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special offer for your sweet home and boats

Samstag 8. August ab ca. 21 Uhr im Anschluss an Messenger Finney


remember today 11:00 PDT Blues with the Daydreamer!


Samstag 8. August um 20 Uhr


"ANCA" A new styling proposal available
Betty's own creation poses are available at


Daily working hard. Much yet to build but its great :)


Something is being did to my server. So I am having to do a total reset. It will be back up shortly. My apologies. hugs n high 5's


New Shop I am Working on. Has the FestAvi items I have collected over the years (Yes I have gotten permission to put them there). More to come but Check it out.

Hey All!

OpenSimWorld and the Firestorm Viewer Developers bring you this quick survey to help us determine how best to ensure compatibility with OpenSimulator and what problems or features you want us to add/fix.

Take the survey here

Jetzt Neu der "Athena Bento BOM Mesh Body 6.0 (July 25 2020) Boxed final"
Now the 'Athena Bento BOM Mesh Body 6.0 (July 25 2020) Boxed final'


Jetzt Neu der "Athena Bento BOM Mesh Body 6.0 (July 25 2020) Boxed final"
Now the 'Athena Bento BOM Mesh Body 6.0 (July 25 2020) Boxed final'


Brand new Items Mesh
Get them direct from the Ships


DJ BlueLou! Wednesday @ GasWorks!! 7PM
Where: GasWorks
When: yesterday [5 Aug 2020 19:00 SLT]

Slide on by to GasWorks tonight at 7PM to help DJ BlueLou push us over the mid week hump! Need a little rowdiness to keep you goin'? Lou has that in spades and will play the rockin' Blues tunes to make it happen. GasWorks is always glad to see you, and welcomes anyone who comes through the door. Come and get that little push you need tonight, with DJ BlueLou, and some current, fresh Blues at GasWorks! We'll leave the lights on for ya!

Welcome to New Worldz Grid, Our World Your Home!
Our properties are set within our SERENDIPITOUS ESTATE . With over 64 regions to fly or sail and explore. We have 4 types of region available for rental with also unique private rental properties situated throughout the estate. MOIRAI has many homes for New Residents all with sea views.HALCYON is the place for full regions within the Sailing community. We also offer Private regions both single regions and Vars. For further information contact Phantazia Serendipity or Cherry Charlesworth
DJ Ele @ GasWorks - TONIGHT! 5PM
Where: GasWorks
When: 2 days ago [5 Aug 2020 17:00 SLT]

5PM is the time for DJ ELE at GasWorks! Oh Yes! Ele is ready to Bloooze you up and down tonight with her own unique style with a Texas flair. Fresh, contemporary blues with a complete eye on havin' some good times, dancing, laughing simply enjoying the company of the GasWorks crew! Join us tonight, at 5 for a little taste of fun with DJ ELE at GasWorks! Blues Done Right

