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Captiva is a multi-purpose region in Aviworlds. FREEBIES! Entertainment found at Jaxx's Club, Club 77,Club Caribe, Darcey's, and our country western venue. Many shops for vendors FREE!! Ice skating, ...
Our Freebies Christmas selection this year can be found at Tropicana Sandbox. Either land at Tropicana and follow the LM in the Visitor Centre or go directly to Tropicana Sandbox and click on the Christmas Signs.

Our Freebies Christmas Grotto is back. Lots of things for your home and regions for the taking here at Tropicana Christmas. Head to "Tropicana Sandbox" or teleport from our Welcome Area.

Tropicana Residential area. The cavern and lagoon.

The Hotel Lobby at Tropicana Town. Vacancies available rooms.

Tropicana Information Centre - Landmarks to all our regions and partner regions.

Tropicana Gardens

Lots of animals and wildlife at Tropicana Safari Park

Prime real estate at Tropicana Seas. Also check out our VIP region for high end luxury private island homes.

The Landing area at Tropicana Ocean.

The old tram, a rusty locomotive and and abandoned bus tucked away in a meadow. Its all here at Tropicana Aegean.

Another example of one of our properties at Tropicana Aegean.

A store for Ruth outfits I have put together using Linda Kellie, Damien Fate, Fleep grid layers and some Remake shoes. During war time and the depression there was a push for people to make do with what they had, reuse it or remake it. This store is based on that philosophy and is my Os version. Some items are original form and others I have textured myself and so I have called the store MAKE DO AND MEND! hop://

Thirza Ember: Go for the clothes, stay for the interesting sim 2 months ago
I have made a BOM version of the Ruth RC3 body as I like the Hud on that version. I have made a shape that will work okie with the clothes in my store though some alpha is needed. hop://

Hugabug: Very nice thank you Remmy ! 3 months ago
Visited Tropicana Bird's Nest, it's well done.
Then I met this guy. But he said he isn't Wolfman Jack. I don't belive him. I'm sure... he is!

Guess Who - Clap for the Wolfman (1974)

GeeNakamura: Thank you very much!! very nice photo! 3 months ago

Abandoned Railway depot at Tropicana Aegean

The nature park at Tropicana Aegean

The Box
kayleighshae 3 days ago
christmas outfits
OpenSimUser 4 days ago
Well now.......
GarryBeaumont 4 days ago
OpenSimWorld 4 days ago
EU throws party in €387K metaverse - and 5 people showed up
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Suzan Von Otter 3 hours ago
äh ja , ich bin gespannt was das am ende ist für ein Job ;)
context 17 hours ago
Ich war heute richtig happy ihr seid ein wahnsinn ich freue mich schon auf die nächste Sendung nächsten Montag! Die Grosse Tanznacht danke für über 40 Besucher!!!!
Paula 19 hours ago
Excellent opportunity for OSgrid members to set up home and build in a well run region. I love Tropicana! Thanks Mike!!!
Hugabug 20 hours ago
beautifully done !
Luna Lunaria 22 hours ago
Nice photography
LeAnn yesterday
It's pretty rare top to go to a store in the Hypergrid and find clothing that is new and different but that is true of this location. There is a lot for Athena as well as a lot of Petite stuff. YAY!!...
GarryBeaumont yesterday
OK I put it in the voodoo shop for FREE.
Oubliet yesterday
Nifty stuff, Jimmy!
SheaButter yesterday
I love everything about this place. Take the time to look around. This place is awesome! Thanks for sharing.


AMV Welcome
My Online Home❤️ Clifford and Cataplexia do such an amazing job with the Grid and truly are wonderful people. Everybody on AMV is very kind and giving. Owners, Staff and residents. It's like one bi...
Jordan Landry 6 hours ago
Beautiful sim. Lots going on here and friendly. I enjoyed my visit.
Debra Ann Congi 13 hours ago
I accept Kitely's Privacy Policy and Terms of Service, and I confirm that I am at least 18 years old. Thank you! Go ahead and teleport into Kitely now. ------ Kitely doesn't allow connecting to g...
Aphra Hendrix 18 hours ago
Angel Heart FASHION
Some of the best and most original outfits found on the HG, especially for women! Shops are nicely done and easy to navigate. I love shopping here. Great work and valued contribution. Thx ^^ Aya
Valorian 20 hours ago
Carpe Diem
there's a hole in the peace, you fall to the ground at 143,174,2980 (and since you can't fly, I'll have to get out)
TrisTH 21 hours ago
VICE City Shopping Mall
Full perms cool stuff, some things I hadn't found before. A lot of variety in big area organized by categories. Some textures loss, nothing that can't be fixed. A great place without a doubt. Thanks f...
Luci☬Fer yesterday

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