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Aurora Georgetown
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Aurora/Georgetown is a 4x4 on Twisted Grid that takes its theme from Northern Ontario. Seasons are played. Georgetown Army base is the home of the fictitious 222 Svc BN. There is also a separate area ...

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Halloween Hunt! Sleepy Hollow! Find the Skulls
Where: The Sprawl

Visit Sleepy Hollow for your frightful fun! Explore the Halloween sim, avoiding all types of Ghosts and Ghouls and search for well over 20 hidden Skulls scattered on the region. Collect the Skulls and you will collect Prizes from Rusty's Rags, Brick in the Wall, Patchwork Garden and others! Once you find the Skulls, either copy or buy and the prizes are yours! Watch out for the Wolfman!
DJ Kith THIS IS YOUR HOUSE Friday Night Blues Party, Rockin' The Blues at 7:30pm!!
Where: Rockin' the Blues! on Wyldwood Bayou Grid
When: 7:30 tonite! [22 Oct 2021 19:30 SLT]
It's Friday night and DJ Kith is gonna blow this party right outta the bayou!!! DJ Macy has the house rockin' and DJ Kith will take over at 7:30! THIS IS YOUR HOUSE and Kith has your blues the way you like FABULOUS!! This DJ spins the newest, freshest..Bluesiest Blues anywhere and he gets your heart pumping...your toes tapping and the biggest and happiest smiles on your faces! DJ Macy got us started tonight and Kith will finish off the night with his famous hard rockin', hard livin', hard lovin' blues party! Get on down to the bayou and party like it's...well...FRIDAY NIGHT!!! Bayou
Friday!! DJ Dick Pinelli Brings the Party to GasWorks! 7PM

Friday night means one constant thing... Count on DJ Dick Pinelli to bring a party atmosphere to GasWorks Blues! DJ Pinelli has an expansive library of blues, and can pull up a Blues song to fit any topic going on out in chat. Always full throttle, the music will be Roadhouse and Blues Boogie from start to finish! It's easy to find us! Just take the HOP, put on your dancing shoes, and grab a friend or two to come along! DJ Dick Pinelli TONIGHT! At GasWorks 7PM
DJ Macy spins your Blues at Rockin' the Blues tonite at 6:00PM (SLT)
Where: Rockin' the Blues on Wyldwood Bayou Grid
When: 6:00 tonite[22 Oct 2021 18:00 SLT]
DJ Macy kicks off our weekend of blues at 6 pm at Rockin' the Blues, and I tell you what! Macy may be soft spoken...but man oh man can she rock the blues! Scratch that blues itch NOW!! DJ Macy got the cure you need!!! Super Blues!!! Come on down to the Bayou tonight for fun, friendship and great blues with DJ Macy, her smexy sidekick Pixey and the Blues Tribe! Bayou

Travels in Orphalese

Wang Dang Doodle!! Tonight at GasWorks! DJ Emma 5PM

Friday night! DJ Emma will be at GasWorks to bring you the absolute latest in the Blues, and that includes this weeks TOP TEN right off the charts! One song from each CD from number 10 down to number 1. Emma delights in bringing you the latest and best of the Blues, expect tonight to be no different with some great new additions to the Top Ten. Easy to find us, Just take the Hop and find yourself at GasWorks! Put on your dancing shoes and grab a friend or two along the way. DJ Emma's Friday Night Wang Dang Doodle at GasWorks - 5PM
One of my favourite builds here at Shirelands is Rivendell, and one of the least visited. It has alot of copyable furniture and is quite epic. Also has free vling paces (gouses) for those willing to engage in Roleplay and dress the part - so hit the Hub and TP from tjhe boards!"

AviTron’ s community is growing tremendously!

- Who: DJ Dai
- Place: SOTO CLUB
- Map: hop://

Beach front apartments to the West of Wolf Territories

Early 20th century desert region

So much to see!

