Free Life Eloquent Estates

Free Life Eloquent Estates
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3 months ago

No need to pass up these 25-plus eloquent homes when you can have them for FREE! Crates are inside with the complete contents included. Caring is sharing!

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Have never seen so many free-for-the-taking houses laid out like a cool modern Oceanside community

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Damien.Wilder 16 days ago
FREE houses...a whole large sim full of them and laid out like a realistic looking ritzy neighborhood...way to go Victor!
Ashley.Love 18 days ago
The many houses are not only free but all of the components are included in the boxes just inside each house. Awesome!
TonyaKimber 2 months ago
I love coming here to get things. But I have notices your boxes in your homes will not let you take copies. There is few things I would have loved to have got and cant. But lovely land. All your grids are amazing. And love the free content.
VictorDeAngelo 2 months ago
Thank you, Tonya, for letting me know about the crates containing the houses and their components that you were not able to copy. I went through each of the houses and double-checked to make sure all of them could be copied. If you visit again and something just won't copy for you, please let me know which item and I will definitely fix it.
JustynTyme 2 months ago
Great place! found a home! wasn't furnished :-( but that's ok! A lot of free furniture out there somewhere.....
Elise_Dior 3 months ago
Totally awesome place filled with all kinds of free goodies...the homes are all corrected and even have doors and docks and stuff that match. Wow!
ReneeWryter 3 months ago
'amazing as always

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