Ok.... lol Update for the long term friends who have worlds on Rebelworld. As you know my PC had a catastrophic failure recently. Add to that some really heavy storms. One such storm took out trees, poles, power lines, and, well, you get the picture. Add to that I am poor as dirt. Running this server with zero help, and my health isn't so great these days. Things have been rough to sum it all up! lol xD Anyways... I was recently verbally assulted on my own server, and called a racist, and had threats to have my server destroyed. I am not a racist. The term "rebel" means to rebel against the norm, or "herd mentality".... to FIGHT BACK if you will? I AM Johnny? Hence Johnny Rebel, and Rebelworld. Rebelworld was born to fight the urge to give up. I walked in the ER one night unable to breath with severe pressure on my chest, and pneumonia. About an hour later a huge blood buildup "a bubble" burst beside my heart, and over my lung. I was litterly drowning in fluid, and blood, and there was a bad doctor on duty that night. He argued nothing was there til it burst, and I collapsed. They gave me sepsis putting dirty tubes in my lungs, with unsanitary conditions, collapsed both my lungs with a ventilater that was in my living will not to ever use on me, and overdosed me litterly too death, and shocked me so many times trying to bring me back my entire chest, and waist bruised rubber black from muscle contractions. I died 3 times in a row, and laid in a coma for weeks on life support "which it seems I tore out when I awoke [another long story... forget it]! I was a hospital celebrity.... put it that way? :o lol". I wasn't supposed to live. But.... I am a STUBBORN arsed thing? You can't kill "stubborn n ugly". What can I say? lol :P When I woke from the coma, and a month after that came home. I was in hell months fighting to breath without oxygen. [don't want on it/not going there] After being forced to use it in ICU 2 months + my lady left me while in this state. I tried, and tried launching a warcraft server I made awhile back, a eudemons server, a simonastick opensim server I had made live for friends using Hamachi. I couldn't remember how to do anything! I tried to play my guitar. I had forgotten almost every chord, and song! I wanted to give up. EVERYTHING felt like it was just..... GONE!..... THEN I got on Outworldz website. THANK YOU ya'll. :) Between their simple setup of the framework in a neat package, and the opensimulator website, and various blogs, youtubes, etc. Johnny Rebel, and Rebelworld was born! I relearned enough to do it. ^^ I fought back! For I, AM a rebel. :) So don't be racist towards me because I am a butt ugly, stubborn rebel? lol :P Sorry, point was. Due to the threats... lol I shut down server. Backed it up, and made backups of everyones worlds here. All 438 regions worth. xD Each world has it's own backup oar, and the entire server is backed up on a different drive as well. I also patched, optimized, and system restore backed up everything as well. So enjoy while feeling secure! Also, as always? ALL visitors are most welcome. ^^ hugs n high 5's everyone :)
Where: Melody
When: in 1 days [8 Aug 2020 10:00 SLT]

DJ Tek is known all over the metaverse for his great sets where he always has great music and a party atmosphere! Please join us at the Rockhouse Saturdays at 10am and enjoy!

Where: Harmony
When: in 1 days [8 Aug 2020 12:00 SLT]

Kitzie Lane has been singing and playing guitar for a number of years, how many we won't mention. She is an accomplished guitar player and composer, with a sweet voice and a wicked sense of humor. Kitzie has a wide genre of music and she can have you in tears either laughing or crying, such is the emotion she brings to her music.

Where: Melody
When: 16 hours ago [6 Aug 2020 13:00 SLT]

Khiron Ametza is one of the finest singers in virtual worlds. She has a large catalogue of songs of many different genres and sings them all with finesse with her 4 octave voice range and her infectious happy personality! You don't want to miss her shows!


biza Night Party Mixe ♫ ♪ ♥ ♫ ♪ Forget your Mask and Gel ♥

The At The Bar And You? finds Dj Viktor.Agent.Power & Heat-Account Pro Alias ​​DjViktor-DjChaleur Hardivillers after 2 years of absence.

Viktor recovered from a Serious Accident returns to the Musical Stage to make you vibrate with Happiness. It has been combining Real and Virtual for 13 years.
Dj for Humanitarian Actions, he wants to share his Love with his Fans around the world. Thank you to Simon Poudroux for giving the opportunity to take over the Sets.

Book your Friday August 07, 2020 ♥♥♥
Hear Ye Hear Ye! The Freebie shops at Aurlandsfjord are stocked and ready for customers, the homes and huts are available for occupants, all free of charge. I will decorate them as people come and take them, the women's department of the freebie shop is being stocked as we speak. Aurlandsfjord is open to all hypergrid and local Aviworlds residents so make your way to a little bit of Norway in a virtual form. Here is a viking ship that will take your right to the landing spot. Just copy and paste it on the map in-world and click enter and be teleported to Aurlandsfjord.

enjoy and thank you!
Ciaone a tuttiiiiiiiiiii.......

vi invito ad iscrivervi a Fantasygrid
qui troverete dei bellissimi negozi free varie land stupende tutte da visitare e scoprire , è affittiamo land a buon prezzo.