════════━┈FIRE AND ICE GRID. ..━════════
★ ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ Presents ☆ ☆ ☆ ★ ★
★ ════ ☆ 1:00pm - 5:00pm
★ ════ ☆ FRIDAY OCTOBER 29th
★ ════ ☆ 1:pm DJ LADYJO - 3:pm DJ COUNTRY BOB
★ ════ ☆ Halloween Venue Designed by Wicked Way!
★ ════ ☆ - Fire And Ice Grid
Cordial invitation to the Halloween Party

The Pangea Grid is happy to invite you to a hot Halloween party on October 30. We will start at 19:00 German time / 10 AM PDT. Welcome witches, wizards, zombies and of course you! Music will be provided by our DJ Warlock himself -> Marlon Wayne.

Herzliche Einladung zur Halloween Party

Das Pangea Grid freut sich, Dich am 30. Oktober zu einer heißen Halloween-Party einzuladen. Wir beginnen um 19:00 Uhr deutscher Zeit / 10 AM PDT. Willkommen sind Hexen, Zauberer, Zombies und natürlich Du! Musik kommt von unserem DJ Hexenmeister persönlich -> Marlon Wayne.

hi.. added some new stores and content ... now available - mens wear .. weapons ... music instrument animated with hud .. have fun xxx

Come in and find out !!!!

Finally finished, the freshly arrived stallion avatar. Including the muscle body from Kubwa with advanced alpha hud and save function for alpha settings. This avi can put on all clothes that fit the muscle body. Right at the starting point you will find a large selection for it. Of course, the clothes also fit human bodies.

We also have many new items for human avatars, we are looking forward to your visit. :)

...and at this point little reminder: You can do what you want with it. Full permission. Wear it, trade it, put it in your own shop / region. ❤

Hello the sim is back soon we are working on some things in the grid and restart all ty

Art is Pointless

While I don't have a mic anymore, Dragon Valley now has voice courtesy of Unity's Vivox!
Now if I can only find a way to play my itunes playlist off my iphone, I'll be set ^_^

Look! - Metaverse Gallery.
Show off your Avatar!

It's YJ the DJ! Tonight at GasWorks 7PM

Feel a need for some true Blues music and dancing ? YJ the DJ is on stage tonight at GasWorks to bring you some of exactly that! YJ loves his Blues, and works hard to create unique and authentic sets for us each week! Come see what YJ has in store for us this week! Take the Hop and glide on down to GasWorks! All Blues, All the time, Everytime! YJ the DJ tonight at 7PM
It’s not about parties all the time. It’s also about content and we got it.

Boa noite a todos,

Começando a segunda noite da Festa de Inauguração da Ilha São Paulo - Santos, dos nossos amigos Rose e Egeu.

E hoje o local da festa é no ZÔO de São Paulo!!!

No comando da festa: DJ MIRAGEM !!!

Contamos com a presença de todos!

Long e Gaya.
ADM's de Terra Nova Grid
DJ Lady B TONIGHT! at GasWorks 5PM

Join us at GasWorks for DJ LadyB and the Blues! Lady puts her own touch on the Blues, with favorite tracks and an occasional R&B cut as well. Makes for an easy night of dancing and fun! LadyB will take your requests as well. Easy to find GasWorks, just take the hop, grab a friend or two and settle in for a great night of Blues entertainent! DJ LadyB tonight! At GasWorks!
Hello Everyone 🙂 Come Celebrate Halloween with us!
★ ════ ☆10K in Prizes BEST IN UGLY CONTEST
★ ════ ☆with Rogue Galaxy LIVE
★ ════ ☆2:pm - 4:pm
★ ════ ☆ Coast 80s

Meet us in the pumpkin patch at Melody in 3rd Rock from some great LIVE music from Clan and Clan's Skeleton Crew ;) TODAY AT NOON!

Wolf Hollow where it all began.

The first snow, before the leaves fall...snowy aspen. It is free/full perms so that you can take to Blender and play with it. I created it last year and if I remember correctly I decimated it but I could be impact 3 This is in the Monentes Jewelry foyer Jewelry I created the tree in Blender then I used the "Real Snow" addon it is a fun tool!
I've been a busy foxy =^_^=

I've brought a total of 6 regions online, each on their own vserver. This should eliminate the db corruption issues I had the previous time around. I haven't fully tested how many avatars can be on the regions at once but Me, Jeeper and an alt were standing around typing without issue. Also for some reason Panda Valley's maptile hasn't updated but it's ok I think.

