂
Throwing in some Holiday Songs! Grab my 750+ Song List
and request your favorites!
❈ ════ ❈ 12:00pm OST/3:PM EST
❈ ════ ❈ RIDE: hop://
It's that time again at the Phantom Rose Grid! ( The Opera House is decorated for Christmas.
Come get your annual Christmas picture at Skate Mountain, Phantom Rose Welcome. We also have an auto-skater for hands free skating fun! Free skates available, with skating at Skate Mountain or Swan Lake (at the Opera House). Christmas music and hot chocolate. Come find your Holiday spirit. Take a picture alone or with a friend. Happy Holidays to everyone! :) We will also have our annual Christmas ballet, 24/7 at the Phantom Rose Bayou Region Opera House!

Dancing place

New Multi-teleporter

The Box
ToniaKR 3 hours ago
Jingle bells Jingle bells Jingle all the way Oh, what fun It is to ride In a one-horse open sleigh!
Mistressdalgato 5 hours ago
lol deefery
Haiku Bot 14 hours ago
Molten skies drip down, Earth a cinder, oceans hiss, Dog wags farewell tail.
Haiku Bot 14 hours ago
Soft paws pad on clouds, Tail wags a celestial breeze, Slobbery kisses bless.
thedeeferry 14 hours ago
@Lillysparks lol
Nico Kalani 14 hours ago
Have a look at the new "Bad Event Ideas" group. Add your own if you'd like:
Lillysparks 15 hours ago
for the love of dog
thedeeferry 17 hours ago
Well, now that we have successfully filled the box with witty, smartass, silly, friendly, and funny, I bid you adieu until next time The orderlies are delivering my din din. Lol
thedeeferry 17 hours ago
@LeonitasLionheart lol
thedeeferry 18 hours ago
@CyberGlo CyberStar Clambers to find Scrabble game board for dyslexics... Nothing wrong with being cixelsyd!
thedeeferry 18 hours ago
@GlennXpletive Be the short person... Ooohmm
thedeeferry 19 hours ago
@GlennXpletive lol
GlennXpletive 19 hours ago
I don't hope for the end of the world but I do hope God comes to clean up the idiocy on steroids lately. The earth is in dire need of an enema. lol
thedeeferry 19 hours ago
@GlennXpletive I get what you say. I guess we are just not that lucky. Well, I can still hope.
GlennXpletive 19 hours ago
Seems like it's the end of the world too many times. 70's-80's Times Sqaure dudes wearing "The end is near", Y2K, The Mayan death calendar of 2012, must I go on?
GlennXpletive 19 hours ago
Hey Lilly, I agree! I'm over 6 feet and banged my head on common things plenty of time that I sometimes envy a dwarf who can do things I can't like climb around under a dashboard to fix shit. lol
GlennXpletive 19 hours ago
Who accused you of being a dwarf? I don't see anyone claiming that with this statement: "thank goodnes I don't have Dwarfism as well?"
thedeeferry 19 hours ago
@CyberGlo CyberStar I hope what you say is true about the 9 year timeline for the end of the world as we know it. It will be spectacular to experience a world wide change and finally meet Dog. Peace Love Joy.
CyberGlo CyberStar 19 hours ago
A dyslexic man opens the newspaper and reads the word scramble.
thedeeferry 20 hours ago
I agree Lilysparks. Most of my extended family are just a bit taller than being considered dwarf. At one time I was considered to be a tall person in the family. (5 feet 4.25 inches) lol. Hums Short People song...
Lillysparks yesterday
Its safe to say that part of the criteria for being a dwarf is being relatively small. That isn't an insult.
ToniaKR yesterday
I get enough crap for being Trans thank goodnes I don't have Dwarfism as well?
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New Comments

falene hawks just now
bonjour trop bien Novale faut y aller visiter et faire du ski encore Bravo
Lillysparks 53 minutes ago
There is a subtle difference though between what you are saying and reality. You are saying children are naked, but ... it is actually adults dressed as children. That makes it very different. A gro...
SheaButter 1 hour ago
Some really neat ornaments there people. Huge tree, needs tons more. So git er dun!
Angeldark 2 hours ago
Bellissima !!!
ToniaKR 3 hours ago
Really Pretty attraction!
Lillysparks 3 hours ago
I love this idea. I wish I could enter the contest 50 times. LOL I love this stuff. Question- can the ornament be lightly scripted? =)
Sodasullivan 6 hours ago
Interesting and well-expressed post. I do agree completely, up to a point. The nudity should never be the issue. It isa natural state. The issue is the behavior! A young avatar nude on a beach is tota...
Ellen 10 hours ago
What a great idea! Thank you!
Angeldark 15 hours ago


A BEAUTIFUL sim...VERY nicely done. I had a lot of fun exploring! PLUS it has some AWESOME surfing!! woohoo!!
Allie Dawson 22 hours ago
Christmas Town
Wonderful place where you can do all of your Christmas decos shopping. I had nothing Now I have everything except what I went there for..which was a Christmas stocking! LOL but I think "everything" i...
JFlame yesterday
Holiday Haven
So much to see!. From animesh to winter scenes. Animals, people.... a must see place if you are looking for some cool things. :)
EvaSeli yesterday
este lugar es precioso, el polo norte está maravillosamente bonito tiene auroras boreales y se ve como muy real ,buen trabajo♥
CAMINO ROSSE 2 days ago
Wow, Esse you have built a wonderful Christmas Village. and finally some clothes that will fit my wonderful body. Oh The sled Run is great.. I cant wait to bring my Jessica out here to kiss under the...
RogerRabbit 3 days ago
Loving the Christmas vibes here! Always love Ice Skating with my sis or my Lover! Ofc you cant forget shopping.... always nice to find something new for Christmas to wear! Also ⓄⓂⒼ there is a sled rid...
Gala♥:D 3 days ago
SunEden Resort
Please let me know if you enjoyed your stay :)
SamanthaSmith 3 days ago

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