per iscrivervi eccovi il link

vi aspettiamo numerosi
(per maggiori informazioni vi aspettiamo in grid)

kiss lo staff

Rockin' the Blues brings you a wonderful special event tonight, Live singer, ROGUE GALAXY!! DJ Kith opens at 6:00 to blow out the cobwebs, then at 6:30, Rogue takes the stage with the beautiful voice and down home personality she is famous for! Rogue sings a variety of genres but her Blues tunes sing to your soul and moves your body! Bring your Blues requests and come welcome Rogue to Rockin' the Blues!! One song out of her mouth and you can tell she's Tribe...and you know how very much she loves singing for you! Usual Rockin' the Blues attire! Don't miss it! Bayou


It's Sunday morning! You can ALWAYS count on a hot time on the Bayou Belle when DJ Kith takes the stage! Come in your jammies! We'll have the coffee hot and the Blues even hotter!! All the bagels you can eat! The Tribe will be here too! And as you would expect..CHOCOLATES for dessert! Come wake up with this awesome DJ and the Tribe! Bayou


DJ Kith is well known for his upbeat, modern, high energy blues! He spins tunes you instantly fall in love with and that reach into your heart and soul and bring out the best in everyone!! When Kith spins..the house rocks and shakes...the excitement is crazy and the Tribe is full of laughter and happiness! Sound like something you'd like?? YES!! I know you will!! Come join us and get your happy on with friends old and new, fabulously cool blues and the most fun you'll have all week!! See you there!!! Bayou

DJ Mark at Rockin' the Blues tonite at 6:00PM!
Where: Wyldwood Bayou
When: in 2 days [8 Aug 2020 18:00 SLT]

DJ Mark and his smexy hostie Gabby will spin the Blues you love at 6:00 tonite! Mark always has some wonderful surprise Blues tunes as well as old classics and newer Blues hits! Mixed in, Mark will tell you a little bit of info about a tune or artist. Start your Saturday evening with Mark and Gabby and the Blues Tribe! Bayou

DJ Cataplexia at Rockin' the Blues 7:30PM Friday!
Where: Wyldwood Bayou
When: in 14 hours [7 Aug 2020 19:30 SLT]

DJ Cat brings style and grace and you KNOW she brings awesome blues to the stage!! Come join us for 90 minutes of the best blues anywhere! Bring your requests and friends and share a fabulous evening!! Bayou

DJ Macy at Rockin' the Blues 6:00 to 7:30 Friday
Where: Wyldwood Bayou
When: in 13 hours [7 Aug 2020 18:00 SLT]

LITE Is the style of tunes DJ Macy spins! Happy, fun and down to Earth Blues Macy Style! This incredible DJ and her sidekick Pixey open your weekend every week with a fabulous set of tunes handpicked for you! Come join the Tribe on the Bayou where the party is hot and friendly and the love overflows!!! See you there!!! Bayou


One of our newly updated areas !

64 sims Nature Island Paradise
Holiday Resort - Nudist-Naturist friendly

!!! we offer at the Resident Islands free homes
limited quantity !!!

free Member Sailyachts with custom names and Flags to moor at Resident Island Docks or at the Paradise Sea Marina

Various Islands - Sailable Sea
The Falls of Love Island
The Maledive holiday Retreat
Castaway Island
The Lonesome Sunshine Islands
The Volcano Island with Scuba Diving
The Lost Continent don`t be affraid of the cute Animals
The Love Cave and lot more Islands to explore

++Couple - PG - and Adult Animations well sorted at the islands++

The Nature Airfield - Gliderplane - Fly
Boat Gas Station

Jetski and Windsurfer Rezzers all arround the Sim
Swimmer at each island

The Open Air Festival Islands
The Openair Club -- Maritima
The Airplane Club
The Rave Tunnel Club
The Art Show Atrium