I'm very much wanting to get an active community off the ground here for those that lay claim to the Furry Fandom(Fur,Neko,Therian,Otherkin,etc..) and will let folks park a 4096m2 parcel anywhere outside of Dragon Valley. The parcel will have unlimited prims so you can build a dream house there if you'd like. Only two rules: Be from the fandom and be active.

Dragon Valley's the landing point/clubhouse/etc.. and i'd like to keep it unchanged.

I'm also in requesting of a terraformer as my land skills suck XD


The last new items (to the sim) for this year arrived. You find them at this place on the sim. Costumes, gifs and some deco stuff

Caprica's mixes peaked at 6th and 7th in the weekly Drum & Bass rankings @

Aerilon free lands.
No tricks.
Just a very fast server and the best tech support.

Let's Do it! DJ BlueLou at GasWorks 7PM

Following DJ Ele tonight at GasWorks, (cause no one can top her!), DJ BlueLou will do his best to keep up! That's right! Blues straight from his deep library and promising to be a set packed with rowdy good tunes and times! Now - To get some of this, all you have to do is take the HOP and find your way to GasWorks, You'll know you're there when you hear the deep sounds of some great Roadhouse Blues! Join us tonight for DJ BlueLou at 7PM
Boa noite a todos!

Começando a grande Festa de Inauguração da Ilha São Paulo - Santos aqui em Terra Nova Grid!

No comando da festa: DJ Egeu Broek

Estão todos convidados!

Long Spiritor e Gaya Simas
ADM's de Terra Nova Grid
DJ Ele! It's Blues Done Right at 5PM

DJ Ele will be at GasWorks to do what she does best.. The Blues. No nonsense, straight up and current, contemporary Blues with a pretty smile on her face! DJ Ele is fantastic for what she does, and not many do it better. If you want a good time including good tunes and dancing - come join your friends tonight at GasWorks. We promise nothing more than the Blues Done Right with DJ Ele
Virtual-HG Metaverse Magazine features articles about your regions and exclusive interviews. Thank you for submitting your article ideas and region details to be featured, we will be by soon. To those of you wishing to be featured please just contact me here at OSW so that we can schedule a tour of your region or grid. Please visit us online to see the latest news. Thank you very much for making opensim so awesome!

- Who: DJ Dai
- Place: SOTO CLUB
- Map: hop://

Did you know that you can get a full 3x3 var region with 15,000 prims if you join the Tropicana project? Details at:

Your fantasy is online!

7-9 AM DJ Fanta brings Bubbling Blues @ GasWorks AVIWorlds

DJ Fanta packs excitement into her Blues. High Energy Blues with a foundation based in funk, hearty bass, and enticing lyrics that put a smile on your lips and a sparkle in your eyes. Join us at GasWorks 7-9 AM @ AviWorlds and enjoy this vivacious and highly entertaining DJ as she lays the blues out in her own memorable style. Here is your ride:

relaxing inside the snow cabin

DJ Dick Pinelli IMPROMPTU set! GasWorks! Now til ???

DJ Dick Pinelli with a completely IMPROMPTU set of blues and fun at GasWorks! Join us for what will surely be fun as Golphers on a merry go round! Blues, Rock, whatever comes out, we know it will be good! Join us at GasWorks!
DJ Purrrfectt Catt! Rock, Blues and more at 5PM

Rock Night with DJ Purrr! Amazing Blues, Rock and surprises tonight when DJ Purrr takes the stage! A little bit of fun for anyone's taste, as Purrr loves playing just what her audience wants to hear! Never taken in a DJ Purrr set? Tonight's your night! Just take the Hop and find yourself down at the Juke Joint. Find yourself at GasWorks for an entire evening of fun and dancing! DJ Purrr 5PM tonight! At GasWorks!
This is region is now open for visitors.
All items are take copy but only AviTron residents can get them. Export is blocked.
Open up your AviTron account and enjoy all of it in your 5000 prims free 1/4 sim parcel two sides facing ocean.
It’s not only about dancing all the time. It’s about content also.

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