Bar and Meet - Area
The Omega Contact Club


VISIT US TODAY and dive into a real Paradise

Where: Zeebies
When: 2 days ago [5 Aug 2020 11:00 SLT] and Dreams.. Change of Dj Change of venue come and see us at Cocktail and Dreams

There has been a change of Dj's today, so Cocktails and Dreams will be having a guest Wednesday Dj, starting at 11am PDT
Come and Be stunned at the Music ;) hop:// and Dreams/

Reaggea Night 8.8.2020 um 20 Uhr

Hump Day with Uncle Wolfie
Where: The Verse - Roadhouse
When: yesterday [5 Aug 2020 19:00 SLT]

Come and celebrate Hump Day (Wednesdays) with The 'Verse gang and Uncle Wolfie. This week we add another 3 or 4 hours to our ongoing End of The World party! Music, dancing, chaos, destruction, and the usual debaucheries with an extra focus on "The End of Life As We Know It." Stuck inside? Doing that Social Distancing thing? Join us. Spread the word. Invite your friends. Bring your own towel, beer, and bouncy boobs. Public is welcome. Rabble will be roused. Must be 18+ years of age and no child AVs, please!


Realistisches Fahrverhalten


Clan Escotia and his Band will be making a second round of Live Band Style Crooning in the Ballroom of The Nefertari Resort Hotel for a Black and White Formal affair. All are welcome


My first concert in réal. Mon premier concert de l'année.
Duplex avec les réseaux Sociaux.
07 August 2020 Dj Viktor.Agent.Power&Heat-Compte Pro reprend le contrôle de Simon Poudroux du Au Bar Et Vous?
On va Essayer d'etre en Direct du The Boom Room -USA- Avec l'aide de ma Jumelle Artistique Lilis Rodriguez et ma Magnifique Host du Vendredi Ru Rox . Si cela fonctionne, on pourra dire que grâce a Internet même un Virus ne détruira jamais une Volonté de Fête entre les Peuples de différents horizons.

De plus nous découvrons différentes Facon d'unir les gens et grâce a une rencontre avec un Homme de Talent. Sked Grabber et sa Magnifique Collaboratrice notre Sister Wicked. Nous avons donc plus Domicile sur Opensim
Le YaKa-Club International a était fait par ma Niéce depuis 13 ans Elo Lili et Nous Sommes Fier de son Travail.
My first concert in dir. My first concert of the year.
Duplex with Social Networks.
07 August 2020 Dj Viktor.Agent.Power & Heat-Compte Pro takes back control of Simon Poudroux from Au Bar Et Vous?
We will try to be Live from The Boom Room -USA- With the help of my Artistic Twin Lilis Rodriguez and my Magnificent Friday Host Ru Rox. If it works, we can say that thanks to the Internet even a Virus will never destroy a Festive Will between Peoples of different horizons.

In addition we discover different Ways to unite people and thanks to a meeting with a Man of Talent. Sked Grabber and his Magnificent Collaborator our Sister Wicked. We therefore have more Domicile on Opensim
The YaKa-Club International has been made by my Niéce for 13 years Elo Lili and we are proud of his work.

Event Facebook for join.


Take Off 2020 im Shop .
Realistisches Fahrverhalten .
Weitere Fahrgeschäfte werden folgen .

We offer "Blues" what else?
Where: CrossRoad
When: 18 hours ago [6 Aug 2020 11:00 SLT]

Keine Maskenpflicht, kein Mindestabstand, keine Einschränkungen, keine Angst; Hier gibt's "nur Blues"!
Aber den gibt's regelmäßig, so auch wie gewohnt im August am 06. ab 20:00 Uhr

No mask requirement, no minimum distance, no restrictions, no fear;
here there are "only blues"!
But there is regularly, as usual in August on 06. from 11:00 PDT.

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*** FLORA SIM UPDATE *** Added more 2 extra wild weeds (G) and (H): FREE and FULLPERM located at GARDEN AREA (ground area, 2nd floor) BOX 01. Enjoy :)
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I love Fantasy and Harry Potter yyeeeaahhhhhhh
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